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RT @ManMadeMoon: Just need to thank Mulvaney for this absolute GIFT of a pose! You, sir, are what keeps me subscribed to Adobe. https://t.…
RT @ClimateBen: The Arctic: 1. 95% of old ice gone 2. ice free by 2021-2031 3. fastest warming place on Earth 4. no evidence sea ice will…
From the @nytimes’ California newsletter, this casual line about a refinery fire near SF: “Here’s how such incidents can contribute to California’s sky-high gas prices.” It’s rubbish of course - gas prices are very cheap and too cheap, given the #climatecrisis
RT @tomkiss: Wow. The new “zero emissions” buses in Brighton are geofenced and can only use their batteries for a ~1 mile stretch of road i…
I think this is what they call 'A Moment' Nice work, @FatboySlim https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=95&v=qtuvP8En0vU
RT @oliviasolon: Some of the headlines it published https://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/apr/25/mmr-scare-analysis
RT @oliviasolon: This is good but let's not forget that the Daily Mail was one of the main amplifiers of discredited doctor Andrew Wakefiel…
FWIW: This power blackout has been managed so badly. Minimal, contradictory and last minute communication from PG&E, who've relied on the media to do the work for them. Whole thing smells of their bankrupt horse having already bolted and over-compensating, chaotically, this time.
Brilliant Costing the Earth on R4 right now. Very uplifting to hear that Orkney's renewable energy system often works so well they have to *switch if off* because it's making too much power. Great stuff. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0009372
RT @OwenJones84: Wow. Now THIS is a campaign ad.
RT @jessphillips: Dude unlike you I don't do it alone! https://twitter.com/freespirited_p/status/1181639898564050946
Such a pleasure @mariafarrell, as always https://twitter.com/mariafarrell/status/1181485195754692608
RT @_CatherineAllen: Tech and VR sectors please take note! https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613630/training-a-single-ai-model-can-emit-as-much-carbon-as-five-cars-in-their-lifetimes/
RT @dlberes: “The multibillion-dollar illegal wildlife trade has found refuge on social media and e-commerce websites, which have failed to…
RT @mariafarrell: 1. Not a royalist. 2. Hope they take the Mail to the ....ing cleaners. https://twitter.com/IanDunt/status/1179119250914631681
"snake-filled moat" heh
Saw Naomi Klein talking about her new book in Oakland last night. She shared this, so I'm sharing it with you: https://theintercept.com/2019/04/17/green-new-deal-short-film-alexandria-ocasio-cortez/
Plastic teabags shed billions of microplastic particles. No surprise there - they are an abomination in every respect. (Confusingly this headline doesn't make it clear that it's those *plastic* teabags being studied here, cc @guardian ) cc @teapigs https://www.theguardian.com/food/2019/sep/27/milk-sugar-microplastics-some-tea-bags-found-to-shed-billions-of-particles
RT @MarinaHyde: Woman after woman after woman after woman has had to stand up tonight and plead with Boris Johnson to moderate his language…
Fabulous piece that will answer questions you hadn't even thought of yet about robots, consciousness and spirituality. Thank you, @Davoh https://onezero.medium.com/could-a-robot-have-a-mystical-experience-10fa374c3f86
RT @siobhannyc: @Medium is launching a new site for black and brown men, which will be run by my longtime collaborator @JermaineHall. HE IS…
Something for the weekend: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/sep/13/new-zealand-man-copywriter-clown-redundancy
This, with knobs on >> https://twitter.com/oliviasolon/status/1156633472791748608
RT @jonworth: So the order to prorogue is done That means V12.1 of the #BrexitDiagram to cover that Makes no difference whatsoever to the…
RT @Aiannucci: If Boris Johnson were Winston Churchill. ‘Look, we’re bored of this war. It’s gone on long enough. Time to go home. It’ll be…
So assuming there is an October general election, who on earth do we vote for now to maximise the chance of staying in the EU?! Do I have to hold my nose and vote libdem?
