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'Bulk hacking' by UK spy agencies is illegal, high court told
For the modern internet, what's the cost of privacy?
EFF's recommendations for consumer data privacy laws via @EFF
DeepMind’s AI uses aerial and ground-view data to navigate unseen areas via @VentureBeat
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Disgruntled security firm discloses zero-days in Facebook's WordPress plugins via @ZDNet & @campuscodi
NASA spacecraft snaps detailed asteroid picture from closest orbit yet heverge&utm_content=entry&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter via @verge
AI could usher in a new generation of catfishing via @NeekoTech
US recommends Windows users patch against worm vulnerability via @engadget
Russia warns of “cyberwar” following report the US attacked its power grid gger-cyberwar/
After wave of complaints, Instagram tests new methods to recover hacked accounts via @vice
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Millions of Venmo transactions scraped in warning over privacy settings via @TechCrunch
The ethics of deepfakes aren’t always black and white
Trans children's charity apologises after parents' emails published online
Middle East has a big problem: It loves tech but can't stop blocking it via @ZDNet & @damianradcliffe
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Russia used social media to keep EU voters at home, report finds via @verge
Credit scores could soon get even creepier and more biased via @vice
Hundreds of current and former [American] law enforcement officers reportedly found in extremist Facebook Groups ce=gizmodo_twitter&utm_campaign=top via @gizmodo
Adobe trained AI to detect facial manipulation in Photoshop via @engadget | It hopes the tool will spot and deter deepfakes.
Hackers behind dangerous oil and gas intrusions are probing US power grids
‘Sign In With Apple’ earns mixed reactions from app makers | WIRED
Boeing CEO concedes 'mistake' with planes in 2 fatal crashes - Times of India
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Elizabeth Warren wants answers from federal agencies about algorithmic bias via @VentureBeat
NASA research shows alien life is far less likely than previously thought _source=twitter&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=NASA%2Bresearch%2Bshows%2Balien%2Blife%2Bis%2Bfar%2Bless%2Blikely%2Bthan %2Bpreviously%2Bthought via @thenextweb
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube grapple with altered videos ahead of 2020 election via @CNET
EFF asks for DOJ efforts to break Facebook encryption to be made public via @ZDNet & @SecurityCharlie
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You can now use an Android phone as a physical security key for two-factor authentication on iOS via @verge
Satellites are quietly, constantly watching us via @vice
British official signs U.S. extradition order for Julian Assange despite hostility between UK Home Secretary and Trump regime via @gizmodo
There's table salt on one of Jupiter's moons via @engadget
Group to fund and operate first hydrogen fuel ferry fleet in the US
Telegram faces DDoS attack in China—again via @TechCrunch
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Loyalty programs cost you your personal data — are the rewards worth it? urce=twitter&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=Loyalty%2Bprograms%2Bcost%2Byou%2Byour%2Bpersonal%2Bdata%2B%25E2%2580%2594% 2Bare%2Bthe%2Brewards%2Bworth%2Bit%253F via @thenextweb
This is exactly what privacy experts said would happen via @TheAtlantic | CBP’s trove of biometric data is catnip for bad actors.
Setting precedents for privacy: the UK legal challenges bringing surveillance into the open via @ConversationUK
Huawei ban: Full timeline on how and why its phones are under fire via @CNET
Cybersecurity: These are the Internet of Things devices that are most targeted by hackers via @ZDNet & @dannyjpalmer
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Google is moving US-bound Nest production out of China, reports Bloomberg via @verge
The biggest data breach archive on the Internet is for sale via @vice
Big Tech lawyer earns his paycheck arguing Google doesn't dominate Search via @gizmodo
Uber will test its flying taxis in Melbourne via @engadget
US report finds sky is the limit for geothermal energy beneath us
This deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg tests Facebook’s fake video policies via @vice
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