#VirtualInfluencers like @lilmiquela & #shudugram get their @nytimes moment. /cc @Borthwick #AvatarLand https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/17/business/media/miquela-virtual-influencer.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share
RIP fair use. #DeepFakes /cc @zittrain via @Borthwick https://twitter.com/giorgiopatrini/status/1140646010240131072
RT @GiorgioPatrini: Breaking: the very realistic Kardashian #deepfake created by the Spectre project is taken down by Youtube due to copyri…
RT @julien_c: @ClementDelangue @sararahmcb @betaworksVC @Borthwick You can paste it into http://gltr.io and see if machines are be…
RT @sararahmcb: I don’t know whether to be offended or impressed that no one realized my latest post for @betaworksVC was *actually written…
RT @Trumpery45: @Borthwick Maybe most of the reads and claps were from bots. They’re impressed.
RT @techreview: It took two researchers 13 hours and $7.80 to train an AI model to fake UN speeches. https://trib.al/vTG935Y
RT @Nivo0o0: @Borthwick @sararahmcb It was a fantastic post, very well written 👏👏
RT @AlexRoy144: Better written than most “Contributor” posts at major media outlets. https://twitter.com/borthwick/status/1139951220276285440
Its word salad - sentences make sense but the ideas dont fully. Not unlike some human written posts. And it got RT’s and claps Fascinating. This tech is moving fast. More to discuss at synthetic demo day next week Thanks JC & @sararahmcb for testing 🤖and posting
We posted a deepfake article this week at betaworks as an experiment. A post written using a generative text algo that matches an input in both subject and tone Interesting that no one flagged it as rubbish🚮https://beta.works/gpt2_test
If you have wondered what what is happening across Europe — how failures of capitalism and liberal democracy have birthed the AfD, law and Justice, five star movement, Salvini, le Pen. 🇪🇺 👂 Can Liberal Democracy Survive in Europe? https://www.breaker.audio/the-daily/e/47936135
RT @ianbremmer: People Power wins in Hong Kong. Some positive geopolitical news for a change, as the Govt suspends the Extradition Law ind…
RT @derektmead: That satirical deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg? It's been downranked on FB and Instagram because some third-party fact-checkers…
RT @sammandel: @Sigalow Thanks for posting this Ian, we noticed a fake @LinkedIn profile of someone who does not work @betaworks and will n…
RT @cape: Really excited to add to @localglobevc team - pls share if you know great builders cc @matanbar @Harjeet @ricburton @Borthwick ht…
Woke this morning to see two govt's using unverified media to build a case for war. Suggestion: News co's should flag media as unverified unless there is either software verification (ie @Deeptracelabs) or corroborating media Cc @PaulRieckhoff @scottbelsky @chrismessina
TA — thank you, great AMA. You had to be there to see @tim_armstrong but if you missed, some clips: https://twitter.com/Borthwick/status/1139314642231201792 https://twitter.com/tim_armstrong/status/1139349913458880512
Final clip. Tim on valuations and how DTC is reconfiguring the entire CPG landscape
Tim talking about Amazon and changes in the marketplace 👇
RT @TheEconomist: If Google favoured liberals, left-wing sites would appear more often than our model predicted, and right-wing ones less h…
Tim Armstrong on the power of pop-ups -- how the best DTC companies are using and thinking about stores 💪
Tim Armstrong at Studios this evening doing an AMA about going direct and the future of DTC and the @thedtxcompany — clips follow 📺👇
Had to try the transformer tool by @huggingface. Asked it if we are alone in this universe …
Conductor Social Networks by @CodyBrown https://beta.works/2MKfauX
RT @chrismessina: This is a great resource for #HumaneTech designers. Brings a solid analysis of the problem while also proposing immediate…
RT @GiorgioPatrini: @jackclarkSF @daniellecitron likely of interest for the upcoming House Intelligence Committee
RT @chrismessina: When a synthetic influencer releases an album does it matter if anyone knows she's not human? /cc @Borthwick #syntheticm…
🤜🤖 ... 👇 https://twitter.com/betaworkstudios/status/1138188980355325954
RT @betaworkstudios: Why give your cell phone number to 90,000+ people? These are the benefits of going direct to your audience, according…
RT @DaveLeeBBC: Womp
