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RT @ThunderNixon: Developers: How important are “coding ligatures” to you in a monospace font? Asking for a font. (please consider re-s…
Possibly the best recommendation since Amazon suggested the following, an obvious nod to @jfporchez
This might be the best recommendation since the 2000s, when Amazon suggested the following, presumably with @jfporchez in mind.
Did Pinterest recommend this page for me because @PauloBarnesi is an old friend? https://www.pinterest.com/topics/pole-barns/
Sketches by Lubalin & Carnase, which @michaelbierut recently shared. I so love the beautiful (& underrated) SKETCH behind the original: it's this kind of stuff that inspired me to create the Inkwell typeface. More written letters in typographic styles! http://hflr.co/ink
I suspect this sushi menu has been hijacked by a @NoraReed Shakespearean Insult Generator. (Thou large sweet shrimp, with tempura’d head!)
Just if reminder that if you love design, you likely love W. A. Dwiggins. And if you love Dwiggins, you should order Bruce Kennett’s book & follow him here. BK, thanks for sharing all these things! https://twitter.com/wadwiggins/status/1103338669002444801
A question for designers, on behalf of our dev team: on your mouse or trackpad, what kind of scrolling do you have turned on?
As hoped, Bethany is getting some thoughtful responses here. Worth reading & weighing in! https://twitter.com/fontreviewjourn/status/1099757505549238273
RT @HoeflerCo: An object that echoes what type designers call "optical size," and web designers call "responsive design." https://t.co/BuZv…
RT @7roy: @JordanTBell from @HoeflerCo will be our special guest tonight at Principles of Typeface Design #PoTD. We’ll be exploring idea ge…
RT @jarry: [commercial for twitter] hey do you love wasting time and also getting angry
So when I said there were two errant characters in that Inkwell art, and the first to find them would win the fonts? @yamthatiam handily spotted them in about half an hour. And then @oelna spotted an additional one that WE DIDN'T. Solid! Fonts headed your ways, o eagle-eyed ones!
How keen is your typographic eye? I'll give a free set of Inkwell Fonts to the first person who can identify the two characters that Jordan slipped in here accidentally, which aren't actually part of the release versions of Inkwell. #makingLemonade https://twitter.com/JordanTBell/status/1095712875983892487
Whoa! That's impressive. And if this is your Valentine's Day game, well, the rest of us really need to step it up. (http://hflr.co/tryobs for anyone who wants to typeset their paramour's name in Obsidian, free!) https://twitter.com/rebobaydobay/status/1095768481994362881
From today's "Exploring Typography," the thought that maybe, when it comes to Optical Size, we have it all backwards. More at http://hflr.co/news002 (And sign up at http://hflr.co/signup!) #typefacedesign
Big, tall, loopy thanks to @JordanTBell, who was there with me every step of the way, trying to find a path between "now it's janky" and "now it's too slick." There's a lot of Jordan's hand in this one, and I think he nailed it. —JH
We're very pleased to introduce Inkwell Condensed, six new fonts designed to feel like the work of a ‘capable but unstudied hand.’ More at http://hflr.co/inkcon! #newfonts #typefaces #typography
Ok, I love this: https://twitter.com/andest01/status/1095584993076801536
Maps of the US that use Gill Sans are chilling. They’re like props from an alt universe tv show in which the British won the American Revolution.
So everything I've ever learned about optical size may be wrong. I'm writing about a mysterious paradox in tomorrow's Exploring Typography. If you're interested, subscribe at http://hflr.co/signup.
What depraved mind saw fit to change the typeface to render ‘𝐓-square,’ — but saw no reason to use typography to isolate the names of letters themselves, in a book about lettering no less? #styleguide
Underscore, strike-through, same diff. https://twitter.com/jkotinek/status/1094232614658064386
This scrap of lettering feels positively postmodern to me — but it's from "Elements of Lettering, Lettering and Sign Painting, and The Formation of Lettering" published by the International Correspondence Schools in 1899. Nice drop shadows! #lettering
It's just possible that this figure 2 is a little too zesty for the dish. But there are plenty of other charms to be found in this 1836 type specimen from Bower & Bacon. #typespecimens
Had to scan this in before it headed to the framing shop. It'll be making an appearance in a forthcoming H&Co newsletter (http://hflr.co/signup) about painting, data visualization, and mysticism. #dataviz #spectrum #science #typography
RT @katemond: Three things about the colour PUCE: 1. No-one knows what colour it is, but most people think green. 2. It is actually a dar…
This surfaced from the files this weekend: the unused cover for our Catalog No. 4. Why on earth didn't I use it? (Probably bc no one tapped me on the shoulder to say, "it's done, stop working.") #knowingwhentostop #design #typespecimens
While my dad is in rehab recovering from surgery, infection, and a seizure, the frigid weather in Pittsburgh burst a pipe in his house. The house flooded, the floors and walls are ruined. Dad’s house is gone.
