Investing & Incubating at @ThriveCapital. Formerly Director of Product for the @ObamaWhiteHouse. Sold Branch to @Facebook.
I’m giving VR an earnest second chance — just got the Quest. What are the most mind-bending VR experiences for Oculus? Especially dig anything a little art-y or “only could happen in VR” vibes. Rec Room is cool. Anything else?
Sign of the times: Las Vegas in-room dining menus are prominently translated to Mandarin, and “Congee” — with pork sung and sesame oil — is the #2 item on the menu.
Built a @parabolahq flow to analyze my Chrome Browsing History (w/out any code!!!)... 1. Avg. 126 sites/day 2. 45% of sessions start w/ a Google Search 3. Visited 4.7k times in last 6 mos (eeek) Try it here:
Pretty wild that I can build a fairly complex "app" in @parabolahq (see logic in attached screenshot), in a drag-and-drop editor, without knowing how to code...
We’re stoked to be supporting @matvogels & team. They’re creative & design-driven — will be fascinating to see the Zestful platform expand over time. For now, go to to create a Perks & Rewards program that rivals Facebook & Google — in just two minutes!
Programmable debit cards feel like Twilio did in 2011. So many creative products can be built on top of them — beyond “banks” For example, built the most flexible Perks & Rewards product — offering inclusivity and customization not previously possible.
Love this, about the wonderful @wattfrompedro ue
What’s that annotation interface from?
The Branch Founders, eight years later! Basically, @gem_ray and @hursh just got super buff 🤗
But you’ve got the Gosling from Driver vibes
That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me
Incubating a New Co. so reflecting on 3 things I wish I knew as first-time founder: 1. Be more vulnerable with your team + investors 2. Focus, patiently on one problem at a time 3. Inverse relationship btwn frequency of early-stage founder tweets & success – get off Twitter!
👩‍🎨 Helping to start a new company in NYC & looking for a founding product designer (and/or full-time contractor). Needs to have designed apps from scratch and, ideally, have a personal obsession with new productivity tools (e.g. Notion, Airtable, Superhuman). Hmu! DMs open 🤗
RT @sararahmcb: I’m calling it now: @JumboPrivacy is the app of the year. If you care even a little about privacy then you should probabl…
So far I’m excited about DTLA, Korea Town, Echo Park, West Hollywood and Silverlake. Santa Monica isn’t my jam. Not diverse enough for me food wise, people wise, etc. Am I moving? Not exactly, but I will spend more time there.
Ok. What’s the best place to live in LA based on this criteria 1) walkable to food 2) safe-ish 3) fun 4) Not extravagant.
Santa Monica. Of course !!
I lived all over LA but found the few blocks between Melrose and Beverly from La Cienega to Crescent Heights was my favorite for the reasons you listed.
RT @torjo87: This is how you open doors for people who don't usually get a chance. Interested in investing? Don't miss this chance 👇🏾 #lati…
RT @beLaurie: Black/Latinx peeps - APPLY! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
I never thought I'd love investing, having only built products previously. But I'm having a blast & missed that Thrive is actually building products, too – only ours serve founders. We need ppl around the table that broaden our team's lens, skills, and life experiences. Hmu!
Come work at Thrive! We're hiring for the Investment team. No VC experience required – only curiosity, humility, and independent thinking – in fact, non-traditional backgrounds are a plus. If you're interested, DM me a few early-stage products you're excited about (and why).
I wanted to share an investor "product" that @hursh, @gem_ray and I were lucky enough to encounter while raising money for Branch. I hope someone productizes this concept for more founders:
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I received an anonymous reply to my text journal post, which I found myself violently nodding to – especially the "Iron Cage" bit. Screenshot attached. Also, here's the Rothko link so you can see the progression of his work over the course of his career:
I've been logging tweets that Twitter shows me from people I do NOT follow. Of the 50+ tweets, 100% have been from Democrats w/ partisan messages. I share most of the views, but this is not good for our democracy. The algorithm is just increasing the echo chambers. Why, @jack?
Delete your Alexa recordings, instantly, with @jumboprivacy – don't let Amazon employees listen in to you:
You can read more about Jumbo, from @pierrevalade and team, in this article by @JoshConstine:
We forget that Google has *every search* we’ve ever done sitting on their servers. All of our vulnerable questions, etc. Take your data back from them (and Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, etc) — in one tap — with this new app:
“I think we may sometimes *over*value the endless archive. Some things most certainly deserve robust and meaningful archives, but does everything?” — @craigmod on SMS Publishing:
RT @coolcatjackie: woohoo! i am now a proud patron of text journal on @patreon, and you should be too:
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Shoutout to my collaborators @hursh and @lee94josh — this is hopefully the first of many publishing experiments. This is not a company, there’s no grand vision, just the three of us tinkering on the weekend for fun.
🚨 new publishing experiment 🚨 I’m moving my Twitter account to: (540) 986-4232 👆text that phone number if you want to receive my (hopefully more honest) thoughts on everything going on in tech right now Why I’m doing this:
Hahaha my gut says I’ve been around @goldman too long. So. Many. Goldman-isms.
Josh, elaborate on what you are doing. Seems interesting and how do we get access to your words.
You can access all the words by texting this phone #: (540) 986-4232 — when I text that number it’ll rebroadcast to you and all subscribers. Adding conversations & group journaling features next. Goal is to get rid of metrics that people optimize for here & bring back intimacy
@jack when Twitter inserts tweets into my Timeline from people I do not follow, 100% of the time it is (a) political in nature and (b) from a Democrat. Do you believe that is good for our civic discourse, and diversity of content I engage with on Twitter in general?
Due to headwinds in the U.S., we often forget how dominant Facebook, Inc. is globally — for better or worse. We’ve gotta keep the rest of the world in mind as we debate the company’s future. These are the Top 5 free Android apps in Colombia:
For me, Twitter has been priceless in two ways: 1. Meeting new people (intro'd to @goldman & @ev via ppl I met here). 2. Having interesting conversations (learned more here than at Princeton). Yet its purpose-built features for these use cases are terrible. So much potential.
I met my wife! That’s why our baby’s middle name is Retweet.
Still pissed it's not Branch
“Google is so efficiently monetized that you cannot find the best search results until the eighth page of links. Non-sponsored, internet-at-its-best goodness from is long gone from Google Search. This is the company’s vulnerability.”
“We’re all just winging it and figuring it out as we go along — be skeptical of anyone with the answers,” is still the best advice I’ve ever received (which I should force myself to refer back to more frequently).
Come build with us!
started a project to get all the faces of our org at @coinbase on the wall.
Dat @aflock smile tho 😍
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