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Determining whether children have a fair shot in life isn't a "women's issue." That's why it's the core of my economic policy agenda.
This president is more ruthless toward transgender Americans than he is to any actual adversary. His agenda is nothing but hate and hurt toward the most marginalized among us. What a disgrace.
Families and kids face huge disparities in opportunity depending on their income and zip code, and the gap is wider for families of color. It isn’t fair or acceptable. We need to level the playing field in the first, critical years of a child’s life.
I believe these two things: 1. We should make it easier to raise a family in America. 2. Fighting for families should be the number one concern of the president of the United States.
Carlos Hernandez Vásquez. Jakelin Caal Maquin. Felipe Gómez Alonzo. Juan de León Gutiérrez. And two more children who died after crossing our border. Six children. Some in our government’s hands. We can’t let them be forgotten, and we can’t accept this atrocity.
It takes bravery to come out of the closet. It takes even more to throw open the doors and lead the way for thousands to come behind you. On #HarveyMilkDay, let's honor his visionary leadership by building a world where everybody can live authentically, freely, and equally.
I meet people every day on the campaign trail who tell me their number one concern is how to make ends meet for their family and give their children the best future they can. My Family Bill of Rights will make it easier for families and kids to succeed.
Issues like paid leave, child care, and infant care have long been considered "women's issues," which is code for "not as important." 1. What's more important than strengthening families? 2. Women are half of this country. 3. Men are parents too!
The resources available at the start of a child’s life have a crucial impact on their future — but not every child starts on equal footing. The Family Bill of Rights will help change that. Add your name to support my plan to lift up families:
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The Family Bill of Rights guarantees the rights to: ✓ A safe and healthy pregnancy ✓ Give birth or adopt a child ✓ A safe and affordable nursery ✓ Paid leave ✓ Affordable child care and pre-K These are economic issues, and I'll prioritize them.
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@SenGillibrand's Family Bill of Rights aims to make pregnancy safer, expand access to pre-K and affordable child care, and guarantee 12 weeks of paid family leave for all parents and caregivers.
My Family Bill of Rights will make all families stronger, no matter who they are or what their ZIP code is. Because every child deserves the chance to succeed.
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Today I'm announcing my Family Bill of Rights: a new economic policy platform that will lift many of the financial burdens on families and help level the playing field for children.
I'm running for president because I will fight for everyone’s families like I fight for my own. That's why I'm proposing a new economic policy platform to lift up families and kids for my first 100 days in office: the Family Bill of Rights.
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We deserve basic human rights. We deserve autonomy. We deserve to make decisions about our own lives and families. That's what this fight is about, and we'll never back down from it. #StopTheBans
@SenGillibrand stayed after her interview to discuss why we need to reprise JFK’s space race as a green energy race and how she’ll win in red, purple and blue districts. #BetweenTheScenes
@SenGillibrand stayed after her interview to discusses why we need to reprise JFK’s space race as a green energy race and how she’ll win in red, purple and blue districts. #BetweenTheScenes
Hate crimes are rising in America, and trans women of color are being killed at disproportionately high rates. Dana Martin, Ashanti Carmon, Claire Legato, Muhlaysia Booker, and Michelle Washington—all murdered in 2019. This is a crisis.
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Something's broken in a democracy when a few wealthy individuals have more power than everyone else. If we want to get anything done in Washington, we have to take money out of politics. My Clean Elections Plan is how we'll do it.
Today we raise our voices and say loud and clear, to every politician who attacks our basic rights: #StopTheBans. The women of this country should not be underestimated. We're going to fight like our lives depend on it—because they do.
Women are on fire. They've been marching, speaking out, and running for office in record numbers since Trump took office. And they deserve a president who respects their basic civil rights.
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State Republicans pass extreme anti-abortion laws, Bill de Blasio joins the Democratic presidential field, and @SenGillibrand discusses her 2020 White House bid. Listen and subscribe:
Here’s the full interview with @SenGillibrand:
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I had to get it off my chest.
