Aww I’ll be back tomorrow to chat with you all! https://twitter.com/narcicismo/status/1108940881371918337
I’m sorry ladies but we’ Gonna have to vote on this! https://twitter.com/98PXYRochester/status/1108859069962567681
RT @IggyOnCharts: 'Sally Walker' remains #19 on the US iTunes and is estimated to be only 50-70 copies away from rising to #18. Go get your…
Yes. We love bad bitches. 💗💰🥰 https://twitter.com/KamilAzalea/status/1108447978828849152
😭 https://twitter.com/DemetriasZaddy/status/1108442168241328128
😩🥺 cutie!!! 💗 https://twitter.com/CARDIVENOMMMM/status/1108442006362222593
Right! And to think people thought I was crazy for that! Haha! Never let anyone make you doubt what you know is right for you😊 https://twitter.com/filapose_jake/status/1108440384135458816
20mil in less than a week. Indie. BIG GIRL SHIT. love 💗 you more!!! Thankyou! https://twitter.com/azaleasinner/status/1108439354710679557
Yes! Can’t wait! until then let’s stream - we still aren’t even 1 week into things... I’m so excited! https://twitter.com/ConspiringMila/status/1108353614693715968
I don’t have to tell y’all the sky’s blue right? Y’all already know that shit. Everyone can see it. Let’s not waste our time talking about shit we ALLL already know.
Heyyyyy guyyyyyyysssss!!!
April 1st https://twitter.com/Lysssathomass/status/1108254791661170688
AMAZING, that’s talent! https://twitter.com/vixrx/status/1108234921791770624
RT @mxchxen: @IGGYAZALEA The cat be like "mom, not again"
When you wanna go clubbing but U too lazy for makeup 😂 #SallyWalkerChallenge
Wait. The heel in the coffin had me dead. https://twitter.com/erikzuzu/status/1108224427567648768
This lil girl killed the #SallyWalkerChallenge
🧐🤔 https://twitter.com/MikeAdamOnAir/status/1108138931994968064
I’ll tell you all the details later (yup in performing) but I’m so happy to get the invite so I had to share!
I’m get to go to Chicago pride this year & iam literally bursting with excitement. 😆😱😁 I cant fucking WAIT!!!
I like to do the song and video on the same day, it’s more fun! Most likely my album pre order and artwork too. https://twitter.com/neryperez_/status/1108199254345039875
Same!!! So proud & so happy! 🤗 https://twitter.com/controlcabeIIo/status/1108197967985606656
It’s top 20, be grateful, iam. https://twitter.com/NICKI_IGGY_/status/1108197118492241920
Right! Lol, stay on the walk ways n shit, stay off their resting places and I’m sure they’ll all watch ya moves hahahaha https://twitter.com/5ernz/status/1108196893975179265
I think it’s fine as long as you’re not ON the graves and stay on the pathways etc. https://twitter.com/PapiAnaconda/status/1108192546033823744
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Same! SAME. sAAAme. https://twitter.com/harajayku/status/1108155192061493248
👀 #SallyWalkerChallenge low key starting to scare the shit outta me, y’all wild hahahaha
We back! Let’s vote! https://twitter.com/kobfm/status/1108116721985032192
It’s easier to find on Instagram because there seems to be an account collecting them all and adding to their page but I’m checking on all platforms https://twitter.com/kaylanecholer/status/1108113176862703616
Just some of the ones that really stand out etc. each day cause I don’t wanna spam the timeline too much! Lmao https://twitter.com/KyleTurik/status/1108109733179867137
RT @idolator: .@IGGYAZALEA did what she had to do on "Sally Walker." It's your move, radio programmers! https://idola.to/2O6otSR https://t.c…
You can add you own spice to it! Just make sure to include some of the basic steps so we know you watched the tutorial video on my timeline! https://twitter.com/DUASBOY/status/1108100948025593856
All the winners were picked and contacted this morning via their YouTube accounts 🤗 https://twitter.com/filapose_jake/status/1108100610723844098
Ughhhhh 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Yasssss!!!! He did it!!!!! 👑
1 - 2.... Sally’s coming for you....
RT @zacm: Bought #SallyWalker as a early birthday present to myself this past weekend @IGGYAZALEA ! And it’s my anthem for my birthday toda…
Cool, I meant what I said tho. No take backs! https://twitter.com/IAmSimplyJake/status/1107909620104871938
As did your 46th chromosome when you left the womb by the looks of things. https://twitter.com/IAmSimplyJake/status/1107907122522718208
Me too https://twitter.com/arielversace/status/1107731999232536576
Saw some really cute #SallyWalkerChallenge videos on insta, will post here in the morning!
RT @Somaya_Reece: MOOD all 2019🥰 I❤️You bih.... #SallyWalker @IGGYAZALEA
Lol I don’t know why now there’s a moving car involved in a lot of these but fuck it, turn up! https://twitter.com/FuckinItUpSis/status/1107808467136536576
🥰 https://twitter.com/TCanDoAnything/status/1107808583356428289
RT @IggysUpdates: 🥰 Iggy Via Insta-Story
RT @tribranchvo: go on girl do your thang
My mood every time I try a new makeup look 😂😂😂 https://twitter.com/DxnielFarrell/status/1107722933923971072
@IGGYAZALEA returns flanked by drag queens in the video for "Sally Walker" http://gq.mn/ZvpLFN8
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