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👑 wow
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Ok this might be better than our Trump reality show: Thai king's royal consort stripped of her titles over disloyalty
Well well @profgalloway
Hey @realalecberg I’m no Bill Hader but with @MikeJudge and the @SiliconHBO cast & crew, you did an amazing job depicting the techies I know and love/hate. And it’s been my privilege to play a tiny role. Well, bigger and with more lines than @dickc but that’s just good casting.
To be fair @cwarzel we have all done a few rounds on that Facebook roof.
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And scene
This is the actual existential crisis for all Californians — from pols to taxpayers to the homeless. Whatever the crisis, and it is a nearly impossible one, the justified frustration turning to a crueler anger is so tragic and also perhaps not surprising:
Me and @RonanFarrow jawing about all kinds of things from Weinstein to journalism to MIT to just whatever cuz he’s so dang smart.
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist @RonanFarrow talks with Recode’s @karaswisher about his new book, "Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators." Listen and follow #RecodeDecode on @Spotify:
Terrific front pager by ⁦@TaylorLorenz⁩, showing she is bright light at the ⁦@nytimes⁩ and just a lot of fun: High Schools to TikTok: We’re Catching Feelings - The New York Times
RT @NPRpopular: Kara Swisher's Take On Mark Zuckerberg's 'Free Speech' Speech
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#WeWork shedding $60M/wk, I don't see a way out exc bankruptcy #Uber has to pretend it’s a growth story but will have to shift to a margin story to survive DJ Sol (David Solomon of JPM) is a bad DJ and a worse fiduciary latest Pivot w/@karaswisher
RT @maggieNYT: The event = murder of a journalist.
RT @karaswisher: Today in my amazing podcast life, my journalist crush @RonanFarrow on his new wrecking ball of a book “Catch and Kill” and…
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Me too
Here when I would rather be there and also there.
Those are great sons and one perfect baby.
RT @RonanFarrow: Kara is an absolute G and you should listen to this.
RT @karaswisher: Today in my amazing podcast life, my journalist crush @RonanFarrow on his new wrecking ball of a book “Catch and Kill” and…
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I am literally a back seat driver now.
Really rich people are weirder than ever: via @nytimes
What ever happened to all those emoluments investigations?
It’s clear that @nicolewong should have written that speech
RIP. Mark Hurd, co-CEO of Oracle, dies at 62 after illness
Today in my amazing podcast life, my journalist crush @RonanFarrow on his new wrecking ball of a book “Catch and Kill” and the playwright Sharyn Rothstein and director Seema Sueko of epic @arenastage show about the impact of tech, “Right To Be Forgotten.”
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Everything he touches rots: via @nytimes
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And @BerniceKing is right, which was apparent from the rambling, lightweight, binary version of free speech he presented. He or whoever writes for him is earnest, but simply not a good thinker and Facebook missed an opportunity to present fresh and new ideas about crucial topics.
Today was a long one but I have the best job ever in terms of getting to talk and ask questions about and listen to all kinds of amazing things from @KenBurns (country music) to @BillKristol (Trump obvi!) to @finkd (free speech) to privacy panel with @RepDelBene (regs) and more.
RT @karaswisher: Live tweeting this Mark Zuckerberg @Georgetown event on free speech since a student journalist just told me they are not a…
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This isn’t meant as a dunk, btw. Facebook has lots of conscientious workers who still lose sleep over stuff like Myanmar and 2016, and who wonder what their kids will think of them. Maybe Zuckerberg thinks they need a story — like “defending free expression” — to justify staying.
Do they need a court jester?
Mark hopes sticking with free speech will “transcend” the current partisan times
What he described during that speech wasn't "free speech."
Wish you had been there
Lots of thoughts about the Zuckerberg speech, but gut macro reaction is that he is trying very, very hard to convince himself and his employees that they will be the good guys in the history books.
Don’t overthink this one, Kevin. It was just a D of a speech. Adding on lack of ability for students to ask questions after it (they were vetted in advance and they were not allowed to ask them), it was an F.
I didn't love the speech either! I'm more interested in why he felt like he needed to give it in the first place, though. I think some of the intended audience was back in Menlo Park.
No idea. When you find out lemme know.
Catching up on #ZuckerbergatGU via @karaswisher @MikeIsaac Michelle @jaconi (scroll TL) @TonyRomm
“Whether you like Facebook or not, I think we need to come together and stand for voice and free expression,” he concludes. Is it a binary choice? Oh man, opportunity missed but I do give Mark props for trying so hard and so earnestly. But he needs to be a better thinker.
still denies it is a media company. It doesn't take responsibility for being a media company. Which means others do. People with no interest in either Facebook or anything else. Save themeselves.
Now about how hard it is to decide what is hate speech. It’s HARD people.
I've been too busy to tune in to this speech but I absolutely trusts @karaswisher on this, and I can say I am disappointed but not even slightly surprised.
I spoke with @karaswisher on the @Recode Decode podcast about the intersection of politics, technology, and leadership. Listen to our full conversation here:
I knew @edmundlee before he was *this* famous. He worked for me and @karaswisher. Just another @Recode veteran now ruling the media world.
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