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The truth shines brightest backed by undeniable proof. Nobody knows this better than Julian Assange. #BlackLivesMatter
1060 on my Warlock (solo). I have not touched my other 2 characters yet. How? Max out glory, valor and infamy first. Then do powerful drops and when you hit 1050 base-light start doing your pinnacles. All done in 32 hours. Enjoy the grind. #Destiny2
RT @NilsMelzer: Ever since investigating the #Assange case, I keep warning that #PressFreedom is under deliberate attack & tyranny around t…
Bye bye Tier 41 Titan 😭 #Destiny2
Hello @Bungie, @Activision is laughing at you right now.
Is this the new domestic terror manual for dictators everywhere? Made in the USA 🇺🇸 https://youtu.be/Dn6pAOIjgQg
This is the U.S. manual on police brutality for all dictators in the world. https://youtu.be/Dn6pAOIjgQg
Warning: This US Police brutality compilation will make you feel terrible. All the clips are from recent protests in the US. It reminds me of Nazi Germany. Can you imagine the kind of terror US soldiers are inflicting against civilians outside the US? https://youtu.be/Dn6pAOIjgQg
US Police beating young girls with batons to the head and smashing them to the ground. This total lack restraint is shocking. Imagine this was a your daughter. How would you feel? Send me more videos of recent US Police brutality and I’ll post them here.
A peaceful man who just wanted to shake hands with Police officers, a gesture of respect, was pushed to the ground, smashed his head on the concrete, blood coming from his ears, unconscious, and Police just keeps walking like nothing happened. Insane USA.
Is the world becoming a better place and are we heading in the right direction or are your worries and problems increasing? Let me know in the comments why you voted the way you did.
If you are African American and you voted for the Democrats or the Republicans ask yourself what have they done against racism and for equal opportunity. If the answer is not enough then stop voting for them. Unite to become a political force and demand the change you deserve.
Any minority in the US can become the majority. Channel your votes in a new dual purpose political party to end racism and achieve equality. Then negotiate favorable terms with the party that wants and needs your help to govern. Become a political force and reform is guaranteed
If Black, Hispanic or Asian Americans would unite in new political parties neither the Democrats nor the Republicans could govern without them. The best way to achieve equality in America is to give both major parties a reason to negotiate real reforms. Become a political force.
Just now: Police gassing thousands of peaceful protesters in Portland. Shooting flash bangs and gas shells into the crowds from the rooftops. Gas is also hitting cars with people trying to get home after work. Watch police brutality in the US unfold LIVE: https://www.twitch.tv/woke
”Walk with us” “Hands up. Don’t shoot” “Take a knee” (For George Floyd) “Say his name. George Floyd” “Quit your job” — Protesters to Police Police response: Tear gas, flash bangs, rubber bullets, riot shields, batons, fences, armored vehicles. U.S.A. Land of the free?
Watch US protests LIVE 24/7. Multiple cameras. Multiple cities. Source: People on the streets. https://www.twitch.tv/woke
Tesla stock price 📈😂 https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1267650659320500226
Look at the current police brutality in the United States and then ask yourself why the US Government points the finger at other nations about their human rights abuses.
US protests and riots LIVE on Twitch. Multiple live feeds from multiple cities. Source: The people on the streets. https://www.twitch.tv/woke
🔴 Watch US Riots LIVE on Twitch Multiple cities, the latest riot clips, interviews. Source: The people. Not the media. https://www.twitch.tv/woke
RT @rulajebreal: Coronavirus, Riots, White House Siege: unfolding simultaneously in the US... And Trump is hiding from protest in undergrou…
RT @TostevinM: The scene at The White House. By @j_ernst_DC
RT @RaniaKhalek: Outside the White House looks like a battlefield.
RT @clauirizarry: This is sickening:
After years of right vs left media wars many Americans are ready to attack. The protests are no longer about police violence. It’s ANGER created by a biased and hate filled media on both sides. If you want to blame anyone for the violence on US streets today blame the media.
RT @LibertarianBlue: Outside the White House, now:
#FreeAssange https://twitter.com/nickeardleybbc/status/1266348442974146565
Watch what’s happening in the United States. The people are realizing that they have the power to change the broken system themselves. Without the empty promises of corrupt politicians who are puppets on the strings of corporations and the 1%. Interesting times ahead ✊🏻
I think China is making a big mistake in Hong Kong. I lived in HK for 7 years and it was the best time of my life. A peaceful vibrant city great for business and travel. China’s premature and arrogant power grab is to blame for the current crisis. Please reverse course Xi Jinping
US spies on the world & steals other nations secrets and IP. US lies about its grand mistakes, corruption & political scandals. US cheats the world by pumping its markets via quantitive easing. So does China. You can’t compete with the US unless you play the game like the US. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1266455834457968640
Who wants to play Duos with me? Must be NZ, AUS or US West (ping). DM your stats and Battlenet ID. https://twitter.com/CallofDuty/status/1266429144885161984
This is good news. All Americans should oppose mass surveillance. https://twitter.com/cnnpolitics/status/1265832188785963011
Watch @elonmusk launch Astronauts into Space for the first time with his @SpaceX technology. Live now. 48 minutes until launch. I wish them the best of luck 🚀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aymrnzianf0
Watch @elonmusk launch Astronauts into Space for the first time with his @SpaceX technology. Live now. 50 minutes until launch. I wish them the best of luck 🚀
RT @WilkieMP: When the world is fuller than normal with corrupt, dishonest & incompetent politicians, a truth-teller rots in HMP Belmarsh a…
RT @AitorxMartinez: Julian Assange. 23h 30m per day isolated in his cell due to the pandemic. He cannot receive lawyers. He can just call t…
RT @wikileaks: Exclusive: IG Fired Days After Inquiring About Pompeo’s ‘Donor Dinners’ - https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/exclusive-ig-probed-pompeos-donor-dinners-days-before-firing/
RT @ggreenwald: The CIA's murderous practices, disinformation campaigns, and interference in other countries still shapes the world order a…
RT @OxfordEconomics: The poor economic backdrop means our state-based & national election models both suggest President Trump will lose the…
Apparently Todd Muller is the pawn offering by those in the National Party who decided that their time to contest the leadership will be after the election. Labour wins by a landslide, Muller’s leadership is contested and the new leader will have 3 years in opposition to rebuild.
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Unreal Engine 5 is taking gaming to realistic levels not seen before. Unbelievable how far we have come in the past 20 yrs. Our simulation of life probably runs on an AI enhanced future version of Unreal Engine with Quantum chips powered by black holes. Love u @TimSweeneyEpic 😘
Must watch: Where are the missing Princesses? This is the story of Princess Latifa and Shamsa and their tyrant father, the ruler of Dubai. He kidnapped, jailed and tortured his daughters for years while presenting himself as a philanthropist. #FreeLatifa https://youtu.be/syGpm7DM-4g
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