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At One World Observatory for @HuaweiUS’s reception. Brooklyn Bridge behind me.
And let’s concede Britain might be poorer, and every policy that could help the “left behind” “somewheres” has to be delayed or abandoned! *It will be worth it* just to put two fingers in the face of the banksters and media. Except for Rees-Mogg. He’s our sort-of bankster.
Besides, they say, they’re bored, so bored! They’ll bet me that crashing out of the EU will have no long-term economic consequences at all. It’s all just “Project Fear” from “Remoaners” “furious” that “the smelly little people” have dared to challenge the Westminster consensus.
But my Brexit-y friends say a no-deal Brexit is good because it is maximally liberating from Brussels bureaucrats - and *precisely* because “in-group virtue-signaling” “sneering elites” and “experts” are so alarmed by the prospect.
But my Brexit-y and Dark Web friends said that Quilette was a scientifically literate corrective to the “hot takes” and “in-group virtue signaling” of the mainstream press!
What a public relations disaster - and a loss to the Institute. @EthanZ is resigning at the end of the academic year, in protest at @medialab’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein.…
What a public relations disaster -and s loss to the Institute. @EthanZ is resigning at the end of the academic, in protest at @medialab’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein.
Sweet fruits - especially juice - will kill you. Drink a lot of orange juice every day, you'll get diabetes. You might as well put a gun in your mouth.
Compliments where they are justly due: @QuickBooks customer chat was very professional and super-helpful in helping me set up an Online Plus account. Give a bonus or promotion to the agent "Mark S."
RT @Huawei_Europe: UK 'won't say no' to a deal with Huawei, says founder as he calls Boris Johnson a 'very capable person'…
The quantity of consulting I’m doing is growing very rapidly. Can anyone recommend a good timekeeping app that keeps track of hours/days spent per client?
But, my Brexit-y friends say, expert criticism of populist policy can be dismissed - so boring! - because it fails to address why such policies are popular at all: reductively, because the irrationality of the policy offends experts.
Such is American white male fragility that in order to write about slavery at all, the New York Times must must take whites out for an ice cream cone. via ⁦@nytimes
No one - not even Ivanka - loves Trump enough to tell him that he looks ridiculous. Everyone fears his outbursts, dislikes him, or wants something from him. All secretly delight in his self-defeating, oblivious appearance.
Perhaps the original sin of slavery - and the consequent century and more of segregation and disenfranchisement - does “delegitmize” America’s self-expressed goals and values. Perhaps America should be demoralized by the its history.
Lest you think I exaggerate: here is the Daily Express describing the leaking of the Government’s own planning document, if not the document itself, as a “Project Fear” plot by a “Remainer Minister.”
Besides, they say, they’re bored! So bored! We need to “just get on with it.” Let’s imagine all this was true: food and medical shortages, more poverty, etc. We’d get through it. And it would be worth it to give sneering elites a thumping and to reduce immigration.
But, my Brexit-y friends lecture me, leaked internal Cabinet Office warnings from the Government itself are yet more “Project Fear” from “virtue-signaling” experts, furious that the globalist consensus has been derailed by ordinary people.
I’ve never seen a single episode of the Batchelor. Or, any other reality TV. These references are meaningless to me.
Make fun of this as you will, Democrats. But a successful President will have to say this and, to some degree, believe it - despite the nullifications of the Obama years, the derailing of Merrick Garland, and the election of Trump himself.
"Trump tells me I should be happy Rashida is not coming. May God ruin him," Muftia Tlaib said in an interview with Reuters released on Saturday morning.
Rural Pennsylvania along Lake Eerie is spectacularly beautiful - wine country - and I had no idea.
The culpability of “Jeremy” for Brexit - and the irresponsibility of Labour in changing how it selects its Leader - is under appreciated. It’s easier to imagine a catastrophe than Corbyn as PM. Any ordinary Labour Opposition would be explicitly Remain and leading in the polls.
Spinoza, Hume, Sidgwick, the later Wittgenstein (where I understand him), and Parfit are my favorite Western philosophers. (Although I love many of Nagel’s and Bernard Williams’s essays.)
