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We are very overbought and we ignored the $AVGO blow-up. Really pretty incredible...
Wow, Sunshine, you must have really been down to tag-ends! https://twitter.com/nbarr777/status/1139703287865757696
RT @MadMoneyOnCNBC: .@jimcramer breaks down the Chewy IPO: “Even after Friday's magnificent run, Chewy isn’t all that expensive" https://t…
Wait Until Price is Right For Walmart via @BruceKamich http://bit.ly/2WBQ0OM
RT @TheStreet: Why Facebook's Digital Payments Project Could Succeed Where Others Have Failed via @EricJhonsa https://buff.ly/2XLYvIx
Thank you... not my style.. i would just have let the snake go... https://twitter.com/DudleyEliteTeam/status/1139630679136841729
Jeez, it wasn't me in the picture for heaven's sakes... https://twitter.com/DudleyEliteTeam/status/1139627606146519045
i was there when Jenna was just hanging out and a similar snake attacked her... https://twitter.com/ManFromMarina/status/1139608567198056449
@BruceKamich says Ball Corp.'s Tenfold Rise Is a Good Reason to Catch Some Profits http://bit.ly/2IhzXli
RT @TheStreet: Over on @RealMoney, @jimcramer has said that Broadcom $AVGO has become a sacrifice in President Trump's trade war. Does a tr…
The pro snake contingent is well represented here.. We had a pet snake for years. Jenna is feisty and doesn't like them. I apologize for her.
that's not affiliated with what i have to say... https://twitter.com/cvcarlson/status/1139563662291681280
RT @TheStreet: Will Chewy be the top dog in 2019's IPO race? @jimcramer breaks down 3 things that could make #StockoftheDay $CHWY a buy: h…
RT @TheStreet: Here's why @jimcramer says not to expect a rate cut from the Fed next week: https://buff.ly/2khDJhL
Thermo Fisher Scientific $TMO is showing @BruceKamich 3 strong charts http://bit.ly/2MP1SgT
Broadcom Could Rebound Some From Morning's Low - @BruceKamich http://bit.ly/2XV7yGU
Our Italian Dog, Jenna, is a great snake hunter!!!
@BruceKamich says Danaher could dip near-term, providing a buying opportunity http://bit.ly/2IfvgIB
Page from Nixon with Trump --Chinese may have met their match...as our president is willing to sacrifice our companies' profits to crush Huawei https://twitter.com/onlyyoontv/status/1139531220545462273
RT @TheStreet: Chewing into the market? @jimcramer and @ZevFima talk #StockoftheDay $CHWY, $AVGO and what to expect from the Fed. https://…
Facebook,, zoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RT @jmwldn: Jim (@jimcramer), we actually buy prescription dog food from http://Chewy.com - oh, wife is one who subscribed! https://…
RT @apk62: @jimcramer I am a Chewy customer for life. I spend over $200/month on Pets. When one of my dogs died, they sent me flowers.
thank you!!!! https://twitter.com/UlrichMolly/status/1139521498966659072
My daughter's got the place now.... https://twitter.com/Davide7Ike/status/1139520915845332992
Oil keeps slipping, a Broadcom broadside and a Disney thumbs up: @Sarge986 with your Market Recon http://bit.ly/2XJ6AgR
RT @mamarazzi4: If you don’t watch Squawk on the Street, you’re missing out. @jimcramer @cnbc RE “Search and Destroy Mission!” #mindblown
RT @TheStreet: .@jimcramer says Broadcom's $AVGO Huawei mess is at the heart of Trump's disregard for what happens to American businesses.…
It just shows you how little the "people" really care about all of this privacy stuff since you are inherently promoting yourself so so what https://twitter.com/ReformedBroker/status/1139517184894472192
Chief, i know that. That's why i am asking!!! https://twitter.com/ericaltm/status/1139516071877238784
Facebook crypto --will you be able to mine for it??
thank you so much!!!! https://twitter.com/Shawnsterpedia/status/1139496068977180672
RT @NMungor: @jimcramer Mr. Tan could have almost just as easily said “Mr. President, please end the madness.”
This is quite an outpouring for one company...wow https://twitter.com/marjorieschevh1/status/1139399810404851719
We will be interviewing this management team of Chewy in the 9 a,m. @SquawkCNBC hour https://twitter.com/carolinawahoo1/status/1139395754420609026
I know a lot of the "professionals" do not like to hear this, but it it vital to entertain while you teach or people will lose interest and it will be just one more boring class you don't want to take. Thank you... https://twitter.com/AndrewKleopa/status/1139448907442851841
Congratz to the Raptors and the city of Toronto. I knew they would win when that last shot went down against the 6ers. Miracles do happen!
RT @jeffmarks_: @ukladinla @jimcramer @CramerClub Hi Gregory-first off, I apologize if you feel like there was a miscommunication. Not our…
I am taking that with a very high level of thanks https://twitter.com/TheRealPHert/status/1139334185330642949
talk to your transfer agent, they disappeared years ago https://twitter.com/brady_schnell/status/1139348307933712384
Why are you so anti-empirical. Merck? PG? WMT? COST? MCD? I can name 30 of these https://twitter.com/Kang5913/status/1139351454764929025
Here's where i don't get the pajama traders at all. Broadcom is a key chip company. It missed badly. That's going to hurt. The futures should be down bigger on it. But PJers don't know companies just relationships of etfs/indicies
good stock to go to in a broad nasdaq retreat... and yes Abbott is good but they are different, very different https://twitter.com/MadMoneyOnCNBC/status/1139390975401349120
Truly depressing Broadcom call with a solemn Hock Tan.. Not good for the group, obviously. I thought he would have something up his sleeve....
wow https://twitter.com/ecolilawyer/status/1139311949035057152
RT @benjaminerwin: @ginamarieEDH @jimcramer When my wife and I owned a florist, we designed and delivered these heartbreaking and beautiful…
RT @CramersShirt: @ginamarieEDH @jimcramer This actually happened to my wife’s coworker too, exact same thing, handwritten note, flowers, r…
RT @ginamarieEDH: @jimcramer Jim, this is why http://Chewy.com has me as a customer for life. They sent me flowers 🌺 and a beautifu…
While i like the Impossible Burger more than the Beyond Meat burger i have to warn people the IB has GMOs which will really hurt its rollout
Nearly all of our grain crops today are GMO.
RT @MadMoneyOnCNBC: .@jimcramer went straight to the source to find out the rationale behind Salesforce's all-stock acquisition of Tableau.…
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