I like the work about the work. Places practiced include: Blogger, Google, Twitter, Obvious, Medium, the Obama White House, San Francisco and New York.
Congrats @pahlkadot! What an amazing 10 years! https://twitter.com/codeforamerica/status/1131567876727496705
RT @AndrewNadeau0: I think the funniest possible outcome of this is if every single person stands up like the “I am Spartacus” scene but to…
RT @zeynep: I've been getting this question a lot. I do have some suggestions but thinking of crowdsourcing this. What's your favorite nove…
God, I love this show.
He did it in January!
Storming out of a meeting is one of Trump’s proudest “moves.” He talks about it all the time. “Then I storm out so they know I mean business.”
it's kind of a tell when you have props set up outside of the meeting you're planning to storm out of
Shoutout to the Print Shop in the sub-basement of the EEOB tho. High quality work done fast.
Turns out if you hang a poster in the Rose Garden, it can say whatever you want and people will share it.
Everyone should watch Chernobyl. And I’m loving the conversation between @petersagal and @clmazin on the podcast after each episode. I’m on board for the whole experience.
I was mansplaining fission within like 7 minutes of ep1 so I'm def in.
Like, I started my first company... ~25 years ago? And all I've done since then is learn more and try to do better, and *very* little of the things people write apply outside of their specific domain or experience. We can learn from them, but every situation is hugely different.
One of the weirdest things about being a CEO is I end up seeing a lot of media and advice aimed toward entrepreneurs, or offering tips on how to succeed in business, and my overwhelming response to it all is NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING! Honestly. Almost all the advice is overstated.
please god make people hear this
This the ultimate in no fucks to give. Aaron Rodgers was given a cameo on the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones and was still willing to shit all over the finale in detail.
The Dune movie has to be good. It must be good. https://youtu.be/GcxZfufxzCo
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Oh come on now. They’re magic words. You recite them; they don’t have to mean anything. https://twitter.com/chrislhayes/status/1130983800882778112
“My debts to foreign powers establishes an advisory relationship which is subject to executive privilege”
Yes! Good on you @RepDean for calling for an impeachment inquiry. https://twitter.com/repdean/status/1130944300261478401
RT @franklinleonard: Hands down the coolest person on the internet today. https://twitter.com/thustweetsdavid/status/1130938014463680513
RT @cjane87: She survived two concentration camps, including Ravensbrück, rescued 182 orphans, and fought fascists. https://twitter.com/GrahamDavidA/status/1130945822353440768
RT @taraemcg: Been beating this dead horse for so many months now the @nytimes is even asking me about it. Do we think it will finally get…
SMS two factor is not secure. https://twitter.com/cooncesean/status/1130493867734605824
RT @thewatchpod: It's the #TalkTheThrones series finale! Join @ChrisRyan77, @MalloryRubin, and @netw3rk as they wrap up everything #GameOfT…
Would def watch the sequel set 30 years from now about Jon Snow’s daughter, the Queen Beyond the Wall and rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms, comes South to undo Nexit. https://twitter.com/mattdpearce/status/1130613251870416896
I am like the Leroy Jenkins of this pile of fussbuckets. Honestly, I’ve been very polite since the time everyone got mad when I said that “active shooter drills” were just parental terror porn that only served to normalize violence for our kids.
About to get myself banned from the neighborhood parenting group for pointing out that all of the people fussing about the dangers of radiation from cell phone towers are doing so from their smart phones. Wish me luck!
Other parents are my biggest parenting anxiety
By far, the worst part of parenting. By FAR.
RT @drvox: Forgive me, but I am so sick of hearing this shit. EVERY Dem bends over backward to lionize white, male blue collar workers. Tha…
Idk we like MycelialSpace or MySporce better? https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/05/wood-wide-web-underground-network-microbes-connects-trees-mapped-first-time
RT @Medium: In the dark forest theory of the internet, everyone stays out of the spotlight provided by the mainstream web https://t.co/eA2R…
Where Rickon Stark and Captain Harry Strickland could not, the course of democratic progress found its zigzag. https://twitter.com/fivefifths/status/1130509450039713792
Our baby was the real MVP of the finale because he pitched a fit *exactly* at the halfway point so we ended up taking a break right before the Westerosi Model Congress scene. When we came back, it felt like the two separate episodes it clearly should’ve been.
RT @aNateScott: I also hope you'll all join me in my "idiot dragon" reading of the finale
RT @binge_mode: #JonSnow and #Ghost 4ever 💘 #GameOfThrones
The season was very not great but the series finale was good and I have three points to support my thesis: 1. Ghost 2. Came 3. Back I hugged my dog and cried.
RT @AndrewNadeau0: ME: Our son asked where babies come from. WIFE: He's too young. Tell him the stork. [Later] ME: Your mom fucked a stor…
RT @devinnodude: Tormund is out here FLOURISHING without brienne. He left her raven on read.
RT @bomani_jones: "look, i ain't got it like that." -eric holder https://twitter.com/EricHaywood/status/1130147704607301632
“I’ve been caught on tape saying gross shit. Some people don’t like that. Conversely, I don’t like being in trouble. As you can see, our nation is in a moment of great disunity.”
This is just extremely my shit. That it came in a Thrones wrapper is just amazing.
This is so freaking good. https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/1129390511436050432
You know your “Medium post in response to allegations of sexual misconduct” has gone off the rails when you start invoking the dictionary and the epistemological crisis.
Your Majesty, I have a pretty good résumé for this job and my strategy document for you contains but two words: "Only TikTok." https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1129489526907445248
Seeing the actual video of the MO state rep talking about “consensual rape” is actually worse than the headline. But worth watching to see Rep. Raychel Proudie from St Louis County shut him down. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/national/a-missouri-house-member-said-rape-can-be-consensual-a-female-colleague-qui ckly-corrected-him/2019/05/17/4618f1da-2293-41e9-82f3-50dc02ecf6aa_video.html?utm_term=.2059c2c14967
For Festivus, Twitter should let you see a list of all the people who’ve muted you. #pm
I love the new Tyler the Creator album which makes me wonder if it’s for the youth. It has lyrics like “do you need a hug” and when he says “take em to the bridge” it busts into a wet synth flute solo. I’m stoked if the dream of early 2000s weird hip hop is back tho.
RT @AnandWrites: This is the best time in human history to be alive as Steven Pinker. https://twitter.com/chengela/status/1129145371198926852
We can heal this broken world https://twitter.com/heathdwilliams/status/1129118218969337856
Also a solid five minutes from @netw3rk on the Number 2 Targaryen King, Aenys.
Really messed up not naming the baby Link Inbio Goldman
BAH GAWD is that Nunes music?! https://twitter.com/kyledcheney/status/1129148406146969600
As always this is excellent. Also points out a way better storytelling choice would have been to have Rhaegal survive the Iron Fleet ambush in the previous episode. But then he dies as the bells ring in King’s Landing, creating a more plausible break for Dany. https://twitter.com/binge_mode/status/1129069871151472640
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