Mom to Theo, Henry and dog Maple. Wife to Jonathan. U.S. Senator from NY. Not “very polite.” She/her.
Where can I get one of those shirts?
Incredible. Congratulations Jessica and Christina for breaking barriers and making history! #AllWomanSpacewalk
Throughout his long, storied career in public service, Elijah Cummings never ceased to use his powerful voice to fight for justice. I'm heartbroken to hear of his passing. This is such a tremendous loss for our country. Sending my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.
My pronouns are she/her/hers. Let's commit to making all of our communities and spaces more inclusive for all people, and make sure everyone feels seen and respected every day. Happy #PronounsDay!
Met the incredible @NadiaMuradBasee this morning—a Yazidi human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and an advocate for victims of sexual violence. Her courage in fighting for and speaking out for the future of her people and home is truly inspiring.
@SethMSiegel's new book “Troubled Water: What's Wrong with What We Drink” tells the haunting story of how America's drinking water came to be at risk. He’s a masterful storyteller with the powerful call to action to ensure safe drinking water for all.
Jeanne truly cares about helping others and has been a valuable partner in the Senate. It's been a privilege to work with her on important fights like banning harmful chemicals that can contaminate our drinking water. We can’t hand her seat to one of Trump’s handpicked cronies.
It takes bravery to be who you are and to say it loudly. To all who've come out as LGBTQ and to those who'll be taking that step: I’m proud of you and I'm honored to fight with you for a country where everyone can love out loud and live their truth. #NationalComingOutDay
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Let’s commit to teaching every girl that she can grow up to be anything she sets her mind to. Because when girls feel empowered, supported, and encouraged to change the world, they do. Happy International #DayoftheGirl!
It's been a privilege to work with @NitaLowey throughout my years in Congress. She's a force of nature who blazed trails for women in House leadership, and a champion for families in Westchester, Rockland, Queens and the Bronx. I wish her all the best as she begins a new chapter!
Pregnancy discrimination was a serious problem in 1971 and it continues to be a widespread issue today. The attacks on @ewarren for sharing her experiences are absurd, and I’m glad to see women sharing their real, powerful stories. We must do more to fight for workplace equality.
Our work isn't done until every LGBTQ person is safe and free from discrimination. Today, as SCOTUS hears arguments in three key LGBTQ civil rights cases, it's clear that we're not done fighting—not even close. I'm proud to stand with our LGBTQ community today. #RiseUpOct8
It’s about time. The American people deserve transparency and accountability from this president.
Sundays are for quality time with Maple and Henry!
If the Supreme Court upholds Louisiana’s restrictive anti-abortion law, our right to safe, legal abortion in could be in serious jeopardy. I want you to hear this straight from me: We WILL fight back and we WILL safeguard our rights.
Chilling news, but we won't back down from a fight. We'll speak out for legislation to protect abortion access. And we'll elect more women and build a progressive majority in Congress to protect reproductive rights.
RT @getots: .@Marie4Congress, our first endorsement of the cycle, came within just 2,000 votes of defeating her anti-choice primary opponen…
As our country faces an all-out assault on reproductive freedom, we MUST elect strong, fearless women to Congress who will never, ever compromise on those rights. I’m beyond proud to support my friend, @Marie4Congress, and I hope you’ll have her back too:
RT @DataProgress: There are half a dozen family leave bills in Congress, but only one provides the comprehensive benefits workers need: the…
RT @SeanMcElwee: We tested @SenGillibrand's FAMILY Act against less comprehensive paid family leave proposals. Voters overwhelmingly suppor…
A new study shows that a majority of Americans support national paid leave that covers all workers for all of life's caregiving needs. I wrote the bill that could make it happen. It's called the FAMILY Act. Thanks to @DataProgress for this new report:
Abortion is still a constitutional right. As Republican state legislators escalate their war on reproductive health care access, we'll keep fighting and pushing back, because our rights are non-negotiable, full stop.
Today, we mourn the 58 people killed in Las Vegas two years ago in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. It's shameful that the Senate has yet to pass commonsense gun reform that could save lives. In honor of those lost, we must keep demanding action.
