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7 Reasons To Be Highly Skeptical Of The Gulf Of Oman Incident https://iranian.com/2019/06/15/7-reasons-to-be-highly-skeptical-of-the-gulf-of-oman-incident/
Congratulations to the protesters in my former hometown of Hong Kong for stopping the proposed extradition bill. Well done 😘
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Here we go again. Lies by US Empire exposed within hours of fake ‘Iran did it’ narrative. The crew of one of the oil tankers says they were hit by a flying object, not a mine. The world is aware of US lies these days. War with Iran wont be an easy sell. https://thehill.com/policy/defense/448535-oil-tanker-captain-disputes-part-of-us-account-of-attack?amp&__twitter_impression=true
By the way, don’t fall for the crypto scams that are being offered by fake Kim Dotcom twitter accounts in the replies to my tweets.
One thing you can count on is that Hollywood will pay dearly if we win. Together we’ll make them pay for decades of copyright abuse, for all the students and mums they have bankrupted through the court system, for all the corruption and censorship they have committed. Are you in?
Sony Pictures, an MPAA member, did not join the litigation against Megaupload (see Wikileaks leak of Sony emails). Sony was worried that I may win. They understood that the methods used by the MPAA to create this corrupt case are illegal and could result in massive liability.
We may win in the Supreme Court. The judges are asking good questions. And if we do win the unlawful destruction of Megaupload may have severe consequences for Hollywood. Because they lied and bribed to get Megaupload destroyed. The liability they may face is in the billions.
My case is so important to Hollywood because they hate the limitations of the Copyright Act. They want it to be something else. So they bribe politicians and prosecutors through lobbyists to create case law in the Courts to expand the limited scope of copyright. Thats corruption.
The Copyright Act is a code. Only the Copyright Act creates the unique concept of copyright. No other law applies because copyright is time-limited, it sanctions fair use, private copying, sharing, etc. Copyright is not comparable to other property.
After the military style raid US Empire announced that this is the largest criminal copyright case in history. But now that everyone can see that the law only provides civil liability, not criminal, the US tries to salvage its bullshit case by using laws that simply don’t apply. https://twitter.com/jeidelarsen/status/1139503954176462852
Must read: US Empire offers extra options to extradite Kim Dotcom (because Copyright doesn’t work). http://nzh.tw/12240546
RT @radionz: Seven years on from his arrest, the extradition battle between Kim Dotcom and the United States reached New Zealand's Supreme…
RT @KimDotcom: You can’t make this shit up 😂
You can’t make this shit up 😂
The US military warehouses are full. US arms industry order books are empty. Israel sees Iran as an existential threat and wants to attack before they can build nukes. Trump wants to be a war president to bolster his chances for 2020. Bolton wants blood. A perfect storm.
"It is the assessment of the United States that the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for the attacks. This is based on intelligence.” — Mike “lie, steal, cheat” Pompeo The same intelligence that found WMDs in Iraq and lied to the US Senate about mass surveillance?
Who do you think got his hands on some Iranian weapons to damage a few oil tankers and manufacture a pretext for war with Iran?
Here we go again. US Empire creating a pretext to go to war with Iran. It makes no sense that Iran would provoke a war with US Empire while Iran tries to salvage the nuclear deal with Europe. This situation looks manufactured as hell. The pro-war US media can’t wait to sell this.
US Empire is stealing and storing emails, files and communications of everyone in the entire world. It’s the biggest organized theft of information, communications and copyright in history. My accusers are the biggest pirates and the largest criminal conspiracy imaginable.
Huawei will be the largest mobile connectivity provider in the world and the Chinese economy will soon surpass the US. There’s nothing US Empire can do to stop that. US attacks against China may even accelerate the inevitable decline of US Empire. Watch the markets before #2020.
US is again in total breach of its duty of candor by not truthfully informing the Court about the measures Megaupload took to combat copyright infringement. In reality no “criminal conspiracy” would have done as much as Megaupload did to cooperate with copyright holders.
Megaupload rewards were an automated process. Over 1000 file uploads completed on Megaupload every second. Humanly impossible to identify infringement without a takedown notice. When we received legal advice rewards may be used in a civil action against us we terminated it.
More facts about MU rewards: Only premium users could participate. Reward users who’s payment details were known to us were less likely to infringe. MU sent warning messages to rewards users if their account received takedown notices making clear that MU didn’t condone abuse.