This story makes me so homesick: https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2019/aug/29/volunteers-restore-cerne-abbas-giant-to-former-glory
Cc @bobbyllew xx https://twitter.com/tomkiss/status/1166296151571742720
RT @ChefConsultant: Just to remind you : I am constantly on British Media, I have cooked twice for @RoyalFamily I was head chef at London 2…
RT @violadavis: This gave me chill bumps!!! Never be silent!! Brazil, you have my support! 🇧🇷❤️❤️❤️ #PrayForAmazonia #SaveTheAmazon https:/…
RT @Strike4Youth: Hey @BorisJohnson you’ve just been signed up for a Geography GCSE to teach you about climate change 🌍 We can help you re…
Beautiful film about Britain's hottest day, by the very talented Owen Tozer, on IG https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en https://vimeo.com/351429623
I love and respect these women so much. They give me so much hope. https://twitter.com/rabiasquared/status/1163887576790577153
What’s it like to wear a suit?
They usually have sleeves, unfortunately
I am in DC. It was a real question.
RT @SamTLevin: Two LA Sheriff deputies approached #RyanTwyman's car with guns drawn, and within 30 secs, began firing. As the car rolled aw…
RT @CarolineLucas: Wishing everyone a really wonderful #BrightonPride2019 Stay safe and have an amazing day! #WeStandTogether #Brighton #…
i cant believe your first vet visit in prospect heights was that long ago #tbt
happy fifth birthday to Bruna, my poorly behaved dogchild
happy fifth birthday bruna!
Yo meet @benjaminchait who also has a fine dog that answers to the name "is that a Burner?"
Happy birthday Bruna from my squad
RT @UglyGerry: It's here. GERRY. A font created by your congressional districts. Log on to http://UglyGerry.com and use the font to tell…
This is fabulous impossi-news Just please don't wrap it in bloody plastic, @ImpossibleFoods https://twitter.com/robaeprice/status/1157025521353388032
I would settle for a list of ‘People over 50 who managed to finish anything’ https://twitter.com/theamscho/status/1157021934539853824
RT @_JayMcgregor: Friends! After nearly two years of hard work, I’m excited to finally reveal @pointreport’s project for funding investigat…
RT @alessabocchi: Hong Kong protestors are on another level. Here they’re using lasers to avoid facial recognition cameras. A cyber war aga…
Aw, watching Fortnite Live coverage and remembering that time me and @keefstuart went up to the head of sports to pitch an esports section and he laughed in our face happy memories
The living, breathing anachronism that is Jacob Rees Mogg. Journalists the world over eyerolling https://twitter.com/itvnews/status/1154782412557168643
It's ridiculous how complex and expensive this was, given that changing away from gas boilers will account for a significant part of the $1tn cost of transition to a carbon neutral UK. What's your plan to help people make this move, #theresavilliers? cc @CarolineLucas https://twitter.com/tomkiss/status/1154377676771287040
me, fwiw: in most NYT pieces i come in as close to 1200 (or whatever the mandated word count is) as possible because i know how much it sucks to give someone 4000 words to slice and dice for my book i was asked to write 70 to 80,000 words i turned in 140,000 had to cut 30,000
help me compare my style to you bc im curious writers: when your editor gives you 1200 words, in general, do you turn in a. 900 b. 1200 c. 2400
c. I wrote 2000, turned in 1300, a savvy editor wrestled it to 1100 we turned some of the leavings into a sidebar the problem is that if you get excited enough about a topic to write something really good, you find a lot that's almost that good you want to throw in too
1300. I don’t think I have ever successfully gone under word count once in my entire life 😫
From an ed's point of view, I think anything more than 200 above the wordcount is rude and a bit lazy. Soz :-/
Depends on the editor and pub. When I was at the Merc News in early days, editors would even open a file to read a story if it was over budgeted length...At previous gig at @newsobserver in 90s, they basically dared us to convince them a story was worth more words.
Argue first that it’s a 2500 word story.
d. 4000 cc @wjrothman
Depends if straight news, feature, etc. POLITICO puts out short updates, “whiteboards,” to Pro subscribers with a strict 250-word limit, which has taught me to write short. (I might turn in 150 words for those.) But if a feature limit is 1,500, I might try to sneak 200 extra in.
Your editor gives you a word count target?
Beautifully considered piece by @felipearaujo_fa on our subconscious behaviours around our smartphones... https://onezero.medium.com/i-made-myself-lose-my-phone-ac1a4c7f8812
Lovely stuff Keith, thank you xx https://twitter.com/keefstuart/status/1153324215384379392
RT @DA_Banks: Cakes that look like other things are called “deepcakes” now. Sorry those are the rules.
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