General Partner @socialleverage, co-founder @stocktwits created Wallstrip (acquired by CBS) and LOL hunter in search of perfect sleep solution.
Leave Facebook – On my Om ... this sentiment has been something @om has been discussing a while.
Big day for me .. getting a haircut
Chart of the day - Restoration Hardware is amazingly back at all-time highs. It went from $240 to $80 in March panic. It is my worst 'shoulda coulda' of recent memory as I was a buyer from $140 down to $80 but sold on run up to $150 $240!
RT @Stocktwits: whoopsie-daisy #Bitcoin
Just a couple of Tesla shortsellers blowing off some steam ...
Hearing Blackrock and Goldman launching an ETF focused on Looting tomorrow.
Loot Loot Lemon ... too soon ?
RT @johnfritchey: Canada must feel like they live in an apartment above a meth lab.
RT @Hipster_Trader: Evolution of Finance Twitter expert: Repos..impeachment..tariffs..Iran..oil..coronavirus..martial law
I’m on Nextdoor looting my neighbors digitally
RT @Teslacharts: I knew it!
Fat Nixon tweet and photo for everything part 11,999 ...
Crime Of The Century is my favorite album of all time and the title song never stops making sense ... tonight it really is apropos ...
The big breakout in Bitcoin as Mango Mussolini blathered about Martial Law was the thing that has made the most sense in markets all year..
I’ve voted ‘sick of playing’ by being light stocks and high cash the last few weeks. The best way I can vote right now.
$BTC-X ...turns out Bitcoin and crypto loves Martial law ... 2020 has been a wild century.
Fat Nixon declares Martial Law and the futures barely tick down. I’m so sick of playing ... Please be careful and use common sense
Checking my database ... martial law and Marshall law is good for cloud stocks. Investing from a bunker is easy.
Taking all peaceful questions from a kneeling position....go
Im all for peaceful protests unless its peaceful
Davey discovered front adorable
RT @ischafer: If you’re looking for looters, the IRS has a list of them.
RT @AdaptivCharts: This is my favorite feature of @KoyfinCharts So important for understanding the pieces that make up the whole.
This is bullish for stocks yes ?... what a ginormous putz some of you elected.
Hence the name ...
RT @Stocktwits: The markets are closed. ✧ S&P 500 △ 0.38% ✧ Nasdaq △ 0.66%…
RT @Stocktwits: We Made It.
RT @sarahcpr: I tested very positively
RT @sarahcpr: How to the black people
Thanks ⁦@BadaBingCapital⁩ for coming to hang on my porch for pandemic cigars, corona and raspberries on Coronado...
Chart of the day - Runner Up - The Sad Truth About Riots and Unrest is that Taser ($AAXN) is hitting all-time highs. It has been a very strong stock and this weekend we found out the real reason... The markets unlock many cruel truths
Chart of the day has to be $AAPL now closing in on monthly closing all-time highs and $1.4 Trillion. The stock has now priced in a recession, pandemic and China trade war, but yes I'm sure the iPhone is just a fad and Tim Cook should be fired ..#airpods
Since March and $VIX 90 - I have made 73 evergreen podcasts with great founders, friends, investors and LP's discussing the panic, investing, silver linings and the future - try one try all...
Google Meet is really good....I own both $goog and $zm but Google now likely not getting enough credit for how good they have fixed things
We do not NEED banks to take markets higher, we have needed Fintech and the fintech stocks continue to lead ...much like $uber was not included in transportation index when people complained they needed the Transports to confirm the markets...
selling a bit of $zm as it hits near $200 here now chart enclosed from April 23....
Fresh .. Momentum Monday - I tour the markets with @ivanhoff looking for momentum and an edge on the weeks ahead Hope you watch/listen $aaxn $spy $qqq Thanks to our sponsor @MarketSmith
Looks like the 'bunker' has cable news.
What about ‘Go To Sleep’ ?!!!
RT @brianschatz: Trump has no case for his re-election. Not economic, not national security, not handling the pandemic, not fighting corrup…
RT @roywoodjr: How do we know this tweet wasn't sent by one of the tigers?
Fat Nixon is in a bunker. This has usually been bullish for cloud stocks. Scratch that. Everything is good for cloud stocks.
Golf clap ...
RT @shivsharma_5: “Voice is the new UI” trend still in such early days. While speech-to-text, accuracy/vocabulary issues are well-known, la…
Fat Nixon Tweet for everything example 11,104...
Not of the astronauts... but how good that tweet is.
RT @chudson: This has been a really hard week for our team and community. It has been hard to find the words to express how we feel while t…
I’m jealous ...
Shametown Twitter at world. But well played ...
I love Dave Chapelle on the 'precise and honest' comments at minute 9 of this great interview I am not a comedian but the iPhone and social networks have pushed us to this point and Twitter/FB have to do better or it implodes on itself and ourselves
we can't all use the platform and be honest and precise 24/7/365. That's what made Twitter so great for so long. Now it's just a shame mess and bully pulpit.
the only recourse you have to invest the time blocking. I block 100x more accounts than I follow in any given month.
me too. blocking is part of me being the product but I cant imagine new people wanting to do that. too big an investment for the payoff.
ah. yes, for sure. new people are just not gonna come here. they're being pulled into Reddit (will be $30-50B co) and other places. twitter does not care about new user experience.
Twitter shame bots are just as out of control as the left wing and right wing bots...Twitter has lost control of their platform and for any new user I can't imagine how impossible it is to get to started.
Twitter cannot get new users. This is it.
they get so many. they refuse to manage the bots and bullying and hate. if you dont kill it or at least put up an attempt to kill it you lose control.
I am w/ you. but power users have been flagging this issue for years.
Beach run on Coronado with my Momemtum Monday partner @ivanhoff2 ... I took it easy on the old man
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