I’m going to drop my cover art the same day as my pre order! Things have been so good this year because I’ve stuck to every date I promised for releases. I want the same for the album. All I can say is Chicago pride will be my first performance of the new album!
Haha nah! I only really post when I’m doing stuff, when I’m at home chilling I don’t have pictures 🤷‍♀️ That’s when I go on twitter! 😝 https://twitter.com/itsiggyiggzz/status/1132422289876766720
I tweeted it in a thread in which I also say I’m going to get my Brazilian drag doppelgänger to help me double book stuff... then I said double the looks from started. Do you get it now 😭😭 https://twitter.com/XtianJoel/status/1132352850980417537
Oh no! Mike you’re now part of an exclusive group of locals who don’t know when shit I say is a joke. 😂🤷‍♀️😝 still love you! https://twitter.com/MikeAdamOnAir/status/1132325492336603136
I’m hype too! Who’s coming to see me for Pride in Chicago?! https://twitter.com/xoxoluv4iggy/status/1131968000804966401
💅💗 https://twitter.com/Manneee_/status/1131662376242036736
Today’s look: fashion witch
RT @thustweetsdavid: Hey, my dudes. Here's a rap I wrote over @ArianaGrande and @IGGYAZALEA's song "Problem".
Thankyou. You’re hired https://twitter.com/fakesmileminter/status/1131402725353242624
😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌 https://twitter.com/BibleGirl666/status/1131400684023115777
Just realized I low key look like biblegirls sister in my album art, please don’t sue @BibleGirl666 😂🥵
RT @IACharts: #STARTED by @IGGYAZALEA • Beast Mode — (5.8 million followers): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX76Wlfdnj7AP • This Is How We Do — (590k follow…
Suddenly my next video is going to have 22looks
I’m about to start double booking myself! Hahaha https://twitter.com/elijahdaniel/status/1131389165398921216
Yes lovers!!!! https://twitter.com/IggyWorldNews/status/1131306270194118662
This bitch about to murder me and take my job! 😝💗💋 https://twitter.com/baddestIGGY/status/1131376338013757446
She did that!!! https://twitter.com/Nan_Albertiny/status/1131382793865502731
Wooo hooo! You got em ! https://twitter.com/feedthewolvez/status/1131295214348333057
This is so cool! Please check it out ! https://twitter.com/IACharts/status/1130856551755812864
não mexe com a gente !!!
Yuuppp https://twitter.com/dazalean/status/1130884930156863489
I like to pretend I’m traveling with a child so I don’t feel stupid about ordering off the children’s room service menus in hotels.
Im in Atlanta, had to switch out the wraith for the hemi sitting pretty Instead of stupid & silly Fuck boys like you! 😝💅 @VVAVESOFFICIAL I’m ready!
Who could It beeeee scheming with meeeeeee 👀😱
Wooo hoo! Friday here we come 😝 https://twitter.com/VVAVESOFFICIAL/status/1130865211009851393
They’re literally in my dads backyard right now. https://twitter.com/stxvetxny/status/1129819338591096832
💗it looks bomb! https://twitter.com/panja47/status/1130571988529901568
I filmed something with vogue today and it was so cool! https://twitter.com/CosmicBitxh/status/1130571158888357888
A baguette actually https://twitter.com/FergusonNicko/status/1130567026072702976
Yes you got it right! https://twitter.com/callme_karel/status/1130201590240038912
Yes! https://twitter.com/IACharts/status/1130196412153643009
I’m scared too. https://twitter.com/ValentinOlivei/status/1130212603790336000
Unfortunately. https://twitter.com/l_edwin_l/status/1130212426996174848
I don’t think they get a say in it cause it’s all gossip from the tech crews themselves. https://twitter.com/AZALLION/status/1130211891123503105
I was going to go offline until I watched game of thrones but then I remember I already read the leaks a week ago so it’s fine. you can’t spoil shit, I self sabotage.
If you’re a bitch to me and you trip and fall on your face I reserve the right to laugh at you.
So happy that started has been added to a big YouTube playlist! Yay! Please watch from the playlist today if you haven’t already 💗😝 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFgquLnL59alCl_2TQvOiD5Vgm1hCaGSI
When people enjoy my cooking it makes me so genuinely happy.
We can after it’s over. I’m going offline until then, see you at 10.30pm when I come back to announce my clinical depression due to the ending. https://twitter.com/vibinariyuh/status/1130182468437512192
I’m definitely doing them for you guys! I’ll try to pre order them on my site so you can get them quickly. https://twitter.com/blakey_1994/status/1130180404315508736
😇💗🥵 bring on June my favorite and best month of the year. https://twitter.com/IggyThick/status/1130179684468183040
I have some magazine shoots coming up but you guys won’t see them for a little while cause things are always done far in advance. https://twitter.com/NICKI_IGGY_/status/1130178573577408514
RT @shaneszn: me when someone explains that poor diet and sleep schedule are the reason I’m tired all the time https://twitter.com/iggyazalea/status/1130171602040180736
Yes, we have to release in peak fuckery. https://twitter.com/itsiggyiggzz/status/1130171926620573699
Fun Fact: I don’t give a single fuck
Keep streaming on whatever app you like most (Spotify, tidal, Apple Music, Pandora etc) 🥳👌 https://twitter.com/IACharts/status/1130149521512632320
💗 https://twitter.com/iamkidane/status/1130141828529950720
Imagine! The plot twist the right wing never saw coming. 😂 https://twitter.com/bawbbysworld/status/1130005455038832640
RT @IACharts: "Started" by @IGGYAZALEA was added to the 'Hip Hop Crew' playlist, one of Spotify's biggest Rap playlist at position #28. Pu…
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