Peter Fonda was thrillingly creepy playing an aging, selfish Hollywood music producer in Soderbergh’s “The Limey.” (The movie also has one of my favorite cinematic endings.) RIP
Peter Fonda was thrillingly creepy playing an aging, selfish Hollywood actor in Soderbergh’s “The Limey.” (The movie also has one of my favorite cinematic endings.) RIP
Michael Bennet for the next Secretary of Education.
I know James Taylor is not exactly the new hotness, but I've recently been re-appreciating what an awesomely natural singer and player he is. Here's a rare recording with Joni that's one of the best performances by any musicians in their generation. Enjoy.
He’s got great, weird tunings and a wonderful unique guitar style.
The origins of the Alt Right in Gamergate couldn’t be stupider or more petty.
(Lest younger readers think I jest *that really was the argument.* And we were required to pretend there was, somewhere, a valid core to the populist case against games journalism - even though it was entirely insincere, like the case against “sneering elites” with Brexit.)
And the games media. Gamergate was about “ethics in games journalism.” How Zoe used her evil feminine wiles to seduce evil male journalists to promote her woke games over more deserving shooter games.
Oh, bugger off, Forbes. How about this? “Bitcoin is a speculative asset - unconnected to any productive activity.”
At the Iowa Stare Fair.
If you’re at all serious about a no-confidence vote and stopping a no-deal Brexit, you’ll support as interim PM in a caretaker government someone’s who is *not* a Party Leader. This shouldn’t be about you, your refashioning of Labour, and your elevation to No. 10.
A real patriot who sincerely recognized the dangers of a no-deal Brexit wouldn’t make a no-confidence vote about him. He’d run as the Leader of his Party, if he had his Party’s support, in a General Election.
The fatal problem is that Jeremy Corbyn is thick, self-satisfied, touchy, friendly with “anti-Zionists,” and believes a large number of things not remotely shared by most Britons. No one - not even the Members in his own PLP - wants him to be PM.
It’s all so wildly, unrelievedly stupid. There’s never any relief from the stupidity. Backbench Tories, the SNP, the Independent folks, and, really, almost anyone are not going to support a Party Leader as head of a caretaker government - especially Jeremy Corbyn.
Presumably, as a mere matter of population genetics, this is in fact true. (To be clear: I deplore the implication that abortion should have any restrictions at all, let alone in the case of incest or rape.)
I've never believed that when it comes down to it, Biden would be the nominee. I could be surprised. But I doubt it.
Thread. My Brexit-y friends assured me a Brexit that raised a hard border with Ireland was OK, because Britain - like the proud, seafaring nation it is - would create new bilateral relations with the United States.
“Actually, @JohnPollock.” People oppose proroguing Parliament by two-to-one margin when asked the question by pollsters.
The Spectator, which even as recently as Boris Johnson’s editorship was a witty and worldly conservative magazine, has become a Brexit-y vehicle for lazy writers like @JamesDelingpole purveying climate change denialism and cynically insincere populism.
Even if Brexit-y people dismiss economic forecasts as “Project Fear” by “sneering elites,” the *political costs* should make them question the whole enterprise. Is a Brexit that requires the proroguing of Parliament and the dissolution of the Union of 1707 worth it?
In order to preserve the sovereignty of Parliament it will be necessary to prorogue Parliament, my Brexit-y friends lecture me.
And, of course, that not all companies and opportunities fit this model. VC is rocket fuel - if you’re going to the moon you need it, but there are plenty of other destinations, and putting hydrogen peroxide in the fuel tank of a tractor will not end well.
Periodic reminder that VC expects half the deals to fail, and the best-performing funds have a higher fail rate.
Well.... yes. But good VCs front load all the risk, when little Capital is invested, and cycle through those failures fast.
If Biden implodes, as is not impossible, the Democratic Party is not going to nominate a cranky socialist - if only because Sanders is not, in fact, a Democrat and no one who is a Democrat like him.
No. It’s not. No one reads it. And, so far as influence goes, it’s The Spectator for incels, “race realists,” and Jordan Peterson enthusiasts.
At some point, American males decided it was cool to dress as large, morbidly obese toddlers.
Are folks not aware that other folks die in US jails and prisons literally every day Weird educational moment, but, okay
OK, but still. Awfully convenient there will be no criminal trial. For Trump. And many, many others.
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