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Just finished The Raven Tower by Anne Leckie. Wasn’t sure I loved it reading it, but now that I’m done, really miss it. Sign of a good & challenging book. [should probably bring back my mini blogging about books I read — this one is interesting & good.]
RT @jerrychen: 1/ With @rocksetcloud's GA today we are seeing the beginning of the next chapter of cloud computing. Rockset is building the…
Maybe they'll serve Dr. Pepper.
Uggggggg, it seems that Pepsi got the beverage contract for Chase Center. This is why we can't have nice things.
2. There’s a free lecture series on YouTube ( that LinkedIn’s co-founders (@reidhoffman @allenb) and @johnolilly gave at Stanford, sharing some of their tips for “blitzscaling” growth (which later became the subject of a book) - worth watching it.
LinkedIn’s original team that took them to 500,000 users. Today it has 260 million monthly active professionals (>500 million total) including 40 million decision makers on the platform. Their goal is to get to 3 billion. (Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016 for $26.2 billion).
Oh god, what is Jackson gonna say?
RT @triketora: LinkedIn reveals recruiters are less likely to click on a woman’s profile when headhunting
Not nearly as important as, you know, building more housing, but the city leadership around here needs to get a grip. (Plus, the statues are awesome.)
Started wearing extended wear contacts past few months, but taking them out each night. Bad idea to wear them a whole week at a time? (Acuvue Oasys Extended Wear)
Yeah, I know, but my eyes are....peculiar.
Phew. My blog is gonna be 20 years old in a few months. Any topics I should write about?
Lotta people delete their old stuff now. But you’ve got this long ass track record online. Is it just that you’ve never been wrong or do you have no fear?
How it feels to be old, man
Kind of a fun meme: what are your most used emojis? Mine give a penetrating view into my character. And ftr, 🔫 I only use paired this way: 😬🔫
This seems about right.
Is that a head massage?
I got new glasses. I had to re-train Windows Hello, but I did *not* have to re-train the iPhone or iPad.
It’s amazing. Different glasses, sunglasses, no glasses. Always works
Why is there new Arrested Development?
VETO! Did i do that right? That was super fun! How do I tell the Twitter what specific thing I’m vetoing, though?
Wait, we do this on Twitter now?
VotingWorks is a startup to pay attention to. Moving extremely quickly. Will write about why I got involved before too long, but the short version is: democracies need to be able to believe in our voting infrastructure.
Amazing bill introduced today by Senator @KamalaHarris to help state and local governments modernize their technology (and continue to fund USDS). Hope that more legislators will support.
I can get behind a “hotdog is not a sandwich” platform. It’s 2019. Beggars can’t be choosers.
Am I allowed to go back and enjoy Sports Night again, or is the various Sorkin and Huffman stuff too much now??
Sunderland Til I Die is a fantastic sports show on Netflix, just perfect.
This is more like the kind of news I'd like to see trending on Twitter over everything that's trending. Way to go, Governor Newsom. And hopefully this paves the way to permanent change.
Fun to talk about @caffeine with @benkeighran. Such a fun company to work on with him.
WTAF? I mean...I’m all for blaming MIT people for things, but...
This piece from Elizabeth Warren has issues practically from the jump. Drawing a straight line from Microsoft anti-trust w/r/t IE to Google (avoiding Bing) is painfully glib at best; willfully misleading at worst.
Fails totally to define what it thinks a ‘platform’ is and what is and is not split off. ‘Google search’ is split off... from what?
You know. Other stuff. Platform.
Just FTR: I personally will work to elect anyone who isn’t Trump. But specifically believe in: everyone paying taxes, state building a stronger & more robust social net, supportive immigration & entrepreneurship policies.
This next election cycle is going to tie Silicon Valley up in knots. Dems going hard left. GOP doing the whole Trump/xenophobia/racism/corruption/incompetence thing.
Looks like someone should have been getting media training instead of fucking kids.
Evergreen tweet. Unfortunately.
Here is my bro @jeffreyswisher hanging at stroke central in HK in 2011
U even wore ur sunglasses in the hospital bed? So on brand
Also: holy shit, 1.3M followers? I mean, I knew you’d blown up lately, but I mean, huh, that’s a lot of people+bots
As an engineer, the lack of parsimony bothers me. Eigencondiments only, please.
Worst YA novel ever.
The network is down at @codeforamerica and we are all TALKING TO EACH OTHER.
And that's how #OfflineTuesdays was born :)
Still, I suspect it’s a slightly better situation than when AT&T bosses start demanding “5G” references be baked into actual HBO shows...
It's all Jack Donaghy from here.
Lotta insight here from my partner @jerrychen
So so corrupt, not to mention stupid.
Fantastic podcast with Preet Bharara and Bryan Stevenson.
Just playing with this now; they’ve done a really good job. Computational photography is just super, super interesting.
It happened. I don’t remember what I was into before Trump news.
Nothing else exists. There is only Trump.
Day One is an incredibly well built app. So good.
What do you use it for?
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