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I know this is an era where we are no longer to mention appearances. But Kayleigh McEnany is a strange-looking human. Without her false eye lashes, dyed hair, unstarved - would she be recognizable?
I miss him so.
Not for nothing, if you actually want to be useful as an “ally”, stand your post. Give money; vote for politicians whose policies would make a difference; insist at work that x% of candidates be POC; volunteer. Treat Black people as your brothers and sisters. *Give*. •
This was incredibly misjudged. No one - absolutely no one except their own peer set in Hollywood - is going to like this. How could they not have advisors warning them away?
I don’t understand! Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracey said that fears of Russian interference were “hysteria” or “Corporate Dem excuses for the failure of neoliberalism” or “neo-McCarthyism”! I remember Glenn telling me so on Fox and Russian state television.
Oh, Trump isn't going to like that. He's going to lose his mind.
Let’s assume they did know. And that it’s an intentional provocation.
Miller and Parscale would have known.
What to me is most baffling in the debate about Confedarate memorials is that not just that they celebrate a bad cause - I take that as a given - but that they memorialize traitors *and losers* in the region that rebelled and lost.
Something else to worry about... “Hence, ozone loss during rapid warming is an inherent Earth system process with the unavoidable conclusion that we should be alert for such an eventuality in the future warming world.”
Oh, wow. It’s deliberate, right? He wouldn’t know, but Parscale or Miller would have noticed the date and thought it a good idea.
I’m chatting with John McAfee soon for our podcast. Any requests?
Get out. GET OUT. Oh, so many things to ask him.
What, for instance, happened with the damn dogs? Also, why didn't PowWow succeed, since it had so many of the features of IM and Twitter -- and more.
Trump and his supporters will just say (and believe) that Gleeson is a Clinton appointee.
I'll say this, too, about the tedious topic of political correctness. Even during these passing spasms of puritanism, great art that enters into the humanity of its subjects, is entirely immune from attempts to suppress it -- even when it is very incorrect.
Nabokov, Mishima, Tolstoy -- even Kipling -- remain, unperturbed by these cultural eruptions. Time that with this strange excuse Pardoned Kipling and his views, And will pardon Paul Claudel, Pardons [Yeats] for writing well. -- W. H. Auden
We've talked about best and worst Star Trek theme tunes/songs, haven't we? @thebradking
No, seriously: you don’t like political correctness? Read or watch something great or something inflammatory- you can; it’s a free country; everything is available in reality - and produce a new work of art or science. No one is stopping you. Change the conversation.
I hate Quillette. Imagine spending all your time as an editor perseverating about “political correctness” - how popular culture producers respond to shifting winds in popular culture. Read a goddamn long novel, or hard philosophical essay, or new scientific paper.
Oh, come on. Cancelling Cops - which is a horribly exploitative stupid series or even pulling Gone With the Wind - is not the Cultural Revolution. Ain’t no one being shot, or sent to the provinces as a student-worker. Oxford and Harvard aren’t being closed.
That feeling when a young person posts on Facebook that anyone who saw the @GratefulDead in the '70s is probably "too old to be using Facebook." Ahem.
I love that picture of you.
Well, that shows mens rea, doesn’t it?
Amy McGrath is quite hardcore, by the way: Annapolis; the first woman to fly in combat in the Marines; 85 combat missions.
I know it’s within the margin of error. But there any defeat - other than the main business - that would provide more unalloyed innocent joy?
Is there any publication more lickspittle avid to appeal to its audiences worst instincts than Quillette? I include Unherd and the Spectator in its James Delingprole era.
He saved millions of lives. Since it was a catastrophe averted, and we live in an era when experts are dismissed as what my Brexit-y friends call “sneering elites,” he’ll never get the credit. The work itself must be his satisfaction - as I imagine it is.
Why is Tucker Carlson wearing the regimental tie of the Royal Anglian Regiment?
They won’t do it, but if the GOP Establishment dumped Trump for Romney, the latter might win — despite the Trumper cult and the base’s distrust of Romney. It pains me to write this.
"It is no small pity, and should cause us no little shame, that, through our own fault, we do not understand ourselves, nor know who we are." - Theresa of Avila
I think this the right framing for “Defund the Police”.
I know my younger friends will find this hard to believe, but 20 years ago Tucker Carlson was a nerdy movement conservative with a gimmicky bow tie and an excellent plain prose style employed to express more-or-less original, trenchant views.
Incidentally, the vocative singular of deus doesn’t occur in the extant literature of Classical Latin. (Though it is said to have been “dee”.)
Trump thinks Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old peace activist whom Buffalo police shoved, "fell harder than he was pushed" -- and deliberately put himself bleeding on the pavement and in intensive care to make law enforcement look bad? He's a cruel moron.
He’s going to spend the next 5 months doing this. You just gave him an honest-to-God wedge issue. You could have had the policy win - systematic police reform and redirection of police funding, and the whole nation’s support - but instead you wanted to be revolutionaries.
I swear to God, at some level Progressives don’t want to achieve democratic, effective power on Chernyshevki’s principle of the “The worse the better,” and because they prefer to purge the Left of Liberals.
I'd read that piece.
I’m going to write it now.
Would “Rebuild the Police” or even “Replace the Police” have killed you? Instead, you’ve fastened on a phrase designed in a pol sci lab to frighten off every independent or suburban Democrat in every swing state. It’s not the policy I deplore, it’s the marketing.
Republicans are great at branding their policies. Progressives are great at branding their policies as wedge issues for Republicans.
Republicans are great at branding their policies. Progressives are great at their policies as wedge issues for Republicans.
You want a model for “defunding the police,” you could look to the disbanding of the Camden NJ police force, which was highly effective.
“If we had to go back to square one and redesign policing, what would it look like?”
Wasn’t the point that we were protecting others - the at-risk: the old, diabetic, immuno-compromised - not ourselves? Should we honestly discuss this?
I love this.
Would you go on a plane now? (I’m trying to decide)
I’m flying on Thursday. Not super duper comfortable about it.
You should definitely go, Farhad.
We did it, to return East after an extended stay in California. The airport and flight were very empty (perhaps because we were NYC-bound). It “felt safer than a trip to the grocery store,” in the words of my husband.
A commercial flight? Not yet, no.
If you have to ask, then sure. Get on the plane, cowboy.
Oh, God. I knew this would happen. This is completely predictable. Of course Biden can’t accept defunding the police as a policy. Why does the Left do this into itself?
Better framing and messaging than "Defund the Police" in terms of both (a) What is actually possible in the real world; and (b) What is not a political wedge for Reactionaries? "Start Again" or "Create a New Force of Guardians" or "Rebuild the Police" -- something like that.
From the epidemiologist who first warned about the outbreak in Washington State.
What we need is for most officers who are now police to be fired and police budgets to be cut back and redirected - followed by police reform, with new training and a new compact between police the communities they serve.
Cities aren’t going to exist without police forces. It will never happen. But let’s imagine for moment that a city *did* try to abolish its police. You know what would happen? Only the rich would have a security force, largely unchecked.
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