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Conway's Life is always so satisfying to watch.
RT @kroncorde: A timely reminder that luxury ends up being both access to and freedom from technology. Agency becomes a privilege - when it…
RT @johnmaeda: "Understanding precedes action." —Richard Saul Wurman
Gestalt figure itself has gestalt. Nice. via @imcatnoone
Carly Ayres is v wise. I am so proud to know you @carlyayres 🖖
RT @alexislloyd: Wow. Google is translating audio input directly to audio output without intermediate conversion to text.…
RT @JohnLMacFarlane: This is fantastic. If you use or incorporate someone’s hard work, you can now support said work. They will match your…
“We’re looking for undiscovered products @TheGrommet that deliver what they promise — products with *truth*. ” —CEO @julespieri
RT @johnmaeda: "Algorithms tell a lot about their creators." —Heather Dewey-Hagborg
The will to survive is about surviving together with the underlying hope of thriving together. Because what’s making it to the end of a story without friends to celebrate with? via #GiulianaFunkhouser
RT @kellegous: This really resonates ...
RT @ftrain: Meetings add up so much. Shorter meetings or fewer meetings can give you back whole years of working life.
RT @megsfulton: We're hiring another product designer for the mobile team at @automattic! You'll get to: ✨ Make an impact designing for…
“I have wanted to be an engineer since the 3rd grade.” —@Rukmini_Reddy via @aileenlee
RT @MichelleBee: If someone tries to tell you about the well thought out strategy employed at their fast scaling startup, politely excuse y…
“Only when we override our ego do we open ourselves to growth.” —@jeffgolenski
“Computational literacy posits the machine as a tool (which it often is!). The computational gaze, on the other hand, suggests the machine as a collaborator or companion intelligence.” —@alexislloyd
RT @projectsbyif: Product teams need to understand how the permissions they design affect people’s rights. That's why IF curates the data…
「店は客のためにある」—倉本長治 (1899-1982)
RT @iFrankAbney: Big #HappyBirthday to the brother, #RyanCoogler! I got to finally have a conversation with him recently. Respectful, humbl…
“List hypotheses and evaluate them at every step.” —@kimbost via @megsfulton
Radical Renewal is the rare outcome of making it out of the Stubborn Resistance quadrant — most often because the future has arrived and the go-ers are moving faster than the no-ers.
Note to self: experience and expectation.
RT @mayli: psssssst I might or might not be working on a "game" with @andy_matuschak for this brand new handheld gaming system it is man…
Congrats to @helena with her brand new ad-venture!
RT @marcalainb: Super fier d’annoncer ce partenariat @banjHT @RebrandCities et @wordpressdotcom pour permettre à 30 petites entreprises non…
RT @WestonThayer5: Keyframe RWD erases so many headaches caused by breakpoint RWD
Work is: A/ tactical work preceding strategic work, B/ strategic work preceding tactical work, C/ tactical work actively informing strategic work, D/ strategic work actively informing tactical work, E/ opportunistic work disrupting all work, F/ emergency work disrupting all work.
RT @HajjFlemings: Launching #RebrandHaiti on 06/18 in partnership w/ @RebrandCities, @Banjht & @WordPressdotcom. Building 30 - websites for…
RT @robgiampietro: This was such a treat. Thank you @LiamSpradlin for the thoughtful conversation!
RT @risdguild: on one hand, you have trendy shapes — on the other, suggestive lines
“Think of a platform not just as technology but as a service, or what Silicon Valley calls a ‘product.’” via @huguesfuric
RT @alexislloyd: Nice! Open-source AI ethics framework from @PARCinc
RT @ellecortese: my go-to VR harassment description quote
RT @alexislloyd: "Some of the women reported that they had feigned illness when their child got sick, because taking a sick day for themsel…
RT @samcbays: Observed Behavior —— [over] —— Expressed Preferences
RT @JohnLMacFarlane: Helping heals, and satiates the soul, it’s scientific now. Selfishness is like an unquenchable appetite for the soul.…
My monthly briefing mail goes out tomorrow morning. Last month's 🦋 is now available.
“Delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort—the work they must do to get their problem solved—does.” —Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman, Nicholas Toman (2010)
RT @artnome: Sharing some great process photos from the @KateVassGalerie as they prepare the show! @johnmaeda "AI Infinity" (1992) and @DrB…
The @WorkingCopyApp is v cool.
RT @hardmaru: WebGL Fluid Simulation This is so cool. Even works on mobile devices.
There's a great #WordPress Gutenberg blocks roundup by @bph over here:
Many new #WordPress Gutenberg blocks are making a variety of fancy .js libraries more accessible to the masses.
"One-Year Performance, 1978-79: the artist Tehching Hsieh sealed himself in an 11.5’ x 9’ x 8’ cage containing bed, a sink, and a pail. He did not speak, read, write, or use electronics."
"By ticking a box confirming we read a ‘Terms of Service’ agreement, our digital doppelganger was born." via @vkzxcv @alexislloyd
RT @alisonrand: Join me and @johnmaeda as we Q&A about the Design in Tech Reports section on Design Organizations and all things Design Ops…
Generalizations are useful as makeshift scaffolding for draft ideas, but they're not good to build on because betting on *average* quality materials will lead you to just average outcomes.
Alexis Lloyd @alexislloyd just pointed me to these Dropbox-direct-to-ecommerce services and that are wonderful.
“Structure meetings where you make it easy for different points of view to be at the table.” —Reena Jana
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