Watson is #AI for professionals, designed for your business.
IBM's AI Fairness 360 Open Source Toolkit can help you examine, report, and mitigate discrimination and bias in #machinelearning models throughout the #AI application lifecycle. http://ibm.co/2SG5jFq
Meet Laura Donaldson, a member of the Watson team whose role involves showcasing how industries are putting #AI to work in the real world. https://ibm.co/2WmTMzr
#ICYMI: AI can help categorize product reviews to improve user experiences and gain customer insights. Get started by following this tutorial using Watson Natural Language Classifier: https://ibm.co/2r0Cqap
To expand AI research in India, IBM is partnering with IIT Bombay to apply AI, machine learning and natural language processing to industries: https://ibm.co/2x7BzIb
Watson capabilities are now available anywhere – on any cloud, be it private, public or hybrid-multicloud – providing a simpler, faster way to build, run and manage AI models and applications. Details: ► https://ibm.co/2WeD31i
Imagine a world where all food is safe to consume, anywhere on the planet. With the help of #AI and #bigdata, researchers are now able to rapidly detect potential pathogens in the food production process. http://ibm.co/IBM5in5 #IBM5in5
We've included a range of new features to enhance Watson Studio, making it easier than ever to create #AI for an increasingly hybrid cloud and multi-cloud world. Learn more via @ZDNet. ▼ https://ibm.co/2WjUfCw
Dive into the latest #AI trends such as bias and transparency, and learn about Watson's availability on any cloud, anywhere with Ruchir Puri, Chief Scientist at @IBMResearch – via @ThePulseOfAI. https://ibm.co/2WmLSpN
As the first Brazilian bank to adopt #AI to answer customer queries more efficiently and accurately, 94% of @Bradesco's customer queries are now being handled by a virtual agent. Read more: https://ibm.co/2spuu69
Last year, we announced the expansion of the IBM and Apple partnership by helping businesses build native iOS apps using Watson #AI and Apple's Core ML. Learn about our work ► https://ibm.co/2LlS4ZL
Data + algorithm = model. Machine learning models are therefore only as good as the data used to train them. Read the Forrester report on coding unbiased #AI: https://ibm.co/2Os2Xa9
Humans are increasingly relying on decisions made by #AI. However, the "black box" problem of the transparency of these decisions is more important than ever. @PCMag delves further into the opacity of #deeplearning: https://ibm.co/2SjM5oe
How does #AI continue its process of learning with each information input? Watch the video below on transfer learning.
Organizations can quickly filter massive amounts of unstructured data to find insights using Watson Discovery services. Learn how to take advantage of #AI to turn data into insights with rapid results ► https://ibm.co/2u7butV
As IBM Watson technology continues to advance, we're implementing #AI training for employees to progress their skills and help them discover new business solutions. Read more via @FortuneMagazine. https://ibm.co/2WnBAFO
To help teachers understand the learning progression of students, IBM Watson partnered with @Scholastic and @edmodo to create recommendations for individual needs and abilities. Learn more in our blog ► https://ibm.co/2KkTCPH
"The future in AI is cross-platform, and so #AI tools must be cross-compatible. That’s why we’ve opened up all Watson services, like Watson Assistant and Watson OpenScale, to run and deploy in any environment." – IBM's @ritika_gunnar ► https://ibm.co/2WnDyG8 #AISummit
"If we accept that AI is going to be a relevant part of our future, it is important to establish the foundations of trust in #AI systems." Read this blog by @jrdothoughts describing @IBM's principles for building trust and transparency in AI: https://ibm.co/2ysv5nl
RT @IBMWatson: #AI + education = a gamechanger. In this piece via @guardian, learn how @BoltonCollege is using a Watson-powered chatbot to…
Can #AI help AI? Learn the step-by-step process behind how de-biasing works in @IBMWatson OpenScale over on our Medium blog. https://ibm.co/2M4ox8k
RT @IBM: Powered by Watson and IBM Cloud, CIMON is the first free-flying #AI assistant in space. Learn how CIMON can help astronauts work m…
Onstage at #InsideAI, IBM Watson CMO @MichelleBB and @LegalMation co-founder and CSO Enoch Liang discuss how #AI enabled legal teams to reduce hours of litigation work to be completed in just minutes. Learn more ► https://ibm.co/2WkkjNP
WATCH NOW: At #InsideAI, hear from #AI experts as they discuss new types of hardware, engineers on the latest ways to scale AI in production, entrepreneurs who have found which AI business models work and more. Register now for the livestream ► https://ibm.co/2LYZROH
RT @IBM: CEO Ginni Rometty discusses the importance of building relevant skills in an era where technology will affect every job: https://t…
