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Most people can't afford to have their own opinions.
Why businesses get unnaturally big under a fiat system:
Perfection is achieved not when there's nothing to add, but when there's nothing left to take away. I'm finding there's a lot still left to take away. #vianegativa
Why Authoritarianism sucks:
Here's the truth: Bitcoin is more money than tech. If it was primarily a technology, Silicon Valley would have been all over it back in 2011. Most of them ignored it despite hearing about it. Instead it was libertarians/Austrian economics followers that got in early.
Reading material is food for your mind. My analysis of reading materials Clickbait - Soda "News" - White bread Most modern fiction - Pasta, highly processed food Business Books/Self help - fruit/tubers Old books that have stood the test of time - meat
Consensus regular @jimmysong attended Construct. He also spoke at #SXSW. Register for #Consensus2019 to build the future:
Audio of my panel at SXSW (Blockchain Deathmatch) is up!
On a level of 0 to joe lubin how rekt does the other side get?
In just a few minutes, Bitcoin Tech Talk Q&A issue 128:
Almost every industry in modern society is mindbogglingly complex with many unseen layers, mostly so that the rent seekers can hide. And no, blockchain isn't the solution, sound money which encourages honest trade is.
Consensus regular @jimmysong was at Construct in 2016. He spoke at #SXSW this week. Register for #Consensus2019 to build the future:
Sunday Survey: How big a company, in terms of employees, do you work for?
“You either have control over your stuff or you don’t. It’s a zero or a one.” @jimmysong said. @BradyDale reports from #SXSW:
Political correctness is really a value that's the result of giant corporations. When everyone is your customer, you can't offend anyone, even the delusional ones. A world with smaller companies wouldn't care as much. What causes giant corporations? Fiat money, of course.
Re: blockchain not bitcoin hype: When did "encrypted data" become a part of "blockchain technology"? What sort of encryption would you use? Symmetric? Public Key? What happens when you lose the key or get it stolen? Public, encrypted data only increases the attack surface.
4/ There was almost no Bitcoin content. Every speaker seemed to be from some corporation instead of the actual creators. Why is #sxsw not inviting any core devs or even technical journalists that understand bitcoin?
5/ Is it too much to ask that @sxsw post the videos to their youtube channel? Apparently so. Come on guys, digital consumption of this stuff is a massive opportunity. Take advantage.
2/ I had no appetite for attending any of the blockchain-track sessions. There just wasn't very good content (Ripple? really?) and so many of the speakers were obviously shilling something. The few that weren't were boring (regulatory blah blah blah). You can do better @sxsw
3/ @sxsw is about 3 years behind in terms of this tech. The sessions treated ICOs as if they're something new, enterprise blockchains as if they're up and coming. Give your attendees a glimpse of the future, not the past.
6/ Anyway, it was a good experience overall, but I found I really didn't use my pass much and had a better time talking to people than attending sessions. /fin
1/ Some reflections on #sxsw this year. I enjoyed the two panels I was on. They were both fun and I enjoyed the debate. I can say for certain it's more fun to be a guest than the moderator and both Cesare Fracissi and @Rachelwolf00 did a great job.
There's an asymmetry in risk in adopting something new. Most new things aren't worth the time or the expense and may cause harm. Old things have been proven, even if the new stuff is more convenient. This is why adoption has an S-curve. Time is the great prover of utility.
In about 2 hrs, my second panel at sxsw: Why VCs Have Joined the Block Party at SXSW 2019.
Good summary of the SXSW panel from yesterday. More to come today!
Decentralized: no one can take your property away. Centralized: someone gives you permission to keep possession of said property. That's why decentralization is binary, not a spectrum. You either have self sovereignty over your own property or you don't. There is no in between.
Going on stage now! Featured Session: Blockchain Deathmatch: Permission-ed vs -less at SXSW 2019. Visit for more information.
Ethereum is a culture of all talk (white papers) and no delivery (useful product). I guess I shouldn't be surprised @ethereumJoseph has done the same with the bet he proposed to me almost a year ago.
Reminder: I'm speaking at this panel tomorrow at SXSW - Also, @ethereumJoseph is a weasel. 10 months and still no bet. If anyone's at his keynote at 3:30pm, please ask him why he contacts me every 3 months and then ghosts when I answer a few hrs later.
If you want a copy of my book, @LarryChiang will comp you a copy if you follow his instructions. Funny, I was looking at his tweet when he walked into the Bitcoin Meetup on Monday =) Thanks Larry!
How much of the wealth in the US is due to the global dollar hegemony?
If you combine anything centralized with anything decentralized, the result is something centralized. It's easy to break decentralization and really hard to create it. This is why Bitcoin has so much more value than every altcoin.
Impressive: @bdarnton is porting the python code to c# while reading through the book: Here's an offer: First person to port the code from the book to a given programming language gets a signed copy.
It's difficult enough to create value by finding a product market fit as a startup. Asking a "decentralized" app to do the same thing when you are shackled by a jerry-rigged token and very little accountability. People underestimate how hard it is to create something that works.
OK, let's reverse the last question. What's a good way to tell if someone has genuine talent and not just faking it?
PSA: I'm getting reports that there's an impersonator on both Twitter and Facebook asking for investments in something or other trying to scam people. I don't have a Facebook account and my twitter handle is @jimmysong, no underscores.
What are some tells you have that someone was mostly just lucky in their career and not talented?
When you have chicken and vegetables at a Bitcoin event. The sausage and brisket we're gone hours ago.
If you're in Austin tonight, I'm going to sign books at this event (@NodedPodcast @bitstein @pierre_rochard @parkeralewis @unchainedcap @_JustinMoon_ will also be there):
Going Live Bitcoin Tech Talk Q&A: ssue-126-8jyss39b3u-217061
Sunday Survey: How often do you watch/listen to the "real" news?
When I say most economists are false prophets this is what I mean. They appeal to the masses to keep their social position. There are a few that are in alignment with reality. These are the ones worth listening to and they care deeply about the Remnant, the people that matter.
Attention is a subset of the time you have available, which is really a slice of your life. Spend it wisely. For example, answering altcoiners is not a good way to spend your attention. Yes, I learned the hard way.
My book is available at SXSW! Signing next Friday
Market Apathy?
Why I'm skeptical of academics:
Bitcoin book recommendations:
Legend has it that if @ToneVays sees his shadow tomorrow there will be 6 more months of Crypto winter.
My first experience as a lecture. Just finished a 7-week class for the graduate students (business and computer science) at the University of Texas in Austin!
The most useful part of books is that they force you to contemplate things slowly mostly due to the length of them. The slowness is a virtue.
On Hardware Wallet Firmware Updates:
Sunday Survey How many books do you read a year?
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