I like this song https://twitter.com/danandshay/status/1179969391863185409
When you close your eyes... do you think of me? https://youtu.be/Y2E71oe0aSM
Video is out. What is your favorite shot? https://youtu.be/Y2E71oe0aSM
I’m in the chat. New video in 30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2E71oe0aSM&feature=youtu.be
I’m In the chat https://twitter.com/danandshay/status/1180153513613111296
Who wants the music video? #10kHours @DanAndShay
#10000hours @danandshay and me http://wmna.sh/10kHours
😁 https://twitter.com/scooterbraun/status/1166517328105725952
😲 https://youtu.be/LpzagorjemU
For all my fans in China I just wanted to say that I am super excited to be on Weibo. Look forward to sharing more. Some good music coming.
I want my friend out.. I appreciate you trying to help him. But while your at it @realDonaldTrump can you also let those kids out of cages?
Proud of Billie. Remix out now
So proud of you @billieeilish. Remix https://smarturl.it/badguyJB
Damn Tom this didn’t go as planned https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilk0DWjercY
I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you dont take this fight your scared and you will never live it down. Who is willing to put on the fight? @danawhite ?
Stream https://atlanti.cr/IDontCare
More music coming. Happy Sunday
Now https://youtu.be/y83x7MgzWOA
Loving watching these reaction videos and covers for #idontcare. Thank you https://youtu.be/y83x7MgzWOA
I don’t care Video https://atlanti.cr/IDC-video
When I wake up the video will be out.
I’m ready for this too https://twitter.com/sb_projects/status/1129094266465079297
I’m ready https://twitter.com/carlyraejepsen/status/1129132051834163202
New video is happening. @edsheeran I don’t care
Yeah we got a video coming. I don’t care @edsheeran https://twitter.com/popcravenet/status/1127286693097353218
Broke the record with this song. Thank you @edsheeran https://atlanti.cr/IDontCare
It’s out. I don’t care
Less than 24 hours until new music. I don’t care.
Friday https://twitter.com/kmfmofficial/status/1126178958377197568
Keeping it positive. Today is a good day
And rather than being positive you belittle people. Think about how awesome it felt for me to be on that stage after being away for so long the excitement and joy it gave me doing the thing i love the most, i sang to to backtrack like most cameos do this is a normal thing,
And rather than try and make people feel accepted and loved you find things to pick apart like the world isn’t full of that already.. we can find something negative to say about anything or anyone
When are we gonna be the kind of people that find joy in adding value to one another and not tearing each other apart..
Thank you @ArianaGrande . Thank you @coachella. That felt right. Love you.
Amazing show @ArianaGrande . Super proud of you. Had a moment mid show :) @billieeilish
Proud of you @billieeilish
:) https://twitter.com/theellenshow/status/1110947410673582082
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