RT @JosephPAlbanese: This is crazy. Apple is about to flip off the entire ad tech industry. https://twitter.com/sandofsky/status/1135673287659347968
In closing. It's great that Mark Zuckerberg is doing this. While some of it is scripted PR, much isnt -- and when its not, its really interesting to hear him thinking out loud. Thank you. Take a 👂 listen to the three episodes posted so far: https://www.breaker.audio/tech-and-society-with-mark-zuckerberg/e/45964836 (9/9)
Others interviews I would like to👂...some more likely than others > @tristanharris & @sapinker re: mind hacks @superwuster re regulation or @DamianCollins Sri Lanka govt rep re; unplugging the internet. President Xi / a rep of the 🇨🇳 govt. re surveillance tech & EE Cummings 8/9
Zuckerberg has well formed mental models he sticks to. @harari_yuval repeats his key issues re: AI -- Zuck doesn't hear them or doesn't want to address behavioral issues re: digital serfdom. The conversation w. Yuval gets into the thick of tough issues a shame he avoids 7/9
Unsurprisingly Zuck is profoundly pro-social -- ANd his pov how software historically undervalued the social is v. interesting. However he rarely accepts that software design can influence behavior, societal issues are due to society / economics not the design of software (4/9)
I was struck by his depth of interest and knowledge / his engagement in content moderation issues -- thinking through the instrumentation of content and feeds w/ Döpfner you can hear him thinking aloud, searching for systems that scale (5/9)
Zuckerberg seems to liberally confuse the Internet w/ FB. Several times he comes back to a theme of "unification vs fragmentation" this is about retaining global standard. At one point he skips from this into explaining why he supports GDPR ie: Splinter-net hinders mission 6/9
Zuckerberg is a systems thinker. Discussions revert to the efficiency of the system -- deduction & reduction. Community is an idea for him -- a system and software encodes the values of the system. His seeming dislike of ambiguity reminds me of Bill Gate's dislike of random 2/9
At one point Zuckerberg says AI "is a set of methods that makes everything better” he then retracts, and reverts to efficiency … it makes everything "efficient" Seemingly the potential of AI to undermine individualism or human agency doesn’t register (3/9)
Mark Zuckerberg is doing a series of interviews re: tech & society. Facebook's reach (2.4bn active users) & Zuck's singlehanded control of the company makes him one of the most powerful individuals in the world. For that reason alone it's worth listening My notes👇 (1/9)
Thank you - nice tweet summary of the synthetic media conference. 👇👇👇 https://twitter.com/giorgiopatrini/status/1134794120050937856
RT @betaworkstudios: Just witnessed the first ever concert in NYC of AI-artist @yonavonares. *shook*
RT @GIPHY: It’s getting emoji-onal on GIPHY! Introducing GIPHY Emoji & GIPHY Text: two new ways to send more moving messages✨ Available…
RT @michaelshaun36: This is the best #emoji thank you @GIPHY
Getting ready for our first conference at betaworks in a while... a throwback to early betadays. Starting tomorrow we are running mini conferences at Studios about frontier tech. Synthetic media is first up. Excited along with 200 RSVPs 👌 https://twitter.com/betaworkstudios/status/1131284141859844097
RT @mattHartman: Most recent issue of Hearing Voices, my audio & voice industry focused newsletter. It discusses data privacy in voice and…
RT @chrismessina: DeepCasts coming soon — podcasts with your favorite podcasters, but they don't actually show up or do any of the talking…
Shallow fakes starting to spread making our media hall of mirrors even more complicated. We are going to see a lot more of that verified video label. https://twitter.com/drewharwell/status/1131747410097655808
Synthetic media conference next Friday at Studios. Join us if you are building in the synthetic media or CV / ML meets media or AI space https://twitter.com/betaworkstudios/status/1131284141859844097
Interview with Ian McEwan on His New Novel and Ethics in the Age of A.I by @bryanrwalsh. Brilliant discussion of the fragility of memory and consciousness✨ https://link.medium.com/ZR609IYHTW
RT @betaworks: When two Camp companies become one. 🌱 http://beta.works/2JwjUBT
“The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet” by @ystrickler. Good post on why temporial / private sharing is on the rise https://link.medium.com/Q2L6rRg8RW
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