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Just watched the Auckland Mayor debate on @nzherald. 400 people were watching 😴 My cat gets more live viewers while cleaning her fur 🐱
I’m beginning to think @realDonaldTrump has partnered with @TheOnion. How else do you explain headlines like this: Trump CANCELS meeting with Danish PM after she refuses to discuss selling Greenland https://www.rt.com/news/466935-trump-greenland-denmark-meeting/
Governments around the world pirate and share the private data of everyone. Petabytes of our private data stolen without our consent, worldwide, every day. The Internet Party will defend your right to privacy everywhere. Stop mass surveillance. Start organizing. #StopSpying
Because of the global arms race in mass surveillance you can assume that every connected technology has spy tools now. Location data, live cameras and microphones, key loggers, auto-screenshot backdoors feeding the deep state spy cloud with petabytes every day. Your data.
The spyware Mercedes Benz has installed to track customers is unlawful. Every Mercedes owner who bought a #SpyBenz should join a class action lawsuit. Demand disclosure of all data Mercedes Benz has on you and who they shared it with. Seek a full refund for your car + damages.
Every new or pre-owned Mercedes sold through a Mercedes Benz dealership since 2018 has a spyware sensor installed to track your location. The German Govt probably uses these sensors to track persons of interest worldwide and shares real-time data with NSA. https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/9756250/mercedes-spies-drivers-tracking-devices/
RT @chaosupdates: Pressefreiheit: Wo bleibt der Aufschrei für Assange, dem 175 Jahren Haft wegen seiner Arbeit für Wikileaks drohen? https:…
Destiny legend @Banned_Wipe has just agreed to cast our weekly Destiny Arena tournaments. Go follow him on Twitter and Twitch and show him some love. He’s rebuilding his channel after an attack by the darkness. #Destiny2
Destiny villain @LuCKyy10p asked me to cast our weekly Destiny Arena Tournament. I told him no because he ripped off his partner @Banned_Wipe. Background: https://youtu.be/yFQemWa7wjg Also don’t like that he got my friend @LoriiPops pregnant and isn’t supporting her or the baby.
Dear Tim, Hope you enjoy your dinner with the President. Please make sure that you stand up for the privacy of your customers and demand that the US government stops turning Apple products into spy tools. Sincerely, Kim Dotcom @tim_cook
Please ask NSA and CIA Directors to join the dinner. Give Tim Cook a full list of all backdoors they have implemented via coder agents working covertly at Apple. It would be nice to be able to use Apple products without US spy agencies pirating all of our data and communications. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1162500362810642437
Making waterfalls 😂😂😂
BREAKING: Bunnynauts have arrived 🐰🚀
Five Eyes watching me 😜 #FVEY
Your mass tweeting about a strong economy won’t change the reality of US markets crashing. The FED printed $7 trillion and gave interest free loans to US banks to pump the stock market. It’s fake growth. A fake economy. It’s going to crash because it’s fake. Good luck in #2020. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1162022701457989635
I made this reenactment video about the copyright Nazis raiding my home. Sorry for the lack of fitness and skill of the actors. Because the US government seized all my assets we only had a tiny budget for this production ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmObwguVmEI https://twitter.com/ipodguy79/status/1162018015799496705
Liberal Hollywood brings us to tears with movies about injustice and at the same time they send an army of copyright Nazis in helicopters with machine guns to destroy a family man who's websites made 50 million people happy every day. Oh and they bribed Obama to get this done. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1159898199802425344
New Zealand is not prepared for the impending economic disaster. Borrowing money and cutting costs won’t do it this time. New Zealand leadership lacks vision and foresight to take advantage of a global financial crisis. Be a safe haven for crypto and you may weather the storm.
NZD is steadily declining. Soon 50 US cents will buy 1 NZD. When US markets drop investors sell high-risk currencies that will suffer most from a US recession. New Zealand ruined a good trade relationship with China over US demands to ban Huawei. Incompetent & irresponsible.
In the Bible the truth represents Christianity, God or Jesus. It says truth sets you free from worldly impediments such as sin, misery, or ignorance. Most US politicians claim to be Christian but the Bible says those who hide the truth and persecute truth-tellers are sinners 🔥
The truth shall set you free.
Can we trust Google to build powerful Artificial Intelligence after today’s leaks of internal Google documents about censorship and political bias? Imagine AI getting access to the NSA database filled with our private data and communications. AI will know you better than you do.
