Why the world of computational certainty created by Google and FB is so unsettling - The rise and consequences of surveillance capitalism. If you haven't read ⁦@shoshanazuboff⁩ book 👂to her this wkend on ⁦@hiddenforcespod⁩ https://www.breaker.audio/hidden-forces/e/43434761
RT @jamieloftusHELP: my dog has been radicalized by the youtube algorithm
This is what happens in an internet minute ... https://twitter.com/lorilewis/status/1103687442727616523
Bill Clinton at Studios yesterday talking about adversity and pain. In politics & entrepreneurship alike you have to contend and as w/ contact sports you will get hurt. However, if no one is willing to get on to the field then as a society we dont progress HT: @postcards4USA 📺
RT @betaworkstudios: And another Clinton in the club! ✨✨ Sincere thanks to Secretary Clinton and President Clinton for joining us this eve…
Good turn out at betaworks Studios for the evening. Some new faces here -- awesome talk
Waiting for someone about to join the conversation tonight at Studios...
‘On Reclaiming Human Connection’ live with @rushkoff & Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) https://beta.works/2J6RXRW
A New Privacy Constitution for Facebook by @schneierblog https://beta.works/2TIejx4
Julien thank you. The trust and confidence is well placed, grateful for who you are and what you bring into the world https://twitter.com/julien51/status/1104736129985728514
RT @sararahmcb: 📸 Last night, I shared the stage with @mmeeker to ask him anything about his life, love for dogs and starting @barkbox—a co…
Zuckerberg’s Privacy Contradictions https://beta.works/2H4BD2j
Another video from yesterday of the new game board at @betaworkstudios
Thank you Ian for your help — it turned out really nice. https://twitter.com/ianpetrarca/status/1103406309326667776
RT @betaworks: Here's what happened across 28 days of building at Betaworks. 💞🎧https://beta.works/2IYSi98
@dots composers, Ross and Cody, demo the new wall sized game at @betaworkstudios The game is great and the sound is lovely -- its dimensional, designed for multiple players. And the sounds aren't sampled, all generative.
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When I deleted my Facebook account last year I downloaded batches of my personal data / was surprised by the number of my friends phone numbers they had scrapped, stored n shared with advertisers. I didn't knowingly consent to this - now it's happening via 2FA https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/1101877937069088768
RT @KDLSsays: With fellow @betaworkstudios member @Mengju after seeing Daniel Kahneman in conversation with @SamHarrisOrg. We're missing @B…
Thank you. Each week / day there are sessions I want to join ... yesterday w/ Greycroft or shortly after it .. frontier tech deep dive into platforms attempts to moderate UGC at scale. ++ HT @daphnekwon @slangeditorial @kitirwin and @betaworkstudios team for making it so 💪 https://twitter.com/ezyjules/status/1101615149750853635
Live AMA tonight at Studios with @NeilBlumenthal, co-founder of @WarbyParker -- @leticia asked him the Warby Parker founding story... 📺 👇
RT @betaworkstudios: It’s Thursday, which means AMA Live @ the club 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️ This week, we’re joined by @NeilBlumenthal, co-founder of @…
Not often I Tweet out links from Vogue... @mpreysman and Everlane revolutionizing what you wear - recycling millions of water bottles to create all weather jackets like the one below. "Has Everlane Ushered in a Brave New World of Retail?" https://beta.works/2U4Qg8q
How TLDR Daily got 7,000 podcast downloads in 40 days https://beta.works/2ScVSvC
RT @s_m_i: PSA: On April 9, @newmarkjschool hosts its 12th annual Awards for Excellence, honouring @dicktofel and @Borthwick. Gala procee…
Funny thing happened today. Founders of Anchor, @mignano, @NirZicherman showed up @betaworks - they decided the place to take the phone call to close the sale was where it all started💥⚓️ Love what I do .. get to work with people like this. @mattHartman @peterrojas missed you https://twitter.com/betaworks/status/1096111052675338240
And I would like to hear a discussion of how niche podcasts can flourish without an aggregator. Open access to feeds is central to what makes podcasting today, great - how does this medium evolve and not and fall into the traps text did?