Oh man, Jeffrey. That is unbelievably awful. I'm really sorry.
Twitter fosters hostility through its design patterns. Looking to grab a link to a tweet to send to a friend, I opened the little disclosure triangle that universally signifies “more options.” Inside, five different and aggressive ways to end my relationship with the author.
Erik van Blokland has a terrific new tool for designing font *families* in a more integrated way. So much more productive than the traditional approach of having your font relatives only check in from time to time. Get Skateboard! -JH https://twitter.com/letterror/status/1090573632500367360
Another nutty microscopic type from Nebiolo. Leave it to the Italians to handle a backslant, at six point, with such brio! #typespecimens
Still one of the most trenchant things ever written about design criticism, as true as ever. Also, let me speak now the three forbidden words that I never utter: read the comments. From @michaelbierut: https://designobserver.com/feature/graphic-design-criticism-as-a-spectator-sport/37607/
RT @monokrome: Hi! If you start using blue/red instead of green/red to denote positive/negative in your presentations and other media, all…
I think we might be witnessing something new in the design of book covers. This one by Na Kim has a hint of Sachplakat, but in concept rather than style. It's really captivating, and heartening to see our Requiem typeface involved. #bookdesign #bookcovers
Heyya, @ASHUTOSH1 — I'm noticing that I can no longer recolor groups of objects (!?) in Illustrator 23.0.1. Has something changed about how this works? Below: make differently colored objects, duplicate them, group them, and then the eyedropper stops working. OSX 10.14.2
RT @jessicahelfand: Portuguese and Spanish apothecary labels designed for pill bottle caps, from a Nineteenth-Century salesman's sample boo…
RT @mattblaze: Amtrak staff having fun with the Solari board at Philadelphia’s 30th St station before its’s removal later this evening. htt…
I’m a little embarrassed how little I knew about the great Florence Knoll, beyond her eponymous furniture. Here’s an obituary of a designer who lived a remarkable life. https://twitter.com/nytimesarts/status/1088930915835875329
I love the sheer madness of this pocket watch, circa 1830, and its various solunar subdials. (Also, groovy ½ at 3:00!) #horology #lettering #madscientists cc @HODINKEE @AlmostStephen @ericwind
This is a rewarding thread about what killed newspapers (hint: it’s not “the internet”) https://twitter.com/jeremylittau/status/1088503510184927233
This post has my two favorite things: blackletter type, and accidental pangrams. (Count ‘em, it’s true, as @PangramTweets verifies!) https://twitter.com/riddim_clothing/status/1088622490266431488
This is an invaluable tip: how to get the shift key in Photoshop to do what the shift key does everywhere else in the universe, namely "constrain." Just tried it, it works, and @equal_opposite is a superhero. *t*h*a*n*k*s*! https://twitter.com/equal_opposite/status/1088324811221155840
Thanks for the kind words about our new web offerings, @preshit! I'm glad the independence of the two offerings is valuable to you. https://nuclearbits.com/hoefler-cos-cloud-typography-plans-now-include-the-complete-library-of-fonts/
“[Twitter] is the epicenter of a nonstop information war, an almost comically undermanaged gladiatorial arena where activists and disinformation artists and politicians and marketers gather to target and influence the wider media world.”
@fmanjoo says this beautifully: “[E]very day the media’s favorite social network tugs journalists deeper into the rip currents of tribal melodrama, short-circuiting our better instincts in favor of mob- and bot-driven groupthink.” https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/23/opinion/covington-twitter.html
This. Ditto the PDFs that litter my computer whose names are some variation of “Hoefler.pdf” https://twitter.com/benedictevans/status/1088139432429932546
Happy they're back! BTW, everyone should buy Theo's book. The Typographic Desk Reference is a genuine desk reference, one of a small number of books I have duplicates of so I'm sure to have a copy wherever I go. https://twitter.com/theorosendorf/status/1088230287916462080
Fascinating, and also useful if you’re looking to find a location for your secret island lair. https://twitter.com/kenradio/status/1088199736333606913
Thanks for the shout out, @kottke! Jason was the 2nd person to use cloud.typography; 1st was Barack. Though Jason was the one who once bought me a latte. https://twitter.com/kottke/status/1088205737229275136
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