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RT @ATT: @jyarow All hail! 👑 📺 🙌
A lot?
I’d rather go to jail than face a punishment like this.
Love this from @ReformedBroker! Why not mortgage?
“Why am I going to get excited about a good shot when I do it on a regular basis?” — @DJohnsonPGA. I have the same attitude about my tweets.
Uhhhh. Every company needs a Beyond Meat strategy.
RT @eschulze9: SCOOP: The Swiss agency (FDPIC) that David Marcus said today will regulate Libra on data privacy says it has not been in con…
Why would Apple do this now?
Swiss group that's supposed to oversee privacy for Libra says it hasn't heard from Facebook at all r%7Ctwitter&par=sharebar
HBD to ⁦@stevekovach⁩, a true master of the art of covering stonks.
My mom told me to be an influencer.
It doesn’t exist/work yet though?
AT&T restores HBO to its glory days.
RT @Kr00ney: Goldman’s Main Street transformation including the upcoming Apple card is costing it big money — $GS has lost $1.3 billion to…
Holy crap
wait, they jumped because why?
the world is stupid
Maybe the world is smart and you are stupid
$APRN has a $133 mln market cap
"I wouldn’t spend too much time on it.” — Jamie Dimon on Libra.
RT @IvanTheK: Stock market since the open:
This is, perhaps, the best looking sports car, why move away from it?
I’m with this guy.
RT @robotodd: If you missed it, more great reporting from my colleague @LoraKolodny: Tesla employees say they took shortcuts, worked throug…
Sports are weekend thing, so it’s kinda weird to make this only a weekday show, no?
RT @ShannanSiemens: Only one woman?? Also, @KirkHerbstreit was robbed!
EU is gonna hit Amazon harder than Trump.
Many companies do this and don’t give you anything. So, $10 is not so bad?
RT @WilfredFrost: Jamie Dimon on the macro environment. "Its not that bad."
Why is the down chart emoji a blue line and the upchart is a red line?
RT @CNBC: 'I like bitcoin,' says House GOP leader McCarthy while bashing Facebook's Libra coin
Massive tailwind for Trump.
Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) a big bitcoin guy? Defending it on CNBC, story/video coming…
This could mean something. It could mean nothing. Feels closer to the latter, but not a fun week for Google.
If, for some reason, you were wondering why Facebook had Peter Thiel on its board. Beyond his insights on the industry there’s also this.
RT @followtheh: JP Morgan Chase earnings: $2.82 a share, vs $2.50 EPS expected @CNBC
Slack CEO says he doesn't see Microsoft's reach as a threat
Good sampling of business people who are cutting big checks for Trump’s re-election campaign, which has raised over $100 million.
Tech investor and Trump supporter Peter Thiel thinks Elizabeth Warren is the most 'dangerous' Democratic candidate
Tesla employees say they took shortcuts, worked through harsh conditions to meet Model 3 production goals. They provided photos of cameras being taped on with electrical tape.
RT @ByronYork: New NH poll: Marianne Williamson ahead of Booker, Gabbard, Gillibrand, Inslee, and O'Rourke.
Stocks squeak out a record high. Congrats everyone.
RT @kaylatausche: Truer words were never spoken.
Mnuchin feels like he’ll be the last cabinet member standing.
‘Google is not a patriotic company’ Co-founder of Palantir slams Google after Peter Thiel slams Google.
How would Libra be misused by terrorists?
Don’t know this reporter’s name. Don’t see Google Glass often.
Shout out to the person wearing Google Glass to ask a question about bitcoin to Mnuchin.
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