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Holy shit Truman was a boring motherfucker. How did somebody so dull muster the conviction to commit multiple war crimes? That's really the only reason I'm hanging on through this bio, which is currently listing exactly how many committee reports he wrote in 1942.
It was only a week ago the president was falsely accusing brown female members of Congress of anti-semitism and the whole GOP was backing him up and now he's on TV being openly anti-Semitic and they are saying nothing. Anybody who votes republican is an asshole.
This. Also, the thing you think you need to scale will work fine and a piece you're not even considering will turn out to be the scaling bottleneck.
RT @callmevlad: As a private company, Webflow also has free speech rights to decide what our platform is used for — and we absolutely won’t…
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At a party once an American man asked me where I'm from and when I said Trinidad he asked, in all seriousness, "don't we own you?" and you don't want to be that guy.
Dear world: when describing an island's relationship to its larger country it is kind of insulting to say "owned by", consider using "is part of".
RT @meyerweb: Golly, how completely and totally unexpected. Who could POSSIBLY have foreseen this. WHO.
This should be news to exactly no-one; the overlap between racists and anti-semites is damn near 100% and both are unforgivable so it shouldn't have mattered anyway.
In case you weren't clear, the racist president is also anti-semitic.
I swear to god if Sony reboots Spidey yet afuckingain I will boycott the movie.
I really hope that Sony's unexpected success making Spider-Verse hasn't convinced them that they suddenly know how to make Spider-Man movies. They do not. They should definitely let Disney do it.
RT @tomcoates: @realDonaldTrump Hang on, did you really just cancel a meeting with a US ally because they found the idea of you *buying a c…
I just read the plot summary of the third movie and I am genuinely unsure if I ever saw that movie.
A cooling suit invented by a gay furry has made its way via "Milfurs" (furries who are also soldiers) into the US military to keep cool under heavy equipment. Furries run the world, man.
"Why is the Mission so quiet today?" I thought and then realized everyone is heading to Burning Man.
I go to the gym 6 times a week and hate every single one of those times.
Imagine being a queer person okay with everything else about the Republican Party.
Ben Thompson makes the bull case:
This quote from that article sounds a little less than bullish: "Everything taken together hints at a completely unaccountable executive looting a company that is running as quickly as it can from massive losses that may very well be fatal whenever the next recession hits."
"Browserbrowser" is fun to say.
I think my favorite class of responses to this are all the newbies going "this will never work!" and the old timers saying "oh, is it time to do this again? Sigh. Fine."
Haha. Yea. That was exactly my thought: “oh. Like X and Y tried back in the day.”
Somebody just pointed out you can run a whole OS in your browser now so we can run the browser server on a VM in our browser, itself running in a VM in a cloud and connect to it via our browser browser which, fuck it, we're running on our watch.
To say nothing of trying to clear your browser cache and cookies and realizing you may need to open a support ticket to do this.
I look forward to new classes of render bug that are either the fault of the version of the browser browser or the version of the server browser or some combinatorial explosion thereof.
Also: this means client side apps are now all server side apps and the thing you use to connect to Mighty is a Browser Browser. Soon we will add tabs to the Browser Browser. Then we will add Browser Browser Side Scripting. Then Browser Browser frameworks for those scripts. Then
The idea that a browser is so big and so heavy that you would run it on a server and connect to it via a lightweight client is blowing my mind:
Oh my word, yes please.
Walking Guff is like an elaborate memory-test game where you have to remember the location of every single edible thing on the ground within 1 block of our house or he eats something disgusting.
My current flavor of this nightmare is that I discover I have signed up for postgraduate study at some institution but forgot until the last minute so I don't have housing, or books, or sometimes pants.
With what frequency do you go "shit! I haven't studied for any of my classes!" and then realize that you graduated from school and have had no classes in years, even decades?
GIFs are a fun way to flex your intellectual property hegemony.
Look at that thread though, damn. Also, how is it moving day? Shit doesn't go on air for another 3 months!
Maybe they’re all being shipped by cargo boat
I have been on the same web host for my neglected personal site for so long that inflation has made it some of the cheapest hosting available.
In addition to what everyone else is saying, PHP is amazingly fault tolerant -- if you break something it just keeps rendering the rest of the page. It makes it much easier to learn and more rewarding for beginners. We've still not replicated how good PHP was at teaching people.
Oh shit
I know literally zero about cars but it seems like $5k is a lot for a car that appears to be made of rust. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's a special car in some way?
We could call it "a cable company".
So how long until a startup launches whose business model is "we let you pay a single price and get access to Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, HBO and Disney+ and not have to endlessly swap between providers"?
In fairness the new camera is really good.
In response Labour leader Corbyn has said he will continue to push for a general election, including drastic measures such as *checks notes* actually reconvening parliament, who are currently still mostly on summer vacation.
Brexit update: over the weekend a government report on what a no-deal Brexit would entail leaked. It involves violence in Ireland, food and drug shortages, and a permanent slowdown in trade. The government has dismissed its own report as "project fear".
Ah, the gentle early morning sounds of my boyfriend alternately cajoling my dog into waking up and taking photos of his adorably sleepy face.
Someone needs to photoshop in some tanks rolling past behind her.
RT @H4N4W4LT: It’s like this photo is snoring right at you.
The correlation between the people who came first in class at my university and the people who I consider actually successful in life is not strong. Being a good person on the other hand was a pretty strong predictor.
College is a signal. Make sure you don't flunk out, but beyond that coming first in your class doesn't matter very much to your life in the long term. Make sure you have fun time and learn how to be a real person.
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Okay but let's be clear: these were all nightmares of actual usability, having personally used 3 of them.
MS Bob is due for a comeback
Where the wild things are...
You are part of a cruel, white supremacist regime and you don't deserve a moment's peace, now or ever again.
It doesn't just stop counting, the software crashes. I have turned the tables on the gym equipment! Instead of injuring me, today I injure you!
TIL the stair climber machine at my gym cannot display your calories burned if you burn more than 999 calories.
Buffer overunner’s high
Somebody told the narrator of Truman's bio to make sure to pronounce Missouri "Mizz-oo-rah" which I'm sure is correct but also sounds weird in his otherwise average American pronunciation of everything else.
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