How MIT, IBM and DeepMind are spearheading a project that enables neural networks to learn about the world by "seeing" and "reasoning." https://ibm.co/2M0kcD6
How do you build an empathetic chatbot using #machinelearning? Read the story of "Woebot," a bot that is harnessing #AI to promote health and safety in the workplace. https://ibm.co/2LYbANh
It's all about entities. Dive into our @Medium blog to learn how you can use dictionaries and patterns to create entities and leverage Watson Assistant for a more personalized virtual agent. ► https://ibm.co/2WcNd2t
What is key in successfully launching a virtual agent for business? In this episode of "AI Explained," we cover the 3 crucial steps of conversational #AI with @autodesk. SoundCloud: https://ibm.co/2RTJo0A iTunes: https://ibm.co/2DG9jAm Spotify: https://ibm.co/2G6sfJY
RT @IBMResearch: Join the #IAmA with @noamslonim and Ranit Aharonov, scientists and creators of @IBM #ProjectDebater. Along with Harish Na…
Want to learn how you can build apps with Natural Language Processing? With Watson, you can surface concepts, categories, sentiment, and emotion, and apply knowledge of unique entities in your industry to your data. Explore now ► https://ibm.co/2LU5DRB
RT @IBMWatson: *NEW* on the @IBMWatson YouTube channel: We've updated the Watson Assistant playlist with our Service Desk Integration video…
RT @IBM: #ICYMI: watch CEO Ginni Rometty discuss the 3 critical success factors businesses must embrace as they move to "Chapter 2" of thei…
To help people navigate crowded areas in congested cities, #Volkswagen is creating an app called Mobility Adviser that uses Watson #machinelearning to find the best possible route to a destination – via @business: https://ibm.co/2WhcWGM
#AI is a common tool used to tackle non-traditional challenges with less easily-definable objectives. How do we ensure the results are value-driven? Learn more ► http://ibm.co/2VI4aRS
RT @IBMAnalytics: Be part of the top 8% who understand the #data required for #AI. Read this smart paper on how the right information archi…
In the time since the MIT-IBM Watson AI lab launched in fall of 2017, it has received 186 proposals from 23 departments and centers. Learn how far the lab has progressed via @Forbes: https://ibm.co/2NWhAqv
"Over time, #machinelearning algorithms learn what is most effective, and they learn what is the most impactful. And that's a revolutionary change to how human beings will make decisions in the future." – @rwlord. https://ibm.co/2LQXopg
We've included a range of new features to enhance Watson Studio, making it easier than ever to create #AI for an increasingly hybrid cloud and multi-cloud world. Learn more via @ZDNet. ▼ https://ibm.co/2LS5nTe
RT @IBMResearch: IBM Researcher, Francesca Rossi (@frossi_t) Inside the @BarbicanCentre's AI: More than Human exhibition, which features @I…
"Every job will change because of technology." – Watch @IBM CEO Ginni Rometty discuss the "Tech for Good" initiative on @CNBC . https://ibm.co/2LLGEzT
Deep learning is a fundamental part of #AI. Learn what you need to know in just two minutes – watch below ▼
What has AI given to the world so far? From creating Project Debater to contest with humans on complex issues, to uniting developers worldwide to find solutions for natural disasters: 2018 was a year of valuable inventions. https://ibm.co/2SzmPea
Thanks to @AtlanticLIVE for hosting such an important conversation on the future of AI, and @GillianBWhite for hosting @Ritika_Gunnar and @Colin_J_Parris for a conversation on keeping AI humble. #AtlanticAI https://twitter.com/AtlanticLIVE/status/1129021428962013184
RT @AtlanticLIVE: .@Ritika_Gunnar shares reactions to @IBM's AI fairness toolkit at #AtlanticAI
What's the current state of affairs in #AI research? @eetimes set out to interview leading experts in the field, including @IBMResearch's AI Ethics Leader @frossi_t to help address top questions people have. Learn more ▼ https://ibm.co/2W4AFdr
RT @IBMResearch: IBM’s #AI performs state-of-the-art broadcast news captioning https://ibm.co/2W4OyrU
Breakthroughs in #AI comes from mass experimentation. In this blog, IBM Data and AI GM Rob Thomas demystifies the technology – and shares the key elements behind it. https://ibm.co/2WdS9Ep
Within Watson OpenScale, we offer a "de-biasing" capability – enabling you to start using #AI to identify bias in your #machinelearning model, and then fixing it. Details ► https://ibm.co/2W9O8Aw
*NEW* on the Watson YouTube channel: Learn how to extract answers from lengthy documents in just minutes with Smart Document Understanding. Watch the demo now ► https://ibm.co/2LMiJjT
RT @IBM: 2018 @CallforCode winner, Project Owl has deployed the first successful large-scale pilot of their "Clusterduck" disaster response…
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