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maybe i bought the wrong kind? these are two-sides-poilshed but seem to have some sort of coating.
I tried the "silicon wafer is transparent to laser" trick in the laser cutter per @jeriellsworth but I failed horribly. nothing made it to the paper underneath. cc @emsl too
I guess this is http://dozuki.com but it's probably way too expensive for me puttering around and posting plotter pictures?
is it wrong that i want to use the @iFixit documentation system as a blogging tool?
hey @tylerxhobbs I just saw one of your pieces on /r/generative - is that you or is someone ganking your work?
gcal outage timeline: 1 hour: engineers begin fixing those obscure bugs 2 hours: all bugs fixed 3 hours: chess solved (white loses btw) 4 hours: quantum computing implemented 5 hours: night mode added to all apps 6 hours: p = np exhaustively proven 7 hours: gcal back up :(
i’m free. FREE!!!!!!!!!
awesome! https://twitter.com/velodynelidar/status/1140763576447197184
just now: my mother: what is the difference between a king and california king mattress? me: oh! you see, a — my wife: no
just had a very unsatisfactory experience with @united. It questions why i have committed to them. tbh, I rarely have bad experiences with them and as a global service level person they are typically very good. but holy moly - this wasn't great. Maybe time to reassess airlines
i had an absurdly bad experience recently where they wouldn’t let me use the bathroom, then let three other people use the bathroom, then yelled at me when i got up to use the bathroom
my wife: the “king” in king cobra means it eats other snakes me: does that mean burger king — my wife: no
That's a postfix king, different thing entirely.
this is a high quality joke https://twitter.com/__apf__/status/1140317953142870016
the question she asked, fwiw, was for some references before accepting.
he is now continuing to rant at her about her profile?
recruiter randomly opens a request to my wife on linkedin. when she asks a question about it instead of accepting, he sends this response. any thoughts?
i guess that was ok. kinda surprising to get a phone call from a 3 digit number. i guess audible is not well integrated with amazon itself.
wow when @amazon customer service goes wrong it really goes wrong. there’s no way to cancel@an accidentally preorder audiobook. customer service can’t help and is now escalating?
this one needs a bunch of accuracy. this is why i switched away from the cnc machine in the first place. #plottertwitter #creativecosing
i hope this one doesn’t look like intestines. #plottertwitter #creativecoding
hey @FoodNetwork are you guys ok with plagarism?
aaaaaannd I'm blocked
Apparently @TylerFlorence likes to gank other people's work without credit. https://twitter.com/kenjilopezalt/status/1138576303072927745
took like three hours to plot!
trying this again #plottertwitter #creativecoding
This dog fights the walk until about halfway and then she pulls to get back. I need to put it on a map to see how close to actual mid point she switches over.
the @nytimes should be embarrassed about the Google News study they published. Terrible methodology.
There needs to be better ways to design downtown areas. It feels like landlords suck every penny out of the businesses that make the most foot traffic (ie restaurants) and would really prefer to just have banks or whatever.
what???? also, who???
failed plot. still looks neat. #plottertwitter #creativecoding
this is gonna take a while
clunk clunk clunk #plottertwitter
1/3 of a laser cut felt dodecahedron
I put industrial felt into the @glowforge Which worked pretty well aside from the stink
amazing pixel hallucinations! https://twitter.com/maxbraun/status/1137510117631389698
hyperpersonalized bespoke podcasting? https://twitter.com/natfriedman/status/1137490253973843969
got a chance to see @AlexRoy144 in #ApexTheSecretRace - wow!
Is it possible to just develop a food allergy out of thin air? I had the smallest appetizer portion of a salmon today (had a few fries too) & in 3 hrs felt like Mike Tyson hit me w/ a body jab. Was out cold on the mat for 45 mins. Now ok, a bit slower but back to normal.
see an allergist or immunologist asap
Get yourself checked out. Don’t rely on a twitter physical.
I’d go for a full food allergy panel test and check for bacteria presence. Sushi is unfortunately “poison” because of the shit that is in raw fish. So you want to know if you caught anything nasty.
Mom: We brought some lemons. Me: We have a lemon tree. Mom: What? In your yard? Me: They grow on trees. Mom: We brought 4 apples. Me: We have an apple tree. Mom: I have a few carrots. Do you have a carrot tree? Me: Carrots grow in the ground. Mom: What’s your WiFi password?
i mean some online app that lets me do a simple portfolio-like thing.
is there an easy way to have a page with a long list of photos w/ some side by side text without setting up my own site? something that isn't one page per picture.
We're live at https://goodtalk.app/talk/y477cj - submit some questions?
looking forward to doing this! https://twitter.com/getgoodtalk/status/1136378052382871553
I'm doing an online panel with @bfeld at today at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT today. Join us! https://twitter.com/getgoodtalk/status/1136331241471369216
youtube's thumbnail thinger really loves you @AaronMNathan
Event videos for @selfracingcars are done! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvUJVbOxwnRbnEaXRS_qpOpC6TEL4I93G
for a small art project, i'm looking for a developer who has some experience with docker (or other containerization) on raspi. i want to run untrusted web content. anyone know someone?
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