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ok @AlexRoy144 — morgan vs lotus? it’s time.
an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. i got passed by an F1 car 15 years junior to this one. more than a little terrifying.
I have two two-day events between now and @selfracingcars, there’s been one cancellation and one possible addition to the lineup, and rain is forecast. Next time I consider running an event please remind me not to.
new theory: youtube etc are popular for posting garbage because social media sites can't easily block an individual author from the URL alone
Of course I ordered the wrong cables. If only these had been designed as symmetric, so much time would not have been wasted.
For me it’s crazy theories about the avengers and increasingly complicated lathe videos, but for others it is far less innocuous.
I think the easy slide from one place to another is the mechanism of radicalization that we see on Fb and YouTube etc
Once I clicked on some fan theory video about how the avengers is going to end on YouTube and it has been giving me an infinite stream of increasingly more fringe ideas in that vein. Each video is only slightly more fringe than the previous.
Drop that into @focalsbynorth and... 🤯 https://twitter.com/ow/status/1106211516217470977
Can you get me a set of the glasses?
Can you get to NYC? @srlake might be able to help
Yeah in a few months probably
Muhahaha it works #plottertwitter
probably the 4th or 5th time he's yelled at me for not walking in a way he finds appropriate, usually because i walk on the side of the street that doesn't have a sidewalk.
bicyclist accosted me on the street for chatting with the postman and insisted I get out of his way (street was otherwise empty of traffic) and took pictures of me for not moving.
Is this hyperreality? The ultimate conclusion of instagram filters? Obviously you can’t be living your best life if you aren’t using the best chives
I am always freaked out by how blown out and amped up the colors are on cooking shows. Reality seems disappointing in comparison.
Ok cool. We are happy to let you guys have him. For good. No returnsies https://twitter.com/piersmorgan/status/1106107260856647680
So is there like a indiegogo for this or...
It's a terrible irony that most retail investors have been shut out of the early stages of high growth startups and yet there are hypothetically many smallish, medium-growth companies that could probably use the money of investors who have more patience.
The public markets are very much designed to shorten horizons. I think that continuous trading is a bad thing for a variety of reasons. Maybe a stock market that only does a once a month crossing auction could calm things down.
Actually I believe that even normal stocks should just do a series of crossings instead of continuous trading as well. That is a separate issue though. The amount of weird stuff that they layer on top to negate transmission disadvantage is insane.
I am doing eBay correctly.
I mean cosplaying. Dammit
My dog is involuntarily role playing a sunflower this week.
tempted to replace my 2010 iMac with a Mac Mini but worried that this will cause the imminent release of a new Mac Pro.
Good news! Everyone in a Creative Commons licensed photo from Flickr during the Web 2.0 era has a slightly higher chance of being reconstituted in the distant future for infinite torture by Roko’s Basilisk https://twitter.com/cfarivar/status/1105506012830806022
Right about now is where my inbox turns entirely into @selfracingcars matters
Is there a recommended chicken rice place in the South Bay or peninsula?
ICYMI: Every @xoxo 2018 conference talk is now online, available in this handy playlist with full captions. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCbA9r6ecYWVwo9f5Ro_JuKEBwS8kugzP
Anyone have a mac virus scanner that they don't hate? Just to be safe.
chrome isn't catching these. i wish there was some sort of log in chrome so I can tell what happened. pconly4test[dot]goodflashupgradingnewstable[dot]icu is where i ended up.
this is on macos fwiw
twice now I have google'd something and hit the result and get redirected to a "update your flash" malware page. am i infected? or is it more likely malware embedded on the site?
My grampa says you're infected, and you better update your flash.
Cold pitches with link tracking are automatically plonked. Too bad, this one was interesting.
Why doesn’t @gmail index the contents of urls? I want to add a filter so I can see if someone has sent me a yesware link so I know not to click.
As an engineer, the lack of parsimony bothers me. Eigencondiments only, please. https://twitter.com/heinzketchup_us/status/1103041804507758594
i'm 20 minutes into this and it's charming so far! https://twitter.com/objectsgame/status/1101423989430267904
I am not sure exactly what engineering discipline this professor teaches, but sign me up https://twitter.com/debcha/status/1101528872263270406
Another idea; an 8 by 8 grid of chessboards with a knight’s tour starting at each point
plot idea: solve a very large knight's tour. the solution for a 130x130 chessboard is pretty. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knight%27s_tour#/media/File:Knight%27s_Tour_of_130x130_Square_Board.png
Cc #plottertwitter I guess
This wobble can’t be good.
Another day, another plotter from eBay. This one appears broken, too. Can’t actually test it because it didn’t include a power supply and these took strange voltages.
Not my favourite burger but not a bad way to end the week.
What is your favorite burger?
Five guys & in-n-out
Still, Shake Shack and a Brooklyn on an Amtrak is hard to beat.
Huh. I have a five guys right here and don’t love it. The Delicious offices were next to the first Shake Shack so maybe my taste buds are flavored by nostalgia
in which @foone goes fully James Burke https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1101593274827988992
aaaand now i'm looking at ebay for Teen Talk Barbies
Can someone at Google's main campus (building 43 and neighboring) get me a picture of the artist's statement on the giant shark inside the interior courtyard?
I am watching Netflix’s Abstract series. Liked the first episode (Christoph Niemann) and didn’t get much from the second (Tinker Hatfield) but the third (Es Devlin) is mind blowing. Es is clearly some sort of super-genius. Insight after insight and idea after idea.
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