RT @TTOConference: Pleased to announce a joint industrial/academic conference on how to improve the truthfulness and trustworthiness of onl…
RT @Carnage4Life: GitHub is launching Sponsors which allows you to donate to Open Source developers similar to creator platforms like Patre…
Combine his report, which shows that putting women in charge is damn good for business, with the news that the Tubman $20 bill has been postponed by the Trump administration, and you have to wonder if male capitalists are really as... via @qz http://npx.io/hDKM/GZLM?from=twitter
@jack please let us edit tweets. "this" not "his". In THIS case, the "t" *really* matters.
@jack I would like to report Moby nipples on my timeline.
RT @gethyper: The amazing world we live in! https://twitter.com/aidan_wolf/status/1130730833445314560
Took some time but getting there https://twitter.com/sqcrypto/status/1130872897004810241
Welcome to the #FirstNameClub @Casey! cc @jack @ev @biz https://twitter.com/casey/status/1130947592379146241
RT @Square: American consumers are less reliant on cash, but it’s not going away anytime soon. Read our latest data report. https://t.co/Js…
Watching @jack speak at #kvsummiteoth @vkhosla. He is very thoughtful, nuanced and pragmatic in addressing very hard topics.
@celestewaite https://open.spotify.com/track/3uycvDrCFMnYWDHkAdC0UK?si=4EDE2sPLSPO-Ohy0zkyW8Q
RT @jaredlholt: Not only that, but the Proud Boys are using @jack's payment processor to run their web store. https://twitter.com/crislopezg/status/1129450901054349312
RT @warriors: DUBS WIN!!!
Okay this site is garbage. YES I use 2% milk! Sometimes whole milk but mostly 2%. Why do u care?! This does not make me antisemitic or a "hypocrite". I have had my life threatened and my dog doxxed. @jack is this okay with you?! They are trying to cancel me
https://open.spotify.com/track/7InHgiDyJ0GtvnIVslWNPK?si=ydOIEaT_SM2nqhH0bRWcrA @IAmKelseyLu
RT @WIRED: "People in my real life were worried about study skills and selling school-branded sportswear. People on Twitter were worried ab…
A peek into our efforts to improve conversation on Twitter, which we’re doing out in the open https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/nicolenguyen/behind-twitters-plan-to-get-people-to-stop-yelling-at-each
Grateful for PM @jacindaardern’s leadership. Open, practical, and collaborative. Our commitment will be the same. https://twitter.com/policy/status/1128693729181749248
Bonjour Paris 🇫🇷
RT @boo: We’re really excited to open a new chapter with developers 👇🏻 https://twitter.com/twitterdev/status/1128357926823976960
Good evening, Boston #tweeptour
RT @magalhaesrocks: #TweepTour 🇧🇷 amazing day!!! #LoveWhereYouWork ❤️
🇧🇷 #tweeptour https://open.spotify.com/user/fe.gallo/playlist/7GJGJuyZKHGfBho7EEszLF?si=V6oxhtOURRu_jvzptMJMPQ
Você é incrível. Obrigado! https://twitter.com/savagefiction/status/1126560571585904641
Twitter Brazil! 🇧🇷 #tweeptour
Big part of my childhood in Boulder
Join us tonight at 5 at @eTownRadio Hall: 1535 Spruce St! #bouldertweetup
Boulder! We’re doing a tweetup at 5 tonight. Location details soon!
Great to be back in Boulder #tweeptour
RT @Patrick_Spence: @patrickc @eldsjal I would recommend https://basecamp.com/books/remote as @dhh has (literally) written the book
This is so great https://twitter.com/patrickc/status/1123934134601179138
RT @zamosta: We've started publishing deep-dives on our specific inclusion and diversity efforts, whether they work or not. Reporting is im…
RT @JenP: Congrats @IamDebraLee on being inducted into the @AAFNational Advertising Hall of Fame. Your speech was inspirational to all of u…
An exquisite nature journal is capturing imaginations https://twitter.com/i/events/1122063508651175937
RT @Square: While many people left Flint in search of greener pastures, others decided to stay in the city and start making the future they…
RT @nukirk: Here's a tip if you use the NYC subways and you got a @CashApp card: there is an MTA boost where you can save $1 on all MetroCa…
RT @vijaya: It's Earth Day! Here are our commitments at Twitter to help address climate change and protect our earth for generations to com…
RT @billboard: WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN! @AndersonPaak brings out @jayrock at #Coachella 🔥
RT @JHWreporter: Ella Mai performs Boo’d Up, the song she calls the “best R&B song of 2018” at #Coachella. I won’t disagree with her. htt…
RT @kentnish: Happy Easter, w/ Kanye. #coachella
🙏🏼 🌊 The Pacific Ocean is to thank for Klay Thompson's 32-point game https://twitter.com/i/events/1120128833070358528
Finished reading http://a.co/bvosmj8
RT @jack: In his book Principles @RayDalio asks everyone to share their life principles: the fundamental beliefs that guide you. Here are m…
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