i design and engineer things. lift heavy things up and down for fun. used to make people dance across the country.oh and ive been trader for a long time.
something for you guys to read . https://algotrading101.com/blog/15001/what-is-curve-fitting-overfitting-in-trading-optimization
cool . i wonder how many claims will be submitted and honored. https://twitter.com/coindesk/status/1108671223737786369
market sell market sell market sell
In b4 @mBTCPizpie https://twitter.com/plutus/status/1108735631369207810
RT @CumberlandSays: ICYMI, tune into an interview from earlier this month with our own @robertjcho and @twobitidiot on the state of OTC #cr…
RT @patrickrooney: Will #DollarIndex futures claw back their entire loss from yesterday today? @Trading_Tech @FXstreetNews @TradersCom @Fxh…
Dope https://twitter.com/thekitcomplete/status/1108468202613469185
RT @nic__carter:
guys.... that wasnt an invite to DM me "scams" . also i didnt think i had to define the word "scam" to crypto twitter. Just because you dont like a project, person or business doesnt make it one. doubly so if it a project and you're mad it didn't 200x.
62 donors to a not-for-profit organization....talk trash about one. lol
i think im going to do my first research in a while. someone slide something into my DMs thats questionable fraud from a project already in questionable standing.. should be fun. might publish myself , might just turn it over to the editor of a few media sites. stay tuned.
Cool paid open source work https://twitter.com/TheBlock__/status/1108495994298208256
RT @theog__: @BitcoinErrorLog @nlw @Truthcoin Be your own FUD
😀😀😀 https://twitter.com/inversebrah/status/1108387077576486914
Hey @JamesRadecki32 , there is no need to be upset.
Again? https://twitter.com/TuurDemeester/status/1108442275095433218
RT @MWSnacky: @PeterMcCormack @BuzzLightyearz_ For most things, yes, there is an objective "best/correct" Software is engineering. You don…
RT @mdudas: "James Radecki, the three-piece suit wearing Wall Street veteran, is leaving Cumberland...Radecki, who joined Cumberland over a…
You know youre full of shit when even the critics of crypto are finding your chart and data presented questionable
You know your full of shit when even the critics of crypto are finding your chart and data presented questionable
I told you guys augur sucks. https://twitter.com/davidgerard/status/1108311142332538880
RT @DoveyWan: it's also partially cultural - Japan has top the chart in terms of working hours for a long time, making it a financial mirac…
RT @SamouraiWallet: @eerne @_jonasschnelli_ https://twitter.com/SamouraiWallet/status/1058641984297074688?s=19
Convo G Friend: (crypto) Twitter has so many commentators who have no idea wtf they are talking about. Me: that's true but MSM also messes up quite a bit when it comes to markets. CT has a lot of parroting. Media has contact so no excuse Friend. Polly wanna fact check!
RT @omeed: So Twitch sent out a survey to some partners asking how much money they are making on sponsorships. It is not in your best int…
RT @ljxie: Underrated: Sending a follow-up to someone who has helped you (e.g. made an intro, gave advice, etc) on how things went. I recei…
RT @breakerMag: Should code be law, or should humans have the ability to change code in order to comply with laws (even laws passed by repr…
RT @DeribitExchange: We are proud to announce our partnership and integration with Caspian. Caspian adds Deribit to its ecosystem of over…
that which is dead may never die $btc
But I was told by cboe haters there was no money coming to crypto https://twitter.com/TheBlock__/status/1108166651177062402
First they , then they https://twitter.com/Cointelegraph/status/1107707010555039744
Best and only take you need https://twitter.com/motherboard/status/1108178846325436416
RT @ThisIsNuse: @VentureCoinist Misery loves company
My murderer is @CryptoCobain https://twitter.com/70slinetti/status/1091728310860693504
RT @jptechcrunch: 最終売却額は時価総額の約3倍——アメリカン・モービルがブラジルのネクステルを100億 超で買収へ | TechCrunch Japan https://buff.ly/2ukaKi9
This was not a glitch. The exchange will eventually bans the cross connect at the network level, charge thousands of dollars to turn back on and make you fill out an incident report that they file with the appropriate third parties https://twitter.com/nominalrate/status/1107930455825940480
*LOL* https://twitter.com/IamNomad/status/1108084165038223363
After directly responding to this claim, the guy blocked me. Please join me in loud. LOL
RT @QuadrigaCXed: Surprise! Mike Patryn was lying when he said he was not Omar Dhanani. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-19/from-fraud-to-fintech-quadriga-co-founder-s-past-crimes-emerge
RT @CumberlandSays: Desk Update: Today marks one month since we officially launched Marea. Historically, our OTC trades were executed 100%…
Hope I didnt just fall for this https://twitter.com/IamNomad/status/1108039790350532608?s=19
And for transparency the "shill" I did was a 100% free non compensated give away of 5 nano s via partnership with ledger wallet after they were sold out for months and turning down customers. This was public info at the time
Platitudes & generic ad hominems! I've barely ever shilled anything in my life & called out more scams/shit behavior than most in crypto.Theres a reason why #nomadknews pop up so often These guys write creative fiction of enemy narratives if you've dont blindly agree with them https://twitter.com/81TC01N/status/1107949035472732160
hey @bitfinex can we see a reply on whats going on here : https://www.reddit.com/r/bitfinex/comments/b2h94l/bitfinex_huge_problem_big_money_loss/ this is the second thread like this that ive seen in a short period. would be good to be a bit more transparent on the cancellations ...even if there is a questionably a legal issue.
RT @gaborgurbacs: #Crypto/#Bitcoin Not Going Away: A Year of Singles. See my most recent blog post with @KyleDacruz. Cc: @ricedelman @barro…
RT @fittysebum: @prestonjbyrne @CryptoN_T @IamNomad Marmotcoin ftw
RT @CryptoN_T: @fittysebum @IamNomad @prestonjbyrne Nah damn @prestonjbyrne look what he's done to my YouTube recommended videos list...😂 h…
Another commentator hopping on board the easy cynic train....without looking at the currebt market place or even the product itself. https://twitter.com/Frances_Coppola/status/1107535484211859457?s=19
I have in fact looked at both, in depth and over a long time now.
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