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they are very good! $BBY https://twitter.com/TMAN1138pm/status/1109086266975490048
RT @ShannanSiemens: Don't @ me Elon! Now @SquawkStreet @jimcramer to @elonmusk: Let someone else handle your Twitter account - and get so…
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deserving https://twitter.com/katerogers/status/1109084310391480320
Not enough pipe to buy... http://www.actionalertsplus.com https://twitter.com/ManFromMarina/status/1109083108828049408
@elonmusk and he will listen because he knows i don't want him in trouble with this stuff. Apology and a tweet monitor!! https://twitter.com/bodotdot/status/1109082967383646208
#StockoftheDay Nike $NKE stock slips as guidance comes up short via @kevinCurranRM http://bit.ly/2HNbSmu
Europe's Economic Turmoil, Avoiding Bank Stocks. Apple's Show Time: @Sarge986 breaks it all down http://bit.ly/2UPUzoz
Strong stock; great momentum $LULU https://twitter.com/BeckyQuick/status/1109040181053718529
Should our market decline because of German weakness????
I will talk Nike @SquawkStreet Different take
@elonmusk Boss, we've both got a ton to do today. But you got a new lease on life from the judge. So bag your lawyers, say you apologize, get someone to handle your twitter account and then go back to being the great industrialist you are. Have a great one!
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Cisco Systems Is Poised to Rally Further in the Weeks Ahead: @BruceKamich http://bit.ly/2Oi9x4d
Anyone feel emboldened to buy $CVS after the interview with Larry Merlo??
Netflix's Latest Pricing Tests Are Worth Keeping an Eye On - @EricJhonsa with your Tech Check http://bit.ly/2CyHt8e
RingCentral looks headed to the $125 area: @BruceKamich http://bit.ly/2Frqmag
@elonmusk you don't have to clear anything you tweet at me!! I'm immaterial! But make some cars today, don't just tweet!
Is #StockoftheDay Micron Ceding Market Share to South Korea? - @kevinCurranRM http://bit.ly/2OhUg3h
Because it isn't true. I am more focused on the contempt charge and how much i think that Judge Nathan is worthy of more respect. She's not the SEC... @elonmusk https://twitter.com/tslaqpodcast/status/1108833781023150086
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Actually not true at all. Elon is not a fraudster. This is about contempt of court. It's a matter of Musk v. Nathan.!!! @elonmusk https://twitter.com/PhenomenalPoto/status/1108820910616784896
sorry, boss, i was working on the show! my bad!! you go make cars, i will go make show!! https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1108812671346835456
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After a bounce Green Dot could fall further: @BruceKamich http://bit.ly/2FrJK6P
Put under, Elon’s lawyers take a gander! https://cnb.cx/2OmmoTe
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Guys, you know how old i am? I turned down Stanford for Harvard https://twitter.com/Novatecho/status/1108817814817779712
In the old days i would have called you a fraud, a mountebank and a knave, because it's up there, you just don't have your glasses on. now i just say you are ill-advised. https://twitter.com/Srini_World/status/1108817212436086785
Jim Cramer explains short-seller market manipulation https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Cramer#Market_manipulation
nobody ever got hurt taking a profit but i say own don't trade apple https://twitter.com/bobvanolst/status/1108814485576404994
Let's see if i can get the judge on-- Hoo-Hah! https://twitter.com/lazygetter/status/1108816981312966656
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Here's Why Citigroup Says You Should Sell Micron Stock via ⁦@kevinCurranRM⁩ https://realmoney.thestreet.com/investing/stocks/here-s-why-citigroup-says-you-should-sell-micron-stock-14903740
A big outside day and lower close on Sage Therapeutics looks bearish to @BruceKamich http://bit.ly/2UMwKy0
amen https://twitter.com/jpula23687/status/1108756765489938432
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I just interviewed them.. Check the tape... https://twitter.com/QuinnJacobss/status/1108753377574424576
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Trump? Stay focused, Ross .. Come on https://twitter.com/GerberKawasaki/status/1108743924598767616
where to? https://twitter.com/GerberKawasaki/status/1108743613205221377
Actually I do not believe the lawyers at Tesla agree with you. So you need to be more focused... https://twitter.com/AskDrStupid/status/1108736539847200770
PetIQ has a good story but the charts need to catch up: @BruceKamich http://bit.ly/2JvRV6d
I know! I love Elon. It's like a law and order episode! Ripped from the headlines in Fed Kangaroo Court.. We have to support him in his battle against himself!! https://twitter.com/CBrademeist/status/1108727764566360064
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@ValaAfshar I bet its five years!!! Check out that $ULTA call.. they are getting there very fast... https://twitter.com/ValaAfshar/status/1103257911491465216
Thank you @jimcramer, but I would not bet against one of the greatest technology and business analysts of our generation. I would bet on @Patriots and @Eagles topics where if I lost, I would treat you to a New England lobster feast while tailgating or restaurant of your choice.
Here's where the money is needed.. We have many deals coming. Will there be enough cash for them... https://twitter.com/LesliePicker/status/1107593874766249984
Make them into fully SEC registered securities tokens that use a blockchain for the ownership ledger & there is definitely enough money. Digital Securities will be able to move globally with far less friction than the old system. This will open up lots more access to capital.
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