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This sounds like some hippie dippy pipe dream — try and get focused kid.
I would invest in a company like this... I could see it being a great data asset for angel investors if it hit critical mass. You should build it!
So an EMT on demand? That's interesting... Perhaps better a nurse practitioner on demand so you can get prescriptions? What do EMTs make an hour?
I like your creative thinking here... Go build a prototype, would cost $500!
This is a clever hack, a bit dystopian that it's come to this --- also might be insurance fraud.
This is interesting but very niche and likely to have a very small audience that is unwilling to pay. What are you really trying to solve for here, and is this the best product to do it?
This is a brilliant idea. Podcast notes are needed and I like the idea of a 3rd party doing them.
This sounds insane, but people are showing up at work like dressed like they just left the beach.... So it might work! Any traction?!
How you make people bionic will be what matters here. Is it a coaching service, software or a pill like from that horrible movie with amazing potential that no one saw?
Remote tools are a big business because businesses will pay to make remote work, work better. Feels like a clever wedge... Are people paying yet?!
We've seen dozens of financial learning games or gamification startups... None of them have worked because people won't pay for it. Do you have a ground breaking business model that solved for revenue?
65 premium subs isn't enough for any VC to care -- but @LAUNCH accelerator takes deep dives at this level. Email
Dog owners spend an absurd amount of money on their pets.... Perhaps not music, but everything else. If you're passionate about puppies suggest you keep workshopping your idea!
Free PCs is a brilliant idea... I will take two.
You are a man of descerning taste. 🦄
Tell me about your startup.
Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day.
This podcast about a #podcast where a dude interviews inanimate objects is amazing
First row?!? What have done to deserve this life?!? Thank you @MarkKnopfler for all the feels over the years. Please play private investigations!!!
#Throwback: @DavidSacks shares his top advice for angel investors who have started in the last five years & suggests... ⭐️Recognizing patterns is key. It takes time & emersion to be good at it. ⭐️Investors should support the best people, ideas are secondary. Filmed in 2018
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My mind is blown. markknopfler crushed it tonight. If you want to experience exceptional music see him on this tour... 🎸 the band is exceptional and MK is on the top of his game — at a spry 70! Happy birthday MK
NEW @ScottHarrison (@charitywater) on raising $400M to bring clean water to all & scaling NPO w/SaaS
Let’s do this markknopfler 🎸 @ The Beacon Theatre
It's happening @MarkKnopfler
Congrats to @EtienneCrystal of Ruby Love! Get your daughter, niece or granddaughter her first period kit here @ShopRubyLove very excited to have incubates the company 🦄
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Could be your dad, a brexit voter, and he wants you to know he never got “the elbow” (fired)... just so you know that.
My Bacon Roll is a great new @MarkKnopfler song.. about a man out of time who likes to have a wad of cash & a bacon roll (or a toastie with brown or red sauce), and who doesn’t understand all the culture shit going on at his work.
Tonight it’s happening: first row, @MarkKnopfler 🤯 I listen to his music every day... going go see him 3 times on this tour Feeling blessed to have discovered Dire Straits as a teenager & more blessed to dive deep onto his solo work as an adult The soundtrack of my life 🎸
Mattresses are coming!!!!
It was bound to happen... They weren't going to just take it forever.
Does the customer have rights to the cameo clip? @Mr312 🎤- "Customer is not allowed to use it commercially. @bookcameo & the talent own the rights to the content but we give a permanent leasehold to people to distribute and we encourage them to be shared off of our network."
Of the database of 17000, who is the most requested celebrity on @bookcameo? Who charges the most money on the platform ($2500)? @Mr312 reveals 👇 Part 2 of 6 Full 🎥:
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Having a diverse array of people doing personalized messages for money on the app, how and when did @Mr312 come up with the idea for @bookcameo? Steven Galanis shares the amazing founding story 🚀. Part 1 of 6 Full 🎥:
Sophia and I talk about how we first met, building authentic connections on the @girlboss social network and her take on women not being as helpful to other women. More 👇 Part 6 of 6 Full ep:
@smartwater, there for you when you drop your hog
What is the long term strategy for building @girlboss from a business perspective? @sophiaamoruso talks about brand partnerships & how @girlboss creates opportunities for brands to connect with their audience beyond the product 🔥. Part 5 of 6 Full ep:
Is this the real world?
What is the long term strategy building @girlboss from a business perspective? @sophiaamoruso talks about brand partnerships at @girlboss & how it offers brands opportunities to connect with their audiences beyond the product 🔥. Part 5 of 6 Full ep:
How has female founder participation changed since @sophiaamoruso started @Nastygal? Sophia shares her thoughts on the changes & growth of female founders. Sophia also talks about raising funds and working with investors like @alexisohanian & @garyvee 🔥. Part 4 of 6
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How has female founder participation changed since @sophiaamoruso started @Nastygal? @sophiamoruso shares her thoughts on the growth of female founders. Sophia also talks about raising funds and working with investors like @alexisohanian and @garyvee 🔥 Part 4 of 6
RT @briandutt_: Always good talking about life, unicorns and cash burn over well crafted drinks with @Jason
I 💕 the crystal lady
Purpose ✅ Work ethic ✅ Lack of entitlement ✅ Skills ✅ 🚀
Scenes from the stunning Whitby hotel thanks @FirmdaleNY and @brooke for recommending
#Founders: read this story. If you make a representation when fund raising make sure its true — never bend the truth, never lie. Never. Securities fraud is no joke — of course in this case the person seems to have been intentionally defrauding.
RT @Jason: Super exciting to see @LAUNCH accelerator startup @blokable raise.... $23m!!! An amazing team, an amazing mission... we can solv…
RT @Jason: This is the best tweet of the day...
Can a lawyer or savvy founder/investor explain to the class their theory of what happened @toptal with their SAFE note? I wonder what impact this will have on @ycombinator — are founders now studying @toptal and trying to figure out how to screw their investors and employees?
Hopefully it’s more of an edge case + social pressure can squeeze it down. And I like to believe there are good people out there...I certainly am very against it and will be very vocal with StartX founders about this. Repeated Games is what makes the valley turn round and round.
I think SAFE’s pros outweigh the cons. Different story for tricking employees however that happened.
Picked up another straggler for Sept 24-25 #PokerAfterDark (only available to watch on @PokerGo App): the incomparable @DavidSacks! Great businessman, and Co-Founder of the VC Firm @Craft_Ventures Feels like my regular “Home game”: @chamath @Jason @Dlee042 and Sacks...
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@kevinhart Ok. I’m in. I’m going to bust @KevinHart4real Also, why don’t we stop with all the preliminaries and just kick it up to $1000 $2000...🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
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