The Republican majority in the Senate has been bought and paid for by the NRA—now, it’s obvious that the president is, too. This kind of corruption costs us innocent lives every day.
RT @getots: Since 2012, Off The Sidelines has helped almost 200 women raise their voices, run for office, and make their country better.…
Meant what I said.
The writing's on the wall. For the protection of our democracy, the president should be held accountable for such an abuse of power. An impeachment inquiry is vital and we deserve the facts—including a full transcript of the call and the unredacted whistleblower report.
The House should begin impeachment hearings immediately. Enough is enough. We can’t let the president abuse his office for political gain without accountability.
It's #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! Remember: Your vote is your voice—and today is the day to make sure that yours will be heard on Election Day. Confirm your registration:
There’s only one antidote to politicians who want to take us backwards: Women who refuse to back down. Women who know, first hand, what’s at stake—not just for themselves, but for the whole country. In 2020, we’ll fight like hell to elect more of them.
It’s time to legalize and deschedule marijuana, expunge non-violent criminal records for marijuana charges, and ensure economic access for communities of color. @Jelani9’s important piece shines a light on how communities of color risk being shut out of the cannabis market:
Watch every second of this speech. @GretaThunberg is the epitome of courage. Thank you for speaking truth to power.
Help my dear friend @CoryBooker and his important voice stay in the presidential race. Chip in to his campaign today! I just did.
I stand with @UAW. Support unions!
In awe of the young activists leading the charge for climate action and speaking truth to power today. The images from NYC alone are breathtaking. Climate change is THE most urgent issue of our time. To all those out there—I'm with you in this fight. #ClimateStrike 📸@nycgov
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Some of my most inspiring moments over the past year were the times I met and spoke with young girls on the campaign trail. They were so excited to see not just one, but SIX women running for president.
Watching us showed these girls that there’s no limit to what they can do if they put their minds to it—and if we show them we have their backs. Setting that example is a responsibility I take seriously, so while my campaign may have ended, I’ve never felt more clarity of purpose.
For as long as I've been in public service, I've been driven by the belief that we need more women at the decision-making table in our country. Women still make up less than a quarter of Congress, women of color even a smaller share. We have some work to do.
Today, I'm relaunching Off The Sidelines with a goal to support and raise at least $1 million for Democratic women candidates. Can I count on you to be with us in this fight? Chip in to support @getots:
Some nights, you just gotta unwind with old friends.
Last night, nearly 50,000 @UAW members went on strike at @GM for fair wages, better treatment, and job security. Strong unions and empowered workers are at the heart of an equal democracy and a fair economy. I stand in solidarity with them.
Gun violence is crisis in our communities, but it doesn’t have to be. This is up to you, Sen. McConnell. Americans are dying. It’s time to call a Senate vote on the bills that have already passed the House.
I believed the accusations against Judge Kavanaugh then as I do now. I also believe that Kavanaugh knowingly lied to the Senate in his testimony. The House should begin formal impeachment investigations without any delay.
Katy, I wholeheartedly agree, everyone deserves the chance to take paid time off from work to be with a new child or loved one. I'm happy to talk about my national paid leave plan with you any time. Congratulations to you and your family!
On 9/11, we saw the worst of humanity when terror attacks claimed nearly 3,000 lives. But we saw the best of humanity, too, in first responders who answered the call to serve. For those we lost, those who are suffering, and those we will still lose—we must #NeverForget.
America can’t succeed unless working families do. Let’s support them on Labor Day and year-round by fighting for a national $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, strong unions and collective bargaining, and equal pay for equal work.
I’ve said it for months, and I'll say it again today: Women are on fire in America. We’re speaking up, marching, running for office, and winning in historic numbers. And this is just the beginning. Now let's go elect some more women.
Off The Sidelines aims to change that by encouraging and financially backing women who want to get off the sidelines and into public office. Although my campaign for president is over, I’m still as determined as ever to elect women up and down the ballot.
In 2012, I launched Off The Sidelines (@getots) with the mission of getting women elected to Congress—because we’re half the population, but still only make up just over twenty percent of the body that’s supposed to reflect the people of this country.
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