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@JerryColonna opens up about his childhood, how his mother’s mental health issues impacted his world views and created a need to appease others. Must watch 👇 Thanks @Invisionapp! Streamline your workflow from design to development at
Can you imagine having a delusional, outspoken & narcissistic father like this?! (asking for my daughters)
@JerryColonna talks about choosing the path of entrepreneurship, why founders often sabotage their success & his true purpose for writing his book (help people understand their unresolved issues). Part 2 of 6 Thx @LinkedIn! Receive a $100 ad credit at
How are we leading & living today as founders, investors or as an industry that could be better and less painful? @JerryColonna (Investor & Executive Coach) - 🎤 “1 of the first deceptions & myths out there is that everyone is crushing it. That’s bull$%!t”. Full conversation👇
Ladies and gentleman, @TheRealOJ32’s lawyer doing the important work of getting his client verified — assume this is an important step in helping find the criminals who killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.
God damn it Knicks!
Of the 4 startups (Toggle, Circuit, Buildstream and Borrow) which one did I select as my #1 and why? Find out👇 Part 9 of 9
@stonlyb shares how @urbanxaccel & @UrbanUsCo source the companies with the help of co-investors & an international marketing engine/events platform, what the process is and how much is invested (Hint: $150 000 USD)🔥 Part 8 of 9
My feedback for Rodrigo Deguzman, founder of @Joinborrow is to be careful with what dissonance you may cause during your presentation, especially with regards to what problem your startup is solving. More on this 👇 Part 7 of 9
out of all of tommy lee jones’ great roles i think my favorite will always be him in MIB
Bad take. Fugitive is peak.
#Coogee @ Coogee, New South Wales
An exceptional meal quayrestaurant in #sydney -- outstanding. @ Quay Restaurant
My tip for Terry Clarke @buildstreamtc on his presentation is to lean into examples. Plus, Rodrigo Deguzman pitches his startup @Joinborrow which provides short term electric car subscriptions. Full deck 👇 Part 6 of 9
OJ Simpson on the Twitter -- proving once again that things can, in fact, get worse.
OJ Simpson on the Twitter -- proving once again that things can, in fact, get worse.
Terry Clarke @buildstreamtc pitches his startup @buildstreamteam, which provides real time analytics for civil engineering projects. My advice for Terry is to share the revenue number in his presentation, otherwise investor will assume his company has no revenue. Part 5 of 9
What would be the median cost of @ride_circuit? Alex Esposito reveals 👇 Part 4 of 9 Thanks @cartainc! Get 20% off at
Alex Esposito pitches @ride_circuit, a free eco-friendly transportation/advertising service. Alex explains his company's business model, and future plans. Part 3 of 9 Thanks @invision! Visit to streamline your workflow, from design to development.
What are the challenges is experiencing with VCs, being a new technology in the construction space? @danielblank talks about concerns from VCs about low-margin. Thx @LinkedIn! Receive $50 credit toward your first job post at
@danielblank, Co-Founder & CEO of presents his innovative construction robotics startup 🔥 Part 1 of 9 #startuptuneup #founderpitch #tech #robotics
Do people get furious at Kevin Systrom for having the "@kevin" handle on @Twitter? Full story 👇 Filmed in 2011. Part 5 of 5. #influencer #business #talent #FBF
RT @ryanRodenbaugh: @Jason @balajis Tulsa, Oklahoma is running a program like this. h/t @patio11…
"We try not to focus on external folks rather on what we do well, which is photos. We keep building a product that we want to build and we hope others come along for the ride." - @kevin on growth vs competitors Tx @squarespace! Enter TWIST for 10% off 👉
RT @Jason: There is a huge opportunity for a mid-sized city (maybe even in California) to create a radically pro-housing agenda to drive do…
@kevin🎤- "I think the defensible asset that @instagram has is our community. It's the fact that you can follow anyone you want. The open ecosystem of Instagram really mirrors that of @Twitter". Filmed in 2011. Part 3 of 5. #Founder #Startup #FBF
"There's no need for us to start charging $0.99 for a filter because frankly we don't believe that's the largest #business in the world. We want to build a platform upon which we can discover a really awesome business model." - @kevin (@instagram) in 2011 #Product #Startup
Proper order to listen to @jerrycolonna podcasts: W/@Jason Part1 W/@tferriss W/@Jason Part2 Someone should cut the podcasts together into one giant Jerry marathon like The Godfather Chronological cut
#Flashback to 2011, when Instagram... ⭐ Had 11 Million users (2019: +1 Billion) ⭐ Was not sold to @facebook ⭐ Was not even available on Android Co-Founder @kevin was on @TWistartups to talk about his fast growing startup🚀! Part 1 of 5. #SocialMedia #Growth #Startup #Tech
I can’t stop listening to this track... #summeranthem #imonaroll
So proud to be an investor in this important company. Congrats to @jeffdachis and the @onedroptoday team. #diabetes @Apple #applestore
One more.... ☕️
Actually, when we start the off-world colonies we are going to sort individuals by temperament and send them to specific planets to be with their own types. Everyone reading this is going to Plant Memes.
