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This reminds me of something a Fox News exec told me once. He said nursing homes would complain the Fox News logo got permanently burned into their TV screens because the residents never changed the channel
FB was a walled garden, by design. It was only in response to Twitter's rise that they shifted gears to stuff like one-sided following and public figure pages.
Zuck's Iraq War retcon was funny, but it's worth remembering that the entire idea of Facebook as a way to give people a "voice" is kind of a retcon too. For years, FB was basically a way of sharing with people you knew. It didn't offer any more "voice" than an email blast.
I too would like credit for being an egalitarian without giving up my vast fortune
I learned speeches and am kind of mind blown that spaghetti exists
Did you learn: king phillip came over for great spaghetti or: king phillip came over for graduation speeches?
King Phillip Cried Out "For Goodness Sakes!" this is crazy
from germany swimming
There they go again, those resentful anti-progress Luddites like <squints> the CEO of Twilio?
[taps foot, looks at watch, scans sky for asteroid] [mutters] C'mon motherfucker, I know you're up there, stop playing with us [looks at watch again, shakes head, taps foot]
Another notable aspect of Zuck's speech today was how he tailored it to a progressive audience, talking about FB as platform for Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, anti-Iraq War protests. Will he be talking out of a different side of his mouth when he goes on Fox News tomorrow?
Zuckerberg Murders Strawman
this is quite the retcon
I have read and re-read Zuck's speech, and I cannot locate the thesis — it most stridently argues that... social media should exist, and that Facebook is doing the best it can to moderate its platform. Okay?
lol I liked the part where he really quickly talked about the global political climate right now is a lot like the lead up to World War I and then didn't acknowledge that the period leading up to World War I led to... you know... World War I
It's pure ball-hiding. Anytime you're talking about who should have speech and how much, you're not talking about engagement-driven algorithmic curation or deep data collection, which are the real things that make Facebook dangerous
Thank god you got it. A very nothing burger and most of coverage did not reflect that.
If Zuck didn't know this already (he did) he could have read it in @cwarzel's column the other day. But it's so much easier to pretend criticism of Facebook is just elite fear & loathing about the little people getting their turn at the microphone®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=3&pgtype=collection
A secondary problem is individuals merely act within this perverse incentive structure, and are acted upon by it. It's only powerful entities like nation states, advertisers, political campaigns etc. that have the resources to master it and target their messages effectively.
This is why it's so frustrating to watch Zuck plying his "I guess Facebook is just too democratic for some people" line year after year. It's like saying you hate democracy because you want to get rid of super PACs and gerrymandering. Voices and votes=good, obscure machinery=bad
The problem with Facebook isn't that it gives people voices. It's that it amplifies & incentivizes certain types of voices & speech that yield the most valuable ad inventory. It's the incentive structure that drives division, not the proliferation of voices
Zuck: "Some people believe giving more people a voice is driving division rather than bringing people together" This is, and has always been, a canard. Zuck loves it because it redirects criticism from what's bad about Facebook toward what's good about Facebook
what's up with Zuck's new all black look? Is this like Luke Skywalker's costume in Return of the Jedi that let us know he's been through some shit?
Zuck's section on China was interesting. He came close to implying FB stayed out of China on principle, which goes against what we know. Then said being shut out gives FB "more freedom to speak up and fight for free expression around the world"
"I believe in giving people a voice because at the end of the day I believe in people" OH SHIT HERE COME THE WATERWORKS😭😭😭
"Practically, even if we wanted to ban political ads it's not always clear where you draw the line" ☝️ Given how relatively little FB makes from political ads vs. the headaches they cause, I suspect this is the major reason they won't ban them. Just sets them up for failure
"Just 100 years ago many of the stories people are sharing now would've been against the law to even write down" uh what zuck?
I'm finding that when I go to I can no longer see his public posts without logging in (I deactivated my account). Is this new? I feel like I've seen them there as of a few months ago
China is doing an incredible job of mainstreaming American anti-China jingoism with their heavyhanded attempts to censor US companies and consumers
More and more I think one answer to this question is because they believe class war/climate justice tribunals/societal collapse are coming and they need to be rich enough to buy the luxury bunker and private army
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A cool thing about the Bay Area is how everyone does extreme fitness activities but no one ever flaunts their fitness by crossing the street at more than 2 mph
Increasingly clear, as @AdamSerwer said, Facebook knows which side its bread is buttered on. Right-wing news performs way better in News Feed. Fox News performs best of all. Why run away from that and get punished vs. embracing it and getting rewarded?
just do Alex Jones already and get it over with Mark
uh Facebook are you sure you want to get into crypto? "facilitating child pornography rings" is like the one bad headline you've (mostly) managed to avoid
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Maybe the real capitalists are all the countries that understand paying two bucks on premiums and co-pays to save a buck on taxes is a shit deal?
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of fucking course 60:1 was actually the ratio here before 30 years of neoliberalism. the twitter economy is equitable in its distribution of self-owns
If Josef Stalin (my personal hero) was not sincere about economic fairness, maybe no one is??! Makes you think
The way the Times keeps stepping on its genitals in its search for persuadable moderates says something about the validity of swing-voter-driven electoral theories in the year of our lord 2019. But they’re really not interested in hearing it
Wow a HUGE truck just went by
If you are watching the ol’ football game right now there is a strong chance you’d be interested in this very beautiful & authoritative book on the @packers by @MarkBeech2pt0. A perfect gift for those weird Wisconsin relatives you can only talk to about sports
“Should I set up a Nest cam in the window to catch the neighbor kid who’s been riding his bike through our gravel?” is a thought I had on this, my 85th birthday
I wonder: Obviously if AOC were to do something genuinely hypocritical like patronize a business that exploited workers, these guys would have no trouble calling her out for that, too. But would they even spot the hypocrisy? Or is exploitation just the water they swim in?
How dare a socialist pay above market rate for beauty services? How is that consistent with a commitment to workers’ welfare?
Apparently it’s an episode from 2015 but, like, why did no one think to pull it?
@xeni I am listening to @Freakonomics Radio on @KQED right now and they are interviewing John Brockman about outdated ideas in science. I can’t believe my ears
been coming to the cheeseboard to get pizza for 13 years and the same older gentleman has been slinging pies and remembers me back when i ate pizza sitting on the grassy median with other cal students he fistbumped me and i felt young again, ty cheeseboard guy
Missed you by maybe 5 minutes
It’s not closing, is it? I’ve been going half my life.
San Francisco is considering a ‘tech approval’ committee and my experience today is why i oppose it. I need to make a call back at my place, so i checked google maps. showed traffic was bad, so i took a Jump bike instead of the bus. Tech makes the city livable for me
save yourself a click and take the bike every time!
hmm, i like taking buses when i can, because i work on my phone on the way
i dig that. BART is pretty much when i catch up on longreads
“on to something”
This seems like a good place to note that labor unions gave us the 5-day workweek
It's the age-old tale of entrepreneurship & unintended consequences: You try to make an app where people post photos of dank bud, you end up making an app where people post videos of human skulls getting smashed by hammers
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