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RT @AlSweigart: A very insightful piece on the rise of fascist insignia (Punisher skull, "thin blue line" flags, black cars & trucks, etc.)…
San Francisco, sweetie, you're doing everything wrong.
Every time I stumble upon an unfamiliar Twitter account—often belonging to a person from a marginalized community—only to find the words “followed by @rachelheldevans,” I get profoundly sad.
RT @jw: At first I thought this was from @TheOnion, but nope, it’s real, and right on brand! 🔥🔥🔥
If this was any of our relatives, we'd seek a mental health evaluation.
the doctors would be overwhelmed I'm afraid
And I just donated to @mjhegar because Texas deserves a Senator who will denounce racism in the strongest of terms. You can too 👉
At first I thought this was from @TheOnion, but nope, it’s real, and right on brand! 🔥🔥🔥
I mean, there you have it.
“Aim higher,” Lindsay Graham said. Then he added “We all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of communists.” Stay classy, Lindsay.
This is key: If the president can tell congresswomen to “go back to your own country” then no one is safe from this same abuse by his supporters. The license to be racist has been fully granted.
when you see your crew at the kid’s birthday party
Every editorial board in the nation needs to pen their version of this.
Every editorial board in the nation needs to pen their version of this.
RT @damanr: You have to be such an asshole to even attempt like 75% of these shots 🤣
Today’s tweets by our racist president are some of his most popular as measured by Twitter Likes. His message of hatred has a shockingly large and welcoming audience. The threat to our democracy is severe and unprecedented.
RT @AdamSerwer: If you’ve ever argued that Trump is not a white nationalist, you should find that person and apologize.
So exhausted by this racist-by-design administration. I can’t even fathom the pain of the people he targets.
RT @SopanDeb: man the president of the united states really just publicly went out and told 4 elected reps of color to go back to where the…
I think about this every Sunday.
what I imagine when I read that power is down in NYC
RT @DavidDTSS: Fun fact: the NBA has had 3 different champions in the last 4 years. That happened exactly 0 times in the 90s. It's about…
what is the male equivalent of “wearing entirely lululemon on a six hour flight” and how can i start doing it
Full adidas tracksuit
who remembers juicy couture because my old juicy sweatpants (the version with the brand name NOT embroidered on the ass, tyvm) are still what i wear on 6hr flights. for men it has to be adidas.
Just wear sweatpants.
Pat's Pants.
Mike it’s called Under Armour
Dude, how do you not already do this? Lululemon all day, bro.
Boy, 6: Dad, that man said the F word. Me: Which man? Boy: On the tennis court. Man on Tennis Court: AH SHIT, SON OF A BITCH!! Boy: See?
RT @RidicBowe: @AndyKHLiu 2021-2022 GSW
This is incredible.
hate to see it
Just wait… State Farm in OKC gon be lit, fam!
When Oscar at State Farm get the news…
If Sam Presti can turn PG13 into a dozen draft picks, just imagine what he'll do with CP3!
RT @netw3rk: adrian woj tie me to your car and drag me through town
Swaggy P paid Steve Kerr 😵👌
Here's a good start!
Someone needs to do a longread that explores the details of personal information exposed on the Venmo public feed.
Me, last month: Y’all closing? Barista: Uhhhhh… I don’t think so.
RT @AndyKHLiu: True or not, this is the energy that everyone needs. Good for Nick Nurse. Seems like he was able to find fulfillment and hap…
RT @DrewShiller: This moment between Iguodala and Livingston is............. special
NBA Summer League is like SXSW for basketball junkies.
OH: We have left The Cosmopolitan and Zach Lavine is not here.
Arena came undone. 🤯🤯🤯
Holy crap. That dunk.
Lonnie Walker IV and the Spurs putting on a #SummerLeague clinic. 👀 cc @johnolilly
subtle flex for the twitters
RT @AnandWrites: I have a better idea for @TomSteyer. Deploy your bright mind to the problem of getting Democratic turnout up to 80 percen…
RT @DavidDTSS: Hey @nikestore drop some Rapinoe jerseys for men you cowards!
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