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Here's how my new post ends. http://pressthink.org/2019/06/key-steps-in-the-citizens-agenda-style-of-campaign-coverage/ The title is, "Key steps in the citizens agenda style of campaign coverage."
RT @Brizzyc: Want to avoid just getting sucked into the Trump vortex and do smart 2020 campaign reporting that actually, you know, facilita…
Since you simply ignored what I said I will repeat what I said. I know of no information that connects the appearance of such guests to greater revenue flows. I doubt CNN has any such evidence.
"If the people being interviewed aren’t in the administration, can’t be held accountable to anyone, don’t have relevant expertise, and refuse to answer a host’s questions, what’s their value?" https://www.cjr.org/public_editor/cnn-guests-conway-guilfoyle.php If we mean "value to the viewer," then @CNN has no idea.
I do not believe there will be a revival of the Daily Briefing. If there is, it won't last long. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/14/us/politics/trump-daily-briefing-press-secretary.html
No, but I have this. https://publicnotebook.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/four-types-of-scoops/
What does more community driven election reporting actually look like? @jayrosen_nyu outlines the key steps in the “citizens agenda style” of campaign coverage. http://pressthink.org/2019/06/key-steps-in-the-citizens-agenda-style-of-campaign-coverage/ /3
This week @wearehearken and @membershippzzle put out a call for “radically different campaign coverage” rooted in putting people first. Read it here: https://medium.com/we-are-hearken/a-call-for-radically-different-campaign-coverage-85e62401d0c6 /2
RT @mayerjoy: @JenniferBrandel @jayrosen_nyu @TrustingNews This post from @azirulnick highlights what it can look like to base your campaig…
Know anyone who has influence over campaign coverage in the votes that matter to you? They should know about the 'citizens agenda' model for covering an election. Details here: http://pressthink.org/2019/06/key-steps-in-the-citizens-agenda-style-of-campaign-coverage/ Here's how it worked in a local, city council election. https://medium.com/@azirulnick/case-study-how-the-dublin-inquirer-set-a-citizens-agenda-aa13c015097c?postPublishedType=initial
"The citizens agenda is an editorial product, a synthesis. It involves art and judgment, not just data. You should be prepared to explain your thinking and take responsibility for what you included and left out." http://pressthink.org/2019/06/key-steps-in-the-citizens-agenda-style-of-campaign-coverage/ From my new post. I hope you will read it.
RT @wearehearken: ⚡️ “Calling for radically different campaign coverage” with @jayrosen_nyu and @membershippzzle https://twitter.com/i/moments/1139573620374745088
RT @pilhofer: The Guardian cut its weekly story production by *one third*... and traffic went up, said @KathViner. This is amazing on many…
RT @jbenton: Hmmm...Facebook plans to determine the “trustworthiness” of individual reporters, not just news organizations https://t.co/3Dr…
Now this is just a quirk of my personality but, if it were me, and I thought a reporter was being untruthful and unfair, and he worked for a network that misrepresented the facts and made stuff up, then I would not call on @Acosta because this would invite the very evils I abhor.
I have always thought it hilarious that people continue to credit him as some kind of media genius. The demise of the briefing room shows how ludicrous this claim is. That stage is a huge asset to the president, any president. And you can't even keep it open? Pure malpractice.
Also includes great @jayrosen_nyu line about the 'brand promise' of the Trump administration to the loyal base, regarding the press: 'Watch, we will put these people down for you.'
I interviewed @Acosta yesterday. He had a theory for why the briefings ended. Sanders had been caught in too many lies herself. She knew that reporters would keep asking about them at the briefings. @Sulliview: "... the disdainful Queen of Gaslighting." https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/sarah-sanders-was-the-disdainful-queen-of-gaslighting/2019/06/14/d6eb36c8-8e8d-11e9-adf3-f70f78c156e8_story.html
The classic @shearm "Really?" video is now embedded in the column.
This case study by @azirulnick explains how the Dublin Inquirer put the citizens agenda model to use. They started by asking readers, “What do you want the candidates in the upcoming local elections to be discussing as they compete for votes?” https://medium.com/@azirulnick/case-study-how-the-dublin-inquirer-set-a-citizens-agenda-aa13c015097c?postPublishedType=i nitial Recommended.
