I'm a counter culture, outgoing introvert, mestizo mulato, underachieving overachiever trying to leave this blue pebble a better place than when I entered it!
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RT @funder: Senate Republicans are a disgrace. Sen Blackburn is reading a book, Burr is playing with a fidget spinner, Lindsey Graham is no…
But corporate welfare is his kinda of socialism when the government bailed his bank out with $400m in 2018’s financial collapse! https://twitter.com/cnbc/status/1219968439806255106
I wish we had our democratic candidate picked already cause this #SenateRepublicanCoverup is firing me up and I wanna throw all my energy, resources and followers on to the chosen one!
RT @MikeBloomberg: .@realDonaldTrump I know you’ve been watching our ads. We’ve been watching yours, too.
RT @ChrisMurphyCT: 1a/ You cannot use the massive powers of the Oval Office to destroy your political rivals. FYI. 1b/ Time for tonight’s…
RT @SenBobCasey: Republicans are voting against witnesses, documents and a fair trial because they are afraid of the truth. That’s it. That…
RT @tribelaw: Read @RepAdamSchiff’s masterful opening statement in the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/read-adam-schiffs-opening-argument-at-senate-impeachment-trial/ar-BBZe5LQ?ocid=spartandhp
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This Republican senate fake trial & cover up of a criminal president has fired me up & now I’m calling more, talking more, supporting more, donating more, fighting more and registering more! We have to fight for democracy! Get more woke! Do something every day! Do Anything now!
This cause is close to my heart - please sign: https://sign.moveon.org/petitions/remove-press-restrictions-for-president-trump-s-impeachment-trial?bucket=&source=twitter-share-button&utm_campaign=&utm_source=twitter&share=7dd67b2c-77e4-466d-832a-80d934c5648b
Are you sucking on trump’s gaslighting? How could you say such a twisted dishonest reversal of the truth! A Trial is with witnesses and documents and transparency! This senate trial is a cover up! @senatemajldr @Team_Mitch @SenRickScott @SenatorCollins @MittRomney @MarkMeadows https://twitter.com/senatorlankford/status/1219714021160517638
RT @thehill: Poll: Nearly 70 percent of Americans say impeachment trial should include new witnesses http://hill.cm/QuMJzSe https://t.co/w…
#McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp #McConnellCoverUp https://twitter.com/senschumer/status/1219414313666011138
2019 was the second hottest year on record, behind 2016. And the world will never be that hot again, because Prince is gone.
Call him out, Laurence! https://twitter.com/tribelaw/status/1219057024325029888
Putin, Mitch and Murdoch are destroying our democracy! History will not be kind to them!
So #MoscowMitchTraitor wont protect our voting machines so #russia can hack them but only in important swing districts and just enough fake trump votes not to trigger a recount and then leave the machines out in weather so we there is no oversight!
RT @shannonrwatts: Sunglasses and face masks for armed insurrectionists who have been threatening and doxxing me and @MomsDemand volunteers…
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RT @sxsw: From @JohnLeguizamo comes Critical Thinking. Five Latin & Black teenagers from the toughest underserved ghetto in Miami fight the…
From @JohnLeguizamo comes Critical Thinking. Five Latin & Black teenagers from the toughest underserved ghetto in Miami fight their way into the National Chess Championship under the guidance of their unconventional teacher. #BasedOnATrueStory #SXSW http://ow.ly/OLdJ50y00uh
martinlutherking a beacon of light for all people for all ages!
RT @jmsexton_: The corporations backing Alabama's war on women. Some of America's most prominent corporations are backing these politician…
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How is #facebook allowing #AmericanWarriorRevolution and #joshuaSchoaff to continue to encite massacres, lynchings and shootings in our cities?! How is this a “Facebook”that is a safe space? Facebook is incapable of self-regulation! It is a dangerous space!
That’s the real Dersh! The one defending trump is a fake! https://twitter.com/tribelaw/status/1219028907749511168
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Putin "proposed" some "reforms," then the entire Russian government "resigned voluntarily," with their heads "still attached."
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RT @BillKristol: Lindsey Graham makes a heartfelt plea for witnesses. "And I hope at the end of the day it is our desire to get to the trut…
Thank you @reedmorano for bringing me on this brilliantly written series based on the novel The Power. And what a power cast! Wepa que chingon! On Amazon! @amazon Can’t wait to hang with Latinx Jeff Bezos!
We can’t have free and fair elections in America because tech gangster #MarkZuckerberg and his Facebook won’t allow it! Our democracy dies because of Mark! @Facebook @fbnewsroom @Facebookai @FacebookGaming @fbplatform @FacebookWatch and don’t forget they own @instagram
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RT @MalcolmNance: Apparently in Russia you only die of falling out windows, high velocity lead poisoning or unexpected poison induced heart…
RT @USAirForce92: Remember when Barack Obama sang 'Amazing Grace' and Republicans mocked him and accused him of fanning racial flames, but…
Bravo my brother! Latinx making moves in the political arena has real consequences and real possibilities! https://twitter.com/acampanajjar/status/1217148198340325376
RT @ACampaNajjar: Our Escondido office is officially open! See those people behind me? They’re the people of #CA50 — the real power behind…
RT @TeaPainUSA: This is good news, but be warned, Bolton may not be a smokin' gun. He might dump the blame at Giuliani and Sondland's feet…
Wtf? Russian hit job? Terrible! https://twitter.com/rvawonk/status/1217156647379927042
Out of Hollywood’s 47,000 speaking roles in 21 years only 3% were Latinx! That is so fucked up! We are the 2nd largest ethnic group in America after whites! #culturalApartheid for us (Latinx) in America! And 2nd oldest ethnic group in America after Native Americans!
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