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This is the great theme of Lanzmann’s “Shoah”, incidentally: the majority of Jews who died in the Holocaust were simply wiped out: deported and gased, or else shot. They leave no record. The experience of internment in concentration camps was unusual, even at Auschwitz.
But we place an inordinate weight on the images of the concentration camp, precisely because there were some survivors like Primo Levi who wrote accounts of the work camps. Almost everyone who died belongs to a drowned population: lost to history.
I’m amazed by the degree of misinformation people entertain about how the Nazis murdered 5.4 million Jews. Relatively few Jews were killed in the concentration camps. They died in industrial extermination camps or were shot by the Einsatzgruppen or Order Police.
They absolutely are, by any definition, either historical or factual, “concentration camps”. What they are not are *death camps* like Treblinka Or Sobibór.
You don’t have to fiddle with Drake’s equation too much to make n = 0.
SSRN is by far the most interesting site in the world most days:
And then a similar finding by another lab at Columbia, just a few days later: "Transposon-encoded CRISPR–Cas systems direct RNA-guided DNA integration"
Original paper by @zhangf's lab here: "RNA-guided DNA insertion with CRISPR-associated transposases"
‘Jumping genes’ could help CRISPR replace disease-causing DNA, study finds via @statnews
AirPods are dumb, I insisted. We’ll lose them, ‘cos a cord that integrates the two buds and joins them to the phone is what defines earphones. Also, Twitter is stupid, I said. It may well be popular one day, but it’s dumb.
Interesting evolutionary dead-end
I think it’s a motorized gun rather than a tank.
No, it’s a tank.
OK. It’s s stupid, weird *Swedish^ tank.
Funny story. I’ve 5 hours to kill in Warsaw. Decided to look at Polish Art in the National Museum. At the taxi line, my lack of Polish led to a debate about where I wanted to go. A decision was made. My driver took me to the Jewish Historical Institute. The Poles could tell.
This seems dramatic - and I don’t deny house prices in all 3 cities are, historically, expensive - but perspective would help. How long would a mere 5% of median income take to buy a home in 1955? Also, the premise misleads: why is a first-time buyer purchasing a *median* home?
Invited men should ask and then refuse to serve on manels. Me, I won’t do panels at all, and suggest great women instead. I do give speeches and moderate events with a good mixture of speakers, however. You can book me through @sternstrategy
Invited men should ask and them refuse to serve on manels. Me, I won’t do panels at all, and suggest great women instead. I do give speeches and moderate events with a good mixture of speakers, however. You can book me through @sternstrategy
If you like that kind of thing, @voxdotcom has really good digital design.
The Bruno Schulz Museum In Drohobych. The street is filled with palatial villas like this. Drohobych was once the wealthiest town in Austro-Hungary, the capital of the European oil industry, and the first city in Europe to have lightning.
The Great Synagogue, Drohobych, restored from a ruin in 2016.
Schulz was shot in 1942 by another SS Officer, Karl Günther, because Landau had shot Günther’s own house Jew. “You killed my Jew so I killed yours!” Günther laughed in the mess that evening.
Schulz was shot by another SS Officer in 1942, because Landau had shot the first officer’s house Jew. “You killed my Jew so I killed yours!” he laughed in the mess that evening.
And here is the house Schulz shared with his mother and sister, before he was moved to Drohobych’s ghetto.
The paintings are of Grimm’s fairy tales. But the first mural, of a prince and princess, are presumably Landau’s children, whom Bruno taught in exchange for the SS officer’s protection.
The murals that Bruno Schulz drew on the walls of the nursery of his captor and protector, SS Hauptscharführer Felix Landau.
This is a bad comparison. At its height, Apollo employed around 400,000 people and touched 20,000 companies. It consumed 2.5% of GDP for ten years. That’s *nothing.* Climate change is a civilizational challenge. It will make demands on everyone.
It's a matter of taste, but I find Bernie almost intolerably irritating. "Bernie Sanders likes to use the world socialist without actually being one." Bernie is a New Deal liberal, who wants the 60s and hipster cred of calling himself a socialist.
The Jews of Galicia are gone. They were shot mostly; sometimes, gassed. The few who survived made aliyah. But as David Grossman describes in his great novel, "See Under: Love" (which includes a long chapter about Schulz), the survivors were never the same.
Here he was was born, raised, taught art in the local Gymnasium, drew his wonderful pictures and wrote his strange stories - and here he was murdered by a Gestapo officer, Karl Gunther, in 1942.;c=mqr;c=mqrarchive;idno=act2080.0043.101;rgn=main;view=text;xc=1;g=mqrg
A round-up of histories of the old Habsburg crownland of Galicia, now by the vagaries of war, Western Ukraine, by @TimothyDSnyder, in @nybooks back in 2011. via @nybooks
I'm in Drohobycz (historically, 40% Jewish, 30% Polish, and 30% ethnic Ukrainian) on a sentimental pilgrimage to the city of the Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz.
Not looking forward to choosing between an anti-Semite and a second-rate copy of Jeffrey Archer for my prime minister.
Oh, Boris is better educated and funnier than Archer. Let’s give him that little.
Less successful though
Though Archer was stripped of his peerage at the end.
RT @MitPolska: „Nowe technologie eliminują stare zawody, ale też sprawiają, że pojawia się zapotrzebowanie na nowe profesje, które trudno w…
The most precious income I earn is the little I make as a writer.
Today, @Indigoag, a @FlagshipPioneer company, announced the Terraton initiative to remove carbon from the atmosphere:
“The auspices for this year’s Covfefe are excellent, my Liege.”
He said “auspices”? Auspices are auguries: prophecies.
OK, but, pace Cleese, it is actually true that there is only one human race: all the other hominins are gone. Homo sapiens sapiens is the sole survivor.
Sad! I feel sorry for everyone who poured their souls into @makermag. I wrote a light piece for Make once: “How to Make a Cathedral.” (About Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia.)
“What is Tulsi Gabbard doing?” (BTW: “disinterest” means impartial; “not interested” or “uninterested” is how English describes lack of interest.”)
“More Project Fear from sneering elites!” my Brexit-y friends lecture me. “Besides, we didn’t leave the EU to get rich. There are more important things than money. Any disruption is worth it.” In any case, they’re bored. So bored! “Just get on with it!”
Well, proponents know - and dig - what would happen to the Jews in an Arab-dominated single-state Israel-Palestine. That’s the whole point. *That’s what they like*.
All arguments for a single-state solution in what was Mandatory Palestine have a barely concealed eliminationist Logic: proponents don’t care about peace or even plausibility; they just like to imagine the disestablishment of the Jewish state.
RT @feldmanvideos: My Rabbi never sold a startup and he’s not mentally ill or microdosing LSD. Never seen him depressed. If I want life adv…
RT @MIT: President L. Rafael Reif’s charge to the Class of 2019: “As you strive to hack the world, please try to heal the world, too,” Reif…
Iowa poll. Warren and Buttigieg with the Big Mo. Sanders collapsing (because he’s a cranky septuagenarian independent from Vermont whose main enemy is the Party whose nomination he seeks). Biden palling on Iowans.
“Trump lies” is true. But it underestimates how improvisational and out-of-it he is: he’s just making stuff up in the moment to put the best face on stuff he hardly understands.
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