I help people take care of their parents. My mom has Alzheimer’s disease. I grew up in San Francisco. I worked at Facebook and Branch.
Suns out, guns are fucking out
Whoa slow down there with that adult face, Griffin.
Seen some real shit from his time in the pop n jump bouncer
RT @MjTurner_: Reservoirs topped with ‘shade balls’ are my new obsession -their geometrical configuration is always shifting like the senti…
RT @SarahTaber_bww: The rest of colonized North American ag isn't much better. Even the oldest settler farming regions are still in the sin…
RT @yayitsrob: I didn’t know John Wesley Powell wanted state borders in the western US to be based on shared watersheds, nor that he had dr…
RT @annehelen: there are teens studying next to me in this coffee shop and i forgot how much teen studying is just narrativizing concepts &…
This is a really beautiful song. – “But know everything lost will be recovered/ When you drift into the arms of the undiscovered.”
RT @RobGMacfarlane: "In the dark times Will there also be singing? Yes, there will be singing About the dark times." (Bertolt Brecht) h…
Have you created something like this for yourself? Or have your parents shared theirs with you? I’d really like to hear about it (and, if you’re up for it, read it!). https://twitter.com/amygoyer/status/1148648070982320128?s=21
"Our findings support the notion of posttraumatic stress responses and posttraumatic growth as independent, parallel dimensions rather than endpoints in a single continuum." – Trauma and Growth: Impact of AIDS Activism https://www.hindawi.com/journals/art/2018/9696725/
RT @g_gedye: For the new issue of the @monthly, I wrote about a gaping hole in our social safety net, and why politicians don't seem to be…
RT @bobkocher: In case you were wondering...the streak continues. Healthcare added 35K jobs in June and is up to 403K jobs over the past 1…
RT @jaclark1313: @TwoWheelNeil @SarahTaber_bww Oh is this a safe place to talk about the 90s emu boom that happened in Texas? My uncle had…
RT @SarahTaber_bww: @dailyfarms I did a piece on alternative approaches to farming that are more resilient to consolidation! (They picked t…
This is @_alice_evans's podcast and wow she is a terrific interviewer. Challenging and charitable; like possibly ideal??
Yep I'm listening to a podcast about labor market monopsony while I cook dinner!! 🤓 https://soundcloud.com/user-845572280/public-private-power-in-economics-dr-suresh-naidu (via the great @rsnous)
The notion of “rocking our priors” made me chuckle.
RT @caraesten: BART claims fare evasion costs them ~$25mil a year (can't find any other sources besides their own), so it would take them o…
Current status: 1) refusing papayas despite being hungry and liking papaya 2) papaya refusal regret
Have you tried telling him the shirt he’s wearing would make him super cool in Denmark?! Hang in there.
Okay, so, just to confirm: I'm getting Google Play receipts for a Google One storage space subscription to store my Google Photos, err, photos. What?
RT @HunterIsobel: My father died yesterday. My sister found this instruction in his notebook. His writing is shaky as he had Parkinson’s an…
eventually after enough people join a slack room it becomes bad to save yourself from this you must create new, smaller rooms every 6-9 months any slack with more than 10 people in it is probably bad or nearing bad
Update: I started with “Earth Abides” because it’s what the bookstore had. I will pick up some Paolo Bacigalupi next and eventually make it to “The Overstory.” In the meantime, I’ve shifted my exploration away from science fiction!
RT @chitra_mdmba: Glad to see @HarvardBiz addressing employers’ purchasing power on maternity care (an easily $1B problem), but would take…
Today was getting a blueberry yogurt at the store. I care for neither blueberry nor yogurt, but it was her favorite. Yesterday was using the hot-pink-and-green Great Lash mascara that lives at the bottom of my makeup bag. I have a nicer kind, but this kind was hers.
Today was getting a blueberry yogurt at the store. I care for neither blueberry nor yogurt, but it was her favorite. Yesterday was using the hot-pink-and-green Great Lash mascara that lives at the bottom of my makeup bag. I have a nicer one, but this one was hers.
I’ve been having a neat time watching my grief evolve. It’s very different now, shifty bugger that it is. One thing I’ve been doing recently is buying little things that my mother used to buy or doing little things that she used to do.
Libby did your mom pass? I'm so sorry for your loss, you were such an amazing advocate for her 💕
Damn. Another. https://twitter.com/santaclarafd/status/1144684157533970432?s=21
I mean, really and truly, I understand none of what is going on here. But I’d like to! (Bonus: A very good pupper winding through the row of soybean plants that are just about his height.) https://twitter.com/jasonmauck1/status/1144485273457188865?s=21
I mean, really and truly, I understand none of what is going on here. But I’d like to! (Bonus: A very good pupper winding through the row of soybean plans that are just about his height.) https://twitter.com/jasonmauck1/status/1144485273457188865?s=21
RT @georgiemorvis: @itgetsbedder marianne williamson-laura dern vs kirsten gillibrand-connie britton roommate battle please
Side note: About an hour after this, we got caught in a big thunderstorm on a little highway near Santa Fe. I had a pretty needless, highly quotable panic about flooding that our dashboard GoPro caught on video, and that I will never live down. Good times! Amirite, @quintendf?
