Not sure what I'm doing but something needs to be done.
Stoned masturbation: Brain sends signal to hand. Hand sends signal back - "It's in the queue. I'll get back to you on scheduling".
Is there such a thing as "too stoned to play"? I'm still too stoned to decide.
Fiat currency and decentralized exchanges. Where are we headed?
RT @officialmcafee: beta version 1.1 now up. Fixed: - Mobile tweaks and updates. - Token list sort by volume - Vis…
Those who dance are considered mad by those that cannot hear the music.
When you lose a friend, companion or loved one: Cry. When there are no more tears, life will go on. When you lose your freedom, tears will not set you free. Only anger will.
Forgot: **** SPEED FIXES COMING v1.2 ***** beta v1.2 Nov 8th: -Onion portal  -BUSD -Deposit, Withdraw, and Transfer from balance page -Tron blockchain added - no crosschain Beta v1.3 Jan 5th. -Binance, EOS and NEO added - no crosschain Beta v1.4  2nd qtr 2020. -Crosschain Transactions -New chains beta version 1.1 now up. Fixed: - Mobile tweaks and updates. - Token list sort by volume - Visual issues in order book - Order Matching - custom decimal token issues (4,6,8,12,16 decimals) - Currently have 10 portals live, 3 more portals coming today
My distributed exchange, and the inevitable government response: come and get me.
Least trustworthy creatures on the planet: people. Most trustworthy: dogs. Most indifferent to trust: cats. Yet all three insist on hanging together. Go figure.
The Frank Muller crypto watch/wallet. Starting at $16,000;)
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My view on drugs: Shoot Smack, snort Crank, ... whatever. Your business. But ... the combo of weed, booze and LSD should carry a severe penalty. Imagine: too drunk to walk, too stoned to care and you decide to drop Acid. Need I say more?
Done by Eddie Mize (Eddie the Yeti) - DEFCON's Artist In Residence.
My interview with Crypto Potato: ins-and-his-dex-exclusive-interview/
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"U.S. covert agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc.) are a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, it's own fundraising mechanisms, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interests, free from all checks and balances - and free from the law itself" - #GALT
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Our transparent democracy is now an Autocracy owned by covert agencies such as NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, etc, and protected by the "Curtain of National Security". Not even Presidents or our Congess know anything not in their "Need ti Know". Who decides this "Need to know"? Answer this
My Ben Swann interview
Ever wanted to spend a day with me? Here's your chance! Contest ends October 30th. All info can be found here. music & video platform has attracted over 1,800 new users in under 10 days since launch of its MVP. A new release with upgrades, bug fixes & UI optimization is coming today. Support movements like @BeatzCoin who are part of a paradigm shift in music.
We have started a telegram developer group for any dev's interested in developing extensions, add-ons, etc. For
I am re-united with my piano
People say: rely on advisors for the world that I know little about. But advisors become rulers. History taught us that. The president, whoever it is, knows little of the millions of issues, and do as advisors say in relationship to the advisers' domains. And this is our problem.
I have no opinion of Middle East problems, trade with China, etc. I know nothing about them. My only information in those matters comes from the media - that thing which we have been blindly convinced is an avenue of light, but which, in truth, is a growing veil of darkness.
I make multiple videos each day recording, for whatever slim possibility there may be that they might have future value, my random thoughts. Thought I'd start sharing them from time to time. Unless the backlash turns violent:) this one is "What's wrong with science?"
My comments on the donkey f*cking craze sweeping Columbia:
Claim your individual sovereignty. http://MCAFEEDEX.COM
There is only one struggle: the Class Struggle. Wbo creates the classes? Those in Power. It is power itself that must be decentralized.
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Can Crypto exchanges truly be decentralized against regulation? YES. The DEX is smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. It will exist forever on the Blockchain and can't be removed. If all portals shut down, new ones will rise.
What's my fix for the racial problem? Freedom for all. Even whites in America are slaves, unless you're a Congressman, Senator, President, an employee of the FBI, a member of the CIA, SEC or the FED, or an associate of same.
Nearly 150 years after emancipation, white Americans, on a per household basis, have 5 times the wealth of an average Black household. Wake up America.
From 1920 until 1933 alcohol was prohibited in America. The prohibition was abandoned because no one stopped drinking. World governments are close to prohibiting crypto. They can expect the same result.
I was the legendary "Stuffmonger: of Bluelight fame
True or false: I was the lengendary "Stuffmonger" of Bluelight fame.
The fruit from the Tree of Knowlwdge tasted like:
Historic facts not yet on the Web: Michael Simmons- the first man to discover the clitoris - disappeared under mysterious circumstances two years after his discovery in 1927. Foul play was suspected.
6 portals are now live on We need 100's so it's forever immune from Gov control. Join us:
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RT @officialmcafee: Ever consider creating your own Crypto City? In America, you can incorporate a city by as few as 150 votes is some stat…
All problems in life boil down to one thing: every person is out for themselves. How much more simple can you get?
Want to schedule me for a podcast? The Godess of scheduling is my lively wife she can help you.
Do yo want a government that tells you how to live, or one that accommodates how you live?
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