The official Twitter for The Tonight Show Starring @JimmyFallon on @NBC #FallonTonight
@NICKIMINAJ performs a rap on the spot in Wheel of Freestyle
Jimmy and @NICKIMINAJ head to Times Square for a Red Lobster Redemption!
Tonight on the show: @NICKIMINAJ, @dopequeenpheebs and a performance from @juliamichaels! #FallonTonight
@TheRock eats his weekly cheat meal in solitude 🥞
Jimmy and @QueerEye’s Fab Five take a ride on The BEAST!
Tonight: @TheRock, @IssaRae and a performance from @Eddy_Grant! #FallonTonight
“Thank you, out-of-office messages…”
@KevinHart4real and Jimmy head #BackToSchool! 📚
@KateUpton and Jimmy compare favorite Mario Kart characters
When a wager becomes permanent #MyDumbBet
Happy Birthday @AndySamberg! 🎈🎉
#TB to when @2chainz’s dog falls asleep during his interview
@hasanminhaj credits Jimmy for his daughter’s first word
Tonight Show Music Break: @jaden performs his hit “Icon” in this #TB clip
It’s BBQ season, and some of us are a little rusty
@carolinejones performs “Tough Guys” from her EP “Chasing Me”
RT @Mary_Beth_Keane: In case you missed it! Here’s my segment from last night’s @FallonTonight THANK YOU to all who voted to get me there!…
Still holds true!
@marlonwayans took a sweet memento from Eddie Murphy’s house
John Travolta teaches Jimmy some of his Tango moves!
Who can perform classic John Travolta characters best? John and Jimmy are put to the test in a Travolt-Off!
@carolinejones performs “Tough Guys” from her upcoming EP “Chasin’ Me” 🎶 #FallonTonight
Author of this year's #TonightShowSummerReads pick @Mary_Beth_Keane is here to talk her book "Ask Again, Yes” #FallonTonight
@MarlonWayans took a souvenir from Eddie Murphy’s house #FallonTonight
John Travolta teaches Jimmy how to tango! #FallonTonight
Jimmy challenges John Travolta to a Travolt-Off recreating iconic characters to see who is the better John Travolta #FallonTonight
"I read about a new trend where people have started adding Bitmoji to their resumes. They’re actually pretty helpful. Now the person interviewing you knows exactly why you’re unemployed." #FallonMono #FallonTonight
@theeclecticgurl here, and we have a great show ahead. Let’s live tweet! #FallonTonight
RT @jimmyfallon: Tonight: John Travolta, @MarlonWayans and #TonightShowSummerReads “Ask Again, Yes” author @Mary_Beth_Keane! Plus, music fr…
1 hour until John Travolta and Jimmy compete in a John Travolt-off! #FallonTonight
Tonight on the show: John Travolta, @MarlonWayans, #TonightShowSummerReads "Ask Again, Yes" author @Mary_Beth_Keane and a performance from @carolinejones! #FallonTonight
Congrats to our winner Michael! #TicketsAt12
Find our intern! #TicketsAt12
Time for #TicketsAt12! Today's location is ---> Pulitzer Fountain at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue! Today's winners will also receive our #TonightShowSummerReads book, "Ask Again, Yes" Go! Go! Go!
Jimmy gives "Baby Shark" a Mick Jagger twist in Wheel of Musical Impressions!
@alessiacara and @juanes perform their song “Querer Mejor”
@alessiacara and Shawn Mendes met back in 2013 when he was the “Vine singer guy” and she had 50 twitter followers
John Singleton had @icecube in mind for Boyz n the Hood since he was in undergrad at USC
RT @RollingStone: Watch Alessia Cara perfectly mimic Billie Eilish and Amy Winehouse on #FallonTonight…
@alessiacara channels Amy Winehouse, Billie Eilish and Alanis Morissette while Jimmy takes on The Doors and Mick Jagger in Wheel of Musical Impressions!
@alessiacara channels Amy Winehouse, Billie Eilish and Alanis Morissette while Jimmy takes on The Doors, Mick Jagger and Sting in Wheel of Musical Impressions!
RT @alessiacara: thank youuuu @juanes @FallonTonight xx
@juanes & @alessiacara perform “Querer Mejor” 🎤🎶 #FallonTonight
@alessiacara and Jimmy channel Billie Eilish, Mick Jagger, and more in a Wheel of Musical Impressions rematch #FallonTonight
@alessiacara and Shawn Mendes met on Twitter #FallonTonight
Kieran Culkin is here to talk #Succession #FallonTonight
@icecube raps the BIG3 theme song #FallonTonight
@icecube recalls how several run-ins with a college-aged John Singleton led to Boyz n the Hood #FallonTonight
Jimmy revamps headlines in a new edition of News & Improved #FallonTonight
“Everybody was talking about this video of a ‘fish tube.’ Now another fish video is going viral. To restock a lake in Utah, officials put trout on a plane and dropped them. That’s actually the same way they let passengers off Spirit Airlines.” #FallonMono #FallonTonight
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