Here’s the picture of Taste of India that made it to my Instagram back in 2015. The run-up to it headed west on I-40 across the Texas panhandle is really something. You can see the land open up, and I can still remember the feeling of sort of hovering above the Great Plains.
This reads like Kerouac to me!
If Kerouac drank a lot of McDonalds coffee then yes for sure
1. In professional trucking as in professional caregiving: Immigrants are helping to mitigate labor shortages in both industries. 2. Quinten and I stopped at Taste of India in San Jon, NM, on a road trip years ago. It was a delight. https://twitter.com/jaweedkaleem/status/1144296963736604672?s=21
This public art intervention… is approved
San Francisco's Ferry Building is one of the all-time great human spaces
I actually don’t too much care for it! What do you like about it?
RT @rysimmons: got another capitalism greatest hit. i will give you one hundred thousand dollars if you can guess the brand by the end http…
RT @rachsyme: do u ever stay up late at night and think about how armie hammer's great-grandfather was named armand hammer but not after ar…
RT @pck____: saw a tweet where someone used the term "SilVal" which is some real "San Fran" energy
RT @anniefryman: this has become a serious niche interest of mine in the last 2.5 years really stoked to be working with @EFF on an extens…
A slight and slightly peculiar woman with long gray braids and a fleece headband told me last week that this moment feels "just like 1969" to her. She's sure we're on a cusp – but of what, she doesn't know. "Didn't then, don't now." The oracle of this little community garden!
Relatedly: Have you driven across the country before? Have you ever tried to get off the interstates? There’s so much land – farm land and grazing land and nothing-at-all land. Seeing the lush little hills give way to the prairie give way to the craggy mountains is a delight.
Quinten and I did another cross-country road trip this month, and somewhere between Salina, KS and Ogallala, NE I followed a bunch of corn and soybean farmers on here. It’s been a good time so far! Lots of injokes related to #plant19 that I’m not so, err, in on. Learning is fun.
RT @6Gems: How do I know a "generational shift" is happening within my family lineage? When the conversations my young adult daughter and I…
The Billboard Country charts aren't fighting Blanco Brown's "trailer trap" like they did with Lil Nas X. It debuted at #38 on the Hot Country charts, now at #13 and climbing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7U6AoZ27yE
grab yer sweetheart and spin out with em
Every TikTok thread is like five professional dancers followed by one or two completely random people just having a good time. This one doesn’t disappoint.
"That’s partly because California’s 58 counties have 58 different public mental health programs, each with their own set of covered services." https://calmatters.org/articles/psychosis-treatment-california-counties-random-fractured-mental-health-system/
I’ve looked in a few major cities, and as far as I can tell this doesn’t exist, but I’m not (yet) sure why. Placed a few calls this morning to child-nanny agencies to see if they do this work without marketing it, or if they have senior-nanny companies they refer families to.
One hole that seems to exist in the senior care market, based on what I’m hearing from friends and clients: A high-touch ‘nanny agency’ model that places full-time caregivers for seniors instead of for children.
It’s not every day you find out about a meme (Loss) that’s over a decade old that you’ve never heard of before. Not even once. https://twitter.com/felixorion/status/1142599964931043328?s=21
I love this account. And 42nd Avenue has such personality. Can’t you imagine an animated movie featuring San Francisco’s little boxes made of ticky tacky brought to life? https://twitter.com/everylotsf/status/1142594388905926656?s=21
Unsatisfied with applying low-down/no-down to upscale home goods and exercise bikes (Affirm), we have now moved onto applying it to upscale condos (ZeroDown). Sure. https://twitter.com/chrisfralic/status/1141888985779728384?s=21
That’s it for now. I’m pretty happy with this little shingle I’ve hung out, though. If you’re worried about your parents, say hello. I’d love to help! libby@quiltcoaching.com
Care coaching definitely qualifies, but – in a meta way – so does caregiving. Care can look like so many different things. For my clients, it looks like leaving work early, Postmate-ing dinner, FaceTiming between meetings, and also doing a lot of worrying – often from far away.
If you know me well, you’ll know the notion of existing “perfectly in the gray area” is what I love most about this. (Runner up is squeezing that much catharsis into 30 minutes...) I’ve always wanted to do the work that doesn’t fit neatly into a box or come with a simple title.
What are some great science fiction books that feature ranchers or farmers or something like them? I mean in the minimally campy, maximally naturalistic sense.
What about ... SPICE FARMERS
Wind-Up Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi is very future farmer-y in a cool way!
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