Deputy business editor at the Los Angeles Times, overseeing tech coverage. FAQ: It's burr-KOH-vih-see.
RT @Sammy_Roth: Los Angeles is still powered by a coal plant in Utah. We’re finally shutting it down — and building a gas-fired power plant…
The Thiel doctrine: We shouldn't invade other countries, but if we do, we should make it worthwhile by committing war crimes
that's a metric toddle, btw. an Imperial toddle is when the person is biting and kicking you the whole time because they don't want to go home in the first place
A "toddle" is defined as the distance to your house you are able to walk carrying a person who has decided they don't want to walk anymore
Those Uber and Lyft drivers who rallied last week against a California bill that would give them employee rights? They got paid to be there. Scoop from @JMBooyah
The I'm Independent Coalition, backed by Uber, Lyft and the CA Chamber of Commerce, is issuing credits of up to $100 to compensate drivers for lost wages, travel & parking in coming to Sacramento to protest Assembly Bill 5
can't consider the partriarchy smashed until men are using fans at their desks to stay cool while women feel comfortable in sleeveless shirts
this sounds really good tbh
make sure you read this guide to the hottest Prime Day deals before you do any shopping today
Am I the only one who thinks of Sonderkommandos every time I hear this company's name?
If you told me this fellow did anything other than work at a cryptocurrency startup, I would say, thank you, but I think you should double check that
RT @mattBors: Giving space to discuss climate change is bad because then we have to talk about other issues and ways to solve those. Where…
Glad I don't own any Bitcoin because I might've had a heart attack this morning when Medium for some reason resurfaced this 18-month-old Bloomberg article and sent it to me
Follow Johana for updates from Sacramento, where gig worker are assembling today in a bid to influence the direction of the on-demand economy
An editor once said to me "That's not a story — that's not even a tweet!" 😂
I used to get “did you write this with your feet?”
Can't wait to check back in 16 years and see what he left out
If I were Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders I would have 10 million copies of this story printed up and drop them from airplanes over every city in America
the elite centrist assumption that everyone's politics are deadly boring beliefless calculations is maybe the best sign that they don't know what they're talking about, even as they claim to speak for some silent dull majority
the first thing you should realize when you talk to *anyone* about politics is that everyone's beliefs are, under close scrutiny, weird as hell and often, in small ways, far outside your idea of the mainstream. (you can easily seem this way to others, too!)
Someone wrote a pretty good data-centric piece showing how the “ordinary” centrist voter is an illusion that emerges from averaging out everyone’s eclectic individual views. Can’t remember who though
Ahem, I have a new nuclear take, which is that air travel is far too comfortable. In-flight amenities are a moral hazard that encourages unsustainable, carbon-intensive travel habits. I say get rid of the TVs and beverage service & pack more seats in. Who's with me?
love reading books but hate my twetes? here are some twetes from four people much better than me, telling you to preorder this book below!
Yeah but that second guy said your book was second best.
"I'm still waiting for my copy" you can feel free to use that as a blurb or whatever if you want
Wow. One of Vanity Fair's marquee writers says she "was silenced" by editor @EGraydonCarter when she tried to write what she knew about Jeffrey Epstein. Reminiscent of the way @HeadlineJohnson made sure Page Six didn't report the truth about Harvey Weinstein.
Rather bonkers look from a company that has benefited from largely friendly media coverage. Most of the hostility I've seen toward Impossible has been coming from the keto community
Dowd's foundational belief is that symbols are meaningful. She has to believe that, because if she were to admit that Manolos and tan suits and whatever are just bullshit distractions from real questions of power & justice, her entire career would look grotesque.
This Maureen Dowd column tells me a great deal about what Nancy Pelosi wears and eats, and absolutely nothing about why she, or Dowd herself, believes the best progressives can ever hope for is a semi-successful rearguard action.
Government pays for high school but not college ==> Poor people can afford to go to high school but not college ==> "Only rich people go to college, why would we help them?"
Brett Stephens reducing all criticisms of his lazy thinking and shitty writing to one easily waved away accusation of white supremacy is as perfect a demonstration of the Brett Stephens M.O. as you’re gonna get
Derp Patterns
I get that everything has to be politicized now and I sort of understand the structural reasons for that but it would be cool if "everyone's vote should count" was the exception because if that were the case we could fix most of the big problems in like a year
I mean maybe the mere sound of Robert Costa’s voice brings hospital executives the kind of ecstasy that’s worth $30k a pop? But I think it’s probably influence buying
ICYMI Bob Woodward and other name-brand journalists are extravagantly on the take from lobbyists
Turns out "Follow the money" is Bob Woodward's motto in more ways than one! (As in, follow the money from the healthcare lobbyists, to Woodward's family foundation, to the Ivy League college that admits his kids)
one thing i got super into when i went to europe is the espresso freddo (medium sweet) which is just espresso whipped up with this stirry electric machine, over ice i want it over here now
both cold brew and iced coffee are bad all hail the iced americano
this is The Correct Take. Only problem with the iced Americano order is 1. being the asshole who holds everyone else up ordering an espresso drink and 2. when they put the hot espresso directly in the plastic cup, gah
ice+water then espresso plus a touch of creme = perf
iced Americano is the only coffee I like without milk...but I like it even better with a little! COFFEE TWINS OMG
Journalism Twitter hive mind: Besides Judy Miller’s WMD stories, can you think of other powerful examples of hyped or sensationalized articles or broadcasts leading to great harm?
Goldberg's WMD story in the New Yorker, of course
It's been 15 years since the New York Post ripped off my first scoop without attribution. Now they're doing it to my reporters. The circle of life.
Honored to say I was down at HQ during the testing and had the privilege to sample some Pacqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips (more heat/worse flavor)
This was one of my most ham-fisted trolls ever. I'm embarrassed for everyone who got so triggered.
Here's the full email from Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney
Valid questions remain about how GrubHub communicated these fine-print policies to restaurants and how it wields its power over them. But worth correcting the record here given how much airtime these claims have received.
Maloney also says GrubHub has always transferred ownership of the domains it purchased to any restaurants that asked for them. Accusations that GrubHub was blocking them from establishing their own web presences (cf. screenshot) appear unfounded.
In internal email, CEO Matt Maloney says standard contract with restaurants contained "very clear provision" allowing GrubHub to create websites for them until 2018. We've seen the contract language, it's in there.
You know those restaurants saying GrubHub created fake websites for them without their permission? Turns out they gave permission. Scoop from @jamesbcutchin
I don't see what the big deal about tariffs on European scotch and whiskey is. All brown liquor (bourbon, U.S. whiskey, whatever) tastes the same
That’s what makes the imports so vulnerable to tariffs.
Not even ratioed. Losing your touch
"The political mood is turning against tech companies….But the measures to address platform problems are usually ambitious to the point of implausibility…In comparison, making tax returns public is a relatively easy lift."
Next time someone's trying to convince you algorithmic internet rabbit holes don't radicalize people, remember that the guy who created 8chan says they absolutely do
This story is incredible, and one of the saddest things I've ever read, on many levels
In 2019 even the most severely mediocre public intellectuals understand there’s no non-loaded way to identify one particular group of Americans as “ordinary”...except one
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