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Actually like few i have ever seen. Hate her or like her, Elizabeth Warren has thought things through and you know where she stands... https://twitter.com/tikigod18/status/1164098552894840832
Common misperception: the Chinese Communist Party Centenary is in 2021 and there could easily be a change at the top at that point. Do not be naive https://twitter.com/AlumiuTim/status/1163951178771771392
Can't like them all! https://twitter.com/apala56/status/1163973083159564288
We are playing the long game when both leading candidates are anti-China and i think Warren is a leading candidate in the Democratic Party https://twitter.com/tee_vptee3/status/1163985387221483520
Have you listened to Elizabeth Warren? She doesn't just think they took our jobs she is also talking about how they despoil our environment... https://twitter.com/Venturinglist/status/1163991383457140736
You know i liked VFF very much...Can't highlight them all. Still reeling from the weakness in that $CGC q https://twitter.com/StocksWarlock/status/1164001041140072448
Drafting tonight---any sleepers?? Will have live tweets of rounds.. post-mortem We will be your Wall Street Fantasy One Stop Destination
@BruceKamich Says Hexo Has Its Work Cut Out After a Major Correction http://bit.ly/30k74eJ
This may be a point of maximum leverage with the Chinese. If they think we are gong into a recession they will wait for a Democratic President https://twitter.com/SteveM_OD/status/1163944103698153472
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huge q from toll brothers fitting with what $HD said.. watch the show tonight! @MadMoneyOnCNBC
Jim, you really don't know what you are doing and are a clone of Kudlow and Senator Warren ...
Ertz me! https://twitter.com/marKatRoss/status/1163908363136188416
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My charitable trust owns both $HD and $KSS (Home Depot and Kohl's) and i thought both overreacted today.
Tarrifying Close!
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Love https://twitter.com/TheBusinessofSI/status/1163871751991943169
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I like $WORK and am not daunted by the stock price. their ipo was handled badly.. https://twitter.com/TWindage/status/1163872385067622400
It wasn't an IPO but, no matter... why do you think it was handled badly?
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Mr. Author unceremoniously trashed me and my former partner Larry Kudlow with unnecessary opprobrium and totally ad hominem. I found it disgusting. A proper critique of what was said is always welcome. You trash talk me you apologize. https://twitter.com/DeuceDelano/status/1163816461627822082
much obliged https://twitter.com/naashonomics/status/1163817355866066947
i liked that deal--more pet-less livestock.. https://twitter.com/hub2176/status/1163822858851799046
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From Retirement Daily: Using Retirement Funds for College Expenses http://bit.ly/2NjgOSY
“The CEO at a media company you don’t even know makes multiples of what you make … [and] I make fractions of what you make” — @davidfaber (sorta) telling @jimcramer he should be looking for a raise.
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Futures up way too much but Friday was a very important day for a bunch of groups, notably the banks and the semis ; can you trust interest rates to be up, though?
The US will borrow over $1 trillion this year. Interest rates won't fall
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