I like the work about the work. Places practiced include: Blogger, Google, Twitter, Obvious, Medium, the Obama White House, San Francisco and New York.
RT @donttrythis: I'm OBSESSED with the film Rounders, and I've wanted a set of Teddy KGB's poker chips ever since I saw the movie. The actu…
I get that it’s not a viable electoral strategy, but the political message I care about most is “No matter who wins in 2020, there’s no getting back to normal. Here’s why and here’s what we do next.”
This is a good one. https://twitter.com/twitter/status/1204827212731625473
Honestly, triggering
When I saw “different line” I assumed it was call with the nuts vs raise. Didn’t think shove 5x pot was an option. https://twitter.com/pokergo/status/1204989353337876485
This is a healing gif https://twitter.com/malloryrubin/status/1204988748359798785
This seems...wrong. I had fentanyl in both my epidurals at UCSF. Assume others did too? https://twitter.com/NevadaAG/status/1204913555901796353
It’s the standard IV analgesic at CPMC too
fentanyl is of course dangerous in street drug context cutting controlled substances but to say it has “no medical use” is flatly false i had open surgery years back and needed bigtime drugs for recovery — epidural Was some combo of fentanyl, dilaudid and morphine
Will be his next best role until he eventually plays James Comey in the Coen brothers movie of the Trump era. https://twitter.com/thr/status/1204883585028767746
RT @ftrain: Risin up Buying IP Took my time with finances Baby Yoda's with me drinking his tea Or some broth I don't care I'm in charge…
You should also have someone in the group text who will serve this role https://twitter.com/parismartineau/status/1204808018841481218
RT @parismartineau: every company should have one person whose whole job is to ask "will we be owned online for this?" that's my take https…
Firstly: don't start your job with a legal fight. Secondly: maybe I'm wrong and it's enforceable! I'm not a lawyer! Thirdly: if they want to screw you they will find a way to screw you no matter what, your only hope is that they are nice people. The contract is irrelevant.
I think this is mostly right but I have a very strong check the numbers policy. People are surprisingly bad at math.
That's fair. I have definitely seen contracts that start in the wrong year as well.
RT @gob: Fan of this idea. Smtp-for-social. Seems really hard to pull off but worth learning more. https://twitter.com/jack/status/1204766078468911106
And as a reminded, as the canonical Goldman on Twitter, I am available for comment on all jew news
I’m gonna need to hear from a Goldberg and a Goldstein before I can move forward on this one Jason...
I am frequently called both in real life so will speak on behalf of the gold* subtribe
Worth reading given the freakout yesterday. https://twitter.com/Yair_Rosenberg/status/1204834065062514688
A diptych on the asymmetrical meme war as revealed thru my FB newsfeed
RT @Yair_Rosenberg: So the text of the actual executive order on anti-Semitism does not seem to be nearly as problematic as was reported. T…
A God Walks into an Abar is such a fucking triumph. The 2001 allusions, the structural symmetry to Watchmen Chapter IX, the causal loops, the way it looks. It’s just so fucking good.
Is that something I should watch or read or listen to or...smoke?
Wow if a tweet could smell, mine really does have a strong college dorm room aroma
RT @PeterBeinart: .@peterbakernyt + @maggieNYT are world-class journalists but the @nytimes needs to change this headline. Trump isn't targ…
The white nationalists in the Trump administration love the policy of declaring American Jews as a separate nationality. White nationalists love Israel! They see it thru the prism of creating an exclusive ethnostate.
The daily vaping meeting in the Roosevelt Room has been taking place for two weeks. This may be the hardest level yet of #ImagineTheMeeting https://twitter.com/eamonjavers/status/1204505687973335042
RT @AsteadWesley: "this doctored image gets THREE PINOCCHIOS," -- politics twitter discussing a meme
Wow I just realized that vlogs beat blogs.
Indeed. In the end: 1. Vlogs 2. Pods 3. Blogs
I was thinking the same thing about pods too! Wow.
Bill should read Anil! https://twitter.com/anildash/status/1204413066860871680
"Click the link in my bio to see my end"!
Yah the tree is how they get you. It’s a goytway drug. https://twitter.com/hels/status/1204500633237282817
RT @goldman: 🎼It’s going to take you people years to recover from all of the damage🎶
I proposed a new family tradition where every week after bringing the garbage bins in we all sing The Bins are Back in Town. And my wife started singing but to the tune of Hes a Jolly Good Fellow. And I said no but the baby laughed and now the dog and I will be alone at Christmas
And if I hit the switch I can make the apps drop https://twitter.com/matasar/status/1204454119651459072
RT @Timodc: Just want to mention that the President accused the FBI of attempting a coup today based on a deliberate misreading of an inves…
There is a moment every morning where I tell myself I have to keep moving because The Royale is waiting. https://twitter.com/briankoppelman/status/1182992455144235008
This is just manifestly true. Nice to have it written down.
RT @mattGlassman312: I’d encourage everyone to take five minutes and actually read the draft articles of impeachment against the president.…
This guy fishsticks https://twitter.com/geekylonglegs/status/1204243440386617344
RT @birbigs: I wish that every American would watch this 4 1/2 minute clip. It doesn’t matter if u like the president or u don’t or you lik…
The Castro St. Watchmen lights are nice.
You can say I’m overly obsessed with following the rules but the book Never Touch a Dinosaur—as a kids’ Touch and Feel Book—is clearly encouraging subversive behavior.
RT @jonfavs: I’m one of the Democrats who’s become a bit worried about how to hold the nation’s attention through a long, drawn-out impeach…
The eponymous Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album has never left my rotation
Tiny gorilla in the mess
I erroneously claimed an inter dimensional psychic squid alien landed on New York. Glad To have been wrong. https://twitter.com/heerjeet/status/1203922413991284737
RT @goldman: What the fuck is happening https://twitter.com/jdawsey1/status/1203846683550986240
RT @mekkaokereke: When you're used to privilege, equality feels like oppression. Compared to most companies, having 50% women, and any blac…
When you’ve earned enough beskar steel for the full set
I’m probably the only misfit who wants next week’s Watchmen to be four hours long–secretly encompassing four full episodes, to make it an even 12 episodes/issues—and thus satisfying both my raging narrative urges and just barely latent OCD. God, I pray I’m the only one.
What the fuck is happening https://twitter.com/jdawsey1/status/1203846683550986240
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