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RT @jimmysong: In about 10 minutes, I'll be reading through the Libra whitepaper live and going through what it says. I'll be taking your q…
Regulated Centralized Closed Permissioned Who designed this? A central bank?
In about 10 minutes, I'll be reading through the Libra whitepaper live and going through what it says. I'll be taking your questions about the ZuckBucks and seeing what we can glean from it.
There's now a golang port of the library from my book: Congrats @edgeofjupiter! You're getting a signed copy of my book!
In just a few minutes, I'll be going live on Bitcoin Tech Talk Q&A!
The prudent prepare for failure AND success. Start thinking now about how you're going to handle the next 5 years if Bitcoin succeeds. Some obvious ones: * opsec * key recovery * estate planning
Top causes of altcoin death: 1. Liquidity dries up 2. Development ceases 3. Mining becomes unprofitable 4. Exploit of one type or another ... 99999. Someone declares it dead
I had no idea there was such a big supply of Yuan. No wonder the Chinese are buying so much real estate abroad.
Besides #stackingsats, there are other long term investments you can make: * Study Bitcoin and find opportunities * Form relationships with other Bitcoiners * Learn how to take care of the Bitcoins you have Lower your time preference and you'll see ways to prep for a BTC future
Sunday Survey: How many cryptocurrency exchange accounts do you have? Cash App and other places where you can directly buy Bitcoin count.
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Are there any instances of prominent people who have walked away from Bitcoin only to come back later?
I honestly wonder what a Twitter where it costs you money to follow someone would look like. I suspect the content would be better and would eliminate a lot of nonsense. Maybe a LN app idea?
Man, I wish I had online learning platforms when I was a teen. I can take semester courses in two days and learn stuff I always found intimidating in bite-sized chunks. The university accreditation hegemony will adapt or die.
Facebook coins have been tried already. Facebook credits were a way to capture more of the value of the games that were popular on the platform. This isn't some super currency. Facebook coin is a way to tax transactions that happen on their platform.
The difference between Bitcoin and the dollar is this. You own Bitcoins. Dollars own you. Centralization means you are subject to someone else's control. Decentralization means self-sovereignty.
Unpopular Opinion: The next major evolution in Bitcoin is not technical, but behavioral.
Analysis of copyright by a lawyer and coder: The conclusion has an interesting way to force action from the copyright office.
3 skills every programmer needs:
Every Bitcoiners at some point gets tempted to do some altcoin. Only those that really understand Bitcoin's value will be able to resist. Learn before you're tempted.
What are your best tips to digest books more quickly while retaining the same level of understanding?
Practice is suffering. The banal reality improving at anything is getting lots of repetitions. If you can tolerate short-term suffering, you can improve near anything. If you can't, you're going to suffer in a different way long-term. And yes, this includes HODLing.
What should I be asking my audience? (Read: please give me good wisdom of crowd and poll questions)
Which feature would make you switch to a new Bitcoin wallet?
What about Bitcoin are you grateful about?
One of the things I really appreciate about the Bitcoin community is that you have friends everywhere. I can't think of a better way to make travel more fun.
Is CLTV a good defense against the $5 wrench attack?
No. They get the keys, delaying the theft doesn't mean the theft doesn't happen.
Wouldn't they get much less since you'd be competing against them?
Quite possibly. It's clearly better, but you may end up with no money either way if most of it ends up with miners.
Sure, but wouldn't that discourage someone from trying to steal in that case? I suppose this would increase the likelihood for a long-term kidnapping...
Are there any wallets that have CLTV built in? That is, the ability to lock up funds for X amount of time?
Enjoyed the Netherlands, home of @AaronvanW @provoost and @orionwl Thank you @breakingbitcoin for a wonderful conference and for the attendees for some amazing conversations!
External peace leads to external prosperity. Internal peace leads to internal prosperity. You can't take advantage of the former without the latter. Self-reflect and thrive.
Slides for my presentation
Sunday Survey: How many continents have you lived at or visited?
People trade for things which they value higher than the market and trade away things which are vice-versa. Paying is valuing the good or service more than money. Storing is valuing money more than the good or service. Does money have to be valueless or valuable first?
Altcoins want to pay you in their coin because there's no liquidity. Very few people pay in Bitcoin because they want to hold it.
Fun interview where I explain the idiocy of Blockchain not Bitcoin.
For some reason, people are surprised at how tall I am. Get there earlier, Justin!
Which would help Bitcoin the most right now? Choose from these 4.
How big companies get bigger and banks richer: Fed loans $1B at 2% to commercial bank. Commercial bank loans $10B to big companies at 4% using fractional reserve. Big companies buy small, innovative competitors with new money. Bank makes $400M - $20M = $380M/year for trouble.
You've been deceived. Your food is poisonous, not nutritious. Your news is mind-numbing, not enlightening. Your job is soul-sucking, not fulfilling. Your money is value-bleeding, not value-storing. Start by taking the power of money away from the elites. Start with Bitcoin.
The biggest lie white collar workers tell themselves is how fulfilling their careers are.
What's your best non-obvious writing tip?
Which type of person would you rather be friends with?
Why you should be wary of free:
If you would be so kind, please help me to make this a top link in search engines for the term ICO!
Summary: ICOs create utility tokens. Utility tokens are rent-seeking devices which hampers the uptake of the dApp. This means only speculative demand sustains its price, meaning that it becomes a Pyramid scheme.
I just published Why ICOs Are Broken
Here's what's left over
Not sure, but from my Twitter feed, some Blockchain chicken got kikked by the SEC at lunch with Warren Buffett.
If you have a LN startup idea, I will be judging at this Pitch competition later this month:
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