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I had made it far enough to name my plugin. It was going to be called Family Values. I think it's a pretty good name. But Smart Text is also a reasonable good name and is actually a functional product… so I guess I can just delete Family Values now.
The best part about the Figma platform community is when someone else builds the exact thing you wanted to build this week but are too dumb / too slow to do it yourself. Unrelated: The robots are coming and I will be out of a job soon.
feel this
Welp, Pentagram used the golden ratio to sell a logo redesign for Warner Bros.
Another day. Two more kids dead in a school shooting. This is a stain on our country. And people wonder why the kids are pissed off. We do LITERALLY NOTHING to stop this.
I just got a thing in my twitter DM inbox showing a new message thread b/c i followed a new person no likey
What he is trying to say is he prefers email.
Ugh. I bought those pink and black Off-Whites this morning. I have no self-control.
Been married 17 years and the expression on my wife’s face when Darkwing Duck started playing on Disney+ was a joy unlike any I’ve observed.
RT @mattOswaltVA: the Impeachment Hearings is like watching Wheel of Fortune where the puzzle is completely solved but contestants keep gue…
💚 I did one more! Here’s a quick Card Stack Demo built with @figmadesign in under an hour. And here’s the file if you want to look under the hood:
Remarkable how quickly you can draft a fairly convincing concept with Figma.
Analysis: School bully kicked the crap out of a kid, but playground observers lacked the pizzazz necessary to grab teachers' attention.
Oh yay look, I has a Figma. It has one simple demo and zero fancy plugins, but you can still be my friend right?
Published this demo to @figmadesign so y’all can see how it’s built. Duplicate the file and load it up in Figma Mirror to play around.
I bet Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala are loving life right now.
Evidently if you’re born in Oklahoma to a Montgomery Ward salesman, put yourself through law school while pregnant, then teach bankruptcy law at number of universities around the US before working yourself into a job at Harvard… average white men will slander you as an “elite.”
Sadly Twitter compressed some of the more delightful details out of the original vid. Let’s see if this works. @figmadesign smart animation at work. 👌
I swear this was my mom.
Here’s the fully-baked pagination test thanks to 3 hours in @figmadesign and @pablostanley’s Open Doodles. 🙌
oh man, can’t wait til my kids find this
was going to head to bed, but made the mistake of signing in to @disneyplus
Solution! Just rolled this @ustwo “Assemble with Care” inspired page scroller for a test in about 10 minutes with @figmadesign
Oh wait, this actually works if you layer an empty frame over the entire base frame. Most impressive.
One possible solution is to overlay an empty frame and apply the second trigger there… but that requires the operator to know where to drag to initiate which event.
Figma Twitter: Anyone know of a hacky way to apply two (or more) prototype triggers to an object? Specifically, I'd like to be able to apply a drag trigger in two directions (up/down or left/right) on the same frame.
Let’s just go to the source? /cc @zoink @evanwallace
Would be nice if @glideapps and @airtable could tie the knot.
Good thing Ky Bowman actually *plays* for the Warriors, because it's not clear he could afford tickets to the game otherwise. 😩
It’s 2019 and powers-that-be in both NYC and the Bay Area have decided that Eating On The Subway is the hill they’re going to die on. Unreal. Funny that I’ve never been arrested with my Starbucks on the platform.
Yo Austin — my man @MAOrona512 is doing work. Hit em up if you want to get involved!
RT @vcstarterkit: When associates cold email founders
Seems like we need a 2019 reprise for Here's to the State… OTOH, it's more or less timeless and still relevant.
In case you were wondering what to listen to today…
RT @mrmrs_: Did a little write-up on designing a generative logo for @components_ai
the future of amazon is literally strapping unconscionable amounts of prime package deliveries to couriers’ bikes and bodies 📦 📦 📦
Well, Lakers fans prolly gonna shut up about Fred VanVleet now.
RT @Dubs408: Steph just tryna get his sausage McMuffin with cheese and he got the dog filter on him lol.
Gotta appreciate how @uhaul can turn $19.95 / day into $170. Airbnb can’t even compete with that.
* Serving Size: 2 Ropes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tired: Red Vines & Twizzlers Wired:
👨🏻‍🦱 [turns on Sufjan] 🎶 [several minutes play] 👧🏼 So… [squints eyes] 👨🏻‍🦱 Yeah? 👧🏼 When does the actual song start?
y’all, this salsa tho 👀
y’all, this salad tho
The most shocking development of the day (so far — it's only noon)
Narrator: It was actually not that shocking.
[whispers] paying taxes and giving to charity are not mutually exclusive activities
I really don’t understand why so many people want to be VCs
It's indoor work with no heavy lifting
Maybe because people think it’s easier than operating roles? More flexibility and less pressure??
I did too until I read this post: Maybe in another decade. 🤣
You sell the glamorous life so well, Hunter.
People want to be like you.
Brilliant founders, huge upside, intellectually engaging, and you get to hang out on Twitter all day long.
Editorial mentions of social media emoji use is my new favorite feature of business journalism. 🙏
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