You'll find me @homebrew, Seed Stage Venture Fund w @satyap. Previously made products at YouTube, Google & SecondLife. Married to @cbarlerin.
RT @Katie_Roof: @hunterwalk Umm I've never been of the belief that a 65% pop is ideal
Yup. This has been an issue for years. We are very bad at counting the benefits of innovation when they don't go directly to GDP (another reason why GDP is so misleading).
I think the β€œold metrics” problem also leads us to misunderstand the bad stuff ->
Metrics suck. Seems like there could be a useful academic study on how focusing on quantitative metrics distorts just about everything.
Hey @tim_cook how about also giving all Apple HQ & retail employees time off on Election Day to vote?
Every day my iphone does something magical for me that just 10 years ago would have been impossible. And it makes me think we’re undercounting the benefits of technology.
RT @hunterwalk: @jessegenet of @Lumi. A superb human we’re proud to support and call a friend.
I meet founders (and investors) who think raising money de-risks a company And I meet founders (and investors) who think raising money re-risks a company I generally think latter is healthier, because it respects the journey ahead & ROI you need to create on each dollar spent
It shifts risks from β€œrunning out of money” to β€œliterally everything else” for a few months ⏱
Depends on the case, man.
very few universal truths for sure! but would you say, our industry's default is "more capital de-risks a business?" Maybe it's the default that causes the false positives.
Yeah β€” I think in the sense that it alleviates the specific β€œrunning out of capital” risk. But I think depends on what you’re trying to build, whether you have ways to use it, etc. And you have to weight it against the risk of not taking more capital.
yes! there are businesses which (a) can't even think about winning without a ton of capital (and those need to make sure juice is worth squeeze) & (b) businesses that when they're ready, will make great use of large amounts of capital to create value.
Always good to remember that there are few situations in a startup where getting more focused won’t lead to a better outcome.
i see two people tweeting who could be focussing (plus me)
nothing better than a burn twete with a typo
i was focusssing too much on my job
And as a reminded, as the canonical Goldman on Twitter, I am available for comment on all jew news
I’m gonna need to hear from a Goldberg and a Goldstein before I can move forward on this one Jason...
I am frequently called both in real life so will speak on behalf of the gold* subtribe
RT @apwenchel: Announcement: We are very fortunate to be backed by the best investors on 🌎! Thank you @mavolpi, @fendien, @hunterwalk, Jerr…
Does that mean you are more present than the rest of us?
once your company expands to a second floor, even in the same building, you start dealing with "distributed team" issues.....
It's a departure for me. After years of covering every miserable aspect of our economy, I dig in to the things that make me optimistic. This book profiles some inspiring/everyday people who have found ways to thrive in this challenging economy. They have lessons for us all.
I am thrilled (and a bit terrified) to announce my new book, coming out soon and available for Preorder now.
Neat. Who’s best press contact?
Has anyone seen a great visual representation of all the Shopify ecosystem companies?
One of the @homebrew traditions i love most is holiday volunteering with founders & advisors. Although i'm going challenge @satyap's verdict that i finished 3rd in the drawing contest
Our annual holiday volunteer event @familyhousesf or @hunterwalk’s favorite founding team? Happy holidays to all!
Time for another Walk, Hunter! cc/@CBarlerin
OH: it’s sort of sad that often β€˜some revenue’ is worse then β€˜no revenue’ in investors’ eyes. It’s easier to poke holes in revenue, margins, revenue growth rates etc for startups...which is harder to do when the line has a big fat zero on it.
Nothing ruins a story like data
Board meeting self-subtweet
I do love the idea of you as the Independent Director at an A-Team Board Meeting
7:42am β€œMaybe I’ll try and go without coffee today. You know, just to see how I feel.” 7:45am
i still can't pronounce it though
From seven years ago this week, The Web We Lost.
