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A fitting tribute.
Seth takes #ACloserLook at Trump’s growing anger at people trying to investigate him. Plus: Cursing news anchors.
From tonight’s #LNSM: No, Don Jr. is not a “young man.”
RT @FastCompany: “I think the best thing we can hope to provide is the catharsis of laughter, with a subject that people wouldn’t otherwise…
RT @NetworkBway: "It’s terrifying that what Chayefsky originally wrote predated cable news. He saw this when there were just three networks…
If you’ve ever wanted to see @conner_omalley’s interpretive dance to the Sopranos theme song, today’s your lucky day. #LNSMCasserole
Heard about the Connecticut man who was pulled over when a cop confused a hash brown for his cell phone? #TheKindOfStoryWeNeedRightNow
TONIGHT: @JohnLithgow, @BeanieFeldstein and @JulianCastro!
Finally, a screamo version of Robert Frost’s "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." #LNSMCasserole
Who said religion was dead?
RT @sethmeyers: I can report that the final Game of Jones with @Lesdoggg was just recorded and will air later this week. #ValarMorghulis
Trump trusts his gut.
From tonight’s #LNSM: Americans know what they want.
RT @shoemakermike: He’s BACK. (⁦@conner_omalley⁩ on ⁦@LateNightSeth⁩ tonight)
TONIGHT: Seth welcomes @BryanCranston, @ericstonestreet and musical guest @Chromeo!
Why can’t the Trump administration get on the same page about Iran? Seth takes #ACloserLook.
RT @LoganLaurice: Hey!!! I’m on @LateNightSeth tonight 💕
From tonight’s #LNSM: So disappointing.
All week, Sebastian Thomson of @YourBaroness sits in with the 8G Band!
TONIGHT: Seth welcomes @jeff_Daniels, @LoganLaurice and author Ann Beattie!
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RT @TimesTalks: Tonight: @sethmeyers joins @FrankBruni to talk about @LateNightSeth, today’s biggest stories and how he tackles the curren…
RT @RebeccaKKatz: Is it possible for something to be both hilarious & super substantive? Because ⁦@rgunns⁩ sits down w/@henrymelcher & @sa…
Aidy Bryant got proof that her face has been beamed to space.
For more of @sethmeyers’ favorite #LNSM jokes of the week 👉
Last week was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s 35th birthday. And if you’re wondering what he wants — your personal data.
Reminder that Brett Kavanaugh could help determine the future of reproductive rights. #ACloserLook
The lawmakers passing anti-abortion legislation aren’t exactly medical geniuses. #ACloserLook
RT @shoemakermike: Everyone is a critic when it comes to Game of Thrones but @ShutupLutz has a unique take.
TONIGHT: @AdamSandler and @HurdOnTheHill!
Bold position, Bernie.
Goodbye, #GameOfThrones!
Seth takes #ACloserLook at Alabama’s radical new abortion law.
From tonight’s #LNSM: Welcome to Philly, Joe Biden.
TONIGHT! Seth welcomes Aidy Bryant, John Waters and @MichaelBennet!
Great news: Trump knows what country he represents! #ACloserLook
Don’t miss @PKEWX3 performing I Don’t Matter At All on #LNSM!
#LNSM’s female writers are no longer in charge of their own bodies – literally.
A long-overdue Uber feature.
It’s trade war time! Seth takes #ACloserLook.
#LNSM’s female writers have some thoughts about Alabama’s new anti-abortion law.
From tonight’s #LNSM: Could Alabama’s abortion law go to the Supreme Court?
“CBD, if I wanted to spend money on something that doesn’t work, I’d just hire Ivanka.” #YaBurnt
Bill Hader describes how Fred Armisen used to troll Colin Jost at #SNL.
Bill Hader can’t keep a straight face describing how Fred Armisen pranked Seth at #SNL.
Thursday, May 23 is #RedNoseDay, and you can help end child poverty by picking up a #RedNose at our partner @Walgreens. #NosesOn, everyone!
TONIGHT: @iamcolinquinn @MargoMartindale and @PKEWX3!
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