Creative problem solving by Francisco Miranda. Wait for the ending. 🤣 @VAMNit
What are your tailored ads? I get Wicked The Musical and Bill Gates Book Club every morning.
I first heard of Judee Sill a week ago on @wonderfulpod and now I don’t know how I lived before hearing her music. Thanks @griffinmcelroy.
One by one Cheerios
RT @MelissaBarreraM: .@VIDA_STARZ season 2 has dropped! HAPPY BINGING! So excited for you to see it!
This one was just up extra early, getting the jump on his brother I guess.
Gmorning to everyone but especially you And you know why. Packed some extra good luck in your bag today. Go get ‘em.
*falls asleep on the ride home* *wakes up* GNIGHT! *zzzzzzzzzzz*
Proud godparents.
He’s the friend turned enemy! Like Banquo!
I saw #hamiltonbway 4 the 28th time last night @Lin_Manuel must write a one act musical explaining the mueller report - HAMILTON style "how does a bastard orange son of a slum lord and a scotsman" SAVE DEMOCRACY ! #HAMILTONtheMUELLERreport #HAMILTON #bestSHOWever #teachtruth
Also, if you’re like me, lotsa leftover pieces.
RT @sarav333: Get your education, don’t forget from whence you came.. hometown views after graduation today! #hamilgrad @Lin_Manuel @Hamilt…
And here’s the graduate for whom I am speaking, my godson Miguel, prom’d up. I can’t believe this day is here.
RT @floherradon: today marks two years since i became a US citizen🇺🇸🇦🇷 (immigrants, we get the job done) @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel https…
RT @maggiesmithpoet: Today's goal: Do not be ashamed of the intensity of your emotion. That’s your humanity. If your grief—a kind of love—i…
RT @Lin_Manuel: Gmorning. Courage. Courage. Courage. Courage. Courage. Yes you’re scared, we all are, so Courage. Courage. Courage. C…
How on earth are we supposed to tell you two apart if you hide the goatee Lac
Okay I REALLY have to start this graduation speech now. It's in a couple hours. Bye.
RT @sepinwall: Michelle Williams in last night’s #FosseVerdonFX... my goodness. Talk about razzle dazzle.
Hey new music! #FosseVerdonFX
RT @FosseVerdonFX: Don't wait another minute. Stream all of the music from tonight's epsiode and from the series, now.…
“The telescopes tell us folks?” Mmmmmmmmm I see you!
Gmorning. Say the hard thing you need to say. Whisper it into a pillow or the crook of your own arm, if you must. But it festers unsaid, first in your mind and then in your heart. Get it out of your head so you can look at it.
you’re very good at these. Thank you for this one.
Gnight. You burn with a nameless yearning. Your candle has both ends burning. You learn to be more discerning. You rest & the earth keeps turning.
RT @billypuntove: @Lin_Manuel Well. Same.
Next week is the last episode of #FosseVerdonFX. I’ll only have one guest on my couch, the only way to say goodbye: Nicole Fosse. Can’t wait to watch with you.
One last #FosseVerdonFX singalong: Nowadays w @joel_fields @Lyrikris10 @ltmphd 🎥 by @VAMNit! Bobby Lopez on keys!
Calling Tommy Kail at 2am like #FosseVerdonFX
A little post FosseVerdon sorbet: my dad dunking on T***p on Univision
Alright, scenes from the finale coming up! #FosseVerdonFX
My mom: the depth of his distrust is unreal. #FosseVerdonFX
#FosseVerdonFX Here's the Liza review:
#FosseVerdonFX last break
That’s the entrance to the 46th street! (Now The Rodgers!) #FosseVerdonFX
My mom during the Nowadays scene #FosseVerdonFX
Oh Michelle singing Razzle Dazzle? Hell yeah. #FosseVerdonFX
YAAAY Danny Burstein! #FosseVerdonFX
aaaand that was Nowadays. 😬 #FosseVerdonFX
RT @rachsyme: The Chicago ep is my fave of the whole damn bunch
and we filmed this at the United Palace on 175th street!
Okay, strap in, it's Nowadays. #FosseVerdonFX
Having Chris Jackson flashbacks watching Gwen ask for an act two solo #FosseVerdonFX
"That's a little dramatic." "Well I'm a dramatist." #FosseVerdonFX
Aaaaaaand that’s how we got the marionette sequence in Chicago #FosseVerdonFX 😭😭😭
And we're back! and they both reached for the gun... #FosseVerdonFX
ahhh Gwen doing the 5678... #FosseVerdonFX
Wha...@morgankei you snuck into this show TWICE?! 🤣 #FosseVerdonFX
This is beautiful, but also reminds me of @chrisemdin & @TheRealGZA talking about the potential for kids to use hip hop to teach each other about space & science. (And he credits @Lin_Manuel for getting him started rapping!)
RT @michaelcassel: @HamiltonMusical is coming to Australia! Make sure YOU are in the room where @Lin_Manuel's #HamiltonOz happens – sign up…
RT @_chelsea_jane_: I had such an amazing time at the Hamilton Exhibition today!! @Lin_Manuel @HamiltonMusical @HamExhibition…
RT @maryrze: #HamEx is a stunner. Bravo @Lin_Manuel and all those involved. The perfect lead-in to our (finally) seeing @HamiltonMusical
Rookie mistake.
I use my cat's "meow" for tweet notifications. That way she's the one driven crazy . 😇
RT @omundson: Pretty much every thing I know about the Revolutionary War,I learned from @Lin_Manuel & @HamiltonMusical #2InThe Morning Tho…
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