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Will be breaking our silence on the Red Mini Mag controversy tomorrow. It's not as simple as either side claims.
NEW VIDEO: The ACTUAL Computer from the Saturn V Rocket - ft. @smartereveryday
Thanks to @smartereveryday for setting up today’s video!! Check it out on our channel in 5!
These are the @TaoTronics SoundSurge 46 Over-Ear Headphones! They're wireless and cost less than $100 - check out our #sponsored showcase video at #sponsored
Contest closes Monday, July 22 at 2pm PST
We're in need of a dope wallpaper for the LAN Cave, so here's a little contest: Design a wallpaper, reply with it and the chosen entry will win a free game up to $100 USD 😃
BIOS updating all of the LAN Center PCs... It would be a REALLY bad time for a power outage 😅
Apparently we aren't supposed to peel this yet, but it's taking every Fibre of my being not to.
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NEW VIDEO: Challenging Apple's New Mac Pro
Calling in the cavalry, because it's time... ... For today's video in half an hour!
NEW VIDEO: The SMALLEST No-Compromises Laptop
Here at Linus Media Group, we go the extra mile when testing our merch.
Status update: 5 minutes until WAN, PC is in and booting :P
38 minutes till WAN Show, wish me luck :) -JT
10/10 best celebrity selfie! Was nice to meet you @cgpgrey!
NEW TECHQUICKIE: Everything We Know About the 2020 Xbox
NEW VIDEO!! Why is EVERYONE Buying These Headphones? - Sound Surge 46 Showcase #sponsoredby @TaoTronics
RT @LTXexpo: The perfect stairway for beanbag chair transportation.
Testing the Jellyfish Killer in the lounge.. So far we are up to 96 concurrent 4K 100Mbit/s video streams smoooooth
The 6 Editors 1 CPU Finale is live on Floatplane... featuring our top notch cable management skills 😅
This case is from 2011, this is how an 8 year old peel sounds.
NEW VIDEO: Reassembling our $40,000 Camera
NEW VIDEO: All this work... for what??
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Remember when Gmail looked like this? I member.
Epic. Watched the Nintendo video and didn't see price. Looks like it's $199.
How much does this need to cost to make sense...? I'm thinking $199... I use the dock and joy cons (Mario party) ALL the time...
8k gaming is nuts. Got a sample from Sharp that does 8K 60Hz 😲😲😲😲
Really cool video (also *flex*)
NEW VIDEO: Fixing a Broken Gaming Monitor for CHEAP - DIY
Linus + Alex + Exposed Circuit Boards = ? New Video in 10 Minutes!!
NEW TECHQUICKIE: Why Does Apple's Monitor Stand Cost $999?
NEW VIDEO: Why NOT to buy Radeon 5700 XT… Yet – Our Review
Don't worry, we haven't been sleeping... Video is incoming!
RT @TechLinkedYT: The Art of Thumbnail Faces, starring @colton_potter
Will Linus be able to photograph RGB-James' brisk start? Find out soon!
So much memory to test on 3rd-gen Ryzen... How high do you think we can go?
How power users do it.
RT @LTXexpo: We're bringing another special guest to #LTX2019! @msitweets
YouTube’s trending list is all knockout highlights tonight! Linus speaks after AMD knocks out Intel in 4.73⁸ seconds!
The spookiest Tesla app bug 👽
Do autonomous cars dream of electric drag racing?
I just realized that much of our audience has spent their entire adult life watching Intel stomp all over AMD in CPU performance... It's been THAT long...Crazy. Make sure you are educating your friends are family that there's finally choice again :D
NEW VIDEO: I had given up on AMD… until today
Is this how our relationship with AMD ends? Find out in today's video!
Is this how our relationship with AMD ends? Find out in today's video, launching in 15 minutes!
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