Have you ever been on Instagram and seen the phrase, "Link in Bio"? Did you ever think about it? Maybe it was a strategy to undermine the web itself, a technique of control over the actions a billion users. Maybe?
I sympathize with this perspective 100 percent, and yet all the research I've seen shows that very few people ever click on links. So in what sense can we say that people "like" links?
What happens when you list the *exact same job description* with three different titles? You get completely different candidate pools applying (esp different gender ratios)!!!! @kmin of @TheMuse did this a few years back with the job titles below and results were 🀯🀯🀯🀯
Ok I know @hqtrivia had its problems, but I'm surprised this sort of programming hasn't worked more broadly. Not necessarily as standalone VCstartup but as show format on other media platforms. Or has it, just not where I hang out?
There's some very cool stuff happening on Twitch.
Point me some examples when/if u get chance
i just want to let you know that i'm rooting for you
NOT CANDY CORN. But delicious.
i meant people not words
Proud to rep @humanutility. Ty @tiffani for the T!
i tweet so much bc i muted like 85 percent of you
if everyone did this it would be anarchy/hilarious
woah are they the same people
Why mute people vs just unfollow?
I don’t mute anyone I follow. These are ppl I don’t follow and seek to generally ignore. But don’t need to block.
Some are just people who can’t stop misfiring tweets to the wrong Anthony
Wait.. what? Mute people? I've never done that! I thought it'd just words and then block people.
Microsoft to finally shut down to do list app Wunderlist on May 6, 2020:
RT @hunterwalk: Oh cool, 22 days left to read 52 books, meditate 365 times, and clean up the basement.
It's tax deductible and if your company matches your donations, we can get this funded quickly... πŸ‘€ at you my @Google friends!! Chanel's book was incredibly powerful. Let her voice helps others.
I'm matching $500 of your donations to help @Stanford student org pilot a program based on Chanel Miller's Know My Name. Her book will become basis for small discussion groups abt sexual assault, toxic masculinity & identity. Pls join me w your $$$ πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Oh cool, 22 days left to read 52 books, meditate 365 times, and clean up the basement.
Hurry up and meditate... is the anthem of a generation.
Included here, footage of me at our weekly staff meeting at @Glitch.
Reluctantly conceding that I would, indeed, be the kind of executive producer who’s all up in the videos, all on the records, dancin'.
The A, The N, The I, The L, it's Anil
There's always a lot that is going on in the world. A lot of heaviness in our individual lives Sometimes we just need some happy fun I realize this band is notΒ for everyone Yes, and look at this fun, for everyone involved
How was the Long island show?
my new years resolution is to be meaner online
back to when you only followed 666 accounts?
They are explicit about their targets.
idk if true or not but someone posted this explanation: "FWIW: this is part of a shoot/no-shoot exercise; the other side apparently features a guy holding a gun. I RTed this earlier and ended up deleting it after discovering that. It’s not meant to be a target in & of itself."
maybe the amount of grift & punditry an industry willingly supports is a proxy for how much fat there is to trim? thinking politics, thinking tech....
If back in January you told me "let's find a deal to do together this year" and you still haven't shown me anything, well, 24 days left.
time to you to buy some Techmeme ads
I want to purchase 100% of the inventory against anything mentioning Softbank.
We can indeed do something like that, as you know!
"One of the best pieces of advice I ever got, back when I was 23 & newly out of school, is this: look around & figure out who you want to be on your team. Figure out the people around you that you want to work with for the rest of your life." @johnolilly
Larry/Sergey look happy. Not entirely sure why, but that makes me happy. They changed everything.
$25 B’s in their pocket. Also 4Loko foreva
i treasure every moment i had with them. even when it drove me nuts.
I'm so much better of a person than I was 10 years ago. Which gives me hope for the person I'll be 10 years from now.
Well you were a saint 10 years ago. So if you are even better than that I can’t imagine where you will be 10 years from now. Seriously you are a good human.
Peppermint Bark is the candy corn of Christmas. And they’re both delicious.
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