Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Non-serial entrepreneur. Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, Remote, and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work”.
Whose schedule are you on? Hurry Slowly host @jkglei interviews me about work, the perils of group chat, distractions, the destructive expectation of immediate response, why shared calendars lead to shared pains, etc. One of my fav interviews:
RT @polskycenter: Hear from one of Chicago's most successful #entrepreneurs - @jasonfried, founder and CEO of @basecamp! The Polsky Exchang…
Listen: 200. SPECIAL 200th EPISODE! How to “Make It” (featuring @jasonfried, @sayahillman, Seth Godin, @cywakeman, @jonbokenkamp, @tynan, @tylercowen)
Hockey schtick growth is a joke.
RT @jasonfried: Top skill for entrepreneurs: Being great at ignoring what everyone else is doing.
Literally the best startup advice you will find.
RT @tuxz0r: Wanted to mention a couple really great books I’ve recently read. “It doesn’t have to be crazy at work” by @jasonfried and @dh…
RT @jasonfried: Top skill for entrepreneurs: Being great at ignoring what everyone else is doing.
RT @KnowYourTeamHQ: 🛑 Stop trying to find a mentor! @bryce, founder of @indievc said on our podcast earlier this year: The people who’ll k…
RT @JakeCurreri: Once in a while, you come across material to which your soul says, “Yes! That’s it! That’s what I’ve been trying to say!”…
RT @jasonfried: Top skill for entrepreneurs: Being great at ignoring what everyone else is doing.
Q: Q. @jasonfried you've spoken a lot about unproductive time spent in meetings. What about work retreats eg spending 2-3 days away with colleagues? I'd also love yr thoughts generally about fostering quiet time & space for creative or strategic w… #askJF - @ChristineJackmn A:
Our “design system”: trusting our designers’ judgment, taste, and ability to feed off each other’s work. We let our design evolve as we go rather than say “it must be so”.
Top skill for entrepreneurs: Being great at ignoring what everyone else is doing.
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[New Episode] 200. SPECIAL 200th EPISODE! How to “Make It” (featuring @jasonfried, @sayahillman, Seth Godin, @cywakeman, @jonbokenkamp, @tynan, @tylercowen)
Q: What do you think are the top 3 important skills that every entrepreneur should have? #askJF - @freddy_blr A:
Q: Awesome idea Jason 👏 What time do you wake up and what’s the first thing that you do? #askJF - @thisisetv A:
Q: What are the skills you value the most in a designer? (either in BC or digital products industry in general). Thanks! Big fan of your work :) #askJF - @nandocordeiro A:
Q: QQ: @jasonfried Noticed a large social media Blitz from you. What’s the thought process behind it? #askjf - @tylerjbanner A:
RT @ThatDetroitAndy: It's true: I won the Head of Marketing job at @basecamp. And I do say won considering 1,000+ applied for the role and…
Q: @jasonfried In ShapeUp, does every employee work within the same cycle, or do you stagger groups/departments/teams to work different 6-week cycles? #askjf - @ericwindham A:
A full transcript is also available here:
Over 1000 people applied for our Head of Marketing position. We hired one. In this episode of The REWORK Podcast, we tell the story behind the process, the choice, and announce who we hired —>
Q: #askJF Do you invest in cryptocurrencies ? - @ivanbuncic A:
Q: #askJF how do you calculate the market size for a SaaS product? - @meet__chopra A:
The only way to know if someone will pay for something is to put a price on it and see if they buy it. Asking “Would you pay $25 for this?” won’t get you an answer - it’ll get you a false sense of security (or insecurity). Why? It costs nothing to say “yes”.
