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Train to Busan is definitely the best train based zombie movie I've seen!
RT @ComputerLove_: Morris the Cat, A Cat For Our Times Calendar (1986) Uploaded to the Internet Archive by Marcin Wichary.…
RT @aleffert: It’s VERY IMPORTANT that we start calling the Year 2038 bug, where 32-bit Unix time overflows, The Epochalypse. Plz spread.
RT @textfiles: Tonight the GDC highlighted the work of Jerry Lawson ( the engineer who invented the game cartridge…
Atlas Shrugged 2: One Hour Later
If I needed to fulfill and ship ~500 items, what service would you recommend for that? Ideally they could do the "buy" page as well as fulfillment. We'll ship the ~500 items to their warehouse for fulfillment.
I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Apple announcements. This has been a good week.
It is all A12 silicon or death in my house now
"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked."
RT @DocPop: Super Eight is a new beer from @dogfishbeer that can be used to develop film. I can't wait to Tri-X a pint of it.…
RT @DanielPink: Turns out that mentoring helps mentors, too. Police officers who mentored junior colleagues: -- experienced lower levels o…
RT @francescagino: The more time teens spend looking at screens, the more likely they are to report feeling lonely and to report symptoms o…
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Worth noting, in the lawsuit filed by Devin Nunes against his cow, the cow had 1,200 followers. In the 24 hours follow…
Whitney Houston was wrong: children aren't the future. Thanks to increased human longevity, and massive concentration of wealth and power.. old people are the future. 👴👵
Theranos doc: looks like the mini lab could have worked had it been larger, done fewer tests or used more blood? Shame this is now a nuclear wasteland and nobody will touch the idea.
That was my immediate and first thought, double the size of the box. Fewer tests would be good too.
I think that’s the unknown part — how good was any of the tech, realistically. But even if we accept that the tech *could* have worked, it didn’t. And even worse, it didn’t work the way it was promised and explicitly stated it worked and worse it was handling real patient data.
RT @RavenKwok: I sorted the entire CJK Unified Ideographs Unicode block based on each glyph's similarity to a pattern, in this case, a shor…
Another day.. another SHOCKING 23andme revelation
RT @gabsmashh: #naughtytexts
RT @neilhimself: Many years ago, I sent a white-faced silent clown to a friend's wedding. He turned up, sat in the back during the service,…
RT @sarahjeong: The internet gets better when the platforms make themselves less functional. What does this say about the situation we're i…
Update: I had to go into Exchange admin console and remove myself from quarantine.
finally, a computer capable of running Chrome
I think you meant to say "run Chrome and load the Verge homepage"
New phone. Added my Office 365 account. This was stuck in my inbox. Yes MS halted sync on my account while I ponder outlook mobile. Srsly. This is like some sort of time out or Apple Mail penalty box. Crazy. 🧠💥
I’ve seen reports of this but never been able to replicate. Did you add via ActiveSync?
one way to gain market share. Keep your users hostage.
The moment when the @outlook team wakes up and realizes they are today’s character: @koush
RT @anildash: Try @Glitch, we won't extract your blood. Probably!
Here is an interview with this guy. He’s still alive.. somehow. He is on the facebooks
The original design called for the rail to be five and a half feet high, but this was lowered to four feet in the final blueprint ..
Strauss’s stature—he was only five feet tall—may have been a factor in the decision. Known as “the little man who built the big bridge,” Strauss may simply have wanted to be able to see over its side.
Fabrication of the stainless-steel netting and structural pieces began offsite in May 2017 after years of debate and installation of the netting on-site began in August 2018. The netting is scheduled to be complete in 2021 at a projected cost of $211 million
On March 10, 2011, 17-year-old Luhe "Otter" Vilagomez from Windsor High School in Windsor, California, survived a jump from the bridge, breaking his coccyx and puncturing one lung, though he said his attempt was for "fun" and not suicide. 😰
“I instantly realized that everything in my life that I’d thought was unfixable was totally fixable—except for having just jumped.”
RT @psaffo: "lettuce is not food. It’s decorated water."
RT @Carnage4Life: Tech press continually fail to appreciate scale of Facebook & YouTube. At 2B users, having 99.9% good users still leaves…
"the irony that her anti-consumerist art is being used to sell clothing is not lost on her"
RT @Carnage4Life: Facebook planned to save local journalism with a feature called "Today In" which showed 5 news stories daily from local s…
RT @CuriousZelda: Carpet fluffy Carpet wide Carpet always By my side
RT @PPathole: Sometimes when I’m programming in JavaScript I just want to yell “Fuck this” but I can’t remember what “this” refers to.
RT @DinaPomeranz: Very cool! A “Bar Chart Race” showing the changing ranks of the 10 biggest cities in the world since 1500. By @jburnm…
After the third unsolicited followup "guest post on your blog" email I couldn't take it any more
looks like it'll be a nice balmy 296K tomorrow
awright, Google news. Temps in KELVIN? Seriously?
"typically, once the helper rat frees his companion, he follows the liberated rat. He jumps on him and he licks him —apparently to console the distressed animal."
RT @RichRogersIoT: "I bought my boss two copies of The Mythical Man Month so that he could read it twice as fast." - @rkoutnik…
Freedom of Speech ≠ Freedom of Reach
Happy St. Patrick's Day to the Future's Greatest Irishman
RT @deadprogrammer: "Every day, every day I slowly realize / Every single thing I used to know and trust is run by people just like me" The…
Democracy is hard
In n out as a @nathanwpyle comic with two aliens: “Do you enjoy the succulent meat discs?” “Yes the succulent meat discs are quite good” “And the extruded styrofoam sticks?” “The salty extruded styrofoam sticks are awful”
In-N-Out Burger knows it could change a recipe and make its fries actually taste good right?
keep fighting the good fight I am with you my man
I got new glasses. I had to re-train Windows Hello, but I did *not* have to re-train the iPhone or iPad.
Meanwhile, in India
Uh oh.. the plot thickens, at 23andme (it's actually my dad.. fortunately)
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