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I’m told #Orlando is now a serious food city. Which of these @CNTraveler recs should I check out this week? I have one night only...
everyone involved in managing this company and it’s executives should be embarrassed to their core
Say whatever you want, it’s doing a billion plus and your prolly going.
🎵Misbehaviiinnn 🎵
runnin through the house with a pickle in m’ mouth
SoftBank said no but I did it anyway
I’m keeping it on for the halftime @starwars trailer drop. Then I’m done.
24-0 Pats in the first half. You hate to see it.
I know people who drove to this Jets game from Long Island, in double-rush hour traffic (into and out of the city), with a straight face.
Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
They say you can’t time the market. Well, tell that to this fella…
RT @TheCompoundNews: 🚨🚨🚨 SOFTBANK TAKING CONTROL OF WEWORK DEBACLE 🚨🚨🚨 via @davidfaber
This is that creative destruction you done heard so much about
RT @glickboys: @jimcramer @ScottWapnerCNBC @ReformedBroker enjoyed discussion on buyback binge, framing of policy v value creation. Bette…
On @jetblue mint (genius) and watched @CNBC for full hour. The rightful heir to (@jimcramer) iron throne of investing commentary is @ReformedBroker. I learn every time I listen to Josh. Blue. Flame. Thinking.
thanks Scott! Me and Jimmy say hi!
Global Stocks Starting to Inflect Higher
Just a reminder - you can come to a live taping of @HalftimeReport next month in the DC area! We will be broadcasting live from the Women’s Memorial on Nov 8. To request tickets, contact #VeteransDay
@ReformedBroker honored to be next to you!!!
Always a blast my friend
RT @SickWoo22: @CNBC Love @HalftimeReport when @ReformedBroker and @jimcramer are on the desk together. Favorite combo! Love the show reg…
@ReformedBroker with a fabulous riff... FABULOUS--on @ScottWapnerCNBC -
Looking for a Taco Bell at 1am
Fantastic new column from @michaelsantoli this weekend on bulls getting the upper hand in a sideways tape. We’ll talk to him on @HalftimeReport at 12 ET today
Know what they call it in France? Doral with Cheese
Having my dog’s Bark Mitzvah at the Doral on G7 week. Gotta jump on these opportunities when they arise.
👀 oh my.
Whenever I start talking authoritatively about the global economy, just reply with this to remind me how ridiculous I am.
Hot off the presses! Putting down two other books to start this thing today. Safe to say it’ll be a smash hit. Shout to @GZuckerman
Shout to @AriWald for this epic chart - globally stocks are doing better than the sentiment, news flow might imply…
BofA: 40% of global fund managers now believe the trade war is a new normal and do not expect resolution. 30% expect resolution before the election. Only 10% think before the end of the year. via @SoberLook
What’s up kiiiiiidddd
"Has an IPO filing ever led a company to go bankrupt?” have to go back to Ivar Kreuger attempting to save his matchstick empire with IPOs for each subsidiary / shell company. One of the greatest stories ever told:
RT @TheCompoundNews: "Predicting the future is hard yada, yada, yada but there’s a case to be made that predicting the direction of interes…
RT @MorningBrew: sticker game strong @ReformedBroker
Wall Street keeps embarrassing itself every time Trump talks about China @lopezlinette on the weekly trade war fakeout - it’s like Charlie Brown and the football
Late 80’s Uncle Baby Billy is the best Uncle Baby Billy, I’ll hear no arguments to the contrary.
Uncle Baby Billy costume for Halloween.
RT @JonErlichman: On this day in 1985: first Blockbuster Video store opens Number of Blockbuster stores: 1989: 1,000 stores 1999: 6…
RT @JuniorStocks: @ReformedBroker @hblodget after the 1929 crash the Dow took almost 25 years to recover it’s high, not many know that eith…
Anybody know how to lobby for a change to Reg NMS so NBBO applies to odd lots and fractional shares? Cc @howardlindzon @ReformedBroker @patrick_oshag seems like it would be a boon to small investors looking for direct indexing with low fees and real spreads.
How Narrative Economics shape our world – Barry talks with Robert Shiller
Black Monday occurred 32 years ago today. My favorite stat from the 1987 Crash is that the S&P 500 actually finished the year UP! Not many people realize this. Read ⬇️⬇️⬇️
“Stocks and sectors GO UP AND DOWN NOT UP OR DOWN. A new high does not necessarily mean a smooth ride” @ZorTrades - reminds us that buying breakouts won’t save you from volatility
“The current situation is different, in at least two important ways. First, in the dot-com bubble, public investors got hosed. Today, it’s public investors that are doing the hosing...” This is so good from @DKThomp
Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
90’s date nights tho
young people, read:
check us out, let's end the week on a high note :)
RT @NamikTan: Donald Trump's "perfect" letter to Santa. Via @NewYorker
RT @EddyElfenbein: Reporting on Chinese GDP figures is roughly like putting the astrology section on the front page.
I feel like Santa can turn all these frowns upside down in time to save Q4. Or not.
A theme restaurant for FinTwit where instead of Friday it’s always 1937.
Maryland dudes are like “You’re going to LaGuardia? My niece lives in Carroll Gatdens!” I’m like “Great, I’m gonna put my head under the front wheel of a 737 now”
Yo @AirCanada hilariously incompetent, but like in a charming way. They have two diff flight leaving from the same gate, so I’m having all these meet cutes with Baltimore people. LOL, it’s like if 80’s John Candy were an airline.
I believe that would be Hodlman Sachs.
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