Fascinating thread about IP tracking, retargeting and audio / microphone targeting. Unraveling the Գordian knot of advertising 👇 https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/1263622971366739968
RT @shannonrwatts: North Dakota Gov @DougBurgum is a Republican: “If someone is wearing a mask, they’re not doing it to represent what poli…
Wear A Mask New York Ad Contest: Cast Your Vote🗣👈 https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/wear-mask-new-york-ad-contest-cast-your-vote
Smart. https://twitter.com/huffpost/status/1263540310874849280
"Will I Install an Exposure Notification App? Thoughts on the Apple-Google API"https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/i-install-exposure-notification-app-thoughts-api-jules-polonetsky by @JulesPolonetsky ht ⁦⁦@Andymo⁩
RT @nicknotned: “You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares...
RT @kharijohnson: I CANNOT for the life of me stop watching this. https://twitter.com/NBCDFW/status/1262566379343003652
RT @sachinrekhi: Big day for podcasting: Joe Rogan signs a $100M deal with Spotify to be exclusively available on their platform https://t.…
Talked with the author of "Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance" @tomaspueyo about where we are + what the coming months will likely look like, video just posted Also watch @fidjissimo and @jimkwik + others 👇 https://beta.works/2ZgYhwF
Thanks for having me for Next Wave, enjoyed learning as much as sharing. @betaworks @WSJ
RT @Andymo: @KeithNHumphreys Important thread on the challenge ahead - sound public health practices work when supported by government lead…
The Privacy Dial Why Technologists and Normal Humans should understand Differential Privacy https://beta.works/2zbEJ1Q
Spectacularly Bad WaPo on Apple & Google’s Exposure Notification Project Unclear authors understand GPS vs. Bluetooth tracing or that Goog/Apple enabled app’s havent shipped. Important topic, thks @gruber https://beta.works/36az4W3 cc @ReedAlbergotti @drewharwell @PostBaron
RT @shaig: for the first time ever, NYC has four VC backed IPO'd companies with $10B+ valuations👀
thanks Danny, hope you are well https://twitter.com/khatibda/status/1261553664713297920
RT @betaworks: https://t.co/XRg6L3nbri
Thanks Jules — 🎯 same vintage https://twitter.com/ezyjules/status/1261419677936504834
Thanks Andrew — agree, a special special crew at @Giphy. Years of smiles, fun + a whole new form of communication! [insert gif] https://twitter.com/AndrewDumont/status/1261343046915862530
Thanks for that Jason — hope you are well https://twitter.com/Jason_Morrow/status/1261369900330713089
Thanks Greg / hope you are well! https://twitter.com/gbattle/status/1261356181702017029
RT @schlaf: Remember when @betaworks launched their equity crowdfunding platform Alphaworks? Two companies featured were @GIPHY and @Gimle…
Thank you Andy! https://twitter.com/andykleinman/status/1261326260258525184
Thank you @LererHippeau / first investor to back Giphy!!! https://twitter.com/LererHippeau/status/1261319459555467264
"This is Giphy. You're welcome" (tag line on first @Giphy website) https://twitter.com/levie/status/1261307364646379521
Agreed @RichLightShed ~ Giphy is media in messaging https://twitter.com/RichLightShed/status/1261306203671539715
Thank you Sumon!! https://twitter.com/sharpshoot/status/1261312686840823809
RT @jeremysliew: Congratulations to @instagram for acquiring @giphy! Two cornerstones of pop culture coming together. https://t.co/WpNGSj…
Thanks @Hadley Giphy makes the Internet smile everyday — awesome company !:! https://twitter.com/Hadley/status/1261308592780718080
Thank you!!! https://twitter.com/sharpshoot/status/1261308474803314688
Congratulations to Alex and the @GIPHY team !!!! https://twitter.com/GIPHY/status/1261305532230635523
Congratulations to Alex and the @Giphy team !!!! https://twitter.com/Facebook/status/1261304997830000640
RT @QuarantimeToday: How are we being #hacked, manipulated & divided by #SocialMedia & #conspiracy pervaders? We're with @YaelEisenstat of…
RT @PhillipaLJ: Incredible line up for our second event in partnership with @betaworks today, including @fidjissimo, @jimkwik, @leorayman a…
Event just started, join us. First discussion live now with @fidjissimo head of Facebook product / app, talking about adaptability, crafting and quality with @edwardroussel from the WSJ https://twitter.com/Borthwick/status/1260735450869882880
Excited to be talking with @tomaspueyo tomorrow as part of Next Wave series betaworks is doing in partnership w/ the WSJ. Tomas author of "Why you must act now”, “The Hammer and the Dance” and other COVID-19 classics! Join 👇 https://beta.works/35TxiZl
RT @chrismessina: An unanticipated expansion of the #SyntheticReality trend. /cc @Borthwick@mattHartman
RT @justinjm1: This is stunning to watch: 60 Minutes details a "political disinformation campaign" that went from Matt Gaetz to Tucker Carl…
RT @mattHartman: Want to hear how product-focused VCs & angels amongst themselves evaluating tech and thinking about new markets? Join the…
RT @heif: @Borthwick @jvaleski https://www.tech.gov.sg/media/media-releases/spot-robot-trial-for-safe-distancing-operations
Robot patrolling Singapore’s Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park to "remind people of safe distancing measures” Surveillance technology that 3 months ago was only in China, getting deployed more widely ?!& how goes it remind people: audio PSA? takes pictures, shocks? HT: @jvaleski
RT @NotJackDavis: @ballmatthew every time he tweets with @RichLightShed
What nation case data misses (new cases per day) — "Don’t Be Fooled by America’s Flattening Curve” By Nathaniel Lash https://beta.works/2WxlqIe
The NHS in the UK struggling to justify a centralized exposure notification system for contact tracing. The criteria for a successful test in the Isle of White should be made public. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/05/05/uk_coronavirus_app/
RT @phocks: Because people seem interested here's some video of the COVIDSafe app failing on iPhone. It is literally impossible to broadcas…
There are moments in life when everything stops. An accident, you get sick or someone you love dies. Moments when reality is pierced and you realize how much of it is constructed One of the things that is remarkable about now - is this happening for all of us at the same time🚫
RT @TCNCoalition: 👏🏽We applaud @CDCgov for their prelim guidelines for digital #contacttracing apps: they recommend open-source, interopera…
RT @NateSilver538: Apple's data also shows this. Not just in the US (it's pretty common across different countries). It's not a huge shift…
Favorite part of this old t-shirt is the back. "The revolution will be Bloggerized" Bloggerized? Not blogged? Early use of the word or Tribute to Gil Scott Heron? Knowing @ev betting on the second. https://twitter.com/matthartman/status/1256328914244210689
RT @Independent: Jellyfish filmed swimming through Venice's now-crystal clear waterways
RT @alexstamos: US tech companies are allowing Chinese state media to pay to spread their COVID propaganda. This is how we think they can p…
RT @DannyDutch: You’re either the bird on the right or the bird on the left, you can’t be both.
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