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How I judge time: if it happened in the 80s, it was a little while ago. If it happened after the 80s, it’s not that long ago. (Judging before the 80s varies)
RT @JoshConstine: Amazon’s tips for meetings and writing: 1. Know your objective 2. Good grammar 3. Be concise 4. Include experts 5. Debate…
Seems redundant? Is there any other kids?
Two things can be true. He could have orchestrated a departure from the Raiders because he was unhappy there. All of the things he was accused of doing happened in the past, and he wasn’t found out until now.
“Hard work of many people”?
RT @carlquintanilla: WSJ: "President Trump in a July phone call repeatedly pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate Democratic pre…
RT @mattRosoff: $FIT +21% now and still climbing
RT @ScottGottliebMD: But they'll continue selling combustible cigarettes.
Thus ends @jyarow's career as a trader
Too late! Everyone already redeemed their money from your fund. Thanks for playing
We have a pretty strict redemption policy.
RT @lizrhoffman: Also Larry Ellison: invested in the Softbank fund that owns lots of Uber
Larry Ellison: Uber is “worthless,” they have an app my cat could have written.
RT @kenvogel: 🦅 HERO 🦅
RT @hmeisler: Day 7 gives us 3006. Thanks for playing.
This is a good sign for Trump, if he wants to continue the trade war with China
What a boring market today.
News I can use.
RT @Kr00ney: Fintech company @stripe is climbing the ranks of the most valuable Silicon Valley companies. Now at a $35 billion valuation…
Anyone get these? They as comfortable as AllBirds? (I’ve never worn AllBirds or an AllBirds clone.)
“You don’t make the poor people rich by making rich people poor”|twitter&par=sharebar
RT @jeffCoxCNBCcom: Idea of Warren presidency frightens investors at conference: 'She's not my candidate of choice'…
If you keep a to-do list, do you check off items as soon as you’ve done your part on the to-do, or do you wait until it is completely put to bed and finished?
I have a birthday coming up soon. If you are a member of a top 50 golf course, and you were dying to get me a present, I have an idea for what you can do.
Amazon invests in electric truck maker, then puts in a big order for electric trucks from the company.
RT @jyarow: .@jimcramer: FedEx had the 'most dispiriting call about the economy I've heard in a very long time' r%7Ctwitter&par=sharebar
@jimcramer: FedEx had the 'most dispiriting call about the economy I've heard in a very long time'
RT @CNBC: FedEx CEO Fred Smith mentioned Amazon as one of the company’s main competitors during yesterday’s earnings call.…
There’s something Onion-esque about this headline.
“They” definitely did not decide this.
Roku getting literally nuclearized after Comcast makes its TV streaming box free.
RT @EamonJavers: Fed Chair Jay Powell, dropping some wisdom now: "Sometimes the path ahead is clear, sometimes less so."
Market agrees with Trump. Maybe.
Success is always failure
He should run for president of the world. Might win! 68823827
RT @followtheh: $ROKU LOD -14%
I go to bed at 9:30. Sometimes 10. Usually up between 5 and 6, but that happens against my will.
DEVELOPING: @robotodd goes to bed at 9 PM…
RT @stevekovach: Also an interesting stat: 70% of Apple Watches sold go to first time owners.…
RT @RichLightShed: Originally $5/month --> now #free for all @Xfinity broadband subs
RT @followtheh: If you haven't watched this it's a masterpiece
I don’t like to make fun of cold PR pitches since everyone’s gotta do their job, and as a reporter I sent many cold emails myself. But, this one is just so weird I have to tweet it out.
RT @CNBC: Pelosi to 2020 Democrats: There's no need to reinvent health care — just improve Obamacare
RT @lmoses: Jonah Peretti says BuzzFeed is poised to have "its biggest 4Q in its history," news isn't profitable but lifestyle sites are, v…
NBC names its new streaming service ‘Peacock’
RT @CNBC: 3G Capital disclosed it sold more than 25 million shares of Kraft Heinz.
“I doubt, you know, the U.S. will do a wealth tax but I wouldn’t be against it” — Bill Gates.
This is a big deal. Also feels like the last major rights deal out there before all the streaming services launch in the coming year.
RT @robotodd: Apple is giving people what they want in a phone: battery life and great cameras. Most people should get the $699 iPhone 11.…
RT @alexweprin: "Big Bang" BILLIONS: HBO Max has picked up streaming rights to the CBS sitcom in a multi-year, multi-billion dollar deal: h…
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