Prediction: This storm will result in a bunch of ❄️ saying I’m blaming victims. Reality: Society is chaos. Many people are evil & others are severely mentally ill, so protect yourself at all times. Learn self-defense, to identify the crazies & avoid dangerous situations.
Online communities are chaos and the reality it that it is up to you to protect yourself — just like in the real world. If you rely solely or primarily on others for your safety, that’s a huge mistake in my experience. :the end:
San Francisco is 7x7 miles filled with the richest, smartest & most creative collection of individuals in the world—who can’t solve for traffic, car breakins, garbage, housing or homelessness! You expect a couple of hundreds twitter executives to solve for *speech* w/100M peeps?
Lower your expectation to “LESS FUNCTIONAL” than a major city and @Twitter seems like a massive success. Humans are often broken, illogical & cruel creatures. Social media draws the mentally ill & evil folks—& creates them.
Twitter is a tiny percentage of society and it’s total chaos, as we should expect. Twitter isn’t the problem, it’s your expectation that somehow @jack & the @Twitter team is magically going to make a 100M person digital city somehow BETTER than a 10M person, real-world city.
Having billions of people on one planet has resulted in the destruction of the environment, dictatorships & chaos Why do we think having billions of people in giant social networks or a video-sharing site would result in something better? We’re not good at scaling society.
There is a huge opportunity for a mid-sized city (maybe even in California) to create a radically pro-housing agenda to drive down the cost of living and slurp up all these remote workers. Has any city tried this? The sweet spot would be 100 miles outside of Los Angeles of SF
Congrats to the lovely people of Toronto — sincerely, enjoy it! (Your music is still wack @drake)
Brutal. Let go @warriors #doitforkd #doitforklay
Legendary @KlayThompson
@ChrisRedlitz (General Partner, @TransmediaCap) shares one particular venture horror story he once lived through. More 👇 Part 6 of 6 #tech #VC #startups
@ChrisRedlitz talks about pro rata, plus he shares why he looks for these 3 Ps in an entrepreneur... ⭐️ Passion ⭐️ Presence ⭐️ Perseverance Full story 👇 Part 5 of 6
Most decisions in investing aren’t that hard to make for angels, the hard part is telling the founders. Imagine having to wake up one day with 100+ founders calling you & having to say “no” to two dozen folks who are desperate to make their dreams reality? It’s hard to say no.
If you’re an introverted person (@naval or @tferriss), can you imagine what this experience is like? *Exhausting* If you’re extroverted like @sacca or me? Still exhausting! Every wonder why successful angel investors quit in ~10 year? it’s physically & emotionally exhausting
Jumping to say I am absolutely an introvert who overcompensates to get along in an industry that seemingly treasures extroverts. I am uncomfortable in groups, have a hard timing meeting new people, am exhausted by social activities, and moved to the woods to avoid people.
* CORRECTION: @sacca fakes it!!!
Hypothesis: “super router” introverts tend to default to higher leverage, scaleable activities. E.g. blogging, tweeting, and building products vs. events and 1 on 1’s. As a result, people assume they’re extroverted because they’re everywhere.
You’re all of sudden unable to respond to even your friends who send you requests to collaborate —which could be amazing opportunities offered with sincere intent—and you have a profound sense of guilt your can’t give your friends the courtesy of a response!
As @Casey, described in his podcast with me, a very small percentage of folks have no boundaries & get upset at you for not putting your kid on the ground to take a selfie with them. Or they show up at your office because they have ideas they want to pitch you on THEN...
Great discussion 🌟 (14:48)
Check out a recap of @christine_tsai's recent interview with @Jason where she discusses her journey into VC and the history of 500. Full talk:
ICYMI "ANGEL": @rrhoover, founder @weekendfund & @ProductHunt, on building early-stage fund, betting on founders with strong perspectives, excitement for new markets & bringing expertise & passion for creating communities to venture capital-w/@Jason
For some reason @Jason let me back on his show 🎥 (h/t @JacqKD)
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