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At work I'm more productive with a white noise OLED white noise generator.
umm... can anyone come supervise?
NEW VIDEO!: Pixel 4 is here and the camera is sick!
NEW VIDEO!!! We test out sketchy laptop CPUs that have been adapted to work in a desktop!
Designing parts solely around satisfying peels from now on
NEW VIDEO: The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great
NEW TECHQUICKIE: Give Your GPU a Break! - Variable Rate Shading Explained
Just found this on reddit... Is it my new wallpaper? 😅😅
Worried that having a security software will increase your lag or pop up notifications during those sweaty end of match moments? Bitdefender’s Game Profile Settings helps eliminate that issue. Try it out with 6 months free at #sponsored by @Bitdefender
NEW VIDEO!!! The Best Console (is a PC)
So many pings about this.... I just checked their site and apparently you need to pay to submit your application to win one? Maybe I missed something here.. Otherwise I guess I'm never getting one 😅😅😅
They said Avengers Endgame was the most ambitious crossover.. You've been asking for this collab for ages and now that the shoot is done I'm confident that it will EXCEED your expectations. High vs low FPS testing pt 2 is coming with @shroud @MrGrimmmmz @Corey_OW @paulhardware
Most over engineered potato cannon ever?
RT @NVIDIAGeForce: We have something special in the works with some guys you may know. Stay tuned for more. #FramesWinGames…
Flying Toasters? Dancing Babies? Website Counter? If you remember any of these, then you know how far web design has come. If you’re a designer, keep your skills sharp with Skillshare's Chris Dodd and get 2-months free at  #sponsored by @skillshare
TFW you turn the camera off, and turn the AC on
NEW VIDEO: I can't believe it all FITS!!! Hack Pro Pt. 2
Pumpkin game hella strong 😲
What a giant surprise... You mean that video of a cute dog doesn't have 54M views? We've continued to upload to Facebook and found that IF the view counts were real, the people who are watching there were definitely far less engaged.
Is it just me, or do the new "Nest" WiFi APs almost look like those coloured mini marshmallows?
Is it just me, or do the new "Nest" WiFi APs almost look like big Jujubes?
NEW TECHQUICKIE: Your iPhone’s New 6th Sense – U1 & UWB Explained
NEW VIDEO: Would you wear these in public? - Human Headphones Review
We're planning another "10 reasons why ______ is better" video, this time for Linux. Let us know why you think Linux is the best OS out there:
*Sound on* Good Morning!
I never thought our fans would be the ones to do it.
NEW VIDEO!: Build-your-own monitor for under $100!
Take the screen out of your broken laptop and make your own monitor! Video in 5 mins 💃
Just put today's video live! It's our smallest build EVER. :O
So this is what building a small form factor PC is like... (video in 10!)
Adequately disproportionate 😇
NEW TECHQUICKIE: What the heck does the “Filmmaker Mode” button do??
Holy F**k... nice catch!
Dear Samsung, calls on the Galaxy Fold should work like this kthanxbai.
NEW VIDEO: The CRAZY Upgradeable Laptop  #Sponsored by @TOUGHBOOK
You are Watt you cool
These new Noctua coolers are so freaking cold 😍
NEW VIDEO: iPhone 11 - FINALLY worth upgrading?
We have some thoughts on the iPhone 11... Stay tuned for today's video!
At least there's something nice to look at in the mean time...
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