Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Non-serial entrepreneur. Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, Remote, and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work”.
After a talk I gave today, a student asked me for one piece of advice… Here’s what I said —>
At #wsjfuture, @jasonfried says the office of the future looks like public libraries do now. Quieter, designed for solitary working, better all the way around. As someone who loves working in libraries I am ALL for this idea
Fantastic article. I’ve been noodling on something similar for a while now, but you just nailed it. Thank you for writing this. You got that.
☛ I wrote something for you.
Fantastic article. I’ve been noodling on something similar for a while now, but you just nailed it. Thank you for writing this. You got that.
Really looking forward to speaking at the Wall Street Journal Future of Everything festival in NYC tomorrow (22nd). I’ll be signing books after the talk as well. If you’re attending, come say hi.
RT @reworkpodcast: You called in with questions and we've got answers! Here's our newest Mailbag episode with @jasonfried and @dhh, plus a…
RT @amokrane_tamine: @dhh @basecamp Basecamp is also one of the companies that let students use the full version of their product for fre…
RT @Inc: On realizing that their product needed a new design: “The market doesn’t lie, and the market was telling us, 'Hey, you’re ugly.'”…
RT @trobrock: @jasonfried @andrewkatz00 @dhh Alright worked around that with another email.... Holy wow I wish BC3 was around when we start…
Fresh design from Clarks. The Trigenic Evo.
RT @dhh: Basecamp has been paying at the top 10% of San Francisco market rates for a while now (based on pay + bonus, but not stock options…
Rare Basecamp job opening: We're hiring a new Director of Operations at @basecamp to lead our seven-person ops team. A detailed description of the job, along with examples of daily work, plus the salary range, can be found here:
Frank Gehry, 90 (living). Frank Lloyd Wright, 91. Philip Johnson, 98. I. M. Pei, 102. Oscar Niemeyer, 104. Really famous architects seem to have really long lives.
Our product development teams are made up of 3 people or less. Here’s why we think three’s company —>
RT @benhabing: Such an awesome book! You definitely need to buy one. #itdoesnthavetobecrazyatwork
RT @Rob_Larmour: @jasonfried Agreed that it is a great read and I found it super useful. Has inspired a 'library rules' half of the office…
Serious deal from Amazon on “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work”. The hardcover is currently listed at 54% off. Don’t know how long this will last —>
RT @trobrock: Currently obsessed with @dhh and @jasonfried book. It's a must read, like right now, go buy it and read it. It Doesn't Have t…
Smart move by @Zulkey. She’s selling a collection of freelance pitches she successfully sold to magazine, newspaper and website editors. Nothing like looking at real examples to help you think about how /you/ should pitch. Only $13. Check it out:
Code name for a feature we’re working on: “Friends & Jerks”.
RT @markdicristina: Is this the earliest example of a brand creating original content to support its core business? Fascinating rationale a…
Been asking some close business friends for SEO consultant recommendations. Getting some back. Curious to see if there’s overlap with the broader audience. If you were going to hire an SEO consultant to audit + make recommendations, who’s the obvious go-to?
RT @ProfFeynman: "When one teaches, two learn." -- Robert Heinlein
RT @pawelmikler: I read few months back ‘It doesn’t have to be crazy at work’ by @jasonfried and @dhh and today @Stanford I decided to buy…
RT @jonasdowney: I'm writing a post about noisy/intrusive work environments. What's your worst horror story from the open office life?
RT @itsdavemartin: Last design flashback for the evening. Let's be honest, this design could totally hold it's own today. Props @jasonfried
RT @SBRSportsPicks: Forever a Raptor. Kawhi Leonard. 🗡 #WeTheNorth #NBAPlayoffs
Would be nice to see responsible companies like @MailChimp, @CampaignMonitor, and others require unsubscribe links at the top of emails too long to display in common email apps, especially mobile email apps.
Noticing a new trend to make it harder to unsubscribe from email newsletters: The newsletter is so long, that the whole thing doesn’t load. You need to click “View Entire Message” in order to even see the unsubscribe link.
The myth of low-hanging fruit. Be careful when you use the word “easy” to describe other people’s jobs —>
You may not want to be the Uber of IPOs.
RT @JamesSinko: 4,000+!!!!! Strikes of Lightning in the last 15mins in the Houston / Galveston Metro area. WOW! #TXwx #Texas…
RT @KimberlyTaylor: Love the solutions here. Mindset about meetings shifted totally after reading Rework.
Loving Honda’s E Prototype. Really looking forward to seeing one on the road —>
Status meetings are the scourge. Don’t bring people together in real time to talk about stuff that has nothing to do with *right now*. Here’s what we do instead —>
@dhh @jasonfried Plugged you in the @gapingvoid newsletter this morning!
RT @EdelOscar: Love this quote by @gruber in ‘Getting real’ (by @dhh & @jasonfried). Immediately made me think of the dread of installing…
There’s nothing intelligent about our species when our “intelligence” leads to such global destruction —>
Our customers are a creative bunch. They make toys, write books, launch companies, produce marketing campaigns, coordinate events, make bikes, choose leaders, make furniture, prepare students, design comic books… See what Basecamp helps make happen:
As more companies begin to flirt with remote working, you may wonder how to make it work for your own company. That’s why we wrote REMOTE, the definitive book on the topic. It’s everything we’ve learned about working remotely since 2001 —>
The brand new Desktime app helps you find 250+ coworking spaces in Chicago, NYC, LA, Austin, San Francisco, Boston, and Miami all for one monthly price. Congrats to @sammyrosen and crew for the big update —>
Always inspiring to read about the early days of an idea. An unusual combination of vulnerability and confidence. Here’s an oral history of how Amazon Prime came to be —>
We’ve decided that Stripe’s fifth engineering hub will be Remote:
How many do you have remote already? And what has been the biggest "changes" to accommodate remote besides video meetings?
RT @ChrisStelzer1: @jasonfried Recently started using Basecamp 3. Stress level is WAY down, Productivity is WAY up. Thank you for keeping t…
Why & how real-time chat tools are amping up distractions and ruining work —> And here’s my own take from 2016 —>
RT @BrianForde: Concur: I’m an anti-Slacker & anti-Open Officer for this reason: The hidden side effect is Slack has the quiet capacity to…
Have a question you’d like me or @dhh to answer on our podcast ( Please call 708-628-7850 and leave a voicemail. If we pick yours, we’ll use your own voice to ask the question. Thanks!
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