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Working families have been left behind, while those at the top have reaped the benefits. When elected, I will reverse Trump’s trillion-dollar tax scam and put money back in the pockets of middle-class families.
As president, I’ll give Congress 100 days to send legislation to my desk to stop Big Pharma from raking in massive profits at the expense of Americans. If Congress won’t act, I will.
Go, Aubrey, go! See you in 2020.
Let me tell you about real strength.
We are fighting so younger generations don’t have to grow up in a world where the president spreads hate instead of hope. This campaign is by the people and #ForThePeople. Chip in now. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kdh-1907-social?source=ig190721
It’s not just Arizona. Teachers are overworked and underpaid across our country. They invested in us, it’s time we invested in them. My plan would give the average teacher a $13,500 raise — the largest investment in teachers in our nation’s history. https://www.tucsonlocalmedia.com/news/article_5f37ed3c-a8d3-11e9-b91e-839ab0f23d44.html
Reforming the money bail system in America is a criminal and economic justice issue. People sit in jail in America every day simply because they don’t have money to afford bail, while those with means are able to get out. It’s unjust and must change.
Trump’s assault on refugees is un-American. Turning our backs on those fleeing violence and harm means we’ve abandoned our moral leadership on the world stage. https://twitter.com/CNNPolitics/status/1152254325730811904
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Today, we’re excited to launch Young Leaders #ForThePeople. Across the country, young people are breaking barriers and moving our nation forward on their college campuses and in their communities. Be one of the first to join us. https://action.kamalaharris.org/signup/org-cons-young-leaders/?source=tw190720-launch
Proud to stand with nurses at Hopkins as they organize with @NationalNurses to fight for the rights of patients to safe care. Hopkins must respect their right to organize without interference. https://twitter.com/NationalNurses/status/1152618175420391424
The only path to justice for the people of Puerto Rico is to speak truth against divisive and corrupt leaders. I stand with them as they protest and demand accountability.
It’s been seven years since the mass shooting at the Aurora movie theater in Colorado, and Congress hasn’t done enough. No matter where you live, you deserve to feel safe. We can keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. All we need is a president willing to act.
Stay safe this weekend. States across the country will reach dangerously high temperatures. Hydrate, check in on your neighbors and the elderly, and know how to recognize the signs of heat exhaustion.
Middle-class families are struggling to make ends meet while Big Pharma turns record profits. As president, I will require pharmaceutical companies to set fair prices for prescription drugs and tax profits made from abusive drug companies.
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Your contribution — no matter how big or small — is the lifeline of our campaign’s organizing efforts. Our campaign is driven by the people and for the people. Chip in now: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kdh-1907-social?source=tw190716
Guns are the second leading cause of death for children and teens in America. We must address this crisis. As president, I will take executive action to protect our kids and families from gun violence. https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1151558396392484871
RT @adamslily: This is an awesome @KamalaHarris AND @mayaharris_ cameo https://twitter.com/ClayLaSoul/status/1152230127272701953
My Rent Relief Act provides a tax credit to families who spend 30% or more of their income on rent and utilities. We’ve got to make sure that nobody has to work two or three jobs—or cut corners on other basic necessities—just to keep a roof over their head.
I’ll be taking the stage for the second DNC debate on July 31. People just like you across the country are stepping up to host a debate watch party in their community. Sign up and we’ll give you everything you need to host a party of your own. https://action.kamalaharris.org/signup/july-debate-watch-host/?source=tw190719-JulyDebate
RT @KamalaHarris: @cmclymer Your strength inspires me, @cmclymer. Don't ever stop speaking up.
Millions of families are waking up in the middle of the night trying to figure out how to make ends meet. My 3 AM Agenda would change that. https://www.rgj.com/story/opinion/voices/2019/07/18/2020-presidential-candidate-kamala-harris-housing-crisis-3-am-agenda/1768682001/
Iowa has held a special place in my heart ever since I first visited the state in 2007 to campaign for Barack Obama. I'm excited to announce I’ll be doing a five-day bus tour in August from Sioux City to Davenport. See you on the road! https://www.politico.com/story/2019/07/18/kamala-harris-campaign-travel-1421393
Curious what @realDonaldTrump @ewarren @JoeBiden @SenSanders @KamalaHarris have to say about this. https://twitter.com/charlesornstein/status/1152199257123958790
Let's reject those who are trying to sow hate and division among us and agree we've got to bring our country together.
Cooking goals. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/07/16/dining/black-chefs-restaurants-food.html
RT @TheLeadCNN: .@KamalaHarris on Trump: 'When you make children afraid, you are not a good person' https://cnn.it/2Su8MY4 https://t.co/C…
Excited to take the stage again for the second Democratic debate on Wednesday, July 31 on @CNN. I’m ready to share our vision on how we can give American’s a raise, pay our teachers their value, keep guns out of the wrong hands, and fight #ForThePeople.
Pharmaceutical companies flooded our country with 76 billion — yes, billion — opioid pills from 2006 through 2012. This is wrong. It’s past time we hold pharmaceutical companies accountable. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/76-billion-opioid-pills-newly-released-federal-data-unmasks-the-epidemic/2019/07/16/5f29fd62-a73e-11e9-86dd-d7f0e60391e9_story.html
Kamala Harris on Trump: 'When you make children afraid, you are not a good person' @KamalaHarris on @TheLeadCNN https://cnn.it/2Su8MY4
If we don't address the maternal mortality crisis in our country now, more Black mothers will die. My Maternal CARE Act will address the racial bias in our health care system and ensure better outcomes for women.
