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Just finished the first two stories in Ted Chiang’s new Exhalation, and they are fantastic. So so good.
I was a little disappointed overall. One of the longer stories in that collection I had already read elsewhere, somehow, the one about the robot animals.
Welp. Every government in the world about to send POTUS the dossiers on every credible challenger. So, so corrupt and damaging, this administration.
I'm sure all that data will be 100% true
Such BS
RT @mpesce: Episode 3.09 of @nextbillionsecs "The Future of the Web with Sean White" - as Chief of R&D at @mozilla, @seanwhite grasps both…
RT @benadida: 1/ It's really great to make it more convenient to vote, but this editorial makes two big mistakes.
(Con’t) If wondering, Microsoft didn’t even begin work on a search engine until early 2005 (first release). Google was a $6 billion revenue company then almost doubling year over year. The US v DOJ decree started 5 years before that. “Bing” launched mid-2009 (google was $23B).
Also at #codecon @profgalloway repeats the notion that without antitrust action against Microsoft we would not have Google. 🤦‍♂️
I wish I could pin this tweet :-)
Honestly I would settle for just less corruption. Or fewer tweets.
Very big deal. Figma team moving very fast.
Dawn, heading to Galaxy’s Edge. Nobody else in the park yet! @ Disneyland, Los Angeles, California
2019 is not our best look.
i was informed over vacation that putting filters on my grams makes me an old
This is what we're all obsessing over now
Tweeting about it makes you old+grouchy
RT @voting_works: 1/ We want to tell you a little bit about how election equipment gets certified for use in the US. Since the Help America…
The penalty of not being able to sit courtside for the last 4 finals games is not gonna be enough. Dude is an owner.
Which, honestly, is not really a penalty either.
Economics prolly gonna be okay for him, yeah
I think so, right? Pushed an employee.
Yup. They made Sterling do the same. There’s precedent.
Dubs should do this, not the league tho
who else is this true for somehow in the last few years you stopped watching movies. either at home or at the movies. You still watch other stuff — you watch TV in all its glory. but the number of feature-length films you watch is trending down, as is your enjoyment of them
Literally all parents of small children
Right. I had kids in the last decade and that put a huge dent in it. But my childcare duties have gotten easier as they’ve grown and I filled my new free time with things other than movies
Yeah, same with me. Partly because my attention span now sucks (more). Partly because I tend to watch on small screens, and have a hard time sitting on the couch for long (too much other stuff needs doing)
I mean, other than John Wick
Hmmm. Yes, happened 15 years ago for me... But would also say watching a season of Breaking Bad is like watching a 10 hour movie. and a 90 minute movie feels like a short story.
RT @NYTScience: Alan Turing's genius embraced the first visions of modern computing, but he was cast aside and died a criminal for his homo…
Yep. This is not going to go well. Will result in new opportunities, but not great overall.
Also the app icons are no longer comically embiggened (and spaced) on the iPad. They appear to be... the exact same size that they are on the iPhone. Which makes a lot more sense.
To be clear, things are still fairly buggy. This is the developer build, obviously. I could cook at steak on this backup iPad right now. But this is *very* promising.
Mine cooled down after about 16 hours
Wow Safari does appear to be actual Safari in iOS 13. Like a real life, fully functional Safari. Making the iPad a real life, fully functional computer. Why on Earth did they not do this years ago?! Also the point-to-move-cursor thing is 1000x better.
How can you tell wrt Safari?
Websites like @medium actually work now for writing. I’m going to assume other things like Gmail works now too!
You are a true adventurer man
This one is so exciting!
What iPad are you using? Put it on my 2016 9.7 Pro. It’s buggy but exciting
Really liking the iPadOS beta, but not gonna be able to download anything for awhile for obvious reasons. <twitch>
After 20 years of patience, my choice of shell is validated #zsh4life In all seriousness, I always thought bash was ubiquitous in most modern UNIX systems — I wonder what motivated this change? Saves me a chsh call on my new laptops...
Gotta be licensing, no?
Very important idea: always pronounce “podcast” as “podgecast”, but mumble it a bit so people don’t know if you’re saying it wrong. Soon the podge people will be the majority, and no one will know how it happened.
Some things to work out, yeah
Such an inspiration
Paging @MikeIsaac
Playing around with the iPadOS beta — definitely not finished, but feels really good. MacOS is toast in the medium term. (FWIW: I love MacOS and use it all the time. Just isn’t where the future is headed. Having managed lots of MacOS machines, I’m optimistic about a managed OS.)
This is wonderful.
okay, ipadOS beta looking good. anyone ventured into watchOS beta land? 🤔
hey @adamnash — feels like you probably need this
(i like most of the stuff they’re announcing, and it’s even clearer that MacOS is toast. just…there’s a lotta stuff that really should have been on iOS about 5 years ago)
thumb drives, smb, shared folders. 2019. okay!
Great opportunity to make a difference for the State of California:
Not a super exciting game so far
RT @pt: Man, I really miss the elites.
Turnovers killing the Dubs.
They don’t seem like they’re keeping their composure, which is...weird.
More than a little sloppy. Which is a shame, because they’ve had their chances.
Just game 1 away, but Kawhi only playing so so, this feels like one to steal. But Raps supporting cast has been very very good
Great guy, though, Kim. Tremendous.
Anyone know a way to see the iOS Screen Time data older than a week? Would like to be able to pull longer histories and do some analysis.
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