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RT @LocalATLast: “We have to trust the systems we build,” @MichelleBB on #AI Three takeaways from @IBMWatson 1. Start with the customer…
RT @ChrisAriens: #AI will add $16,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion) to the global economy by 2030: @IBMWatson CMO Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek…
AI-related technologies contributed $2 trillion to the global economy last year, says @MichelleBB. But how do we apply it? The @IBMWatson CMO continued, "Creating real business value from AI is understanding the customer like never before." #AdweekElevate
RT @VentureBeat: AI identifies which primates could be carrying the Zika virus https://wp.me/p8wLEc-anNG by @Kyle_L_Wiggers
IBM's AI Fairness 360 Open Source Toolkit can help you examine, report, and mitigate discrimination and bias in #machinelearning models throughout the #AI application lifecycle. Explore now ► https://aif360.mybluemix.net/
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The path to breakthroughs in #AI comes from mass experimentation. In this blog, IBM Data and AI GM Rob Thomas breaks down why AI is not magic – and the two key elements behind the technology. https://ibm.co/2Odt85G
#AccessibleOlli is an all-electric, 3D printed, self-driving vehicle for people with disdabilities, enabled using a Watson-powered assistant. Learn more ► https://ibm.co/2Dt8t8t
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Using Watson's Natural Language Classifier, Australian insurer @Suncorp lets customers lodge their claim online, receive the outcome, pay any excess, and choose their repairer — all in just minutes. ► https://ibm.co/2OjYN5D
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"The evolution of the auto industry is similar in form to the currently nascent world of #AI. Like the auto industry, in order for AI to flourish, organizations must adopt and embrace a prerequisite set of conditions." https://ibm.co/2jVNUsf
Lexus wanted an ad that reflected the intuitive and innovative new @Lexus ES. To write the script, their creative agency @and_partnership collaborated with technical partner, Visual Voice, leveraging #AI with @IBMWatson: https://ibm.co/2PWT5KK
How do you innovate in an industry that is centuries old? See how KPMG is using the power of #AI to digitally transform the industry and bring value to clients: https://ibm.co/2Ef9YWi
You can now find the best route to get to any destination with the power of #AI. "Mobility Advisor" by @SEATofficial uses #IBMWatson to account for traffic, weather and local events to create an optimal travel route. Learn more. ► https://ibm.co/2Fl15OE
Imagine a world where all food is safe to consume, anywhere on the planet. With the help of #AI and #bigdata, researchers are now able to rapidly detect potential pathogens in the food production process. http://ibm.co/IBM5in5 #IBM5in5
RT @IBM: IBM's 2018 Annual Report is now available. Read the Chairman's Letter here: https://ibm.co/2F6Bn0s
Take a look at the story behind Cora, the Watson-powered digital human by @NatWestBusiness that engages in 100,000 customer service conversations a month. ► https://ibm.co/2FiztK6
Generative adversarial networks (GANs) have enabled the #AI industry to take huge leaps toward creativity, generating images and sounds that are very close to their natural counterparts. https://ibm.co/2O9OT6o
At #Think2019, we invited attendees to immerse themselves in a video experience to learn how Watson works. Catch a glimpse of what they saw below, or watch the full version here: https://ibm.co/2OeVxZa
The Swift SDK for #IBMWatson provides an easy, intuitive way to integrate Watson’s #AI platform into your iOS apps or Swift servers on Linux. https://ibm.co/2ARFLOe
RT @IBMResearch: IBM researchers, along with @UniofOxford and @MIT, put machine learning on the path to Quantum Advantage https://t.co/aUs5…
"The gap between businesses that believe adopting AI is crucial and those that actually integrate it into their strategies illustrates a very real usability problem that we have in the AI community: people want AI technology, but don't trust it." https://ibm.co/2GKYWhl
There is an increased urgency for companies to maintain trust and transparency when handling user data. @IBM is proud to be one of the few leading companies in the tech space named in Ethisphere Institute's 2019 list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. https://ibm.co/2EejWJC
5 reasons why people are pursuing nanodegrees to prepare for roles in an #AI-driven world: https://ibm.co/2obT2KF
RT @IBMWatson: IBM's Everyday Ethics for #AI provides an actionable guide for designers and developers to get intentional about ethics: htt…
"Together, we will help close our nation's skills gap, build a pipeline of talented workers to thrive in technology's fastest-growing fields and restore trust in tech as a force for good." – @IBM CEO Ginni Rometty via @CNN: https://ibm.co/2VEQlkm
By combining emotional intelligence with the power of Watson Assistant, @Soulmachines created "digital humans" that enable a highly personalized customer service interaction. Learn their story ► https://ibm.co/2FbG7ly
"If we can identify and remove bias against people with disabilities from our technologies, we will be taking an important step towards creating a society that respects and upholds the human rights of us all." – via @VentureBeat: https://ibm.co/2UeInO7
Stay strong Alex, we're all behind you. https://twitter.com/Jeopardy/status/1106291410431602688
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#ICYMI: IBM was named #1 in #AI Software Platforms by @IDC's Worldwide Cognitive/AI Software Platforms Market Shares, June 2018 Report. Read the report here ► https://public.dhe.ibm.com/common/ssi/ecm/43/en/43018143usen/idc_ww_2017-cognitive-ai-sw-platforms-market-shares_jun20181_43018143USEN.pdf
RT @IBM: Beauty is in the 👁️, and ours wouldn't be perfect without π. Happy #PiDay from all of us at 👁️🐝Ⓜ️.