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The president is waging a war on America's women. And he will lose.
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Democracy doesn’t mean “for some of us.” It’s time for Washington, DC to have statehood and equal representation in Congress, and we should only need a simple majority to make it happen.
The LGBTQ community deserves more in a president than a bigoted coward who spews hate every chance he gets. You deserve a president who will stand up not only to that bigotry, but also to the special interests that prevent us from making progress on civil rights.
There's a reason I went to Georgia to speak out against these horrific abortion bans, and there's a reason I made a plan to protect reproductive rights before that: This has always been a priority to me. And it will be one as president, too.
To every person experiencing a pregnancy you can’t or don’t want to carry: Only you know the best decision for you. You owe nobody an explanation—especially not politicians. Abortion is still a constitutional right, and we’ll make sure it stays that way. #AbortionIsHealthCare
The right to abortion is the fundamental human right to make decisions about your own body, no exceptions, no matter what. Any leader who doesn't support and defend that principle—whatever their personal beliefs—is undermining women's civil rights, and I don't accept that.
What we're seeing from the president and in states across the country is an assault on reproductive rights. But we saw in Georgia exactly how we're going to win this fight: Side by side, lifting each other up. We know what's at stake, and we won't lose.
It's sure been a week—but we're not backing down. Get your brand-new shirt and let's keep fighting:
Bravery isn't always easy. Bravery is making a choice to do things differently—even when people tell you it can't be done, simply because it never has been. It's on us to decide we're up to the challenge of doing it anyway.
On a year-to-date basis, @BernieSanders & @ewarren have been mentioned in the most wire stories, with @JoeBiden catching up quickly:
News flow over the past week appears to have benefited the Democratic presidential candidates at the top of the polls: @JoeBiden, @BernieSanders & @ewarren
On a year-to-date basis, @BernieSanders & @ewarren have been mentioned in the most wire stories, with @JoeBiden quickly catching up. @BetoORourke @KamalaHarris @CoryBooker @SenGillibrand @PeteButtigieg (who just surpassed @amyklobuchar ) are in the middle of the pack:
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RT @IanSams: NEW VIDEO: @KamalaHarris joins fellow candidates @SenGillibrand, @amyklobuchar and @ewarren to stand with @staceyabrams in a u…
I went to Georgia to stand with advocates, doctors, patients, and legislators against these horrific abortion bans. They have all different stories, but one big thing in common: They're brave. No matter how tough the fight.
"If anyone thinks that access to safe and legal abortion will not be front and center on the ballot next fall, they just aren't paying attention.” @StaciFox @PPSE_Advocates
Our service members' bravery and commitment to keeping our country safe inspires me every day. On #ArmedForcesDay, let's give them more than our gratitude—let's support them, keep them safe from sexual assault, and reject discrimination against anyone who serves our country.
I’m proud to stand with these women—and advocates and patients across the country—as we fight to defend reproductive freedom. We need you to join us in helping protect abortion access, and then we need you to vote like our rights depend on it. Because they do.
Please join @SenGillibrand, @KamalaHarris, @amyklobuchar, @ewarren and me in supporting organizations that protect the right to safe, legal abortion. Donate today➡️
My favorite part of the campaign trail is exchanging our stories. I meet people who share so much of their lives, concerns, and dreams, and I get to listen and share my ideas in return. That’s the lifeblood of this campaign: our connection to each other.
The fact that it's still legal in most states to discriminate against LGBTQ Americans, in 2019, is sickening. The House did the right thing today by passing the #EqualityAct and rejecting bigotry. The Senate should do the same.
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The contempt for women is contagious. But hear this: If it's a fight with American women that the Republican Party wants, it's a fight they'll have. And it's a fight they'll lose.
Yesterday, I announced my plan to guarantee access to safe and legal abortion, nationwide. As president, I’ll codify Roe v. Wade, repeal Hyde, prevent insurance bans, create a funding stream to protect health centers, and block state restrictions. t-d2c14c30e1e7
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Our rights are nonnegotiable, and we will fight for them—together.
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