Responsible for Irresponsible about everything else.
Hoo boy did I ever dodge a bullet with that.
jason you posted this on main
My tweets aren’t for you Matt
RT @kottke: Cinemaps are illustrated maps of movies like Star Wars & Back to the Future that show the characters' routes through the films'…
I am heading to LA in a couple weeks for pretty much the first time (I know, I know). I have zero idea what neighborhood to stay in...I find the sprawl bewildering!
I've updated my Black Mirror Soundtracks playlist with scores from the latest season
I can feel summer already starting to fade and I’m holding on as tight as I can...
For those who use an iPad in tandem w/ a Mac, what’s your setup for seamless switching back & forth? Esp interested in cloud storage, lightweight image editing (resizing etc), a text editor that does lightweight HTML/Markdown w/ regex-able text shortcuts. (to make @kottke posts)
Some daring fans went around barricades before and after filming to get close-ups of some of those interiors, including Radio Shack, The Gap, JC Penney, and many more.
This is amazing—Stranger Things 3's Starcourt Mall wasn't a sound stage. It was all built inside an actual dying mall in Georgia. And the set designers made more than simple storefronts—they made FULL INTERIORS, even for stores that were never seen on-screen…
Am I wrong in believing that a fully built-out Stranger Things-themed 80s mall would be a significant tourist attraction, at least for a little while?
RT @kottke: Several high-res versions of Hokusai's The Great Wave are available for free download, including a whopping 51-megapixel image…
Here is a picture of the Sesame Street characters all sitting around reading each other's books :')
Sooooo, Bert and Ernie had a fight, Ernie went to the bar to cool off, came back after closing and didn’t want to go back inside, so Oscar let him crash outside his trash can, and Bert is worried b/c Ernie never came home?
How does this go? Oh right: Wow, this blew up. Check out my Soundcloud here
RT @adamconover: At this New York subway station, exactly one stair is just slightly too tall, causing every single person who climbs it to…
Don’t miss the Spotify playlist in this post… I’ve been bopping around the house to it for the past hour.
I have never donated to anything faster than this. Mitch McConnell is a ghoul who is holding America hostage. He must go.
RT @kottke: Must read: "Our laws essentially force driving on all of us – by subsidizing it, by punishing people who don't do it, by buildi…
Blessings to the folks fact-checking the marshmallow test in the mentions of a joke tweet
It... me?
Your phone is the adult marshmallow test you fail 250 times a day.
RT @kottke: 10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki, a behind-the-scenes documentary that followed the legendary animator as he worked on Ponyo and Th…
Nothing but respect for *my* Salute to America event! #USWNT
Ugh writing is hard and stupid why does anyone even do this
Swearengen: You ever think, Bullock, of not going straight at a thing? … Bullock: No. Me: Ditto.
I have a wound on my finger and I put a pinch of salt in my food and now I know where that expression comes from.
“I just tapped my paper notepad to check if I had any alerts” is how my morning is going…
The Moon’s shadow is just starting to ease its way across the Sun…
I went out skipping rocks this morning and the tips from this video made a big difference in my consistency. Almost every throw was 15+ skips…and one had to be 30+. Fun!
My people are having a MOMENT. Did I mention I helped build this web site?
This is such a great line (and aspiration): “Megan is at the boss level in the video game of knowing herself.”
RT @kottke: You gotta listen to this: the otherworldly sound of a giant seven-foot gong being played is nothing like you'd expect. "You can…
A solar eclipse is happening in South America today. I decided not to go and I'm feeling just a tiny bit of FOMO.
RT @kottke: According to a recent survey of experts on women's issues, among the top 10 most dangerous countries for women are India, Somal…
RT @kottke: In 1587, Urbano Monte published the largest known early map of Earth (10 feet across). The full map was recently digitized and…
RT @tcarmody: Maps! Muppets! Lists of books that go on and on! It’s the first summer edition of Noticing, the newsletter I write for @kottk…
The Mississippi River LIDAR maps mentioned on @kottke make perfect iPad wallpapers
RT @kottke: Check out these amazing infographics by Emma Willard, America's first female mapmaker. They have names like "The Temple of Time…
RT @kottke: A two-hour mixtape from Boards of Canada, featuring the first new music from them since 2013
These cumulonimbus mammatus clouds were absolutely bonkers tonight
RT @bryanboyer: matterbattle dot com is still blocked from Twitter for no apparent reason. @TwitterSupport doesn't respond via Twitter or e…
Boston-area pals: go to this! It’s a small exhibit that packs a lot of punch.
1. I am glad this already exists: 2. I would read the heck out of an interview with the person/people who designed all those screens
I still remember this fondly
It was fun, but I think we can wrap it up
OK, that’s it I’ve read your tweets (Yes, all of them) You can stop now
I've gotten reports that @kottke is unreachable in China. Perhaps it was this link about China's surveillance state (which explicitly mentioned Tiananmen Square)? Or this post about Tank Man that gets passed around each June?
All the random shit I've done in California during my lifetime
I love that there’s almost 0 tech/work things on here.
This x1000. Being pissed at other people not going through your same hardships is some toddler being jealous of the new baby nonsense.
RT @kottke: A six-part documentary series about Jim Henson. Each episode focuses on a different Henson project, like Sesame Street, The Mup…
Here's a clip of the scene I was in (I'm the one coming out of the gas station)
Two years ago today, I was in Atlanta shooting a scene for Halt and Catch Fire. It was a wonderful adventure!
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