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"Will MySpace ever lose its monopoly?" --The Guardian, 2007 http://bit.ly/2JDfyXa
RT @theharryshearer: We've been here before.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JPEz6umM5s
RT @max_read: if you're paying half-hearted attention to the libra hearings in DC and wondering what it means that facebook has a cryptocur…
RT @AaronMesh: a lot is wrong with this country but, somewhere in the wild pacific northwest, people are gathering at midnight for the bloo…
Former ‘Fox And Friends’ Host Flees To Portugal While Getting Sued For Fraud https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/fox-friends-clayton-morris-portugal-lawsuit-fraud via @TPM
I'm looking forward to the @adamwren feature about this caper.
RT @WillOremus: Amazon's Ring doorbell is on a big Prime Day discount, and comes with a top endorsement from @wirecutter. But if you're thi…
RT @alexheard: In which a realtor who was working with Epstein in New Mexico—before he bought Zorro Ranch—finds him at a hotel room filled…
The secret history of "Hang on Sloopy." http://bit.ly/2jXi5CT
RT @TimAlberta: “American Carnage” SECOND EXCERPT just published @VanityFair - Exclusive: the secret Trump-Rove mtg in May 2016 - Kellyann…
RT @axios: The few Republicans who dared to defy him either: • Got primaried (Mark Sanford), • Quit the party (Amash) • Retired (Flake an…
https://nyti.ms/2GelBkm William Gass
"Fascism is a tyranny which enshrines the values of the lower middle class, even though the lower middle class doesn’t get to rule. It just gets to feel satisfied that the world is well-run. It likes symbols of authority and it likes to dress up. It likes patriotic parades.”
Today in Sunday Styles. Fizzy water. Therapy cows. Bisexual marriages. Liv Tyler. Goop HQ. Brando's Rolex. Asian on Asian date.
RT @AaronMesh: we didn't listen to @jackshafer and now it's too late https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2019/07/toxic-giant-hogweed-plant-that-burns-blisters-skin-found-in-clark-county.html
RT @actsinds: @DavidUberti @jackshafer @morningmoneyben @lehmannchris I loved this essay on A. Hemon. (Don't know if it was conceived befor…
RT @DavidUberti: @jackshafer @morningmoneyben @lehmannchris Last issue was very good
RT @suellentrop: The end of Starbucks distribution of Slate on Paper was the canary in the coal mine https://nypost.com/2019/07/11/starbucks-will-stop-selling-newspapers-in-september/
If you don't occasionally go too far the chance are you will never go far enough. For what it's worth, I support @lehmannchris, a superb editor.
RT @anniegowen: Absorbing story by ⁦@DeborahNetburn⁩: on a retired school teacher in LA who found some sea horses off Long Beach and built…
RT @Heidi_Cuda: @joncoopertweets The best human mannequin in the history of human mannequins.-@jackshafer (abridged version)
RT @brynstole: Trying to set up an auto reply to texts from out-of-state friends: “I’m a reporter, of course I’m not evacuating.”
RT @jonathanvswan: This *did* age well. https://twitter.com/jackshafer/status/1148982714705620992
Boycotts are stupid. https://on.wsj.com/2SdwnMl
RT @POLITICO_Steve: Pardon the indulgence, but I wanted to flag that we're hiring another reporter to cover congressional elections here at…
RT @oliverdarcy: Trump's takeover of the Republican Party in 4 screen grabs (via @jdawsey1's review of @TimAlberta's new book) https://t.co…
Biden blasts Trump, emphasizes experience in foreign policy speech. http://bit.ly/2NRXrlU
RT @cristianafarias: Wild story: It shows the White House actively pushing an older judge to retire by dangling a former clerk as potential…
New Zealanders are refusing to give up their guns. http://bit.ly/2SdnUZO
Why are disconnects always growing? (A Friday question for @CarlosLozadaWP.)
RT @billscher: This tweet has aged well https://twitter.com/billscher/status/1146192052331454469
Trump backed down on the citizenship question when he belatedly found out that asking it could cause 150 casualties.
Giant Hogweed vs. Dog. You know who won. http://bit.ly/2S8iKxU
Add $100 to that and you could have a good time in Vegas. https://twitter.com/kfor/status/1149239648801214464
RT @nancyscola: At this big White House event on alleged social media bias, Trump’s praising freshman Republican Senator @HawleyMO for his…
John Fogerty was the first Taylor Swift. http://bit.ly/2SgCwYk
RT @TalKopan: Ok, a note on this “mass arrests” language. ICE has long conducted operations or enforcement “surges,” including plenty unde…
RT @markcoddington: Come work with me! W&L is hiring a tenure-track digital journalism/storytelling professor. You get to teach amazing stu…
Expansion of Secrecy Law for Intelligence Operatives Alarms Free Press Advocates - The New York Times https://nyti.ms/2XGOekL
"During a game, Cincinnati Reds star Pete Rose shouted his review [of Jim Bouton's "Ball Four" from the dugout: 'Fuck you, Shakespeare!'” https://wapo.st/2xIkyUZ
Another view of Trump from abroad. https://twitter.com/dizzylimit/status/1149280414197903360
What we knew about the Epstein case in 2015, by @joshgerstein https://politi.co/30pYDyj
The view of Trump from abroad. https://twitter.com/MartinRowson/status/1149241118158204929
Jim Bouton gets plugged in Altman's The Long Goodbye. http://bit.ly/30mjen8
My former editor was an intelligence asset.
Petra Sings: "Idioteque," by Radiohead http://bit.ly/2NL6uoE
RT @petrahaden: Well, here it is. I’m singing Idioteque by Radiohead. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xq_QW1F-KJ0
New @politico: Six Ways to Manipulate Trump https://politi.co/2LdPaXp
"This year's priority is detecting and controlling high-risk invasive species such as European frogbit, Japanese stiltgrass, giant hogweed and hemlock woolly adelgid." http://bit.ly/2xDfsth
RT @stuartmillar159: Italy’s Matteo Salvini Is Facing Calls For An Inquiry Into A Secret Russian Oil Deal Recording Revealed By BuzzFeed Ne…
Joe Biden is the new George W. Bush. @FrankBruni https://nyti.ms/2JDnrvL
I would you like you to call me "they." The singular they is a perfect pronoun: inclusive, flexible, obviates inadvertent misgendering. It also breaks us out of the collective mind-prison of gender norms that stifles us all. My column: Call me They. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/10/opinion/pronoun-they-gender.html
you can call me, maybe, farhad
What the fuck are you talking about? I always called you "they."
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