A preview of my conversation with @jayrosen_nyu about my new book “The Enemy of the People.” On @BookTV @cspan this weekend. h/t @foxnews https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/cnns-acosta-suggests-concept-of-reality-under-trump-would-be-skewed-without-medias-efforts.amp
This was the job they gave her, @PressSec. Maximize public humiliation of the press corps for the benefit of the president and his core supporters... while behind the scenes you are helpful enough to White House reporters that they kinda don't want you to go. She did that.
Sarah Sanders presided over the destruction of one of the grand stages of the American presidency, and one of the great platforms for the projection of United States power: the White House briefing room. Was this a rational act?
I'm working with @wearehearken this week to call attention to an alternative model for election journalism, the citizens agenda style. Any newsroom that is considering it should tag @membershippzzle and let us know your plans. My new post on how it works: http://pressthink.org/2019/06/key-steps-in-the-citizens-agenda-style-of-campaign-coverage/
I interviewed @Acosta today for CSPAN's book show. Airs this weekend, Sat. at 10pm ET, Sun. at 9pm ET. Some things I asked him: Why does Trump call on him if he's "fake news?" Why not "send the interns?" What does the phrase "the narrative?" mean? Why is Kellyanne on CNN so much?
"'What do voters want from the candidates,' as opposed to, 'what are the candidates saying and how are they spinning it,' represents a profound shift of focus." —Quote from @Anthonygbrooks, WBUR’s senior political reporter, in the comments at my NEW post. http://pressthink.org/2019/06/key-steps-in-the-citizens-agenda-style-of-campaign-coverage/
@daveweigel About "electorate first" campaign coverage. My new post may interest you. http://pressthink.org/2019/06/key-steps-in-the-citizens-agenda-style-of-campaign-coverage/
RT @jayrosen_nyu: "Al-Qaeda didn't shout 'death to Tribeca!' They attacked America." Jon Stewart's testimony to Congress on behalf of 9/1…
From my new post: "You cannot keep from getting sucked into Trump’s agenda without a firm grasp on your own. But where does that agenda come from? It can’t come from campaign journalists. It has to originate with the voters you are trying to inform." http://pressthink.org/2019/06/key-steps-in-the-citizens-agenda-style-of-campaign-coverage/
"Al-Qaeda didn't shout 'death to Tribeca!' They attacked America." Jon Stewart's testimony to Congress on behalf of 9/11 first responders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2QMqsNvWuc
RT @jayrosen_nyu: @emilyctamkin @mathewi @CJR I can answer that. CNN is here operating with entertainment logic, not editorial reasoning. S…
RT @reillyadam: I'd argue that by getting the president to say this out loud, @GStephanopoulos did exactly what he's supposed to do. https:…
Two facts are in evidence here. One is he would not alert. Damning and important. The other: he’s declaring this out loud. That is a challenge to the entire system by which we try to hold the powerful accountable. Including the press, and the person who asked the question. https://twitter.com/abcpolitics/status/1138936855414657027
I would be shocked if @svdate won election as @whca president. My prediction is they will go with the safer candidate. The membership still thinks it’s about access, not truth. If I am wrong, I will tweet about it. https://twitter.com/farhip/status/1138939679007551491
Q. Why does @ChrisCuomo specialize in "alternative fact guests?" https://www.cjr.org/public_editor/cnn-guests-conway-guilfoyle.php Is that a niche you want to be known for? A. He disinformed himself. The real reason: cheap drama in which he's the hero prosecutor. But he thinks he's taking on the regime's best arguments.
Alternating thread! Jen does a post, then I do one. For a $500,000 donation we will tell you how we did it. :-) https://twitter.com/jenniferbrandel/status/1138899998882615297
Per @mkraju: Trump aide turned Fox PR chief Hope Hicks "will testify next Wednesday behind closed doors before the House Judiciary Committee. The committee plans to release a transcript of the interview afterward."