RT @IBMcloud: New study finds most enterprises are only 20 percent of the way into their #cloud journeys. Here's why: https://t.co/VuquLxzz…
From creating artificial intelligence that could debate humans on complex topics to uniting developers to use their skills for disaster relief, 2018 was a year full of inventions showing the value of #AI to society. https://ibm.co/2SzmPea
A new generation of consumers expect 24/7 customer service. Over on the Watson blog, we discuss how companies are using #AI to meet that demand while delivering quality #CX: https://ibm.co/2FyLsnBtw
"The center will attract new companies in the #AI field and federal research and create several hundred new jobs." – via @business. https://ibm.co/2VdVxuN
ICYMI: We recently announced that Watson capabilities are now available anywhere – on any cloud, be it private, public or hybrid-multicloud – providing a simpler, faster way to build, run and manage AI models and applications. Details: ► https://ibm.co/2F7JI3S
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Introducing smart document understanding with Watson Discovery. This powerful new feature allows you to visually train #AI to understand your documents for faster, accurate results. Learn more. ► https://ibm.co/2O0l3Rz
RT @IBMcloud: Four months after our announcement to acquire @RedHat, IBM’s Jim Comfort sits down with @Forbes to share updated views on #mu…
In an interview with @SPGMarketIntel, Ruchir Puri, Chief Scientist at @IBMResearch discusses the three core aspects of #AI that drive clear, transparent and explainable outcomes by AI systems. Read more. ► https://ibm.co/2F2PQu8
The proliferation of convenient "omnichannel" customer service solutions has created a new set of problems in the #customerservice experience. To address this, we're announcing Service Desk Integrations in Watson Assistant. Learn more. ► https://ibm.co/2F5nGPl
RT @IBMthinkLeaders: Last up from #Think2019! We sat down with @WHoltzman, CEO, Social Victories and discussed engagement and tech in the s…
Infusing #AI into your organization's daily operations enables increased productivity and reduced costs – all while enhancing the employee experience. Learn how to bring Watson to the company with IBM Business Automation Intelligence. ► https://ibm.co/2F3nhNo
Optimizing algorithms at the core of AI is easier than ever, but modern computers can't keep up – so @IBM researchers designed a chip made specifically to train #AI. Read more via @VentureBeat: https://ibm.co/2KQijYY
"This drive to adopt #AI is fueled by the benefits it brings to our everyday lives – from getting us help faster, to buying new dog food. More importantly, we’re facing an avalanche of data – more than we can possibly ever hope to keep up with." – @rhigh: http://ibm.co/2JimxDA
You've successfully built a virtual agent for your business. What are some ways to create a "stand-out" experience with customers engaging with it? Tune into this episode of "AI Explained" to find out. ► https://ibm.co/2F4hVS9
Looking for new sources of inspiration on your feed? Look no further than this list of 100 brilliant women in #AI ethics — including four outstanding IBMers from our @IBMResearch team — to follow on Twitter in 2019: https://ibm.co/2RrLmAR
Watson Personality Insights enables insight into how and why people think, act, and feel the way they do. Try it free. ► https://ibm.co/2HhhcM6
How @KPMG is bringing the power of #AI to key service areas to lead the way in the digital transformation of the tax, audit and advisory industry with Watson. ► https://www.ibm.com/blogs/watson/2018/03/three-lessons-kpmg-put-to-use-with-their-cognitive-lab/
From financial risk to service solutions, enterprises around the globe are using Watson Natural Language Classifier to classify data. https://ibm.co/2upRXSy
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