Husband, father, builder, Co-founder @BloqInc, @SpaceChain & others, proud son of a USMC F-4 pilot.
RT @SimoneGiertz: I got tired of waiting for @Tesla to release their pickup truck so I made my own. #TRUCKLA
So fascinating! In 2010, many crypto-heads wondered if #bitcoin would wake the beast: Would BTC would be insta-banned as a thread to US supremacy and the US dollar, as the "Smash The State" activists dreamed. Will #Libra be that wake-up moment?
RT @WayneVaughan: Should the government have full visibility and control over all financial transactions in its jurisdiction?
#OpenTransfer via @theinformation , "While users of the FB digital wallet that stores Libra tokens will have to submit government-issued ID to buy Libra tokens, people without IDs will still be able to buy Libra through third-party vendors", Kevin Weil, FB VPoP for Calibra
Governance take - Private Central Banks are becoming a thing. The #Libra Association may be a private clone of the FOMC. Private, voluntary, semi-decentralized associations managing a money will become real, catalyzed by #bitcoin and #cryptocurrency
The first question is the only question, really. #thread
Another perspective (monetary colonialism?) #short #thread
Decent take, even if we don't agree on several points
RT @jgarzik: #LongRead #WorthReading #DataPoint #blockchain #cryptocurrency
RT @HaileyLennonBTC: FINRA has sat for months on roughly 40 broker-dealer applications from companies dealing in crypto assets. Stonewalle…
RT @MET_Token: One year ago, the @MET_Token contracts were launched and the initial supply auction began. Read the team's initial thoughts…
RT @MihailoBjelic: Apparently OCamlPro engineers are forking Tezos. They're creating a $1M SPV to fund the fork. This proves that on-chain…
#LongRead #WorthReading #DataPoint #blockchain #cryptocurrency
RT @NeerajKA: “unbeknown to Yousafzai, a staffer had left on a cat filter, meaning he appeared with feline ears and whiskers throughout the…
RT @jdrive: SIM swap horror story: I've lost decades of data and Google won't lift a finger via @ZDNet & @palmsolo
RT @balajis: Amazing video. Google was scraping Genius’ content and showing it to users without sending them to Genius. Google denied it. G…
RT @BarbaraSmoyer: "This is an extraordinary event that should have never happened," he told a news conference. "It's very serious. We can'…
You might have to wait a second for the video to load properly on mobile. Here’s the full article with the video embedded within: Impressive work by @dumbnamenumbers and team
Amazing video. Google was scraping Genius’ content and showing it to users without sending them to Genius. Google denied it. Genius proved it by embedding a hidden message in the apostrophes of their text. Applied steganography for plagiarism detection!
Or an open source version of the Canary Trap
Why would it ever make sense to tell the other side that you're about to crash their infrastructure?
Manufacturing domestic consent.
- To queue up cyber-MAD - Give the Russians a taste of their own medicine, in terms of sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt - Force the adversary to spend lots of resources double-checking systems and resetting security
From the Interesting Port Scans dept.... New Ubuntu box on the net w/ ufw. Firewall logs show all sorts of probes to allegedly #Huawei related TCP ports
RT @SamoBurja: America's institutions today are beset by the Succession Problem: Founders are unable to produce successors who can match t…
RT @bytemaster7: The difference between universal basic income and democracy is that politicians decide how to spend tax dollars in democra…
RT @barrysilbert: Interesting chart. Universe of tokens available to investors in the U.S. is rapidly decreasing
Pro-housing warrior
In a #BlackMirror, #deepfake world, how long until... Human drones paid to walk around town, generating data trails for fake identities, then selling those data-rich virtual identities.
RT @atlasobscura: Today, the warren of underground tunnels appears flash-frozen in time, an underground Vesuvius where the clock stopped. S…
RT @atlasobscura: Everyone from military generals to celebrities have been said to use Track 61 for clandestine movements.…
RT @archpng: 400-Year-Old Colonial Church Emerges From Waters In Mexico
This would make for a great hackathon:
RT @walterolson: If missed: Britain has introduced Unexplained Wealth Orders, by which some asset holders can be made to prove their wealth…
RT @elimeixler: “The situation in Hong Kong is out of control. They can't believe that Carrie Lam or Beijing leaders are so stupid that the…
RT @walterolson: If missed: Britain has introduced Unexplained Wealth Orders, by which some asset holders can be made to prove their wealth…
RT @Crypto_Guppy: @jgarzik I think #SpendingSats sounds better.
Explained to my 10 yo why ambitious people tend to have a higher ratio of ability/arrogance at 25 than 21. Real-world tests simultaneously decrease their arrogance and increase their ability.
Insurance company auto data shows a cliff with young men around age 25, where self control increases and risk taking decreases, with brain development slowing down. Real world data backing up modern #neuroscience
RT @conorsen: @TheStalwart If you’re not over 25 I’ll be disappointed:
What about #UsingSats ?
RT @RebeccaSpang: Thrilled to be on the op-ed page of the @FT! word limit was very tight (my 714 cut down to 615) so here follow a few expl…
RT @JuanLlanos: @angela_walch "It may be illegal now, or in the future, to acquire, own, hold, sell or use Bitcoins in one or more countrie…
RT @GS_VCactivist: Deepfakes have got Congress panicking. This is what it needs to do. - MIT Technology Review
RT @mikko: The official mobile app of the Spanish soccer league would record audio to identify soccer games, and use the geolocation of the…
RT @tylercowen: A short history of freedom in Hong Kong, and the world:
RT @ianbremmer: The second-worst Ebola outbreak in history is happening right now.
RT @chainyoda: Courtesy @GreenwichAssoc #blockchain #defi
RT @joshchin: Protest in the age of digital surveillance:
RT @nktpnd: Telegram founder/CEO attributes massive DDoS attack on the service mostly to PRC-based attackers; corresponds to “state-actor s…
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