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What an incredible loss. This man was a hero. Our nation could never show our gratitude fully. https://twitter.com/staceyabrams/status/1184821390672891904
I cannot stop laughing at VP Biden saying “you did a hell of a job at your job” after yelling at Sen Warren. The most awkward and unnecessary performance review. Thanks for your service, VP, but it’s not your time.
Rachel Dratch is 100% cheering on Amy Klobuchar while eyeing some obvious SNL screen time.
Out here giving away all the good ideas for free. https://twitter.com/adriennelives/status/1184164504721977344
NYC Twitter- help @pwleys out for me? https://twitter.com/pwleys/status/1183851304420024320
Alright guys I think I’m finally ready to play Fortnite. Is this a good time to start?
They made a joke a while back about @LilNasX being CEO of @Twitter... but for real no one uses the platform better than he does.
Happy #ComingOutDay (from someone who is not running for president)! Every story is different, and yours is important. We deserve to love and be loved.
What’s your fav Palm Springs hotel (let’s skip The Ace) or @Airbnb?
RT @jessecase: I have the memory mattress and the gravity blanket. Once I acquire the time pillow and duvet of truth, I can do the summonin…
America has the shortest memory. I guess to be clear, white America has the shortest memory. https://twitter.com/prophiphop/status/1180550475508305920
Has anyone else accidentally taught their dog weird commands? When I need Luna to calm down from playing fetch I say “we’re done.” She gets it, but I sound like I’m ending a relationship.
If cancel culture gets Michael Moore and Bill Maher, idk... it might just be worth it.
“Jesus is King: a Kanye West Experience” is the most ironically accurate depiction of him. Also, people are pretending these aren’t his most recent tweets.
When NYT needs to lay off reporters but hopes they’ll quit out of sheer embarrassment. https://twitter.com/nytopinion/status/1177383602792927232
Sorry to anyone who hoped to launch anything today. And congrats to WeWork for this miracle of serendipity.
RT @lizzo: IM🍑MENT
I’m trying to fall asleep and all I can think about is Terrance Howard’s “flower of life” red carpet interview and how I hope his last trusted friend is flying in right now to intervene.
He’s not an awful man. But we deserve better than Biden. #betterthanbiden https://twitter.com/anandwrites/status/1176283729553240064
Wait. So I’m not going to fail because I don’t wake up at 4am for daily meditation and at least 2 pages of journaling? https://twitter.com/katebour/status/1175925460322127873
Don’t show up unless you’ve spent time in a tub of ice water.
RT @_SJPeace_: My heart 😭 This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him ❤️ We really don't deserve them. https://t.c…
I was a team member for the original opening! We were trained by execs- even Steve Jobs himself. It was one of my favorite moments. I was grabbed by the manager to help sell my first Mac to a celebrity while Steve watched. https://twitter.com/tim_cook/status/1175035179410370560
I'm 100% over this. Who are you asking, Madam Speaker? You want ME to investigate what this serial liar is hiding? YOU are the one in power. Figure it out and tell me. Or just get out of the way. https://twitter.com/speakerpelosi/status/1175152385620172806
Primer- this absolute stain on LA is a predator who has been targeting gay black men in West Hollywood. Multiple documented deaths, even more rumors, and who knows what’s hidden.
This is great news. Do some googling... Ed Buck is a monster. https://twitter.com/jasmyne/status/1174155255006629888
Can someone tell ALL the scooter companies that one of DTLA's major bike lanes runs up and down Figuroa and when you geo-fence the nearby LA Live and lock down the scooter mid-ride you put lives at risk?
Lewendowski stonewalls. Republicans obstruct and grandstand. Democrats cower. This is what democracy looks like? 🤮
I need an excuse to go to NYC. Overdue.
If we could cancel both Fox and Friends AND Bill Maher, I think we could all move forward.
Let’s be clear about this.
Don't let him intimidate you, @rrhoover. #basicLA is #vacationmode most anywhere else. Just enjoy. Hike away.
#AppleEvent Roundup: 💰 Small spec bump but huge price cut for iPhone X/11 form factor ⌚️ Nice upgrades to Watch 🤷‍♂️ No mention of iOS 13 release date (it's 9/19) 🎥 iPhone Pro very targeted at Pros ⏯ 153 videos played 📺 TV nowhere in sight 💩 Jason Momoa in bizarre show
If you want to see a hero, @chefjoseandres is pretty much at the top my list right now. Systems and processes and creativity and love combined. https://twitter.com/chefjoseandres/status/1171097031709995011
Recycling really is broken. @patagonia continues to earn my respect as one of my favorite brands. https://twitter.com/patagonia/status/1171093207033274368
I've been learning so much over the past three years. Knowing how arrogantly I have held to bad ideas in the past, I'm hesitant to say or post much of anything these days. But I'm still glad to have this space and a platform to learn from others.
RT @AOC: She’s right. We all want to, & can, do our part w climate change & environmental justice. But know that just 3 industries are re…
Interesting profile on @ev and @Medium. I have immense respect for @ev and his tireless work to save journalism and dialog. He's also one of the most introspective and honest founders I've ever met. This quote is the most apt I've read yet about SV. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/20/technology/evan-williams-medium-twitter-internet.html
This is such a powerful statement.
Thinking about starting a Patreon where you can pay me not to write a book or start another podcast.
🤣😭 https://twitter.com/mrmedina/status/1167530696878907392
I have uber’d my backpack to me twice this week?
I’ve learned a lot from watching @SenGillibrand’s campaign and listening to her supporters. Her voice is a critical one in our society and I hope she continues to be heard and supported in whatever she does. https://twitter.com/sengillibrand/status/1166826680134057984
Tonight is one of those nights that I just acknowledge that I feel happy and just sit with that. Not everything is lined up neatly, and I'm not necessarily "crushing" anything. But I'm happy. And damn, it feels good.
“I hearby order you...” He just isn’t pretending anymore. Showing up with king vibes early today. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1164914960046133249
startup idea: personal shopper for Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace handles all the back and forth, pickups for you, takes a hefty percentage
It was called taskrabbit
If anyone knows of a great spot to live on the west side in LA, I'm looking to move back that way ASAP.
I flip back and forth between never owning a car again (it’s been 12 years) and just buying a Tesla. There’s really no middle ground.
Progress is messy. Momentum is worth all the effort, even if you never reach the goal.
We are all in so much trouble. Human brains aren’t ready for this. https://twitter.com/gavinsblog/status/1160839549565771776
We should be more than impressed by this. Wow. What will we do?
Well maybe *I’ll* buy Equinox. https://cnet.co/31zT7d2
There's a joke here about frozen equinox accounts but I'm too lazy.
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