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Reading Draghi’s last speech from this morning. You forget how brilliant OMT was (Whatever it takes) in 2012. They never even had to activate it, just *talking* .about it had the same impact on credit spreads as QE did in % terms.
All great. @NickatFP crushing the contest.
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So buy gold? RT @ReformedBroker: Harry Dent is predicting a Depression in the year 2073, in case you’re wondering why I’m always pissed off.
FAQ: Where should a new investor begin?
Harry Dent is predicting a Depression in the year 2073, in case you’re wondering why I’m always pissed off.
Hanging with Shirl Penney @DynastyFP today, working on something new you’ll be seeing real soon. Shirl is crushing it on another level right now. ⁣ ⁣ Stay tuned! 🔈⁣ ⁣ ⁣
When you hear the term “bubble” being thrown around every time an asset goes up in value, remember that there are levels to this s***. New from Nick @dollarsanddata
Whose with me in a @StockTwits swimsuit issue ... the summer speedo months are already spoken for by @ReformedBroker and @Ritholtz ...
FAQ: Where should a new investor begin? @michaelbatnick @awealthofcs and me have some ideas for the young person in your life.
@larry_kudlow come get your boy
Big dog @AndySwan in the building! Shout to @LikeFolio
I have an edge on what the Fed is going to do tomorrow. I also have a blanket that makes me invisible when I toss it over my head!
"He’s virtue signaling! Get him!”
RT @michaelbatnick: The average CEO listens to 60 podcasts a day.
Changing the Ratio
What’s in it for $FB if the Libra association is a non-profit and no company, including Facebook, will have more than 1% say in the consortium? Well, there’s this...
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David Marcus is the lead creator of Libra for Facebook and the consortium. Read his thread with an open mind.
This section on how Libra will be fully reserved, to cut down on wild, speculative swings in the value of the coins, is particularly interesting. People will also be curious about where and how the reserve will be held...
So this is the Libra project, which is intended to help the unbanked around the world save and move money. Some will shriek “VIRTUE SIGNALING!” and some will cynically refer to it as Facebook’s effort at total domination of the web. Read it yourself.
Muriel Siebert needed $445,000 to buy a seat on the NYSE. The banks wouldn’t lend to her unless she was admitted, the exchange wouldn’t admit her unless she had the money. Things have changed since 1967 in many ways, but there is still work to be done.
CHANGING THE RATIO In 2019, women are being paid 78 cents on the dollar for doing the same job as a man. It's unacceptable.
I use @KoyfinCharts to track the markets throughout the day across all my devices @stocktwits to see what tickers are trending in the conversation @TheCompoundNews and @abnormalreturns to stay informed @RampCapitalLLC and @EddyElfenbein to keep me laughing Get on my level.
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Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
The Revolution against Citibank came and it was led by Facebook, backed by MasterCard and Goldman Sachs. And the rebels danced in the streets, celebrating the decentralized revolution that Satoshi had so precisely prophesied a decade ago.
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Absolutely beautiful story from portfolio manager @AlbertBridgeCap about a lost son and an amazing turnaround. The ending was crazy!
Whenever I need to get caught up and don’t know what to read midday, I hit up @thecompoundnews feed
Please read that tweet in Napoleon Dynamite voice
hawks and condors will go through an adaptation so that your grandchildren will fear an interception of their Quiznos drop
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this is where we are now, dropping burritos out of the sky onto moving cars. the urgency to take a 75 cent cut of a Mexican food order.
"a restaurant will load a meal onto an Uber Eats drone, which will then fly to a staging location for hand-off to an Uber Eats courier. The company is also planning to land drones on the roofs of Uber Eats cars emblazoned with an identifying QR code." o/
That’s my bridge
Big show @HalftimeReport - @jimcramer joins the asylum check us out now @CNBC
Translation: We bout to cut ‘em with a chainsaw.
Gloria Vanderbilt. What a life story!
RT @RitholtzWealth: I Did Everything I Was Supposed To "Leave the sell side, go to the buy side. Get into a good fund. Pay your dues, move…
I heard it @CardiffGarcia @svaneksmith :)
Deere and Agco stopped trading on “tariff concerns” and started trading on rising commodity prices in mid-May.
Corn prices (corn accounts for 25% of all US farm receipts) breaking out of a five year trading range. There’s a buy rec on Deere out this morning talking about only 83% of corn fields planted this year - not tariffs, weather!
Proud of my friend @TR401 who made the @investmentnews 40 Under 40 Class of 2019 this morning. One of the most inspiring people I know. Go get it Tyrone
This morning’s NY Manufacturing Index gives Powell all the cover he needs to get the President off his back on Wednesday. Back to pre-election levels, when a different kind of “uncertainty” gripped Corporate America... Chart via @pboockvar
Stocks broke out of their post-Depression malaise during WWII, the ramp up of Korean and Vietnamese conflicts accompanied the 50’s and 60’s secular bulls, both 1991’s and 2003’s invasions of Iraq broke recessions and launched new bull markets. We love this. We can’t say it though
Just picturing the glee with which Wall Street anticipates the coming war with Iran. Earnings estimates rising, new ETFs launching, a new “theme” to “play”, a new “leg higher” for oil stocks and defense companies, a new narrative for gold, bonds and hedges.
I ever tell you the one about the auction house that got auctioned off?
Twelve people meeting eight times a year deciding what the cost of money ought to be. An obscenity. Beavers building a dam at the mouth of an ocean. Our deference toward the beavers the only thing more embarrassing than the conceit itself.
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Also Michael does most of my research for TV anyway lol
He doesn’t realize how much mike would love to be compared to mike
Our viewers are the best 😹
Thx for the feedback and questions on this one. 1. Yes, it’s based on an actual conversation I had with someone that’s been bothering me since. 2. I understand “suffering” is relative, there is no Kickstarter. 3. No it’s not a real guy, it’s amalgamation. Names are changed.
Now, they’re going to pop the charts showing how the year 2000 was a generational market top. But they won’t post the denominators - how much bigger is the US economy now vs 19 years ago? $20 trillion GDP vs $10 trillion.
Now I want you to pay close attention... The same people who told you it was bad they companies didn’t want to come public will now tell you there’s a bubble in companies coming public. It’s never good enough for them. Sour expostulation is the default setting.
I did everything I was supposed to do
Being 50 was more of a factor than he realized.
1/ a short thread on things i'm enjoying: - @usv on trust in brands and their values - - @ReformedBroker on the challenges of value investing and the power of networks and brands of tech co's -
I’m 30 minutes into this El Royale movie. Does something happen at some point?
I loved it, but yeah it starts a bit slow
Article absurdly ascribes Warren Buffett’s success to his being a value investor, which is false. Buffett’s superpower is patience and longevity. He buys growth stocks.
On a long enough time horizon, the distinction tends to evaporate. “Growth” is basically just “value, if you look forwards 20 years”.
A value factor as used in an index fund has nothing to do with how Warren Buffett invests. Considering growth is part of what he actually does (value as an analytical style). Growth creates value only when a business can invest at incremental returns higher than cost of capital.
Value and growth investing are "really joined at the hip. A value investor can be a growth investor because you’re buying something with above-average growth prospects and you’re buying it at a discount to the economic value of the business.” Lou Simpson
Here's The Thing About Free Capital - And Why Every Kid Should Be an RIA fresh on my blog.... ht @ReformedBroker $mcd $dis $gs
RT @ReformedBroker: I agree, Facebook has earned the world’s trust. It’s time to turn over the global financial system to Mark and Sheryl.…
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