RT @NormOrnstein: @jayrosen_nyu I honestly have difficulty understanding this. Dean Baquet used to be a great journalist. Since 2016 it see…
My favorite sportswriter these days is Sally Jenkins. Finding something amiss, she is merciless and clear-eyed. Read her on the US women's soccer team's battle for respect. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/dcunited/the-us-womens-national-team-is-american-treasure-pay-them-a-bounty/2019/0 6/12/1c151908-8c9a-11e9-adf3-f70f78c156e8_story.html So good.
At @membershippzzle, the research outfit I direct, we're collecting examples of what we call "memberful routines." Not projects, but the routine ways that news sites involve their members or draw on their knowledge. Want your site to be included? Read on: https://mailchi.mp/88e1a044c83f/share-your-memberful-reporting-routines-news-from-our-research-director?e=750d8a17eb
RT @emgollie: Personal news: I’m going to join @TheAtlantic to create a new audience research practice w/ them. I want to bring what we’ve…
RT @jayrosen_nyu: The idea that you can't ask good questions — or that no one will trust your questions — because you also have expressed o…
"Having Maddow ask the questions would not be unlike Fox News hosting a debate and having Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham hosting." That is from @TomWJones, who is @Poynter's daily newsletter writer. https://www.poynter.org/newsletters/2019/rachel-maddow-as-debate-moderator-raises-questions-plus-cjrs-public-editor-announcement-and-the-luxury-of-tribune-tower/ Alt view: Maddow is very unlike Ingraham, so....
Answer: a world in which a drive-by reader makes no cents and may even cost you.
If you heard about the "public editors without permission" project from @CJR, here are two links with more details. an FAQ: https://www.cjr.org/public_editor/answering-your-questions-about-cjrs-new-public-editors.php and an interview with CJR's public-editor-without-permission for the Washington Post. https://www.washingtonian.com/2019/06/11/the-washington-post-wont-hire-an-ombudsman-so-cjr-just-hired-one-for-it/
Some of the most tendentious and ideological passages I read from "straight" reporters appear in news articles where the news vs. opinion divide is part of the story. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/11/business/media/moderators-first-democratic-debate.html
This whole thing is so stupid. The cable news show that most appreciates good reporting is off limits for New York Times reporters because Dean Baquet thinks Rachel Maddow has cooties. It's juvenile! https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/11/media/new-york-times-msnbc-media/index.html And what happened to solidarity across the free press?
I had such a blast reading this. 'The problem with the $4.7 billion that News Media Alliance say Google makes from News.' https://baekdal.com/monetization/the-problem-with-the-47-billion-that-news-media-alliance-say-google-makes-from-news/ By media analyst Thomas Baekdal. @baekdal
The idea that you can't ask good questions — or that no one will trust your questions — because you also have expressed opinions is so wild. https://twitter.com/farhip/status/1138451435631337475
AG = publisher of @nytimes. One of our two major parties, committed to resentment politics, has made resentment of journalists basic to the way it does politics and builds its coalition. The GOP has resigned from the ideal AG talked about. That calls for cold thought, not fear. https://twitter.com/reckless/status/1138524884793880576
Major American news sites decided that since trust in their work is more in doubt and more necessary than ever, they did not need public editors. No, that doesn’t make any sense. So @CJR is hiring its own public editors for WP, NYT, CNN and MSNBC. Without permission, as it were: https://twitter.com/usprojectcjr/status/1138413690024275974
"A lay reader of the Times might wonder why they’re seeing this particular story in the paper. Well, trade groups also commission research with a compelling top-line finding, which they then offer as an exclusive to a prominent reporter on the beat." https://theoutline.com/post/7548/new-york-times-google-news-media-alliance
It is indeed a dubious figure. But I'm missing the part on how this is "free PR for Google"? This is a NY Times story based on a questionable study that is anti-Google, no?
"While it’s true that revenue for newspapers has declined sharply over the past two decades, and revenue for Google and Facebook has increased just as dramatically, it’s not accurate to say that one increasing caused the other to drop." https://www.cjr.org/the_new_gatekeepers/nyt-google-media.php
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