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RT @GoBlueCdn: One day Cannabis brands will have this 👇 level of detail
Thanks to the Mueller report, today has been a big one for people I've tried to avoid.
RT @danahull: GOOGLE ME is my favorite Ross quote ever
Applying for an apartment, and the broker/landlord wants to see a paystub and a bank statement. Why isn't there a Zero-Knowledge solution, so I can demonstrate some capability to pay I have without revealing what I have?
The S&P 500 vs. news stories mentioning the word "FOMO"
TV time.
I'm surprised there's not a single candy bar whose sales go up when prices are raised, as consumers perceive it to be more desirable and higher quality.
A tiny stock has soared more than 70,000% because people are confusing it with another company
RT @Brad_Setser: Guess it will take quite some time before China's stimulus trickles back to Germany. (Germany's resistance to doing more…
The Onion is getting really esoteric with the careers for its man-on-the-street section
efficient markets innit
RT @josheidelson: New: The 31,000-strong Stop & Shop strike is the latest showdown over “two-tier” contracts - whether costs should get cut…
I haven't totally finished reading the Mueller report, but based on what I've read so far, I can say it more or less confirms exactly what I suspected regarding the this administration and the Russia allegations.
RT @McKdeKuyper: $XBT pops up on pg. 36 #MuellerReport
RT @TheStalwart: The U.S. refused his visa 8 times. Now the CEO of Zoom is a billionaire.
Searchable version of the Mueller report, via @blaw. CTRL + F away!
RT @LorcanRK: You can spot the moment on the chart where the Mueller report was published :)
I'm going to have to start a thread on the subject of people remaining incredibly committed to blaming everything on the Fed
RT @MikeDorning: Trump's Word-For-Word Reaction When He Heard Mueller Appointed: "Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presid…
RT @bespokeinvest: Tough week for Health Care. Had to double check our calculations. $XLV
RT @MylesUdland: Sergey Gorkov, the head of VEB, literally gave Jared Kushner dirt.
Is this McConnell mostly trying to hurt the vape companies?
That is a gigantic pop on $ZM *ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS INC OPENS AT $65.00, IPO AT $36.00
RT @kenlowery: Excited for a day of 30-tweet legal analysis threads from, like, YA authors and "Dad. Christian. American. In that order."
RT @tictoc: "Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f*cked," Trump said after learning that a Special Counsel h…
"While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him." via @business
"Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he lacked confidence to clear Donald Trump of obstruction of justice but suggested Congress could take action on at least 10 instances where the president sought to interfere with the probe."
RT @michaelbd: Timestamp: This whole drama ends with paranoiac Twitter turning hard against Mueller himself.
Pork prices are rising globally because of the hog crisis in China
RT @Fullcarry: Markit Services: "growth in the service sector has now also slumped to a two-year low as the malaise showed further signs o…
RT @business: LIVE: Attorney General William Barr's press conference on the Mueller report release
RT @markets: U.S. stocks open slightly higher
Barr/Mueller liveblog here nd=premium
This is a good read on Bakkt and it's challenges getting to the market
Who will be the first Wall Street billionaire to come out and say "I'm very worried about inequality and the death of the American dream and I've concluded that the only solution is Full Communism"
The U.S. refused his visa 8 times. Now the CEO of Zoom is a billionaire.
Steve Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone, says the firm has raised so much money in the last year, it's felt like an "out-of-body experience"
Just gotta get rid of those last 192,000 jobless claims, and we'll be at full employment
Okay. Day's over. Time to go home.
Best retail sales report since 2017
Sorry, here's the right link on retail sales
BOOM Initial claims fall to 192K, down from 197K. Best print of the cycle. Retail sales control group grows at 1% vs. expectations of 0.4%
NYC's population just shrunk for the second year in a row. The only borough that's growing is Staten Island
"Researchers are finding that low inflation is in large part a consequence of globalization or automation or deunionization—or a combination of all three—which undermine workers’ power to bargain for higher wages."
"The Fed knows its credibility is in jeopardy, which is why it launched a 'Fed Listens' tour." What band will be the opening act on the tour? Andreessen: "TVs are going to cost $10 and healthcare is going to cost $1M." Do researchers think the tooth fairy is reducing TV prices?
Just used one of those fresh-squeezed orange juice machines at my local Supermarché and it’s pretty crazy (don’t worry, only drinking a sip and throwing the rest out).
Here's a question for monetarist twitter. So the argument is, we can't conclude that central banks are ineffective at generating inflation, because they haven't really tried. Fair, but then, what would be a good (outcome-blind) test to see what "really trying" looks like?
The role of expectations makes this difficult to test empirically. There's no particular action that would provide a test if the market believes that action is going to be temporary.
So the thesis that the Fed is capable of of generating inflation, if it just tries hard enough, can't be disproven?
This is true of most statements about macroeconomic policy because we only have one economy and it's constantly changing along many dimensions.
But I do think that if the Fed promised tomorrow to hold interest rates at 0 percent for the next 25 years, and the market believed the Fed was really going to do that no matter what, you'd see inflation rise dramatically within a year or two.
"And before you write off IG Meme Union Local 69-420 as a joke..."
The Argentine central bank tightened monetary policy three times in the last month, and inflation is still accelerating to a pace of 54.7%
Unemployment must be really low like in Venezuela.
RT @NateSilver538: @TheStalwart It's worse when a restaurant or store **on your block** closes and you never went there, then you do have l…
Cause I just got that walking past Yonah Schimmel's.
What's the German word for when there's a long-time NYC institution (eg a restaurant, store, or movie theater) that you literally never go to, but the thought of which one day maybe closing down makes you anxious and angry.
It's worse when a restaurant or store **on your block** closes and you never went there, then you do have like 0.2% responsibility IMO for ruining someone's dreams and livelihood.
Great chart of market share in the seltzer market this year vs. last year. Pepsi gaining ground. LaCroix losing ground.
That is an article or sponcon for some paid research service? More explanation needed.
There's a premium Bloomberg Intelligence service that's only available on the terminal, which tracks and analyzes stuff like this. This is just a teaser article based on some of their data.
Shame it doesn’t really explain anything or name the source of the data!
A husband and wife have gotten $6 billion richer already in 2019 thanks to the success of their hot pot chain
RT @TheStalwart: It's crazy to me that cannabis company Aphria sold less in this quarter than it did in the year ago quarter when recreatio…
People asking if the tweet in reference here is a joke. I've hung out with @bitstein before (twice I think). It's not a joke.
I genuinely respect the commitment to blame literally everything on the Fed.
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