This is real life: Americans are turning to the black market to be able to afford insulin. This is why I introduced my plan to take on pharmaceutical companies and ensure every American can afford the medicine they need. http://www.startribune.com/frustrated-diabetics-turn-to-internet-black-market-for-insulin/511709742/
When president, I will take action to lower the cost of prescription drugs.
RT @KamalaHarris: The House just voted to move forward with raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. It’s time we give Americans the raise…
Let’s get this president out of the White House. Donate and we’ll do it together. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kdh-1907-social?source=tw190718
The House just voted to move forward with raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. It’s time we give Americans the raise they deserve. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to bring this bill to the Senate floor.
RT @KamalaHarris: It’s vile. It’s cowardly. It’s xenophobic. It’s racist. It defiles the office of the President. And I won't share it…
I said it in Iowa on Tuesday and it’s even more clear after last night: Donald Trump has defiled the office of President of the United States.
RT @KamalaHarris: On November 3, 2020, I am going to send Donald Trump back to where he came from.
RT @KamalaHarris: It’s vile. It’s cowardly. It’s xenophobic. It’s racist. It defiles the office of the President. And I won't share it…
#Kimmel tonight Senator @KamalaHarris, comedian Lenny Clarke, music from @OffsetYRN ft. @iamcardib #FatherOf4 & I’ll help explain the song #Clout to an older demographic #NewLyricsForOldPeople
Tonight on #Kimmel Senator @KamalaHarris, comedian Lenny Clarke, music from @OffsetYRN ft. @iamcardib #FatherOf4 & I’ll help explain the song #Clout to an older demographic #NewLyricsForOldPeople
It’s vile. It’s cowardly. It’s xenophobic. It’s racist. It defiles the office of the President. And I won't share it here. It’s time to get Trump out of office and unite the country.
Black homeowners have been left behind, with homeownership rates falling by 8.6% since 2004. Let's turn the tide. As president, I'll take action to provide $100 billion to four million homebuyers who rent or live in historically red-lined communities. https://www.wsj.com/articles/black-homeownership-drops-to-all-time-low-11563183015
RT @PiperPerabo: .@KamalaHarris & @RepJayapal will intro the #DomesticWorkersBillOfRights. I’m in DC with @aijenpoo @MonicaRamirezDC & 100…
Glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising. Climate change is real and we must act before it's too late. That’s why I support a Green New Deal.
Grateful for @serenawilliams' leadership in combating the Black maternal health crisis in America. Black mothers are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes and it's time we came together to address this. Congress must pass my Maternal CARE Act. https://twitter.com/FutureFor_Us/status/1150815001654902789
The federal government must get justice for survivors of sexual abuse, assault, and rape. I have a plan to make that a reality. https://twitter.com/Essence/status/1149454595346898944
As AG, I took on the 5 biggest banks in the U.S. who defrauded homeowners during the foreclosure crisis. We won $20B for CA homeowners and passed the strongest anti-foreclosure law in the country. I’ll always take on corporate interests to stand up for working families.
As president, I will protect consumers from high drug prices by: ✅Capping the prices Big Pharma can charge for prescription drugs ✅Holding drug companies accountable for overcharging patients It’s time to change the system.
No. 1 for @KamalaHarris! Politico: Harris, Warren surge in new California poll. https://www-politico-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.politico.com/amp/story/2019/07/17/harris-warren-california-poll-1417703 via @GoogleNews
On November 3, 2020, I am going to send Donald Trump back to where he came from.
@Ava’s retelling of the Central Park jogger case is a masterpiece. Congratulations to her team and phenomenal cast on a well-deserved 16 Emmy nominations! https://twitter.com/strongblacklead/status/1151155735054573570
Trump attempts to distract from that fact that he’s done nothing for hardworking Americans by flame-throwing.
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RT @NetwarSystem: @geoffgolberg @JoeBiden @AOC @KamalaHarris @realDonaldTrump We have Trump's most recent 40M followers in numeric form, 16…
RT @geoffgolberg: I pulled the most recent 50K Followers for @JoeBiden, @AOC, @KamalaHarris, and @realDonaldTrump Nearly 28% of Trump's re…
From breaking codes in World War II to breaking down barriers for civil rights, Justice John Paul Stevens lived up to those words above the Court: Equal Justice Under Law. Our nation was better for his service and we mourn his loss.
I've personally been told, "go back to where you came from." It is vile, ignorant, shallow, and hateful. It has to stop.
Let’s break this cycle. I will go after these companies who prey on seniors and the sick. Big Pharma should not be winning in Washington, the American people should be. https://www.statnews.com/2019/07/16/pharma-still-winning/
“It’s not your time.” https://twitter.com/AdamMGrant/status/1150049129348943873
In 2016, over 35 million people with disabilities were eligible to vote, but only 16 million did. It’s imperative we invest time, energy, and money in getting people with disabilities registered and ready to exercise their civil right to vote. http://www.aapd.com/REVUP
When we say love your neighbor as yourself, we must expand our definition of neighbor.
I took on pharmaceutical companies on behalf of the people when I was Attorney General and I'll do it again as president.
This is a miscarriage of justice. Our criminal justice system should be rooted in accountability. My heart breaks for the Garner family. https://twitter.com/AP/status/1151126319691902981
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