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RT @SteveKopack: “In one of several tense exchanges, an employee asked Zuckerberg to confirm how many black people were involved in Zuckerb…
"Never have seen something of that magnitude in my 20 years of covering technology”
S&P 500 now up 40% from March low
Surprises are good, expect when you’re not expecting them.
RT @jyarow: Jim Cramer on the market soaring as America burns: ‘The market has no conscience’
Stich Fix makes an offer to employees: Take a paycut and move away from California, or lose your job.
Jim Cramer on the market soaring as America burns: ‘The market has no conscience’
RT @Megancgraham: Talkspace says it's ending its partnership agreement with Facebook following the company’s decision not to moderate Trump…
RT @Edgecliffe: See you in Davos next January? Klaus Schwab tells the @FT he wants an in-person event to work on a “great reset” of capital…
RT @CNBC: BET founder Robert Johnson calls for $14 trillion of reparations for slavery
RT @johngapper: Subway crowded again in Tokyo
RT @mmcintire: Christo, Artist Who Wrapped and Festooned on an Epic Scale, Dies at 84
Five charts that track the U.S. economy as states reopen
You might think shopping for fishing stuff - rod, reel, etc. - would be simple. You would be very wrong.
SpaceX prototype Starship rocket explodes after test in Texas
RT @PippaStevens13: Oil #WTI just posted its best month on record, but at ~$35 per barrel, it's still well below the recent high of $65.65…
Draftkings CEO on CNBC. What a stock performance.
Market thinks Trump’s China speech was a non-event. In case, market indicates it was tame.
RT @CNBC: Next coronavirus stimulus bill will be the 'final' one, Mitch McConnell says
Don’t mistake your stimulus payment for junk mail (And don’t mistake your junk mail for stimulus.)|twitter&par=sharebar
Wait, so she IS still a billionaire?
All she has to do is put her $900 million in a high yield savings account and in less than 10 years, she’s over a billion, so, yes, she is a billionaire.
We need a ruling from @guan
Just to get this out there now, when I am worth $900 million, I will start telling you I am a billionaire.
"Forbes has recalculated Kylie’s net worth and concluded that she is not a billionaire. A more realistic accounting of her personal fortune puts it at just under $900 million.” SAD!
RT @Hugh_Son: new: @MorganStanley is planning on bringing traders back to its New York headquarters in mid-to-late June, sources say. This…
I like Twitter. Except when I don’t.
Congrats @elonmusk
“There’s nothing I would rather do than get rid of my whole Twitter account.” — Trump a power user just like everyone else on here who pretends he wants to not be on here.
Williams Sonoma splioding
The new way to flatter people in a video chat: Is that your real background or is that one of the pre-loaded backgrounds?
Sony has both the best and the worst designs on here. Kinda tells the story of Sony.
First you go out for dinner… And then …
RT @Hugh_Son: interesting factoid: @BankofAmerica checking accounts below $5,000 actually had 30% to 40% more money in them compared with 1…
“The NYT is a tech company and a tech stock.” — @TheStalwart
RT @laurenthomas: Abercrombie held a VIRTUAL PROM during the quarter and more than 70,000 teens tuned in, CEO Fran Horowitz says.
A village in Sweden is up for sale — only $7 million!
21 million jobless
Q1 GDP -5%
RT @CNBC: COMING UP: @andrewrsorkin's interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Disney CEO on deck. Tune in:
Trump would win over a lot of the people that user Twitter if he could pull this off.
RT @CNBC: Stay-at-home stocks that thrived during market rout are getting clobbered, Zoom is down 7%
How does an 80% pay cut sound?
Ya know when pro athletes sign a massive contracts and then say, I’m so blessed, I’d play this game for free, I love it so much. Yeah, well that's gonna be tested.
Can’t believe I passed on seeing one of their reunion shows. What a whiff. Idiot.
The story of the band Pulp is amazing. Jarvis Cocker just kept shedding bandmates and failing over and over again and then bam, huge success.
RT @CNBC: The market is too optimistic about the recovery, Cramer says: 'It's just not going to work like that'
So that’s why the market slipped
Sell in the beginning of May, then go away, then buy again on May 13 and then go away again.
The best pizza place in our town can’t handle the take out order demand on weekends. Their phone is busy every time I call. And I call a lot.
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