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This is America ✊🇺🇸 https://twitter.com/sarahwaltonnews/status/1267912563418857473
“They also were issued bayonets—standard issue but some feel are fucking swords attached to guns” https://twitter.com/jimlaporta/status/1267926498629074947
This is some fucked up shit.
can you imagine all the forced smiles and stilted conversations as these fucks ate lunch everyone just terrified someone would bring it up complicit POS https://twitter.com/alexanderbolton/status/1267883250824904704
imagine deciding that appearing woefully out of touch and completely fuckin clueless about current events is preferable to criticizing trumps deplorable behavior
How is it that our congresspeople literally have no clue what’s going on?
Violent force is being justified over things that my grandma might have thrown at me. https://twitter.com/kcpolice/status/1267668093180010496
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Just got this text about a 9pm curfew (at 10:23) nearby in Sonoma County. Don’t be fooled: Martial Law is coming for the small towns too.
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A deep and growing discomfort is what happens when I grab the wrong pair of shoes. America’s Leaders need to ACT. https://twitter.com/cnn/status/1267635612296806401
When a president is fearful and flailing, Lacks the capacity to lead and to unify, Turns the American military against its own citizens, And tear gasses peaceful protestors to make way for a photo op, We must do what he cannot: Bring people together, and fix a broken system.
Will you work to immediately reconvene congress to condemn the president’s actions today?
Off the rails. 😢 https://twitter.com/bbcease/status/1267582823428501508
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Hold up. He tear-gassed protestors to take a photo with a bible? That is some rich bullshit.
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Once more for the congresspeople in the back! https://twitter.com/repjohnyarmuth/status/1267594058274353153
The stormtroopers have taken over. https://twitter.com/mlevinereports/status/1267588759794716677
To my friends at FB walking out today 🙌 don’t be silent
I haven’t heard about this yet. Is there news coverage?
“virtual” walkout, given the times, but still https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/01/technology/facebook-employee-protest-trump.amp.html#click=https://t.co/NnCecTZxis
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Please note that US Senator Tom Cotton is using his personal account, not his Senate account, to call for military force against American people. This is gross. https://twitter.com/tomcottonar/status/1267448171636174848
America’s teens are watching unarmed black protestors, young women and young men, an old guy with a cane(!), and the press get beat up and shot by the police LIVE on TikTok and Instagram. It took just 48 hours for the behavior of police to radicalize a generation against them.
Thank you Napa PD https://twitter.com/napapd/status/1267253896386248704
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I have no idea what it’s like to be black in America. But I suspect the terror my family experienced for a night is a permanent shadow for the black community. I’m so so sorry for the world we’ve created for black mothers and fathers and sons and daughters in this county.
The images on our feeds this week have been horrific. We MUST elect officials who will make changes and hold people accountable for their actions. We must elect officials willing to do the difficult work of tearing down systemic racism.
If your mayor makes excuses for cops running over protestors, vote him out. If your governor believes a militarized police force is the best way to serve and protect, vote him out. And if your president finds delight in stoking fires of racial division, goddammit, vote him out.
America deserves better and its on us to make this happen.
My dream of “safety” was shattered the night the militarized police showed up at my home — those sworn to serve and protect turned unwittingly into instruments of terror.
This shit has gotta end. The faux-machismo roll-up like you’re playing Call of Duty bullshit benefits no one but the warmongers who sell the guns and tanks and shields that are supposed to make me feel safe.
Black America is not afforded such a luxury. They don’t get a courtesy call. Their door gets kicked down. And people like Breonna Taylor are taken from this world and from their families.
My younger daughter cried that night. One thing goes wrong, and she’s left without a father, because the militarized police force does not come to play. But I’m white, and I live a small insular neighborhood.
The officers were professional and curteous, frustrated at the resources expended for a hoax. I have recently learned two men were arrested in connection with the event, a story for another time, maybe never.
After taking her off the porch, she was instructed to call me. I was working a puzzle with Rach. “Dad, come outside, the police are here,” her voice trembled.
When Rachel emerged from the house, it became increasingly clear to the officers involved that this was a hoax. Still, they fully cleared our home with the dogs, and we were left shaken, our home rummaged through, our closet doors left open.
I rushed outside where I was greeted with a floodlight and guns drawn. I was taken, held, and frisked, in front of God and my neighbors, many of whom (thanks to news circulating on Nextdoor) were now convinced I was a murderer.
A friend phoned my oldest daughter to ask why police were in front of our house, and like a curious teen she ran out the front door where she was met by officers with shields and weapons drawn, yelling “Juvenile female! Guns down!”
A helicopter was in the air, and an armored vehicle en route, because I had allegedly murdered my wife and was holding my kids hostage, our home doused with gasoline.
One week into Covid shelter-in-place, my family were the victims of a swatting incident. 40 officers in full body armor with automatic weapons and five dogs arrived at my house. County police. City police. CHP and the SWAT team. https://twitter.com/brianschatz/status/1267187603737964544
Crazy. Horrible to be put in that situation where one itchy trigger finger ends a life accidentally. I can’t imagine what it’s like for POC who get pulled over by a racist cop (or any cop). Glad you’re all OK.
My family sat around the table and wept this morning. America must do better. White America must deal with its demons. And we have many.
Just behold all the resources we’ve given police. Look at all that military gear, enough to fight a civil war with citizens. And just remember, all the while, the nurses who had to resort to trash bags for want of facemasks and gowns.
RT @CaseyGerald: They’re moving faster to stop an uprising than they did to stop a plague now ain’t that some shit.
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RT @jkottke: iPhones should have a fake passcode you enter to put the phone in immediate lockdown mode or to erase your data altogether.
RT @arturodraws: It’s sickening.
Today we’ve seen footage of police officers drive over a crowd in NYC, shove an elderly man to the ground in SLC, taze a couple in their car in Atlanta, pellet a woman in the face in Dallas, attack the press… America is on the edge and our “leaders” are acting to push it over.
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