The Tonight Show starring @JimmyFallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35c on @NBC Tweet along with us using #FallonAtHome
This week, Jimmy tried out the popular TikTok Beer Bottle Challenge! #FallonAtHome
#FallonAtHome Music Break: @TheTimMcGraw performs "#ICALLEDMAMA" as a thank you to essential workers
We had a week full of dancing with @BillyIdol, @JLo & more! Here’s what you missed: #FallonAtHome
Really love everything about this. @hwinkler4real @FallonTonight #FallonAtHome
TikTok star @charlidamelio cried happy tears while meeting @JLo! #FallonAtHome
#FallonAtHome Music Break: @twentyonepilots perform “Level of Concern” with a little help from their friends
Jimmy escapes to his Thinking Tree to ponder random thoughts #FallonAtHome
@hwinkler4real shows off his collection of memorabilia he’s kept from Happy Days & other projects #FallonAtHome
@JLo was honored to receive a compliment from @BarbraStreisand for her cover of “People” #FallonAtHom
Jimmy & @JLo go head-to-head in the Watch It Once TikTok Challenge! #FallonAtHome
@twentyonepilots share an exclusive at-home performance of their single #LevelOfConcern #FallonAtHome
@hwinkler4real takes Jimmy through a history of his favorite jackets… including one that led him to his wife! #FallonAtHome
@charlidamelio was able to meet her idol @JLo before Jennifer’s #SuperBowlLIV halftime performance #FallonAtHome
@BarbraStreisand once asked @JLo how she handles the fame! #FallonAtHome
RT @Josefiine_: Love the TikTok dance! @JLo #WorldOfDanceAgain #FallonAtHome
@JLo debuts her #WorldOfDanceAgain TikTok Challenge & asks Jimmy to give it a try! #FallonAtHome
Jimmy & @JLo take turns trying to perfect TikTok dances after watching them just one time! #FallonAtHome
RT @FalPalAF828: Watch-it-Once Tik Tok Challenge between @JLo and @jimmyfallon will be EPIC! Guaranteed! 🙌🏻🤩🤣 #FallonAtHome
RT @TheGrantOShow: “Is cauliflower just the ghost of broccoli?” @FallonTonight #FallonAtHome 😂😂
Jimmy takes his inner thoughts to the Thinking Tree for some existential daydreaming 💭🌳 #FallonAtHome
RT @tinagibala: Best of Tonight Show AND Late Night......I’m in! #FallonAtHome
Next week we will be airing #BestOfFallon shows with handpicked episodes chosen by Jimmy & the Tonight Show staff! You won’t want to miss it! #FallonAtHome
@theeclecticgurl here! Who’s ready to live tweet tonight’s show?! #FallonAtHome
RT @JLo: See you tonight Jimmy! 💕
RT @hwinkler4real: i would watch that show for sure
RT @twentyonepilots: listen, we would really like to show off something special tonight. tune in.
Tonight on #FallonAtHome: @JLo! Plus @hwinkler4real, & a special performance from @twentyonepilots!
Steve Coogan & @RobBrydon tell a story about the time they met Mick Jagger at a party #FallonAtHome
#FallonAtHome Music Break: @Courtneymelba performs an acoustic version of “Sunday Roast” from her bedroom
A cat piano? The Venova? Both are instruments in this #FallonAtHome edition of Random Instrument Challenge!
A cat piano? The venove? Both are instruments in this #FallonAtHome edition of Random Instrument Challenge!
@SofiaVergara reveals her least favorite type of performance on the @AGT stage #FallonAtHome
RT @billboard: Watch @BillyIdol, @theroots and @jimmyfallon play "Dancing With Myself" together (virtually) on @FallonTonight…
@BillyIdol, Jimmy & @theroots perform “Dancing with Myself” with a little help from YOU! #FallonAtHome
RT @CATHY2845: @jimmyfallon @BillyIdol @SofiaVergara @RobBrydon @Courtneymelba Loved the show! Especially Billy Idol, I forgot how much I l…
Jimmy, @TheRoots & @BillyIdol sing “Dancing with Myself” in an at-home music video featuring your solo dance clips! #FallonAtHome
@Courtneymelba shares an at-home performance of "Sunday Roast" 🎵 #FallonAtHome
full performance: #FallonAtHome
Steve Coogan & @RobBrydon remember Mick Jagger doing an impression of Rob doing an impression of Michael Caine #FallonAtHome
@SofiaVergara tells Jimmy she is not a fan of the ukulele #FallonAtHome
Jimmy, @questlove, @blackthought & @kirklloyd face-off in Random Instrument Challenge! 🎻🎹📯 #FallonAtHome
yall just dont know---we made Riq play "Waterfalls" like 4 times in a row and it just got funnier. I never laughed so hard man
RT @andrea_kah: @FallonTonight @BillyIdol @theroots The perfect song for our times sung by @BillyIdol himself, Jimmy and The Roots. It does…
@BillyIdol joins Jimmy & @theroots to perform a social distancing remix of his hit "Dancing with Myself" #FallonAtHome
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@theeclecticgurl here✌️, ready to live tweet along with you guys tonight. Let's do it! #FallonAtHome
Tonight: @SofiaVergara, Steve Coogan & @RobBrydon, and music from @Courtneymelba! Plus, a special musical guest! #FallonAtHome
@Anthonyanderson shows throwback pictures of when he first met Jimmy at a golf tournament! #FallonAtHome
Jimmy shares some hilarious posts he’s seen on social media this past week in What Are You Doing Wednesdays! #FallonAtHome
#FallonAtHome Music Break: @GaryClarkJr puts on a solo at-home performance of "Low Down Rolling Stone"
@Anthonyanderson is celebrating his 50th birthday by receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! #FallonAtHome
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