I like the work about the work. Places practiced include: Blogger, Google, Twitter, Obvious, Medium, the Obama White House, San Francisco and New York.
RT @HeerJeet: @realDonaldTrump Sir, with respect, King of Israel and like the second coming of God only scratch the surface. Many of us thi…
Morning https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9ALiADrJro
RT @TheDweck: Sad to hear Spider-Man won’t be in the MCU after Sony posted a screenshot of text on Instagram saying “I do not give anyone p…
Wow, @Googlephotos has OCR to turn screenshots into copy/paste text! A. Open google photos and select screenshot B. Pick “Lens” feature [image 1] C. Highlight text [image 2] D. Pick copy/paste [image 2,3] Nicely done Google team!
Welcome to 2018... If you dump your iPhone you'll realize Android gets things first.
An important point! https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/1164014741108346880
In accordance with 21 USC §§331, 333, 343(h) & 21 CFR §164.120(c)(3) if you fave this tweet you must also RT. Failure to do so is a violation of the Treaty of Westphalia and will be investigated by the ICC.
“People of Denmark, I am here today to reforge the spirit of hygge between our two nations. Let us sit by the fire under a fine textile on a stormy night and sip hot chocolate together..” https://twitter.com/heerjeet/status/1164002067268210688
The original sovereign citizens are the folks who think posting some pseudo legal notice on their social media profiles grants them special rights.
Isn't this why we need a well regulated militia?
M4trix will be great because the even numbered Matrices are the best ones. https://twitter.com/netw3rk/status/1163987095863513088
We’re cancelling a state meeting with an allied head of government over a completely batshit fantasy real estate transaction. Stay tuned for the next episode & see what waaaacky foreign policy hijinks we get up to! He’s not here to make friends!
Who loses if he doesn’t meet with them tho? It has to be net positive for both sides.
also i tried getting delivery popeyes and they got 95 percent of it wrong AND left out the sandwich, my entire gd reason for ordering life is bad and so are food delivery apps
Oh I got the sandwich delivered np. Haven’t written a book tho.
RT @Meganamram: I'm starting to think my "coexist" bumper sticker isn't working
RT @KT_So_It_Goes: gotta admit, did not see the “akshully jews don’t have adequate dual loyalty” galaxy brain twist coming https://t.co/LkO…
Like idk what kinda lipomancy they use on the breading but it’s serious
(The chicken sandwich is good)
RT @jonfavs: I mean, you’ve been on a days long tirade because the NYT ran a few essays about the history and consequences of slavery, and…
TIL a galactagogue is “a substance that promotes lactation in humans and other animals.” It’s also a really fun word to say
GIFs are a fun way to flex your intellectual property hegemony. https://twitter.com/disney/status/1163436396113100801
Look at that thread though, damn. Also, how is it moving day? Shit doesn't go on air for another 3 months!
Maybe they’re all being shipped by cargo boat
Having lunch with my parents and they are, unprompted, telling me about great mangoes they ate growing up. In case you’ve ever wondered if @harikondabolu tells the truth.
Were the mangoes very juicy?
Maybe it’s trade secret but can y’all share any tips for dealing with that pit tho? (I add mango to my lunch almost daily (when in season!) but pit trubs always bum me out a bit.)
Maimonides defined 8 levels of charitable giving (tzedakah) such that donations where the giver is unknown is valued higher than when known. Giving away money contingent on getting RTs and follows did not make the list.
People are just making billboards out of their drafts now https://twitter.com/sippey/status/1163517324202086400
RT @EricSchultz: embarrassing for all the reporters who work at Sinclair stations. https://twitter.com/TrumpEmail/status/1163440869430759425?s=20
See if your school has a debate team. It’s a peerless skill to learn for later in life and you’ll meet some fun people who will be your friends forever. Or maybe just sociopathic anarcho-capitalists. Could be both. But check it out! https://twitter.com/staceyjspiehler/status/1162898073665884160
This is awesome. Look a lil’ Britain! Never would have guessed Sulawesi was the same length https://twitter.com/rainmaker1973/status/1163072875152252928
The outdoor advertising in SF is so bad. All your startup billboards are trash.
RT @jdesmondharris: We’ve all seen plenty of praise for the project, but this - considering the source - might be the best compliment yet 🤗…
RT @drvox: @jayrosen_nyu @nytimes What frustrates people is not that they want to see the word "racist" in the paper. What frustrates them…
And here’s Best Coast.
This got resurfaced by @VeryOldTweets and man it may as well be 30 years ago https://twitter.com/goldman/status/6327
“Could” “should” “concerns”. Very Collinsian. https://twitter.com/whca/status/1162796537279373312
Also he was raised in Lancaster PA by Mennonite/Methodist parents but his audition number as a kid was If I Were A Rich Man. So we’re claiming Groff for the Tribe at this point.
Fresh Air rebroadcast its 2017 interview with Jonathan Groff because Mindhunter. In it he says that this 1965 Barbara Streisand performance was an inspiration for his King George and goddamn. https://youtu.be/Jv0QsZpQCBU
Like when a turtle and a rabbit are friends at the zoo. https://twitter.com/emilyfavreau/status/1162782763105185792
All turtles are Jewish
RT @notcapnamerica: Wolf Blitzer: "You called him a rape apologist. Does he need to resign?" @KamalaHarris : "Which he?" I'M SCREAMING!!…
I don’t think he’ll be the nominee but given the strength of his following on crypto Twitter and poker Twitter, Andrew Yang should really open a casino.
It’s cliche to lament the failure of our institutions. But there’s two ways systems fail: fail open and fail close. It’s wild that ours failed open and just offgassed into the fucking abyss.
Okay but let's be clear: these were all nightmares of actual usability, having personally used 3 of them. https://twitter.com/jongold/status/1162506753470132224
MS Bob is due for a comeback
I am sure you are aware of how Bob saw the light of day. I'm hoping there will never be a billionaire so lonely again.
Why give credit to a White House for its press availability practices when the actual Press Secretary is suspending hardpasses based on WHATEVER THIS IS ABOUT RODNEY FUCKING DANGERFIELD
Lucy eclipses all prior placeholders https://twitter.com/whca/status/1161744064301211650
RT @mattliptoncomic: Never forget the greatest Ben Shapiro takedown video already exists
This is a good interview. https://twitter.com/dlberes/status/1162448710640590848
It doesn't just stop counting, the software crashes. I have turned the tables on the gym equipment! Instead of injuring me, today I injure you!
TIL the stair climber machine at my gym cannot display your calories burned if you burn more than 999 calories.
Buffer overunner’s high
Somebody told the narrator of Truman's bio to make sure to pronounce Missouri "Mizz-oo-rah" which I'm sure is correct but also sounds weird in his otherwise average American pronunciation of everything else.
Every interview I see with Colbert leaves me stunned by how completely and fluently he expresses his beliefs. The Marc Maron pod is another example. https://twitter.com/ac360/status/1162183695270387712
I mean...it is getting hotter. https://twitter.com/heerjeet/status/1162177321824071687
St. Louis, all your carbs are truly delicious.
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