Chairman of the Twitter Federal Reserve, star of CNBC’s The Halftime Report, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management
NBA Desktop / NPR appearances
RT @theindicator: The stock market appears disconnected from the economy right now. Downtown Josh @ReformedBroker Brown shares his thoughts…
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Ten Rules for Retirement Investing
Ten Rules for Retirement NEW!
Clip From Today’s Closing Bell
When you’re in the No Replies group but “try and stop me”
New Orleans didn't just flatten the curve, they obliterated it. Great news from and early trouble spot, via @BlairHduQuesnay
What will people who thrive on inflicting emotional abuse on strangers do with their time now?
Now I'll NEVER get a girlfriend!
$JCP owns the actual real estate for 387 of its stores and six distribution centers, worth just over a billion if they remain open, but half that much if they're closed. The current plan is to spin out a REIT of these holdings and then the asset-lite retailer reemerges separately
Nasdaq up 25% over the past year while the Dow is down 5%, it's like their constituent companies inhabit two separate realities.
this is a great example of how you can make statistics say anything you want.
$LOW $TGT $WMT smashing Q1 numbers this morning. How much of the consumer spending increase was hoarding of supplies, not to be repeated? How much was the result of smaller merchants being closed? How much was because delivery / pickup became essential?
I think a lot of of this is also people trapped at home investing in repair, renovation, etc. That kind of behavior might stay strong for another 3-6 months as we slowly reopen but experience new waves of outbreak. Add Home Depot to the list of winners as well.
we agree
Guess no one told them about vaccine stocks
Getting my scarf game leveled up for the reopen. Made an inspiration board.
TikTok is worth as much as $IBM in case you were wondering which phase of the cycle we’re in.
RT @michaelbatnick: New What Are Your Thoughts. We discuss: -Young bulls, old bears -The future of restaurants -Sports gambling versus day…
Tonight I was liberated by @BCDreyer. And I’ll never take his rescue for granted. But for him, I’d be mired in shame for an unknowable amount of blog posts still to come!
A Degenerate Gambler Walks Into a Stock Exchange…
550 people joined the live, getting bigger every time. Thank you, we appreciate you! @duncanhillphoto killed on the edit, take a bow. Doing all of this remote in one day!
sports gamblers don't have the Fed to blame. They do have the refs or Roger Goodell.
OK we're live! Lets go
RT @SapienzaNick: I’ll go with sports. People’s familiarity with teams/players pushes confidence too high
What's more dangerous for a problem gambler - legalized sports betting or opening a brokerage account? NEW - What Are Your Thoughts - Premiere at 5:30pm ET!
Speechless after reading the new @morganhousel - don't even know how to describe it, just go there already
Will property-casualty insurers be forced to pay out billions in business disruption insurance, or are pandemics exempted from legal contracts? The case of Berkshire Hathaway discussed here:
This really is one of Nick's best posts this year - the idea that people are paying way less attention to your failures than you think is so important for career growth. @dollarsanddata
JC Penny got the placebo.
Walmart's ecommerce biz grew 74% this quarter, but its losses were $2 billion, double the expectations of analysts. This illustrates why the giddiness over "work from home" economy is overdone. We can grow revenues, but the costs of complying with the health challenge grow too.
Walmart shares have doubled since they acquired Jet. Best writeoff ever.
Senator Kennedy was great in O Brother Where Art Thou
BlackRock is helping the Fed buy corporate bonds and keep the markets liquid. AZ Senator McSally just asked Fed Chair Powell if BlackRock is going to turn its trading commissions over to China. It's Tuesday.
Jamie Dimon running for Biden's Treasury Secretary
Federal Reserve begins human trials of bankruptcy vaccine
I had to explain who Tekashi 6ix9ine is to a friend of mine this weekend. He said "Listen, I know I'm old, but this isn't music." I was like "The music isn't the point. It's the attention he gets. Good or bad attention doesn't matter. Followers and streams matter."
"The correlation between starting yields and future long-term returns is very high, meaning you can use these rates as a decent approximation of forward bond returns. @awealthofcs on why inflation, not rising rates, is the bond investor's real enemy.
I've been taking Hydrox too, since first grade.
front month copper ($HG1) catching a bid here, $2.45/lb
"To be frank, I don’t even know how to dip into the endowment. After I was appointed president, in one of the most memorable luncheons of my career, the Board sat me down and forced me to sign a document promising to never ask them about the endowment."
Expedia trading up 20% like they invented the vaccine theyselves lol $EXPE
Probability of Success for a new drug (approval / commercialization) by category: Oncology: 5% Vaccines: 40% Don't want to bet against us winning this thing. via @MIT
Three things you can’t do in this world
"The first coronavirus vaccine to be tested in people appears to be safe and able to stimulate an immune response against the virus, its manufacturer, Moderna announced on Monday."
Three things you can’t do in this world
No full recovery until the vaccine - the complete 60 Minutes interview with Fed Chair Powell
Must MUST watch - MIT’s Dr. Andrew Lo talks with Moderna’s CEO about the science and business of racing a vaccine to market. You cannot miss this.
mRNA Vaccine Playlist
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