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@SohrabAhmari once wrote about the weird faux stuff people get into, once they drop Christianity. Here we go again: https://twitter.com/selfdeclaredref/status/1267911752462843904
Check out the work were doing over at @gapingvoid. #CultureDesign for large orgs, military, healthcare, education, government etc.
Check out the work were doing over at @gapingvoid. #CultureDesign for large orgs, military, healthcare, education, government etc.
Check out the work we're doing over at @gapingvoid. "Culture Design" for large organizations, military, government, education, medical etc.
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My goodness, @DiMartinoBooth is one VERY sharp cookie. We need more like her. https://youtu.be/JtSeXeFRyVI
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Digesting this. It’s a big deal. The police in some big cities are clearly scared of what’s happening. https://twitter.com/dakarai_turner/status/1266549838788902914
The West Side of Chicago still hasn't recovered from the riots of 1968. This stuff isn't ephemeral.
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South Americans will know what I'm talking about. Best beer on the bloody planet.
Best mainstream beer on the planet.
Exactly. I drink 12 beers a year. Only these.
THIS is actually better. From Peru.
I have to have you on ‘Panic With Friends’ please !
YES! Email: gapingvoid at gmail.
My first decade in the corporate world:
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:D https://twitter.com/ejenk/status/1051978637237526528
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Why people embrace Christianity. cc @RFultonBrown @SohrabAhmari
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@MkBlyth I'm thinking "Political Economy" sounds like something that had to be invented by a Scotsman, preferably in the 1770s.
RT @ValaAfshar: Customer experience is as important as the product.
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RT @photomatt: Distributed work happened slowly, then all at once: https://ma.tt/2020/05/gradually-then-suddenly/
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Here, I am also reminded of @herdmeister's #copycopycopy idea that innovation happens when a lot of people start copying each other. https://twitter.com/hughcards/status/1263195004723507200
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The great science writer, @mattwridley wrote today's @gapingvoid newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/gapingvoid/how-innovation-works-by-matt-ridley?e=ead155b89c
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