Google is the best example of tech entrepreneurs becoming so rich and powerful that they no longer run a business but an experiment of world domination. Larry and Sergey can now pick our leaders to shape the world the way they want it to be. What happened to ‘don’t be evil’?
Google is in trouble over leaked internal documents that clearly show political censorship and bias. Google has become so powerful that it can single handedly decide elections anywhere, and they try. Check the @Project_Veritas twitter feed for the latest developments.
RT @gatewaypundit: FRIGHTENING! Google Engineer Leaks Massive Trove of Info on Google's Information Control Operations -- Reveals Google Se…
RT @scrowder: According to leaked docs obtained by @JamesOKeefeIII of @Project_Veritas, we are being actively excluded from @Google search…
RT @prageru: GOOGLE EXPOSED: Leaked documents show employees discussing Hillary Clinton's loss in the 2016 presidential election. "We wor…
RT @Project_Veritas: NEW: Google "Machine Learning Fairness" Whistleblower Goes Public, says: "burden lifted off of my soul," Leaks Hundred…
Get out of stocks NOW. Buy bitcoin and gold. Trust me.
I’ve been telling you for months that the US markets and economy will crash harder than ever. This is just the beginning. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/08/14/stocks-tank-another-recession-warning-surfaces/#click=https://t.co/atIlPpp7Jr Sell NOW.
RT @wikileaks: Australia #Assange Campaign and WikiLeaks made a submission to the Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence…
New Zealand’s Department of Corrections had to send me a formal apology after abusing me during my time in remand. They didn’t provide me with basics like soap, toilet paper or a blanket (in a copyright case). But a mass murdering terrorist gets to send hate mail to the world? 🤯
Hackers are not just common on the Internet. The legal profession is full of hackers. Lawyers and Judges can turn simple law that was designed to protect you into weapons that attack you. The judgements in my case are instruction manuals for hackers.
RT @geonet: M5.5 quake causing strong shaking near Milford Sound http://geonet.org.nz/quakes/2019p603895
Third earthquake in Queenstown in 6 weeks. Stronger every time. Just got shaken out of bed. Time to move 😳
RT @EMSC: #Earthquake M5.4 strikes 79 km NW of #Queenstown (New Zealand) 9 min ago. More info: https://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/earthquake.php?id=785797
Happy birthday Kobi Dotcom 🎉
Whenever the mainstream media takes the time to “debunk” a “conspiracy theory” you should be sceptical. It’s probably a very expensive PR person for a rich and powerful interested party that made the request to debunk an inconvenient truth. The Seth Rich case is the best example.
See the real Mega conspiracy: http://Kim.com/whitepaper.pdf
At almost 8 years I’m the person with the longest time on bail in New Zealand history. The US told the Courts a hundred times that I’m a “flight-risk”. I’ll be here until the end. My case is the biggest stain on New Zealand’s rule of law. My gift to the “independent” Judiciary.
Next steps in my extradition case: Supreme Court decision this year If we fail then Minister of Justice decides If Minister of Justice approves extradition then judicial review High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court (with a better bench). According to Crown Law 5-7 years.
Those of you who followed me long enough understand my role in preventing Hillary. But @JoeBiden will be my biggest pleasure. Like @HillaryClinton he’s corrupt to the core and can never become US President. Watch me in 2020.
Indeed. Everyone who ever uploaded a file to Megaupload from a US IP address will receive this video link about how @JoeBiden abused his power to destroy Megaupload, incl. commentary from an insider and Biden bragging to a lawyer we planted at a fundraiser that HE destroyed MU. https://twitter.com/riccg/status/1160697015522746370
Still waiting to get access to your Megaupload files? I will email 30 million former US Megaupload users a video link in 2020 explaining how @JoeBiden destroyed your favorite website. Most of you were teenagers or students then but now you’re voters. Let’s retire Biden together.
According to White House visitor logs US Attorney Neil MacBride (Biden’s boy) had a meeting with @JoeBiden’s chief of staff to update him on the progress of the Megaupload prosecution a week before Biden met with 5 studio bosses, the MPAA and an extradition expert from Hong Kong.
The fact is @JoeBiden put his personal lawyer in the DOJ to run dirty cases for him. One of them the unlawful destruction of Megaupload without any due process in exchange for Hollywood donations for the 2nd term Obama/Biden campaign. Hoe Joe is just as corrupt as crooked Hillary https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1160320950468009984
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