Upgrade to MEDALLION STATUS, the new book by John Hodgman.
RT @emilynussbaum: Ah, much respect to Yovanovitch for (politely) not answering the question about how all this affected her family.
Republican house members really soaking up this opportunity to praise Yovanovitch and pretend to be serious normal professionals for a sec.
RT @harikondabolu: Why does the Devil need an “advocate?” Why do you want to be legal aid for Satan?
Holy stuff. Schiff reading Trump tweet disparaging Yovanovich our in real time.
RT @brianschatz: After watching Ambassador Yovanovitch I have hope that if we win the next election we will have a massive influx of talent…
LONDON: go get those tickets! Hail satan! https://twitter.com/mountain_goats/status/1195308521564200960
Ok. The mystery continues! https://twitter.com/actpeacefully/status/1195356334759305217
Thank you. https://twitter.com/inter_lawyer/status/1195354721340575744
Now does anyone know who the man seated behind Amb Yovanovich actually is?
I knew this would happen, even though I was asking a sincere question, but I honestly didn’t expect it to happen this fast. For the record, this is what I look like, as of last night, wearing a bowler hat loaned to me by @PFTompkins https://twitter.com/daniel_packard0/status/1195354073882669056
It’s not a loan, it’s a gift
Oh boy I can’t wait for part 2 of this 2 part devastating tweet this guy is promising to send me
Can someone ID this person for me please?
RT @ddale8: As @kaitlancollins noted, the document the White House released today does not match its official "readout" of the April call.…
Jim Jordan’s “Jeepers” is really gilding the bad faith lily
RT @clastowka: The fuck does one phone call without a shakedown prove? There were thousands of days where OJ didn't kill two people.
Nunes reading out the transcript of Trump’s Miss Universe Bragg word mush and Zelensky’s ass kissing like it’s the Declaration of Independence. Case closed.
Some real Crabbe and Goyle vibes.
RT @michaelianblack: I had this conversation with my kids after Newtown, the town next to mine. These events are battering rams to the soul…
RT @BDayBoysMitch: This was a very special night for me. A dream come true. Thank you: @nicolebyer @hodgman @DaveJMatthews @davematthewsbnd…
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: I hope her name is Pizzazz. https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1194958923066949633
RT @doughboyspod: New Doughboys Thursday! We’re joined live onstage by John Hodgman and Nicole Byer for our long-awaited review of a corner…
Well, on that note, I forgot I had a sound cloud Vacationland Live in Toronto http://bit.ly/secretvacation https://twitter.com/angryaria/status/1194949192063414272
Answering questions on twitter. But now the plane is about to take off. Have fun everyone and thank you. https://twitter.com/lapis_lauri/status/1194948636658020352
I’ll be at the Shea with @MonteBelmonte in December http://johnhodgman.com/tour https://twitter.com/tophkiss/status/1194947840570806272
Now that @LittlePetes is gone, I don’t know! https://twitter.com/ianmichaelboyd/status/1194946844964597760
Lye. Just get oven cleaner. https://twitter.com/patcartelli/status/1194946793131388929
But that’s fine. I know what I do is confusing in its tone and maybe offensive in its privilege and def not for everyone.
I think you will find historically that almost all of my print reviews are pretty middling and intent on melting my wings and saying I deserve to fall. Actual readers are kinder. As well as Chris Higgins at Mental Floss and @doctorow who REALLY got THAT IS ALL and VACATIONLAND https://twitter.com/kidlitkat/status/1194946203542335488
Thank you! Some day maybe. https://twitter.com/kailenedanae/status/1194945427650400263
You should go. And take the Hodglings. As well as Mrs. H. Really. Eye opening. Nice people.
Tuna melt https://twitter.com/katrus/status/1194945260771786754
There was one attempt to poach me in that way, but I wasn’t going to dance on Steve’s grave. https://twitter.com/stun_gravy/status/1194944706423095296
From your mouth to mr @Apple’s ears https://twitter.com/dwj1965/status/1194944688018612226
The surveillance footage of you creeping on me. https://twitter.com/timidwerewolf/status/1194943516624842752
The live album is pretty amazing. Most of his words are unintelligible. The audience is just laughing at his cadence. https://twitter.com/palindsaylohan/status/1194943522580959232
More surface area to crisp up https://twitter.com/auntiesiannan/status/1194942947210485760
The puppeteers were amazing Inspiring professionals and incredible humans. I had no truck with the puppets, as they are demon seed and assholes https://twitter.com/wallywackiman/status/1194942907947585536
A maritime tour has long been a dream. https://twitter.com/rbarrettpei/status/1194942066658287616
No meta. No character. All real shit til takeoff in 15. Get your questions in. https://twitter.com/leo_barbour/status/1194942356715450369
Asked and answered: MAYBE https://twitter.com/silasmeek/status/1194942438353313792
Seems adorable. My character in Dicktown was a famous child detective in town who then grew up and is now not doing so good. https://twitter.com/chompyduchamp/status/1194941479325782016
I mean, I would like to fly but I do not want a cloaca. https://twitter.com/widgett/status/1194940273643659269
I went into one and it was just me and Jon Hamm so it was weird. He wasn’t going anywhere. Just sitting there. https://twitter.com/newcott/status/1194939739125747712
That’s very kind. It is supposed to show up on Cake on @FXNetworks (FXX) sometime in Jan/Feb/March. I’ll keel you posted if I learn more. https://twitter.com/hawkguyclint/status/1194939394911854592
Falconry. https://twitter.com/jugglinggeese/status/1194939100471672832
It’s not fun here. https://twitter.com/widtap/status/1194939090816380929
Of course the phone is what made the desktop computer ads irrelevant but thank you. https://twitter.com/josh_904/status/1194938939179720709
This will never happen https://twitter.com/danielsand/status/1194937887562883073
No thanks. https://twitter.com/riktorbernan/status/1194937871712608258
I used criminal as an adjective twice in two tweets. That was bad writing. I apologize. See? Easy.
John, I love you, but I’m pretty sure in three tweets you used at as an adjective, then an adverb, and here a noun. I will accept my apology in hugs.
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