Good discussion about the evolution of podcasting and Spotify deals. Wish ⁦@benthompson⁩ + ⁦@jamesallworth⁩ talked more about the transition to streaming and why Spot's native mobile UI is positioned to aggregate the open👂web https://www.breaker.audio/exponent/e/42953799
Acquisitions of Gimlet and Anchor this week affirmed our conviction around voice and podcasting - they also validated our strategy of doing small batch accelerator camps focused on new interfaces / emerging areas of frontier tech ✨ Next up is Synthetic camp ... Details 👇 https://twitter.com/peterrojas/status/1070753534784692224
RT @betaworksVC: Frontier tech investment thesis, @superplasticy success, @EstherCrawford's new app and @Borthwick turning down a meeting w…
RT @betaworkstudios: Here's the final question @LaurieSegall asked Facebook investor-turned-activist Roger McNamee (@Moonalice) at our ZUCK…
Founder Stories at betaworks Studios — an opportunity to get the story behind the 💥 https://twitter.com/betaworkstudios/status/1093658171435073537
Packed @betaworkstudios to hear Roger McNamee (@Moonalice) discussing how tech needs to change + how we need to rethink the process of building startups and incentives #buildbetter
RT @mignano: Today is a historic moment for podcasting: We're combining the power of @Anchor's next-generation podcasting tools with the…
RT @evankirstel: Spotify’s Gimlet and Anchor acquisitions mark the ‘third wave’ of podcasting http://dlvr.it/QyKgLz #Anchor https://t.co/…
Thank you @panzer Agreed, add #4 ... 4. The integration of content with distribution, podcasting and voice moving into a new phase ... https://twitter.com/panzer/status/1093186117614985222
💥 ht @abexlumberg @mlieber @mignano @NirZicherman https://twitter.com/chrismessina/status/1093179667723370497
Whoops, sorry about that, lumberg it is. Damn autofill algo's - hope you have a good day regardless. https://twitter.com/alexblumberg/status/1093153668566794240
Good post on podcsting in China and the shift underway in the US to paid and premium (@polina_marinova it's betaworks, warks is something different) https://twitter.com/polina_marinova/status/1093125288563822593
@eldsjal on why Anchor and Gimlet were acquired. The next wave of voice interfaces + podcasting has begun, started with Pocketcast now its tipped. Could not be more excited for @alexblumberg @mlieber @mignano @NirZicherman and teams 👂💥 https://beta.works/2TA7uu2
RT @betaworks: We were and still are podcast nerds. 🎧 A history of Betaworks' investment in audio & podcasting: http://beta.works/2UCWxIr ht…
"...this is what Apple can do that no one else can: make the behavior of talking to a disembodied entity on your face so socially acceptable that the voice computer revolution can finally get underway". @chrismessina I👂you. Now I have to get back to my podcast... https://twitter.com/chrismessina/status/1092106366238355457
Good post on AirPods by ⁦@LanceUlanoff⁩ - misses key parts of the story. AirPods are great, simple hardware but the rise of streaming, of podcasting and the importance of the smart interface (aka Siri) is what is making them so important for Apple https://link.medium.com/wc6k5RxI0T
Can Political Candidates Help Stop Disinformation with a Pledge? In the absence of laws or solutions from tech platforms, it may be worth a try https://beta.works/2TpNeeC
What’s Behind Ashton Kutcher’s Phone Number, ☎? https://beta.works/2TuiRE9
Different issue. This FB app was a VPN. Apple banned #homescreen because they said it was alternative app discovery. Onavo - like Parse -were apps presented to do one thing w/ the intent of doing another. Onavo ironically was a "privacy app" 😣 https://beta.works/2TnXgNz https://twitter.com/richbtig/status/1090632342320893954
A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Into Podcasts. Most of the world aren't listening yet -- here's a good starter 👂guide https://beta.works/2To8mSL
Lil Miquela is just the beginning https://beta.works/2BbqesF
RT @Moonalice: @sitelifer @penguinpress Join me on Wed. Feb. 6 at 6pm on the first stop of my #Zucked: Waking Up to the #Facebook Catastrop…
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