NO WAY!! He actually takes it apart too! The attention to detail is amazing:
Oh man, i have some *major* competition headed my way. This kid is durability testing a phone he made himself! (show him some love)
Always credit everyone
No one should be credited with anything ever
The world may never know. #ShotoniPhone
Practice makes perfect! Don't let anyone stop you from accomplishing your dreams!
"You're actually really good at art." - Cambry
Be gentle with Apples new iPod Touch:
New video in 15 minutes!!
Nobody: Me: buys iPod touch
Alright. Ill say it. The Apple watch is the best fitness tracker ever. What's 2nd place though?
I’m always amazed by the disconnect between what we see in the news and the reality of the world around us. As my late friend Hans Rosling would say, we must fight the fear instinct that distorts our perspective:
This is super interesting.
Wanna see the guts of the Pixel 3a?
New video in 15 minutes!!
I was thirsty. And if I used my hands... I probably would have broken the glass.
LEAK!: The next iPhone doesn't come with a back unless you pay and extra $1,000 😮 /S
will it shoot, edit and upload the videos for me?
You can buy a Tesla Model 3... or an Apple Desktop 🤷‍♂️ same same.
Welp... $6k for an 8 core tower with 32GB of RAM. Think we can beat it, folks?
Guaranteed. WITH a blindfold, and one arm tied behind your back.
Red Magic 3 Teardown! Does the internal Fan Blow?
New video in 15 minutes!! Lets see if that fan actually does anything.
RT @whatsinside: Hey @Rivian how many RT’s for a ride?
This gaming phone has a FAN inside. Like a legit spinny blowy thing to keep it cool. Check it out:
New video in 15 minutes!!
Going live with @ifixit in 30 minutes! (For real this time) link below:
This is the screen of my 2 year old daily driver: a Galaxy S8+. The burn in is now messing with the screen colors and making it hard to edit pics and watch videos. I can replace the screen myself for $190 but Ill lose water resistance. After 2+ years, I think its time to upgrade.
Think Googles new Plastic Pixel 3a can survive a durability test?:
New video in 15 minutes!!
Lego is running on 100% renewable energy. Nice work @LEGO_Group!
Nice work @LEGO_Group! 👊
Ok. soon.
Learn something new every day. Thank you!
OnePlus 7 Pro Teardown! Is the pop up camera waterproof? Let's take a look:
New Video in 15 minutes!!
So, I get a lot of emails... Todays winner: "After careful consideration, we would like to invite you to review our makeup brushes" Which of my many extensive makeup tutorials did you carefully consider before coming to this conclusion? I'm flattered.
Come hang out. Going live in 2 hours! @iFixit
So... i did something to @Casey Neistats Apple watch...
Apple and Amazon cut a deal that upended the Mac resale market
Reason number 678 that Apple sucks.
Wanna see what's under the hood of Mercedes first all electric vehicle?
New video in 15 minutes!!
After the US took down Huawei, could DJI be next? tm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
If trump touches DJI we riot.
To be fair... the first drone was indeed my fault. But the SECOND drone?! That was *your* idea.
strong turnout 🙃💪 @DavidDobrik
I have some big projects coming up that should help everyone get around easier. Hopefully ill be finished and ready to launch sometime in July.
Got my hands on Asus Zenfone 6. I love that it's flat bezelless. AND I love the idea of using the main camera as an A+ selfie camera. But WOW this flipping hinge seems fragile 😬
..did someone say 'fragile'?
Moar cool POV ft @steviestatus
Working on a dumb stupid shot for the OP7 review but watch till the end 🤓
Just drop the whole camera.....
Wanna see how the motorized OnePlus 7 Pro camera works?
New video in 15 minutes!
"By unleashing American oil, natural gas, and clean coal, workers like you are helping to fuel America's historic economic BOOM!"
RT @OnePlus_USA: We're live with @ZacksJerryRig to year down the #OnePlus7Pro! Tune in to see what lies under the hood.…
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