US makes a big deal about the Megaupload reward program Facts: No rewards were paid for files that received a takedown notice. No rewards for files larger than 100mb = no rewards for movie files or TV episodes. After ending the reward program Mega kept growing at usual rate.
Thanks to all the good people in Hong Kong for protesting against my extradition 😜🤪😳🤯
The copyright hypocrisy Megaupload received 33 million copyright takedown notices in its lifetime. Google received 4.1 billion copyright takedown notices and counting. I’m fighting extradition. Sergey and Larry are meeting world leaders on a $200 million Superyacht in Cannes.
The copyright hypocrisy: Megaupload received 33 million copyright takedown notices in its lifetime Google received 4.1 billion copyright takedown notices and counting I’m frighting extradition Sergey and Larry are meeting world leaders on a $200 million Superyacht in Cannes.
US tells Supreme Court that New Zealand Parliament wasted 8 years creating Copyright Amendment Act and safe harbors for ISPs because none of it really matters and ISPs are criminal conspiracies once they receive infringing user uploads and have general knowledge of infringement.
More US nonsense: Not having a search feature = hiding infringement Having a rewards program (only for files smaller than 100mb) = encouraging infringement Storing user files = criminal possession & distribution of infringement No piracy on front page = hiding infringement
Megaupload had achieved 99.9999% compliance with take down notices from copyright holders. We were not only the fastest site in taking infringing links down (average of 4 hrs) we also voluntarily provided over 150 copyright owners with a feature to remove infringement INSTANTLY!
The craziest craziness about my case is that I have never been to the United States and I didn’t have a business there. But because Megaupload leased some servers in a US data center the US argues that that is enough to extradite me. If you’re an ISP don’t lease servers in the US
US claims in the Supreme Court that every New Zealand ISP is criminally liable under the Copyright Act if they ‘possess’ infringing files uploaded by users. New Zealand must now hire a fleet of cruise ships to extradite all those criminal Internet Service executives. Boat party?
Megavideo provided an import feature to our users to make a backup of their YouTube videos. Megavideo archived YouTube videos (non-public) to offer instant import to users. This was not against YouTube ToS at the time. We indexed YouTube like Google indexed the entire Internet.
How can there be a conspiracy to commit copyright infringement when I have never been in contact with any user of Megaupload or any other entity to agree with them to commit such an infringement? The US Mega conspiracy case is a scam. It seems like the Supreme Court gets that.
When the lawyer for the US was asked by the Supreme Court what Megaupload actually did to commit copyright infringement he falsely claimed that we encouraged users and linking sites to commit infringement. It’s a blatant lie. The US has never provided any evidence for this claim.
Former Prime Minister John Key and Attorney General Chris Finlayson conspired with Warner Brothers and the MPAA to authorize the destruction of Megaupload despite New Zealand law not criminalizing ISPs for copyright infringement by users. They knew this. Who’s the criminal?
Megaupload has never encouraged copyright infringement. It was against our terms of service and our reward rules and there’s no evidence that Megaupload ever had contact with users or linking sites to encourage infringement. In fact we provided direct delete access to Hollywood.
To this day the New Zealand Govt refuses to release documents I’m legally entitled to under NZ law. New Zealand’s Human Rights Court ruled that the Govt is unlawfully withholding documents. NZ Courts have not seen this evidence. A perversion of Justice on behalf of US Empire.
Obama, Biden and Dodd agreed to destroy Megaupload to secure donations from Hollywood for Obama’s second term campaign. Read how this political thriller turned New Zealand into an obedient accomplice in the corruption that destroyed Megaupload. http://Kim.com/whitepaper.pdf
Must read: What is at stake for New Zealand in the Dotcom extradition case. https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2019/06/12/what-is-at-stake-for-new-zealand-in-the-final-moves-of-the-dotcom-chess-battle/
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The Dotcom legal team is chilling after a successful day in the Supreme Court. Thank you all Ron “Ronnus” Mansfield Simon “Hulk” Cogan Ira “Laser” Rothken Jarred “Holy” Smith Katie “Google” Creagh Liz “Forever” Dotcom 😘
The Dotcom legal team is chilling after a successful day in the Supreme Court. Thank you all Ron “Ronnus” Mansfield Simon “Hulk” Cogan Ira “Laser” Rothken Jarred “Holy” Smith Katie “Google” Craigh Liz “Forever” Dotcom 😘
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