Q: #askjf In one if your recent podcast attendances you mentioned, that you didn‘t have very good writing skills when starting your career. Do you have any advice on how to improve that skill? - @lostkobrakai A:
Q: How many crackers can you eat in a minute? #askJF - @alexandjames A:
Q: @jasonfried As a fully remote-based company, what is the long-term strategy for retention and loyalty? While these areas can impact each other, they require distinct efforts that affect the employee differently. #askJF #remotework - @thecoworkexp A:
Q: #askjf what’s your thoughts on what companies should do with excess cash? Hold as cash? Hold as something else? Invest elsewhere? Return to shareholders? - @realcolinquinn A:
Q: How do you like to motivate & engage your employees? what rituals/processes/tools support your efforts? #askJF - @javijavi7 A:
Q: What’s your advice to help a company who has 1/10 remote team members, to embrace the concept of remote more broadly and smooth out discord among non-remote teammates? #askJF - @mccartyts A:
Q: #askJF What are your thoughts on the best way an enterprise SaaS can find ideal pricing, without pissing off existing customers? - @TyrelJohnson A:
Q: #askJF do you think running a sane business is essentially requires a founder who has those values or have you seen any evidence general business practices have shifted? - @p_millerd A:
Q: How do you decide what book to read next? How do you keep track of your reading list? Is it online and can I see it? #askJF - @fromjamrock A:
Q: #askJF with regard to a B2B SaaS, do you firmly believe in asking for the CC upfront before the trial, or no? I know every SaaS is different, and it's important to A/B test, but what has your experience led you to believe? - @marvinrussell A:
Q: Thanks for this! What do you think of JTBD? #askjf - @chief_listener A:
Q: #askJF any thoughts on Holacracy as a way to structure an organization, and/or any experience with this? - @niek46250209 A:
Q: @jasonfried #askJF If you only had three questions to ask someone before hiring them, what would they be? - @ChrisKjorstad A:
Q: #askJF would you hire anyone over 50, even for a non-senior position? - @pjkelly5 A:
Got some spare time today to answer a bunch of questions on design, business, product, etc. Want my take on something? Ask away. Just be sure to tag it #askJF so I see it. Thanks!
Another long and detailed one. @chasejarvis and I talk for nearly 2-hours about why it doesn’t have to be crazy at work. Topics include overwork, raising money, distraction, expectations, and the like. Good stuff. Watch or listen:
Q: What would be your monetization plan to have a profitable business for social network app like Instagram? #askJF - @TCvetkovic A:
Q: I understand strategy (psychology) of including Premium features during a free trial period......but I'd rather start at the base, enjoy my experience, then upgrade. I've waited out trials so I don't have the CX of Premium features being taken away… #askJF - @theCEOffice A:
Q: #askJF Hi Jason, How important is for designers do know front end development? How does basecamp deal with the fine divide between designers and developers, is there an overlap of skills to reduce the disconnect? - @irfanalmerchant A:
When I was starting my first business, I remember using a totally large random number as my first invoice number to make it seem like I’d sent *a lot* of invoices before. Hands up if you were as insecure as I was when you started your first business.
Was on NPR today talking about the whole Google selling branded keyword ads kerfuffle from a few weeks ago. Quick ~4 minute listen —>
RT @nickkokonas: I'm surprised it took so long for everyone to do the math on this: vhLyGOIp8PTiCJqwR950XfnBseQnwmSE Anytime someone promises you…
RT @therealfitz: We're hiring a Senior UI Designer to join the design team @tock:
RT @nealsales: The deadline for @techstars Chicago applications is tonight. I couldn't be more excited to help you build your business. htt…
RT @adamconover: My former employer CollegeHumor did this. In order to beat YouTube, Facebook faked incredible viewership numbers, so CH pi…
RT @sunil_extreme: Calling all Canadian startup entrepreneurs who want to apply to @techstars Chicago...tonight is the deadline (not Thanks…
RT @rcvictorino: "I am not in the market for a new project management tool. But, as with everyone else on this planet, I am always looking…
The good news there is that company culture can always be changed for the better. The opposite is also, unfortunately, true, but I prefer the opportunity for improvement over the possibility for decline.
Q: #askJF Can a company’s culture ever really change? Or is the core of it set for ever? - @robinpokorny A:
Company culture isn’t a moment in time. It’s not something you write down. Culture is the by-product of consistent behavior. It’s what you do over time. Your current company culture is essentially a 50-day moving average of your actions.
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