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For the very first time today, my iPhone dialed 911 while it was in my pocket.
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Three weeks ago I had beer with a friend at our local pub. He died that night in his sleep from a brain aneurysm. Tonight, I’m going to his memorial. Not quite sure how to feel about it.
Man in front of me on Amtrak Acela who works for a tech company: loud talking about the business in detail. Me: taking notes.
Maybe former Yahoo manager just trolling you?
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Dear Californians: Just got back from a week in Texas. They hate you! If you’re moving there, you might want to take the holier than thou attitude down about 60% and respect the state you’re moving to.
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Heading out on Lake Travis in Austin with some friends for a few hours.
Happy July 4th my American friends
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Happy Birthday Canada, love you!
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Going out to a place called Rock and Brews in Dallas tonight. Sounds like my kind of joint.
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