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Great thread.
I have no idea what a "homocracy" is, but it sounds like an improvement.
Is this like W. H. Auden's "Homintern"?
You of all people would be aware of that concept <grin>.
The Mueller Report; America's endless arid culture wars. None of that matters. The only real thing that happened this week was the death of Gene Wolfe, one of the greatest of American writers.
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Without secrets, nothing that people value can exist: no, not science, not art, nor innovation, nor contracts, nor government, not even love itself. Proponents of radical transparency are the enemies of ordinary humanity.
It is becoming clear that the Progressive case against Pete Buttigieg is going to be disingenuous, grounded in identity politics, deeply stupid — and indifferent to crafting actual solutions to real people’s problems.
She did good, too.
Flagship Pioneering CEO @NoubarAfeyan on “reverse discovery” as a model for innovation.
Flagship Pioneering (@FlagshipPioneer) announces our latest company, Kintai.
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“If I could start the service again I wouldn’t emphasize followers and likes... That was a mistake: it creates the wrong incentives.” @jack at #ted19
Ask Jack.
(Related! Why were you and your executives so goddamn naive? Why wasn’t the system designed for the “health” of the conversation from its beginning or shortly thereafter? #AskJackAtTED)
Do you feel responsible for the erosion of our civic norms and democracy, and what are you going to do about it? #AskJackatTED
At #WMIF @FlagshipPioneer CEO @NoubarAfeyan on future innovations in medicine.
But Progressives said that every millionaire is a “policy failure”!
In 2014, I visited him in Peoria, the day after his 83rd birthday to interview him for @techreview's science fiction special edition, "Twelve Tomorrows." It was one of the enlarging experiences of my life.
"That you and I ... if we are recalled at all, will eventually be thought of as contemporaries of Xenophon and Mark Twain. That this is a small world at the edge of its galaxy, tumbling through the night, a provincial and rural backwater." - Gene Wolfe
Gene Wolfe, 1931 - 2019. He was genuinely great. If I say that he transcended his genre, that doesn't mean science fiction is something shameful -- but, rather, that some of his novels, including The Book of the New Sun, The Fifth Head of Cerberus, and Peace are English classics.
The great science fiction writer Gene Wolfe has died.
For ordinary citizens, the experience of “Solow’s residual” - TFP growth minus the expansion of education and “capital deepening” - is one of bewilderingly rapid change. (And as political matter, will tend to be resented if its benefits are not widely shared.)
Julian Assange is not a journalist. Wikileaks is a kind of Bizarro-world reverse-intelligence agency, dedicated to revealing the secrets of the establishments of democracies, rather than keeping them - all in service to anarcho-syndicalist politics.
This is consistent with Edward Denison’s theory (1962) that people would produce more per hour when the work week was shortened: “the decrease in a household’s welfare created by the disutility of the market.”
But, my Brexit-y friends piously lecture me, these crazy policies are *my* fault: “You sneered at the legitimate grievances of ordinary voters - safe from your metropolitan wealth as you shopped for lettuces - and it was heard.” via ⁦@nytimes
This, by ⁦@toadmeister⁩ is mildly interesting, not for its predictable conclusion, but rather for its image of Toby and his famous father campaigning for SDP back in the day, the goddamn day.
The only political journalist I actually *enjoy* reading (even when she's mostly just piling up the quotes with an endearing shrug, as here) is @Olivianuzzi. She's smart, funny, frank.
"As well." Is this a joke? Like "The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too"?
Apparently, the sexual abuse crisis is all the fault of *the second Vatican council.*
Thread. What innovation there is in US politics - the actual commitment to problem solving - is occurring within cities.
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In 25 years of writing about technology, I’ve never written a product review.
This is one of my very favorite Bellow short stories - now an unperson because of “Mr Sammler’s Planet,” of course.
I may write a very long piece about this for @WIRED.
You think? Progressive Twitter is not the Democratic Party. The actual Party is socially liberal, motivated by fairness and civil rights, in favor of progressive taxation, but basically solutions-oriented and pro-growth. In other words, “centrist” - even, “neoliberal.”
You think? Progressive Twitter are is not the Democratic Party. The Party is socially liberal, motivated by issues of fairness and civil rights, in favor of progressive taxation, but basically solutions-oriented and pro-growth. In other words, “centrist” - even, “neoliberal.”
One of my favorite articles on this fraught subject was by @DavidRotman in @techreview in 2016: "Business Impact Tech Slowdown Threatens the American Dream."
"What Can Machines Learn, and What Does It Mean for Occupations and the Economy?" by Brynjolfsson, Mitchell, et al. May, 2018.
“The Productivity J-Curve: How Intangibles Complement General Purpose Technologies” by Brynjolfsson, Rock, et al (September, 2018)
“AI and the Modern Productivity Paradox: a clash of expectations and statistics” by Brynjolfsson, Rock, et al (2018)
“Is Innovation Over? The Case Against Pessimism” by Tyler Cowen. (Foreign Affairs, March/April 2016)
“A Tech-Driven Boom Is Coming; Please Be Patient” by Greg Ip. (WSJ, December 2017)
“Artificial intelligence can transform the economy” by Brynjolfsson, Hui, et al. (Washington Post, September 2018)
Put another way: where are the productivity gains from Silicon Valley’s supposed innovations? We got PCs and client/server 1996 - 2004. Where is the pay-off for the billions invested in SV’s crap, beyond personally enriching Zuck, Jeff, Travis? 2/
Why did US GDP *double* every 32 years after the Civil War, and grow especially fast after 1920, crash from 1970 to 1996 - only to grow rapidly again from 1996 - 2004? Since 2004, GDP has once again been negligible, except for what can be attributed to population growth. Why?
This is insane. And sad. Her parents should have given her better basic financial literacy.
Hey, I heard that. (Actually, I don’t think there is a principled argument why people shouldn’t work as nannies.)
Until Americans accept that displays of the Confederate Battle Flag is little different from waving a Nazi flag - it’s the banner of a defeated, hostile, racist nation - we are nowhere.
RT @DiscoverMag: Living in Space Makes Our Bodies More Susceptible to Infections - D-brief
Having covered Klobuchar and Sanders very close together, the difference in how they handle community panels is interesting. Klobuchar took Qs one by one; Sanders opened the floor to Qs, took a bunch, then stood up to deliver a version of a stump speech.
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