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I come from a long line of trolls so of course this is what I got for Father’s Day
RT @discourse: 🎉 Discourse 2.3 is released today, with a new unified flag/review system, staff annotations, ignore, unicode usernames and s…
I have one or two more of these mini-servers to send out for free, if you have a business class / hosting internet connection
yeah WHOO boy good thing Genius wasn't getting those song lyrics inappropriately ripped off that they totally wrote from scratch and they totally deserve to benefit from in perpetuity, forever. Man we all dodged a bullet on that one, eh? 😅
How have I not seen this until today? I’ve already watched it four times. “A-a-ron”
RT @DocPop: In case you missed it, I did an interview with @codinghorror about the Ti-Vayder, his new titanium yo-yo project.…
For example:
It's really pretty simple. 90% of the parenting job is simply showing up. It literally doesn't matter if you do a good job, bad job, whatever, because you won't know until it's far too late if what you did was "right". Showing up. That's the job.
The other 10% is being rich
to be clear, I was also referring to myself there, and most of the first world. And even that doesn't matter if you get the other 90% wrong and don't show up.
Insubordinate.. and churlish
RT @timbray: Our cat, whose name is ~, is eccentric in that she really enjoys being vacuumed. Break out the vacuum and she comes running. h…
RT @ID_AA_Carmack: I ran across some old docs for HP PA-RISC CPUs from ‘94, which were touted as 0.8 micron fabrication. With current 10 na…
RT @SluggoIsLit: Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for June 16, 2019
RT @VPestilenZ: This is the best use for an Apple watch 😂👍 Credit to Nstalgic
"A just god would not make us play this game mode"
RT @Home_Halfway: Twitter is great if you can't afford therapy but you also don't want to get any better.
RT @wiki_tmnt: List of Quaker meeting houses
RT @xkcdComic: Chernobyl
If you're looking for an excellent father's day gift, nothing says ♥ like a titanium yo-yo!
RT @FriendlyAshley: This “Every NIMBY’s Speech at a Public Hearing” post evokes a degree of savagery the likes of which I haven’t seen sinc…
RT @Carnage4Life: Funny to think we went from laughing at for flopping during the dotcom bust to Chewy IPOing and b…
Some action shots with Graeme Stellar. Yes if you buy this yo-yo it makes you that good guaranteed, that is how all of this works
I feel like people don't appreciate my witty multiplayer video game chat banter enough
RT @ShortFormErnie: Did you know that the #NYC subway is largely run on IBM’s OS/2—particularly the MetroCard swipe machines? For tonight’s…
“WeChat provides a window into a world of almost total data-centralization.”
RT @TiggywinklesUK: One of the best descriptions we’ve heard of foxes is that they are ‘cat software running on dog hardware’ – this little…
We launched a titanium yo-yo!
Just finished the first two stories in Ted Chiang’s new Exhalation, and they are fantastic. So so good.
I was a little disappointed overall. One of the longer stories in that collection I had already read elsewhere, somehow, the one about the robot animals.
RT @Seraxiz: omg what @freezydorito
RT @gortok: It was called hover hands until Keanu did it and all of a sudden it’s the sign of a “respectful king” c…
I love going on Facebook and seeing stupid shit like relatives posting photos of univeristy gender-free bathrooms with the caption "has the PC police gone too far?!" and reminding them the bathroom was just like the one in their fucking house, dumbasses
well, actually, at MY house we have a ladies bathroom and a mens bathroom
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delete your presidential run
I feel like this is kinda how super old people are... out of touch.
When (I think using “if” here would be too hopeful) Obama endorses Biden, I am going be extremely disappointed.
RT @ClickHole: Bad News, Gamers: Nintendo Revealed That In The Next ‘Animal Crossing’ Your Character Can’t Find Work And Stays Home Playing…
RT @franklinleonard: It appears we've come to the part of the cycle where folks wrongly accuse a brilliant bit of filmmaking by @ava of bei…
Wow this is awesome. Scene by scene breakdown and infoviz on "true story" hollywood films. Notice that Selma got a shocking.. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Guess what that means for When They See Us, by the same director? 🤔
Hacker News also absorbed this tension by aping that design, but benefits from stricter focus, corporate parent association, and more active moderators.
I realized part of the problem with Reddit culture is the cutthroat, survival-of-the-fittest struggle to get on the main page. Either you win, or you get dumped on the giant "nobody cares / nobody will ever see this" pile. That bleeds over into a lot of other behaviors there.
We’re delighted to welcome @ericabrescia as GitHub’s new Chief Operating Officer. Erica was co-founder and COO of Bitnami and is an experienced open source business leader. Looking forward to working with you Erica!
excellent choice, @ericabrescia is awesome!
RT @deadprogrammer: Oh, shit, an artisanal and curated countertop dryer!
Did anyone catch Division 2 throwing much cutscene shade at the current US administration?
conclusion is, pretty good clone, had all the pieces, instructions worked, but some of the special support bits (particularly the pink transparent carousel struts) don't have great fit. The "typical" pieces are fine!
RT @BoingBoing: Grocer designed embarrassing plastic bags to shame shoppers into bringing reusable ones https://t.c…
Accidentally bought a chinese clone LEGO kit on eBay, because it was listed under the model number of the real LEGO kit. Whoops. I'm game to try it out; how good of a copy is it? We'll see how this goes..
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