The power we are seeking to unleash with the 2020 campaign is not the power of John McAfee. It is the power of the individual.
Spoke with @JayPizzle88. Last thing he remembers: the evening before he was to leave from N.Y. to Barcelona to meet the Blockchain Cruise. He was to deliver the Keynote speech as my body double. He wakes up 11 days later in hospital after poisoning by unknown substance. Please!!!
Jay Pizzle has been found. He was unconscious for days. The CIA has some serious drugs:) Here is his message.
Cuba. New headquarters. U.S. propaganda. And ...of course .... Bangkok prostitutes.
New Merchandise at the Alaotta/McAfee Merch store. Check it out:
According to Forbes, Karatbars is one if 10 Blockchain companies to watch in 2019. /
In case you were careless enough to miss the premier of Kickin It With Da McAfees #3, you can still watch here
John is incommunicado for the day, but wished for people to know that Clone Warrior @JayPizzle88 has been found and is safe. Thank you to everyone that expressed their concern during this worrying time.
Watching John Wick 3 on the boat last night. Axel - one of our German Shephards - insisted it was one of his favorite movies.
Many ask whether I'm afraid the Government may try to assassinate me. Of course they will try. It's America for Christ's sake!!
My morning harrassment of our government being carried out in the Hemingway Cafe under a rare photo of Hemingway with the young Castro.
The U.S. Government claims that Cuba - this poor, economically strangled island on which I am standing - is a destabilizing influence. Bullshit! "I" am a destabilizing influence!!! "Stability" means the perpetuation of rampant corruption in our Gov. It needs to be destabilized.
Nothing to do but watch movies during the 40 hours. As Usual, Marley (tallest dog on record) taking up the entire room.
Steve piloting the Freedom boat during his shift on the 40 hour journey from Puerto Vida to Havana. As usual. The ubiquitous @Thefotoking is in frame.
Cuban food at a fine restaurant. The whole meal cost less than a Big Mac and fries. (Not dissing Big Macs - awesome when you've got the munchies)
Took this in Havana this afternoon. Believe it or not, this is not a car show. It's a parking lot.
Bitcoin broke $9,000 while I was away. Current increase from low is 50% per month. I should go away more often:)
" Paving Way For Massive Crypto Adoption" "Practice Trading" option lets users learn trading under real market conditions without risk. I'm doing what I can to spread word of our best option for personal freedom - cryptocurrencies.
Arrived in Havana. Add "Breach of Travel Ban" to my crimes. For 63 years the U.S. has crippled the Cuban economy. What have these years done? It is the Cuban people who are suffering, not the Military. Hard working, decent, proud people. Enough for fuck sake. ENOUGH!!
Going dark now. All is well. See you folks in a couple of days.
Any information you may have on CIA backed "Project Canister" is of great interest to me. The program targets governance dissidents (Assange, Withers, the "Jester", maybe me, etc). We need to remove the veil of secrecy from all such programs. Free America!
Many suggest I document my life. Award winning videographer @Thefotoking has been filming and photographing my meagre existence for seven years. He tells me he can't finish because each day gets more interesting. I think he's just lazy:)
Beginning today at around 10:00 AM EST I will be going dark for at least 48 hours. Do not be concerned by my absence.
We spoke with Jay the night before he was supposed to leave. All was fine and he was excited to go on the cruise. His flight was to leave the following morning. We know only that he did not show up for his flight and he was not seen at the airport.
My tweet about the disappearance of one of my body doubles - @JayPizzle88 - was met with many jokes. I blocked everyone who joked. Any pleas for re-instatement will fall on deaf ears.Trolling is one thing. Indifference toward your fellow human will not be tolerated on my page.
@JayPizzle88, my body double who was to give my keynote speech at the Blockchain Cruise, disappeared 7 days ago while on his way to meet the cruise. We are worried sick. Any information please contact me.
RT @the_coinshark: McAfee Is Calling Everyone To Go And Vote For The New President Because Americans DO Have Electoral Power…
If you haven't gotten some @BeatzCoin, this will be the last chance you will have until IEO!, click participate! 5 hours left!
Corruption in America. Who should go first?
My Blockchain Cruise Keynote
As usual, my trolls attempting to hinder progress. The real McAfee Magic Telegram group is here:
Very few projects have a REAL use-case like @BeatzCoin YouTube will fade to the new era ahead, and musicians will swarm to VibraVid! Download (link: and click participate!
How to sign up for the McAfee Magic Trading Platform.
BeatzCoin in the news. 25819/
Teaser for episode 3 of "Kicking it with da McAfees"
Corruption within the American Government
Third episode of the "Kicking it With da McAfee's" podcast coming Sunday 2:00 ET.
The McAfee Magic Practice Portal is now up and running. It allows newbies to practice trading without risk. I think you will like it. (link:
The McAfee Magic Practice Portal is now up and running. It allows newbies to practice trading without risk. I think you will like it.
RT @officialmcafee: My friends at BeatzCoin are ending their presale soon. Bear market is over. The Bull is here. If you have a few cents t… perience/230295
My pitiful plea for customers fell on deaf ears. I will not shout "F--k you". Instead I invite you to gaze on the splendor of @money_alotta's divine genious, as manifest in the face of his Bitcoin Watch - so gloriously rimmed with burning Banks:
I get apathy, indifference and mental masturbation (avoiding hand callouses), but really??? I mean .... really?? The greatest artist in the Crypto Universe - @money_alotta, and the greatest slimebag promoter (me) sold jack shit. FUCKING BUY SOMETHING:)
My friends at BeatzCoin are ending their presale soon. Bear market is over. The Bull is here. If you have a few cents to spare I believe there are few investment opportunities that could better this one. (Yes SEC, I'm promoting. Fucking come and get me)
We have finally added the Bitcoin Beach towels to the Alotta/McAfee Merch site. Order them while you can. If you act quickly you will be the coolest person on the beach and, I assure you, you will not have to pay for sex while possessing one of these.
"Income Taxes Are Voluntary"! House Ways and Means testimony from Ex-IRS Head admits what I have been saying forever: mandatory income taxation is unconstitutional. We do not need it. Never had it before 1913 and we survived just fine. Wake up America.
Yesterday -- I had to mud wrestle the corrupt head of Bahamian Police. My boat caught fire. I am unwillingly in Cuba and the US Government is stalking me. Belize is near. I let lose last night. The universe graced me with a violinist with a soothing bow and string. God is good.
My 11 minute Blockchain Cruise Keynote. The largest conference in the Crypto World. It deserved the shortest Keynote. This is for all of you. My gift. Use it well.
I have blocked over 100 accounts in the past four days. This page is for my supporters, not my detractors. There are hundreds if pages you may follow if you want to trash me. This is not one of them. What I have to say is for people with open ears, who are looking for truth.
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