I've invested in startups like @uber @thumbtack @wealthfront @datastax @robinhoodapp @desktopmetal @calm & now share my dealflow with you at thesyndicate.com
free educational live streams for kids from Dexter! https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23487739
Is the @DaveChappelle @netflix special not on Netflix -- I just searched and can only find it on @youtube -- what's that about?
RT @Jason: On June 15th, I am hosting the next http://Angel.University online workshop with @msavino If you are interested in becoming a p…
🎙"If you're going D to C you need to be a loud disruptive brand" - @mjones talks @DollarShaveClub and why it worked Watch more from E1073 🎥: https://bit.ly/37kBRfZ
@mjones (CEO of Science) breaks down the economics of a venture-studio and defines the 3 scenarios of a "lifestyle-business" on the latest Power of Accelerators. Tune in to E1073 🎥: https://bit.ly/37kBRfZ
@mikejones (CEO of Science) breaks down the economics of a venture-studio and defines the 3 scenarios of a "lifestyle-business" on the latest Power of Accelerators. Tune in to E1073 🎥: https://bit.ly/37kBRfZ
What is the origin story of @SOSV and what does it stand for? @sean_os1 shares his thoughts on in-person accelerators over remote accelerators and why hardware/life-science accelerators need in-person cohorts 🔥 Full episode, E1059: https://bit.ly/3dBkmdm
RT @heidibraun: I know I’m biased, but what a great episode of @TWiStartups today. Thanks @Jason @lolitataub @tauebel #underrepresentedfo…
RT @lolitataub: 🎙A handful of you asked @Jason to bring me on to his show + he did! We spoke w/@tauebel on the @TWiStartups pod. Topics:…
RT @uripomerantz: I love the approach of reimagining sales as “commitment engineering” - a mindset that works fantastic for founders with e…
Covid deaths per day in the US continue to drop dramatically. Discuss!
RT @bgurley: Quick commentary on IPOs past 2 weeks. Jay "Mr IPO" Ritter, says in best: "I’m glad that the IPO market is back, but it is as…
Anyone out there use time tracking in single player mode to audit themselves? Looking for a simple tool... @alexisohanian mentioned one recently, can’t find it
One thing you can always predict, is sometimes the hardest to embrace.... change. Great meditation on @calm today. Tag me after you do your daily calm.
@sean_os1 🎙"We fund things that are completely crazy every couple of months...our motto at @SOSV is making the impossible inevitable." Tune in to my discussion with Sean O'Sullivan 👇 E1059 🎥: https://bit.ly/3dBkmdm
The republic is at risk — please vote, please help people get to voting booths. https://twitter.com/hillaryclinton/status/1270726057692327937
RT @TWiStartups: CONTEST TIME! Who's been on the horn closing deals? Reply with your sales win of the week 👇and we’ll give the one with…
I’ve been in touch with @ericsyuan about the issues, & I think he understands that @zoom_us’ future depends on rebuilding trust, having world-class, audited security... not sure his position on getting out of China. He’s been invited on @TWiStartups — has declined https://twitter.com/arjcdaily/status/1270915949110030336
Emily asks If the worst of COVID has passed, what markets are you most bullish on post-COVID? Where do you think we will see the most innovation going forward? Full episode E1072 🎥: https://bit.ly/3cQnjWi
We got a new 🦄 #knicksfam Hopefully stays healthier than @kporzee did https://twitter.com/sny_knicks/status/1270903832084713476
Non-venture scale businesses are typically bootstrapped or the founders save capital for a couple of years & then launch off savings My favorite hack is pre-selling to customers Startups are always hard, it’s massively harder when you’re poor or an outsider/first timer. https://twitter.com/lesliefeinzaig/status/1270446472757035008
Congrats to Axel AI on their @republic crowdfunding campaign! https://republic.co/axle-ai
RT @JoeBiden: There is systemic racism not just in our law enforcement but also in housing, education, and everything we do — and we have t…
he almost busted his chin on the rim! https://twitter.com/i/status/1270868996775202818
we are hiring researchers, video editors and marketers for our Toronto office... know anyone super smart? have them email jason@calacanis.com with Toronto in the subject line
If you do business in China, you will make 10-25% more revenue, but you will be forced to shut down the accounts of human-rights activists before inevitably being forced to hand them over to be "reeducated" (aka brutally tortured for years) Americans: Is it worth it? Discuss! https://twitter.com/esaagar/status/1270808726178537472
Consistent Innovation + Bold Risk-Taking + Elite Work Ethic = Outlier Success
Note: I'm not telling anyone to buy the stock or not, I am only telling you to not bet against E or any founder who innovates so consistently and brilliantly. Consistent Innovation + Bold Risk-Taking + Elite Work Ethic = Outlier Success
Americans are voting with their behavior & based on what we've seen many are willing to make the trade-off of 10% more people dying a year (~300k on top of the 2.8m that normally die yearly of all causes) vs. the pain, suffering & death from sheltering in place Discuss! https://twitter.com/Atul_Gawande/status/1270837517907042305
I told you idiots, if there is one founder you don’t want to bet against its ⁦@elonmusk⁩. $tslaq $tsla Never bet against founders who consistently innovate.
It’s going to $2,500 a share.
Go get em @ArlanWasHere 💪💕 syndicates! https://twitter.com/arlanwashere/status/1270793997510819840
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I’m rooting for you.
🎙"An entrepreneur who thrives on both raising capital and uncertainty, feels that he is living in the moment." - @rbelani (http://alchemistaccelerator.com) Full episode E1070 - watch on 🎥: https://bit.ly/3gY2lbu
#Sigh @sonos — so now I have to upgrade 16 units to use the new App?
Oh my lord... it was personal?!? He knew him and he killed him... wow. https://twitter.com/NorahODonnell/status/1270487195065999360
Delane asks When you started your first business, what were your strengths/weaknesses as a manager/leader? What was young Jason like as a CEO, and how has he evolved into your current self? #AskJason Watch the full episode E1072 🎥: https://bit.ly/3cQnjWi
Luai asks Is @Uber still a hyper-growth company? #AskJason Watch the full episode E1072 🎥: https://bit.ly/3cQnjWi
RT @michaelaolaya: "Make sure that the best teachers are teaching all of the kids." - @chamath We built a free interactive live streaming p…
Who wants a year of free phone service?!?? Get in there! https://twitter.com/twistartups/status/1270405558298914819
we are getting some exceptional applications for our remote accelerator --- just amazing startups we can put in front of 500+ early-stage investors in our network! if you've got a product in market, but haven't done your Series A you should apply: http://launch.co/apply
Going live with @steepdecline for a fireside chat https://youtu.be/C7_o2lSGOb4
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Joe asks... How can startups play a role in bringing manufacturing back to the US? #AskJason Watch the full episode 🎥: https://bit.ly/3dMDRA2
🎙"Moving virtual does not stop the inflow of funding" - @rbelani on how companies can maneuver investors and increase capital during the difficulties of Covid-19. Watch the full Episode 🎥 on : https://bit.ly/3gY2lbu
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