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For some reason my twitter account has gone from "I have never seen a promoted tweet" to "I am drowning in promoted tweets" overnight. I'm blocking every advertiser I see.
If you've never seen this video from 8 years ago it's worth watching; it was when I decided I wanted Elizabeth Warren to be president some day.
Agreed but this has been true since 1999.
San Francisco voters: so is London Breed basically running unopposed? None of these other candidates seem remotely serious.
The bar on our corner dumps its ice out into this planter every day (I guess to water the tree) and for some reason I can't explain it amuses me endlessly that there's this one tree in San Francisco that thinks it snows every day.
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This is a clear violation of the law and it will immediately be challenged in court and if there were any justice at all he would be thrown out of government for it.
Like the toddler throwing a tantrum he is, Boris has sent the letter requesting a Brexit extension as required by law, but hasn't signed it and accompanied it with another letter saying to ignore the first one.
Ok well no impeachment now I guess
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John Waters seems like he would be fun at parties.
Every single actor from the 90s is in this movie.
Reagan's biographer begins by saying that Reagan's reputation as an ideologically-driven moron who was all style and no substance is undeserved and has so far delivered 20 hours on confirmation that this was in fact exactly what he was.
In more West Wing plagiarism, Bartlet's ride to the hospital after the assassination attempt is a second-for-second re-enactment of Reagan's.
As I believe I have mentioned, Gabbard is a republican, and not even a moderate republican.
This thread is fascinating. My only semi related experience is I slip into a British accent when talking to British people (or watching a movie with British accents). I can't do it on demand tho.
"Stolen". The word is "stolen".
Hawaii doesn't count as "abroad", Andrew.
I think it's worth angrily noting that Boris spent 3 years saying he could do a much better Brexit deal and then half-changed 1 thing and declared victory.
The way you *really* know Mark Zuckerberg is a republican is that he has acquired their habit of publicly stating obvious falsehoods that are easily disproven with minimal effort and expecting everyone to believe him anyway.
This 55-hour work week of the average CEO is in fact a 35-hour work week with 20 hours of personal time classified as work for no reason. In reality CEOs do not work themselves to death all the time.
If your feeling at the end of this thread is "I still don't understand what's happening" then A+, you've got it, that's the situation.
What's actually going to happen is ?????? Depends what the EU decides to do and what legislation is brought next week but it's all unclear because the government has packed up its toys for the day and gone home:
What Boris wants to happen is: Boris sends the letter, EU ignores it, Boris passes legislation allowing either the giant-warehouse deal or no-deal early next week, no-deal Brexit happens on the 31st, something something something, Boris is hailed as new Churchill.
What everybody else wants to happen is: Boris sends the letter, Brexit is delayed to January, opposition parties force an election to happen, Boris out of power, something something something, profit?
And also he intends to satisfy the Letwin amendment by bringing the necessary legislation to enact the new Brexit deal early next week: =5dab158d9b8394066d941801%26PM%3A%20Brexit%20legislation%20next%20week%262019-10-19T13%3A57%3A04.129Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_po st_locator=urn:asset:de9a9212-1dab-4f42-b931-8edefa86a304&pinned_post_asset_id=5dab158d9b8394066d941801&pinned_post_type =share
Boris however, in today's constitutional crisis, says he will send the letter but tell the EU to ignore it:
Because today is October 19th. If MPs don't agree to Boris' absurd deal today (and thanks to Letwin they can't) the Benn act requires him to send a letter to the EU requesting that the Brexit deadline be extended from October 31st to January 31st 2020. Boris has to send it now.
Boris' deal (amazingly) had narrow support; the Letwin amendment has knocked its legs out by basically saying you can't agree to Boris' deal until we've passed all the legislation required to make it work. That would obviously take more than a day to get done, which is important.
What was *supposed* to happen today was: Parliament was supposed to vote on Boris' new "Northern Ireland is a single giant customs warehouse" fudge on Theresa May's deal. This vote has not happened; instead a thing called the Letwin Amendment has passed:
Hello and welcome to this week's British constitutional crisis, special Saturday edition!
Adding "crimes against humanity" to Trump's crimes begins to get him into the upper reaches of the worst American presidents, but it still remains a very competitive category.
I should specify that we were attending a musical performance and that this has nothing to do with the wedding.
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For the first time in 13 years of life in San Francisco I just had a legitimate reason to use the Powell Street cable car to actually get somewhere (and of course I can't because there are a million tourists).
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It really is amazing how many people think it's a worthwhile use of their time to argue about the slippery slope of refusing to do business with nazis.
The republicans will not rest until every single member of their party is in jail for obstruction of justice.
Tulsi Gabbard has taken a sharp turn into wild accusations of conspiracy.
All of them, Jeremy.
Brooks also describes Warren as a "protectionist" on trade as if we are not fighting a trade war with China as we speak.
It is so weird reading this opinion piece, written from an alternate universe in which deciding between expanding health coverage and supporting fascism is some impossibly hard choice:
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It's going to be especially awkward for President Pelosi.
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This is Lola, another bulldog who lives on our block. Lola's owner loves Guff, we love Lola, Guff loves Lola, Lola is ambivalent at best about Guff but she hates other dogs so we count this as a win.
For some reason there is a 26-year-old calypso that I sing to my dog on a regular basis, and this is it:
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Nobody is going to have a URL that works ever again.
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