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You never know when a seed is going to take root. Keep sowing the seed, and at the right time, the seed will take root. Click here to listen to, "Recognize God's Goodness”:
The scripture says, “Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.” You have to be faithful with the small before God will trust you with more. You have to be your best right where you are. Stay faithful; your time is coming.
Those times you were discouraged, He made a way. He provided when you didn’t see how. If you’re going to continue to go further, then you need to remember it is the Lord your God that has brought you this far and He is the One that’s going to keep you going.
He chose you to succeed; He chose you to go further than those before you. Tune in now to this new message from Joel, "Recognize God's Goodness":
Recognize God's goodness in your life. Remember how He led you through the desert, how you met that person, how He brought you out of that problem. It wasn’t a lucky break; it was the Lord your God.
When you look back over your life, you’ll see the faithfulness of God, where He promoted you, protected you, healed you, favored you. Don’t take it for granted. It didn’t happen by accident, it wasn’t a lucky break; that’s the goodness of God.
You’ve stepped into promotion, good breaks, and opportunity because of who went before you. Watch Joel’s message this morning on Podcast. "Recognize God's Goodness":
The father sets the standard. Set a high standard; that’s your legacy. More than your money, more than your success, more than your accomplishments, your values, your principals, what you stand for, that’s being passed down to the next generation.
Your mistakes didn’t cancel God’s plan. You’re not that powerful. Get back in the game. God is not finished with you.
Whatever you face, remind yourself that you can handle it. Your architect, the Most-High God, designed you with everything you need. He promised that you’ll never face anything you can’t bear.
What you’re believing for is not way off in the distance; it’s not years down the road. It’s at hand; it’s close. Live with expectancy.
Our architect has taken into account all the weight, all the trouble, all the bad breaks, and He’s given you the strength, the courage, the fortitude to withstand. Check out "Designed to Withstand" on Podcast here!
Without being faithful and proving to God that you could be trusted, you wouldn’t be ready for where He’s taking you. You have to be prepared for what God has in store.
The Scripture says the things we see are only temporary, but what we hear, what God speaks to us, that’s permanent.
If you don’t face the pressure, you’ll never discover who you really are. The higher you go, the more pressure there will be. Don't miss "Designed to Withstand" from Joel on Podcast!
Quit letting small things ruin your day. These things aren’t going to go away. They are tests we all have to pass.
As long as you think it will never work out, that’s going to keep you from the new things God has in store. Start believing again. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Don’t believe those lies.
It may be uncomfortable, you may have to stretch, but the pressure is not going to stop you. You’re going to discover abilities that you didn’t know you had. Be inspired by this message from Joel, “Designed to Withstand”. Get it here:
As long as you’re allowing circumstances to determine whether or not you’re going to be happy, then you’re never going to have real victory.
You’ve been designed to withstand the winds, designed to outlast the opposition, designed to overcome the injustice, designed to endure until the dream comes to pass.
That difficulty didn’t come to stay; it came to pass. Be strong and of good courage, for the Lord your God is with you. Click here to listen to, "Designed to Withstand”:
The scripture says, “Take hold of God’s strength.” It will be overwhelming if you don’t remind yourself that this is not a surprise to God. He wouldn’t have allowed it if you couldn’t bear this weight. Since He allowed it, that means you’re well able. Take hold of that strength.
You’ll never face a situation that you weren’t designed for. You’ll never face pressure that will cause you to collapse, never face a problem that’s too much, never face a dream where you can’t handle the weight.
God didn’t miscalculate when He designed you. He didn’t forget about the environment you would be in and the conditions you would face. Get this encouraging message from Joel, "Designed to Withstand":
You have the strength, the endurance, the fortitude, the tenacity you need so that no matter what comes against you, it will not be too much to bear.
There are new levels to reach, new giants to conquer, new mountains to climb, new skills to learn. Don’t let it overwhelm you; let it inspire you.
God will never let you face more pressure than you can handle. He won’t let more weight come on you than you have the strength to bear. Watch Joel’s message this morning on Podcast! "Designed to Withstand":
God has designed you with exactly what you need. You may not be able to see it, but your beams are big enough, your walls are strong enough. You can bear whatever comes your way.
Living guilty and condemned doesn’t bring any honor to God. Quit listening to the accusing voices and move forward with your life.
The final word says, "Your latter days will be better than your former days." The final word says, "What God started in your life He will finish." Now get in agreement with God.
God puts things in your spirit as a seed. If you discount it, say no way that could never happen, then that seed will never take root. But you don’t have to figure out how it’s going to happen. All you have to do is believe.
People may have discouraged you, but what He promised is on the way. It may not have happened yet, but He has the final say. Check out "God Has the Final Say" on Podcast here!
When you announce it, it sets the miracle in motion. Your words have creative power. You give life to your faith by speaking it out.
Yes, that obstacle is big, but you have greatness in you. You are anointed, equipped, empowered. Quit being discouraged by what you see, and start being encouraged by what you hear.
Forces of darkness are being broken. Any area that you’re not living in victory is not permanent; it’s temporary. The final say is coming. Don't miss "God Has the Final Say" from Joel on Podcast!
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The critics, the naysayers, are a dime a dozen. Eighty percent will tell you what you can’t do. You have to find the twenty percent that will tell you what you can do.
If you’re going to see it come to pass, you have to believe what you hear in your spirit and not what you see with your eyes. You have to walk by faith and not by sight.
Sometimes God will wait on purpose, not only so you will know it was His favor, but so no one will be able to deny the goodness of God in your life. Be inspired by this message from Joel, “God Has the Final Say”. Get it here:
You can’t bring yesterday’s failures into today and live a life of victory. Let it go. God’s mercy is fresh every morning.
There are goals God has put in you, dreams, healing, promotion, restoration. They’re lying dormant. You don’t see how it could happen. You could easily settle there, but those promises are still alive. Start calling them out.
Will you stay in faith when God is silent? Will you wait with a good attitude, thanking God that He has the final say when nothing is changing? Click here to listen to, "God Has the Final Say”:
Go back to those places where you quit believing and stir your faith up. Who told you it was over? That wasn’t the final word. You’re about to see God show out. There’s a sudden change coming.
God is sovereign over your circumstances. That means God reigns over everything that you face. Not just the universe, but He reigns over the sickness. He reigns over your finances, over your children.
God hasn’t forgotten about you. What He promised is still on the way. What God started, He’s going to finish. He has the final say. Get this encouraging message from Joel, "God Has the Final Say":
Don’t dwell on what seems impossible. Are you spending more time thinking about the problem or the promise? Are you talking more about how big the challenge is or about how big your God is?
Don’t let the circumstances talk you out of what God put in your heart. It may seem too late, all the experts may tell you it’s impossible, but God has the final say.
When you know God has the final say, you don’t live frustrated, worried, stressed. You stay in peace, knowing that nothing can stop God’s plan. Watch Joel’s message this morning on Podcast! "God Has the Final Say":
It’s not over till God says it’s over. Go back and look again. Your story doesn’t end in defeat; it ends in victory. Get your passion back and start believing again.
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