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RT @EdnitaNazario: No hay cabida para el discrimen en ningún escenario. Ni homofobia, ni de género, ni de clase, ni político, ni religioso…
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Omg @jvn this is a Satisfied for the AGES
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RT @latinovictoryus: Latinos have more political power than ever before, but, our work of investing in a pipeline of Latino candidates — so…
Michelle! Sam! Qualley! Kail! Yu! @LacketyLac! Gizicki! DiGerlando! Telsey! Streeto! Zoller! Aycock! Fulton! Toth! La Corte! I’m a run out of characters! #FosseVerdonFX
Yo. I counted three times because math’s not my thing. SEVENTEEN #Emmys2019 Nominations for #FosseVerdonFX!!! Grateful grateful grateful. https://m.emmys.com/shows/fosse-verdon
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We are wrapped on EXTERIORS for the block on #InTheHeightsMovie. Forever grateful to the residents on all 4 corners of 175th street & Audubon Avenue, for welcoming us to their block with open arms. We’ll make you proud. “Before the corner changes and the signs are taken down...”
It’s tricky, because it knocks him down a lot. But how can you deny this child when he bellows in delight: “BIG BAAAAAALLL!!!”
RT @DanaSchwartzzz: it is a truth universally acknowledged that every Hollywood q&a session will have one dude asking a "question" that's r…
Agreed. #RickyRenuncia https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/protests-intensify-as-puerto-rico-governor-ricardo-rossello-faces- ongoing-calls-to-resign/ https://twitter.com/mariemerpr/status/1151110630532964354
Gmorning. Double down on listening. Double down on humility. Don’t google ‘Double Down sandwich’ Double down on what’s enough. Double down on gratitude.
Gnight to the mistakes your heart makes to the peaks your body seeks To the defeats Your brain repeats And the grace You continue to chase. Be safe, rest up.
The Disney advertising is just outta control with this Lion King sky over the Hudson
Thank goodness, I hope he dropped one so my horcrux could taste it. https://twitter.com/ohgodkarla/status/1150919826249900032
So planning my mother in law’s birthday was a mini-wedding: @VAMNit arranged a dinner, a dance party, a next day brunch. She also surprised her mom with some cousins from Austria, and they brought the BEST present: imported cleaning products. FARB & SCHMUTZ FÄNGER!
Frankie wore suspenders to my mother in law’s birthday weekend. The whole spectacle is frankly too cute for this optional website.
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RT @PadmaLakshmi: “Go back to your country” is a taunt immigrant kids hear on the playground, it’s a threat I get from unhinged people in m…
André freestyling during the Blackout is everything I love ❤️❤️❤️ https://twitter.com/hadestown/status/1150220920872755200
Pics from our stage manager @DeannaShweiner from the Wast of Broadway/West Of Broadway electricity divideSaturday night...
RT @maggiesmithpoet: Accept that while you crave resolution—an ending to the story, and a happy ending at that—the narrative arc you’ve lea…
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And the bigger picture is this: the Hamilton falsehoods in these documents are a minor subplot in a far larger, very disturbing portrait of how this Administration operates. Send tweet.
In other news, sorry about midtown, we were filming the Blackout
#HamiltonPR was a triumph. We did what we set out to do: raised 15 million for arts on the island, gave the tourism economy a boost—AND we rebuilt the UPR theater. While the governor and his buddies tried to claim some credit for it in their sad little chat. https://twitter.com/koveanfelix/status/1150769484900294657
Puerto Rico: I wasn’t being silent, I delete Twitter on the weekends. Y cada Lunes, without fail, regreso así: https://twitter.com/koveanfelix/status/1150767409097269249
I’m still watching it I think 🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔 https://twitter.com/giulia_giu13/status/1150764618555506688
Gmorning to the aches your shoulder makes to the pleasures your body measures To the doubts Your brain shouts And all the louder things Your heart sings Let’s f***in go (Wait, coffee) OKAY LETS GO
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Gnight! Let sleep land on you like an early morning toddler kick Dream BIG
Signing off early, aforementioned Mother-In-Law festivities commencing...
Well, @iraglass pitched it to me, and the structure was so crystal clear: Boy meets girl Girl is cop Boy loses girl I said yes pretty quick. https://twitter.com/patricklickman/status/1149745601040355328
Based on a true story, reported by @ThisAmerLife! 21 Chump Street! Get into it! https://twitter.com/afossella/status/1149727718260510721
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