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Because #itsthelittlethings, a little (huge) thanks to our Brian Hennings & Brandon Durham for one of many nice touches on our website redesign: fonts on your "favorites" list are always shown in a size appropriate to the design. #thankyou
I really wanted to keep everything in the new http://discover.typography.com theme feeling very Cold War, but I couldn't resist doing a contemporary airline paperback that's "based on a true story," and the Peristyle typeface was perfect. Q: Why can't we do gold embossing in CSS?
I'm not sure it's possible to draw a fist for a typeface without hearing the opening bars of the "Mad Men" theme.
I really wanted to have a chance to play with a couple of recent fonts on http://discover.typography.com, and an "evidence photo of a vintage tape deck" obliged. This is Isotope for "Recortron", and… well you'll have to come look for the "r"-mark itself.
Our http://discover.typography.com theme had a backstory about a rivalry between two fictional nations. I hoped to characterize their personalities through their currency: here's the progressive nation of Tasavalta (featuring Beatrice Warde :) Compare the Varosarnan money, on the site.
Do you need vintage typefaces to produce period props? I have summer blockbusters on the brain, and at http://Discover.typography.com tried my hand at a 1940s ticket using Ringside and Inkwell, both fonts from 2017.
████ on http://discover.typography.com: █ ████ ███ ███ ███████ ██ ██ ‘the typography of intrigue,’ a ████ ██ ██████ ██ ██████ ██ █████ █ ████ unseen typefaces.
http://Discover.typography.com returns tomorrow, with some new skills. #intrigue
RT @dribbble: This week! Come hang out with 600 designers and our friends from @HoeflerCo at #HangTimeNYC. See you there! https://t.co/80rg…
This is true. Also: bring back the lost art of the “leave-behind,” unless of course you want to give me your iPad Pro, which tbh would also be welcome. https://twitter.com/youngstownjesse/status/1134216460157575173
points for dramatic effect on that tweet i guess
after feeling i’d somehow purchased the one good macbook pro last year, my spacebar has started occasionally inserting extra spaces after every press and i feel BETRAYED
Upside: it does make you sound a little more like Christopher Walken, so that’s cool right
see you already look like walken now just do the voice and
Meanwhile, in our own little Orwellian hellscape, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/27/us/politics/trump-climate-science.html
Some encouraging data (with solid data visualizations) in the @guardian today:
I’m knighting this guy to be a Typeface Designer. https://twitter.com/terronk/status/1132050214775283712
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
This is a good read on the how people report the relationship between graphic designers and typeface designers: http://hflr.co/smdiff
Sorry for the lowercase “i” that appears a few times here. Hasty typing; late hour. But it’s clear now that type designers and graphic designers can come together to fight a common foe: the iPhone keyboard
Anyway, since quite a number of type designers are also graphic designers, and more and more graphic designers are trying their hands at type design, I’m not sure where to enlist if there’s going to be a battle or a bake-off or something
The colonial embargo story is interesting, and @mcpflugie’s surveys even more interesting, but i don’t think either supports @LaRossa‘s contention that there’s some sort of internecine enmity. Brian, if you’ve experienced something different, I’d be really curious to know!
The strange example of “optical kerning” is ponderous. It’s a bad algorithm built by engineers, not a graphic designer’s alternate perspective. (If any kind of math could save us from the drudgery of kerning fonts, we’d be the first to pop the champagne.) it just doesn’t work.
I’ve been working in design for 31 years and running a type foundry for 30, and have no idea what he’s talking about. My experience has only been that both kinds of designers love to learn from one another.
Many odd connections in this article by @LaRossa, of which the strangest to me is its very topic: “the odd tension between the fields of graphic and type design.” What tension? https://www.designobserver.com/feature/the-tension-between-graphic-and-type-design/40072/
RT @mengesdesign: Impressive: adding @HoeflerCo’s Idlewild font to @Procreate took seconds via Airdrop. *seconds* This app... 😍 https://t.c…
I sit in the corner writing the alphabet over and over again https://twitter.com/essl/status/1127661031893938178
Witty Instagram friends. Hashtag Blessed, etc., etc. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxSMIkiBcav/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1ggq2lq4ff02y
And we're back! ➔ Meet http://typography.com, v. 4.0.
A quick note for http://typography.com visitors: we'll be taking the site offline this morning to make way for some new things. It should be back up within 2-4 hours.
Accch, that the @nytimes Bee won’t accept “yogh” — in the very puzzle that accepts “philology!” #ʒ
Struck by how uncharacteristically interesting and contemplative Twitter is tonight; discovering that I’ve idly slipped into reading months of tweets from a single author.
Damn you're good, @UniWatch.
I’m heartened by the comments here, that others use, as I do: the cursor, other windows, Post-It Notes https://twitter.com/chriscoyier/status/1120373463267414017
One upside of running a small creative business is that you constantly get to learn new things. One downside is that you tend to learn these things just in time to never need them again.
I really want to see Trump&Trump LLC on Behance
Don’t keep us hanging for the bullet-pointed end-of-chapter summary! Spoiler Alert: Jane’s Turnaround Plan included 1) Recognized a classic Table-Type dilemma, 2) Saw the merit of flipping the table, 3) Created an effective action plan to successfully flip the table https://twitter.com/ddemaree/status/1117747446036168704
I appreciate the obligatory question about the fonts, the obligatory answer to the questions, and most of all that Harry's using Operator Mono. Thank you, @csswizardry! https://twitter.com/csswizardry/status/1116267695010349057
I’m telling you people for the last time: there is no “Gotham Serif,” that was just lettering I did for Obama/Biden — wait never mind https://twitter.com/mitchgerads/status/1116809688408944640
Having lived through a million of these things, I assure you it was “we want to tweak it, to make it distinctive, to make it [air-quotes] ownable.” Result: the only people who notice are keen-eyed designers, and they, correctly, disapprove. Tell your clients: #dontTweakType https://twitter.com/bradleywajcman/status/1116925264565379072
OK now you'd better update the URLs…
Doesn’t matter if it’s the rebels or the empire trying to quash Serif Gothic, I support that side. #SingleIssueJedi https://twitter.com/essl/status/1116757750313148416
I adore this exchange. https://twitter.com/skleinedler/status/1116707594004041729
Reupped a little inventory over at the H&Co Design Shop (http://designshop.typography.com) — come on by!
Apparently a two-factor authentication code is more secure if you jam all the numbers together into one impenetrable string. And repeat as many similar-looking numbers as possible.
RT @MIT_CSAIL: Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data. Right: MIT computer scientist…
Flag outside your office or it didn't happen. https://twitter.com/pentagram/status/1114195242058575872
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