RT @jimmyfallon: It’s #1!!!! This is Baby is #1!!! We did it!!!! I can’t even tell you how fun this has been to do. I hope everyone enjoys…
I can’t believe I took this bet.
It’s #1!!!! This is Baby is #1!!! We did it!!!! I can’t even tell you how fun this has been to do. I hope everyone enjoys the book over and over. And thank you again.
You’re a dope - but if you really want me to do that? See you Sunday NIGHT!!! Go @NYRangers !!!! https://twitter.com/njdevil00/status/1184936355438174208
You pick the flavor, we’ll bring the pie @NJDevil00
I guess it airs at 1:15. See ya then!!
On my way to @StrahanSaraKeke. I’m on around 10:15. Yo, @michaelstrahan @sarahaines @KekePalmer - are we gonna play a game? #ThisIsBaby
There’s nothing better than vacation reading. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1250245605/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_dIFODb7X3QQ01 #ThisIsBaby #PuertoRico
Thank you again everyone who came out to @BNUnionSquareNY last night to say hi to me. I really love meeting my fans. Thank you thank you thank you. I LOVED it. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/this-is-baby-jimmy-fallon/1131095225. #ThisisBABY
I’m destroyed! @seanseaevans is a very bad man. Don’t touch your eyes. https://twitter.com/priyankachopra/status/1182450500479963136
Are you still on fire? 🔥 https://twitter.com/priyankachopra/status/1182499638646996992
I always have fun on Watch What Happens Live. Thank you @Andy! https://twitter.com/bravowwhl/status/1182499814707056640
Save me a seat!! https://twitter.com/lizoquendo/status/1182407462848217089
See you at Barnes and Noble Union Square @BNUnionSquareNY 7pm tonight for a quick chat and some This Is Baby signing!!
Rutles forever. Love you bud! https://twitter.com/ericidle/status/1181971611437547520
How do I make this happen? https://twitter.com/thetodayshow/status/1181659872187674624
Really?!?! Well - let’s change that. Who’s next? Thank you, Priyanka. https://twitter.com/koimoi/status/1181909546635120643
This Is Baby is out today!!!! Pick it up at your local bookstore or wherever you buy fun books. Thanks! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1250245605/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_T8lNDbVNYKR55 #ThisIsBaby
Okay - to be clear - I’m on at 8:20 on @TODAYshow. I am not on @TheTodayShow in Australia. But I’d love to be one day! #ThisIsBaby
Off to @TheTodayShow!!! See you soon!! #ThisIsBaby
Swimmy. https://twitter.com/vanaqua/status/1181267794987540481
This Thursday night I will be signing books at @BNUnionSquareNY Barnes and Nobel Union Square. 7PM. Be there and be square. #ThisIsBaby
I love Noodle!!! https://twitter.com/bindiirwin/status/1181105157116846080
Break a leg tonight!!! #OpeningNight https://twitter.com/freestylelove/status/1179425872727724032
You have to watch @freestylelove supreme on our show tonight. You will never see anything on tv like this. #FallonTonight #FreestyleLoveSupreme
Trending #1 right now. Thanks guys!!
Went to class. That one time. #CollegeInSixWords
It's Hashtags time! Use six words to describe college and tag it with #CollegeInSixWords. Could be on the show!
Happy Booktober!! (That’s not a thing but I feel like people do that with October.) This Is Baby finally comes out next Tuesday the 8th! Check out http://www.thisisbabybook.com to preorder or ask your favorite bookstore.
If you buy @ElvisDuranShow ‘s book you get a discount on This is Baby. #WhereDoIBegin #NotTrue (thanks for coming on the show buddy.)
Thank you thank you thank you. Fun week. #FallonLIVE
We are. Thank you for liking it. That makes us have more fun. More fun? More sketches. #CircleOfLife #FallonLIVE https://twitter.com/vulture/status/1177459911325708294
I really hope I inspired you with my moves. (Sorry Dave - I tried.) https://twitter.com/charli_xcx/status/1177304497074384907
Thank you guys for watching tonight. See you tomorrow. 2 more live shows to go!
He’s the best!!! Thanks. https://twitter.com/jkjohal64/status/1177071194148888577
Just saw @TheIrishmanFilm. Lovvvved. De Niro is a tour de force. Chemistry with Pesci and Pacino is magical. Everything you want in a Scorsese film and more. Debuting trailer tonight LIVE with Bobby D. #FallonLive
Just saw @theIrishmanfilm. ☘️Everything you want in a Scorcese film and more. De Niro and I are debuting the trailer on tonight’s LIVE show. #FallonLIVE #TheIrishman
Nailed it bud. See you soon!! https://twitter.com/markronson/status/1176849254796709888
@ringostarrmusic, @theroots & I sing "Yellow Submarine" with Classroom Instruments https://youtu.be/iIg3kxeOZMA #FallonLIVE
Thanks for watching #FallonLive. See you guys tomorrow. Goodnight.
Night 2 of LIVE week! Taking questions from our studio audience during the break. Tweet along using #FallonLIVE https://www.pscp.tv/w/cFrgBDM0NjkxfDFkUktaTHZET0x6SkK-Ke6aDWI6QaDNdC64b1tgVsY7PHmkOjPsRV2tEvgl4w==
I’m the only one who dabbed!!!! #FallonLIVE
We've got another LIVE show tonight with @justdemi, @justinhartley talking #ThisIsUs and a performance from @MarkRonson ft. @yebbasmith. Plus, @ringostarrmusic, @theroots and I sing "Yellow Submarine" with Classroom Instruments! #FallonLIVE
Hot Girl Fall with @theestallion https://youtu.be/Eusys1zx-KM #FallonLIVE
First Break - taking audience questions live from Studio 6B! Tweet along with the show using #FallonLIVE! https://www.pscp.tv/w/cFmInzM0NjkxfDF2T3h3YVduWUFQR0JRzm55qPDLsttSD3ch8PV0YSDX592Jmmdn3EvB5IN_yA==
LIVE show tonight with @gwenstefani, @BenSPLATT and a performance from @zacbrownband! Plus, Hot Girl Fall with @theestallion! #FallonLIVE
Hot Girl Summer may be over... but me and @theestallion are kicking off Hot Girl Fall. Tonight! #FallonLIVE
Preparing to see my first @deadandcompany show on October 31st at @TheGarden. My friend @Andy is helping me prep by sending three songs a week to listen to and learn. What is on the must listen list?
I never knew I shared a birthday with @blainecapatch. I love that guy. I was lucky open for him once back in the day. He had a great Spider Man joke that I always loved. Happy birthday!
He got me with the double bird. https://twitter.com/popsugar/status/1175073664754171905
Fun show tonight with Paul Giamatti, @ChrissyMetz and a performance from @SherylCrow ft. @ChrisStapleton! Plus, @theroots & I sing your #FallSongs tweets! #FallonTonight
Courtesy of the Gentleman at the Bar w/ Brad Pitt https://youtu.be/bsgj0UdxMSQ #FallonTonight
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