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most grateful. we pour out hearts into !!
I miss those shows and i do remember you.. thanks for coming
RT @blyons4: @jimcramer you have been saying $CMG would hit $1k for a while, and we are now there. I own a few shares @$450. I love every…
we are moderating our index on tuesday to deal with this issue
you and me both--my bout was '78-'79. Brutal but youth made it more palatable. When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose
and a positive one for once
This is the best article i have read about virus spreading and is a must read
How the coronavirus spreads in those everyday places we visit, via @sltrib
this is fabulous.. thanks @ScottGottliebMD
You can get in the trials. I am not young enough and i would not like to be in this round. But i thank those who are trying!
I am a skeptic. But i want you to go listen to Nvidia's conference call. It was the bright spot on the vaccine research story that i truly needed to hear
Very interesting point.. I try to balance but what's happened is that much of the S&P is decimated by the virus.. I have been focusing on companies that thrive in this environment
thanks, i worked so hard on that damned book. Ruined a year! Glad it paid off for you...
I hope to always be there for you....
I am jealous but i am also sure that in New Jersey then some of us would get sick. It is unlikely to have that many people together and not believe you will catch it. but i do not want to tell them what to do
Chillman says watch the show.. I would tell you to subscribe to and become a member and get the bulletins and club talks. But it's not free like the show
I have made this point multiple times. I go from 17 tables to maybe six max...But we are going to stay open at @BarSanMiguelBK because i bet science lets us
Trust Howie.. That's the only mantra that matters to me....
happy Memorial Day Weekend !
so's Cartier
They are in the sweet spot even when it comes to cracking covid-19
RT @TheresaVentres1: @jimcramer Individual Investors need to do homework: listening to earning calls, review balance /income statements, in…
I think the Ampere breakthrough may be a much bigger deal for customers than even they knew -- $NVDA.. Just huge..
Nvidia's call just ended.. Highly recommend you listen before you buy OR sell
RT @ScottGottliebMD: A number of seroprevalence studies (that look for antibodies to covid and assess the overall level of population expos…
Periodically i am hungry. But now i am sated.
I like TJX. Did your mom name you A$AP Booger, is that more of a nickname?
Yeah, just got a little tired--Chill will be back after the show. Was fun to be vindictive for a few minutes though. Like Confessions of a Street Addict!!
Not happy with that total blowout ridiculously fabulous quarter from Nvidia? May i suggest Splunk, Not happy with that crazy good Splunk? May i suggest Gold. Not happy with gold? May i suggest furnace- put your money in it
Waiting for criticism from people who bought Nvdia at my suggestion. Jimmy Chill will show great love before he blocks you.
RT @TheStreet: Nvidia Earnings Live Updates, Revenue Results from @EricJhonsa
Is @Sarge986 Going to Buy TJX Cos. Shares Today? Of Course Not:
not a show horse...
It can be fun and easy to block so stop wasting your time... i will be up earlier than you and stay up later than you to do homework but i always save time to block people!
Wow, blocked ten people just now who are so angry that the Chillman says Teledoc now offers services that could help their pathetic parody of logic
All over this, thank you
Palo Alto, Take Two, Target... Questions, please!
RT @TheStreet: Here's why @jimcramer doesn't see @elonmusk and @tim_cook going toe to toe anytime soon:
RT @TheStreet: .@jimcramer isn't loving Expedia after earnings:
Alphabet Could See Higher Prices but Let's Raise Stop Protection Just in Case: @BrucKamich
RT @TheStreet: .@jimcramer says $TJX has a runway back to its highs
RT @TheStreet: .@jimcramer has something to say about those @realDonaldTrump tweets:
RT @TheStreet: .@jimcramer says there's a disconnect between consumer spending and the stock market:
Hospitalizations have to go down more...
A sighting!!!! HUGE
the balloon's been blowing for 15 years.. trillions have been made for people in the stock market during the period. Trillions. that's what I'm thinking about.
Mondelez: Will More Snacking Carry the Shares Higher? @BruceKamich
A lot of this rally has been based on a lessening of the trade rhetoric and a rally in oil.. test today with most recent presidential tweets...
The rally is due to trillions of new dollars, Jim. Read the Fed minutes with a calculator
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